Rogue One (obviously spoilers ahead)

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Rogue One (obviously spoilers ahead)

Post by jacenwesiri » 2016-08-13 05:18

The Trailer

Any thoughts on the matter.

Except for the line where they quoted the chance of failure, I liked it.
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Re: Rogue One

Post by Rann Gast » 2016-08-21 18:51

I am SO excited for this movie. I'll admit, I'm not crazy about there being a force sensitive other than Vader (or the Emperor) in this movie. I like the idea of this being a real "grunts on the ground" movie without someone in the main party relying on the Force. But, I guess it wouldn't be Star Wars without it.

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Re: Rogue One

Post by Kurge » 2016-10-31 18:18

I am also very excited to see how this movie plays out.

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Re: Rogue One

Post by Abraxes Rancor » 2016-12-20 00:39

After seeing this movie I do have some introspection upon how it may change things a bit.

Planetary shields...

We have a bunch of new data on.

Specifically, with the right station- they don't have to be just on. Or just off.

Imperial Archives.

Need an entire Building the size of a Coruscanti skyscraper.


I brought that up in Idomir and if Mcfini was here we could rehash the size requirements.

Hammerhead Cruiser... Wth is it?

Star Destroyers: Couldn't tell if those were victory class.

Couldn't tell the type of star destroyer vader had at the end.

Was it the Devastator class? Or an Imperial like retcons had it?

Did we see the castle of Bast in the place where Vader was shown?


Tarkin... Well he still is Tarkin.

Jyn erso.(might have spelled that wrong)

Okay, her pops worked on the DS... And a Director Krennic.

Did not catch any hints of Bevel Lemelisk...

Well- at least we did answer the question of why the DS had a design flaw... It was purposefully kept there.

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Re: Rogue One (obviously spoilers ahead)

Post by Kane » 2017-01-07 21:09

I figure we can keep this thread for Rogue One discussion. Rogue One is, of course, a prequel in direct connection with Star Wars IV: A New Hope.


* There's not a single Bothan in the entire film. Some people seem to think this breaks the lore, but Mon Mothma's famous line "Many Bothans died to bring us this information." was said in regards to the DSII, not the DSI.

* If you pay attention, you may recognize some background characters.

* Bevel Lemelisk can safely be considered reconned out, Galen Erso was the primary Death Star engineer. He, of course, intentionally sabotaged the Death Star by putting in the open reactor port.

* Stormtroopers can still hit non-heroes. Black Stormtroopers (apparently with the cute name Deathtroopers) can even hit and kill heroes from time to time.

* Darth Vader spends his leisure time in a bacta tank, or somesuch.

* Darth Vader Force choked LtCom Director Krennic without even looking at him (as you may recall, he also choked Admiral Ozzel over a monitor in TESB).

* According to Chirrut, Kyber crystals (thank you for making that pronunciation canon) come from "the strongest stars", presumably giants which then goes nova or supernova, throwing out core material. This is the same way we get all heavy elements, by the way. Jedi Lightsabres are "powered" by such crystals, and Death Star One was powered by Kyber crystals, gathered en masse from the ancient Jedi temple of the moon of Jedha (which is apparently a full-sized planet). Which kind of makes the Death Star one huge lightsabre, and it clearly means that while Kyber crystals may be rare, they're found in many places in the galaxy. Edit: however the novel, Rogue One: Catalyst, has the DS still powered by a hypermatter reactor and the kyber crystals are used to boost the power. IMHO, James Luceno tries to make better sense of what happened in the film.

* Jyn has a necklace with a crystal in it given to her by her mother. She was taught to believe in the Force, and there are indications that she may be a potential future Force user, although there's nothing to suggest she's even close to Rey's obviously super-strong heritage. In addition, early drafts of Rogue One had Jyn's mother being a Jedi.

* Scarif has the first full-fledged planetary shield that we know about in film lore. It was apparently projected from a ring station in orbit which also acted as a gate. Obvious flaw... the station itself couldn't have been protected by it (because the planetary shield went down after the ring station sustained structural damage from an ISD crashing into it and there would be no reason to attack the station if it wasn't key), although it did seem to have strong shields of its own, in addition to anti-ship turrets and hangar bays loaded with fighters, plus the present fleet complement. The shield acts as a physical barrier, and two X-Wings crashed into it. Very unsurprisingly, it also blocked transmissions. Although not all transmissions, as apparently, the Death Star plans was a too large dataset. This points to a filtering firewall.

* Captain Cassian's rifle had a sniper configuration with some sort of powered scope. This would suggest that it has more than one configuration, and I would guess that at least one of them was an assault mode. Additional information outside of the film points to it being a blaster pistol, assault rifle, and sniper rifle. Quite the Swiss Army knife.

* The Death Star has multiple reactor modules (doesn't match old diagrams but it would explain having multiple converging beams). By just activating one of them, the Death Star can fire shots that just takes out a city or a base. Although even that "little" firepower looked more like destroying a significant part of the planet. I'm guessing ground zero annihilated the direct target and the resulting shockwave is much, much larger, a la Independence Day.

* Bunch of new ships. U-Wings, Star Destroyers, some kind of Mon Cal rebel flagship, new TIE fighters.

* ISDs can fly just fine in atmosphere (not new but nice to have in film lore).

* For that matter, so can TIE Fighters.

*An AT-ACT (basically a cargo version of an AT-AT) can not be destroyed by Baze's shoulder-mounted anti-armor missile (or even getting any notable damage beyond a scorch mark), but focused X-Wing laser fire can take one out, as can continuous rotating blaster fire from a gunship mount.

* One Star Destroyer crashed into another one, which was disabled by a (several?) Y-Wing ion bomb, and the unprotected ISD was basically cut up like with a cheese slicer. The functional ISD did not sustain any observed damage. This is very significant evidence for shields acting as physical, including structural, protection.

* It's possible to engage ion engines within atmosphere, although Rogue One waited until they had cleared a storm. This matches existing lore, but also suggests (again) that you're not normally engaging ion engines in atmosphere unless you're in a hurry.

* Hyperdrives seem capable of being engaged as soon as you clear atmosphere. This matches existing observations quite well (but not the older idea that you have to clear the gravity well). In special circumstances, it may even be possible to engage within atmosphere.

* The rebels admit to shady practices: Saw Gerrera was running an extremist rebel faction, and even the non-extremist rebel operatives were spies, saboteurs and assassins.

Dunno what scenes Leia has in the next film (I hear a fair amount was planned and maybe even shot already?), but personally, I would be satisfied if her one-liner in Rouge One was Carrie Fisher's final Star Wars legacy.

Compared to The Force Awakens, Rogue One is mostly a stand-alone story which doesn't leave you with more questions than answers. Unless you have new questions, which you probably do.

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Re: Rogue One (obviously spoilers ahead)

Post by Tavish McFini » 2018-04-15 20:26

It's been over a year but I might as well get in on this one before I start my rant about Ep VIII, The Last Jedi (which... eh, why spoil it now?)

May I point out just how concomitant the officers/crew aboard the 2 ISDs were? I mean, how stupid/blind do you have to be to allow a hammerhead corvette be able to maneuver itself into position and then ram into you? Furthermore, ignoring that fact, what the hell were those two ISDs even doing? They fired a few token shots, but it wasn't until the Devastator showed up that the Rebel fleet actually started to sustain causalities. I mean, I get that the two vessels there were probably thinking that day would be like any other day spent guarding the archives and shield-eye and probably weren't on any elevated alert status but, honestly, it seems like they did squat for the entire battle aside from provide something for the rebel ships to shoot at to show off fancy CGI effects... Anyways... if I ever get posted to guard duty, I sincerely hope I can respond better than that.
Kane wrote:* Hyperdrives seem capable of being engaged as soon as you clear atmosphere. This matches existing observations quite well (but not the older idea that you have to clear the gravity well). In special circumstances, it may even be possible to engage within atmosphere.

In light of this, this makes me question the purpose or usefulness of Interdictor cruisers at all. I could see the notion that, activating a gravity well in front of a ship already traveling in hyperspace would trick the safety interlocks to thinking there's an actual celestial body that the ship may crash into and therefore kill the hyperdrive before it smashes into it since the safeties probably have zero way to tell between a real gravity well vs. a generated one (at least, not without increased levels of sophistication and or someone who has some incredible confidence in star charts and is willing to gamble his/her life as well as those aboard the vessel should they override that interlock). But then, why would interdictors be able to stop ships from entering hyperspace?

One trick I could envision is to place the gravity well directly in front of the ship(s) attempting to flee but they could just override those safeties in favor of wanting to escape before being blasted to death...
Kane wrote:* Bunch of new ships. U-Wings, Star Destroyers, some kind of Mon Cal rebel flagship, new TIE fighters.
Probably already well enough aware of this but here's the new ships:


Mon Cal Rebel Flagship, the Profundity:

New TIE Fighter, TIE Striker:
They appear to be geared as more of an atmospheric TIE with adaptive ailerons. Assuming the stats from Fantasy Flight Games is anything to go by, the TIE Striker has 4 laser cannons, 2 on the wing tips, 2 on the chin of the cockpit, no shields, a bit more armour than the standard TIE Fighter but a lower maneuverability. Obviously this isn't really canon but it's nice seeing new ships in the Galactic Civil War Era.
Kane wrote:* Bevel Lemelisk can safely be considered reconned out, Galen Erso was the primary Death Star engineer. He, of course, intentionally sabotaged the Death Star by putting in the open reactor port.
That's a shame but I'm inclined to agree with that sentiment, doubly so because, in the TV show Star Wars Rebels, it appears that project Stardust was being headed up by Director Krennic and he was competing against Grand Admiral Thrawn for funding for the Death Star vs. the TIE Defenders that Thrawn was working on (oh yeah, Thrawn is canon now, as is Pellaeon)! On the bright side, at least the engineer in me can rest a little easier and no longer ask "how stupid can one be to include an exhaust port like that". Conversely, it makes me wonder how, with such a massive scale project, how all the other designers and engineers working on it didn't challenge the notion of having such a massive exhaust port. Unless the level of supervision was piss poor and no one picked up on it during the actual commissioning of the place... Sorry, overthinking it. Blame the engineer in me, and the fact that hindsight is 20/20...

In all, Rogue One was actually an enjoyable movie, more so than any of the numbered episodes released so far, even if it was, as usual, unabashedly pro-Rebellion. At least Vader kicked serious butt!

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