Current Plans/etc; Comments welcome :)

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Current Plans/etc; Comments welcome :)

Post by Abraxes Rancor » 2014-12-10 02:05

Hello, this is just a brief recap of some current plans of mine with my characters that should be forthcoming in a couple threads, I figured I'd post them up here for comment by people.

For Moira:

I. I'm slowly beginning to have the character prepared for entry into the Royal Guard. While delving deep into the Inquisition, for the whole of time between major CM's she'll be learning some FP's and basically being the Inquisition's tool for a while before joining the RG's.

II. I plan to also bring the Echani race/ systems, old colonies more into play as I lay out a story for them to enter the NIF as a full member race.

IIA: I plan to do this through a few dedicated stories with them, but wouldn't mind some help on the detail work. Presently, it involves finding resources and the ability to work with Moira, set up a dummy company, go salvaging on a few junkyard worlds (there's like six in Swars) and for the start of things, set up a company for her to allow her to help the echani (judging by what Ace relayed to me long ago) raise themselves out of the squalor cycle of overpopulation, and pains of a society reliant on mercenary work as they got put under the bus by the Old Republic, pretty much shackled like the mando'a during the Empire years, and not really relevant to the New Republic people.

So a company and development of resources to equip the Echan system with amenities, and shipbuilding items would be the main goal with subsequent threads to assist their development.

Add in politics with reestablishing the Council of Six Sisters, and Becoming a Son of the Sun of Thyrsus in a tournament of blood and it should be a good couple of yarns to work towards.

IIB: Besides that, there's no spoilers for c1, but I intend in the next week or two starting a story arc in c1 with the Dak'win twins to help this along... and possibly the NRI Link Draaygo and I discussed in C1.

IIC: It's also being helped along in sovereignty's fist;
In Sovereignty's Fist : I opened up a later possibility for Luciana, Moira, and Ciel to make a rather hostile takeover of resources by dismantling a front company for a smuggler.

I plan if Jacen, and Fini don't want to join in to do so myself as part of the second step to help the Echani people get on their feet, but I'm flexible like this.

III. I intend to have the echani people enter in on Kane's side of the controversy.

IV. Comments on these ideas are more then welcome, hence the purpose of putting this into feedback.

For Abraxes:

I. Start actually doing something with the old allusions to the NRI Black Fleets and track down areas the NRI are helping to manufacture prototypes such as the "homestar" class that showed up in Ace's SM.

II.Try to design an SM for fourth that someone could run for me.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Current Plans/etc; Comments welcome :)

Post by John Lauri » 2014-12-13 05:36

I thought the Echani had been scattered to the wind by the Sith/Mandalorians a millennia ago, but their culture lives on through their Martial Arts.

It may have been a line in KOTOR, but I'm not quite sure. Either way, that was a while back. I'm just wondering if I missed something is all.

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Re: Current Plans/etc; Comments welcome :)

Post by Abraxes Rancor » 2014-12-13 06:16

For the most part that's true, but it was also a lot more then KOTOR in the EU. You have the cultural splitoff of the dissolution of six sisters, and then the cultural rebellion of Thyrsus where the Sun Guard were.

The Sun Guard, and echani race on thyrsus were a little weird that they shifted from matriarchal families to paternal controlled family's (Patriarchal).
Plus, in the EU there were only references to 3 of the six planets in the council of six sisters at one time, Thyrsus (which rebelled), Eshan(the homeworld), and another one: Bengali.

The planet Bengali rebelled in the Bengali Uprising that began in 1154 BBY, and was then joined by Thyrsus.

Where the Sun Guard was developed.

Later, the sun guard pretty much got whacked / consumed into the Royal Guard. It took almost till NJO ( 25 ABY) era for the survivors to train and become something again. In context, the planet of Thyrsus itself was pretty much heavily regulated by the Empire of who came in/out, such like the Mandalorians during the Empire.

As far as I was told by Ace, (when I made the character of Moira) it can be assumed the rest of the sundered original planets of the colonies, (who never lost their populations- only really their identities) faced massive problems, (and empire restrictions) that never brought them back to the limelight of having any form of galactic presence.

So, bearing that in mind, I was told that it's likely that populations of the echani people are still present in the galaxy, but just been suppressed for a long time and any of their society's political structure across the six worlds they used to have is in ruins, now with the population forced to be no more then mercs for hire , and the echani arts passed down through families.

Add in the problem of population growth the echani always had, and you have overpopulation and a stress on resources to boot.

These were the assumptions Ace gave me at the start of the character's creation.

Does this help?
Also, thanks for your question, it's always good to see someone else's reply. If you are interested in any of these plans I would be happy for some more input, participation is welcome as well.

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Abraxes Rancor
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Re: Current Plans/etc; Comments welcome :)

Post by Abraxes Rancor » 2015-03-09 00:39

Helpful list for me.
Training thread Goals: 100k / 250k words or fifty posts, (whatever seems to flow right)

The following is for learned or introduced abilities so far by the character.

Jericho Completed so far:
Meditative Practices(basic)
See force
Sense force.
-- Receptive Telepathy
-- Projective Telepathy
-- thoughtshield (introduced)
---Technometry (theory introduced)
---- useful for assessing his cybernetics... and potentially changing them later.
*psychokinetic shield(introduced)
*Force Push(basic)
**--(Force burst(basic))
*Force Pull(basic)
*Memory Enhancement(basic)

Exercises of note:
Push feather/Push hands
-Aura surging (prerequisite for force barrier introduced in theory, basically an Endurance thing)

Moira: Completed so far;
Life Detection
Emptiness (basic) ... Rage (theory introduced for current purposes abated)
Feed on Dark Side (Theory Introduced)
Control / Inflict Pain(introduced)
Force of Will (introduced)
Meditative Practices(basic)
*See force(basic)
*Sense force(basic)
--Thought shield (introduced)
---Mind barrier (theory introduced)
-- Receptive Telepathy(basic)
-- Projective Telepathy(basic)
-- Psychometry(basic)
---Technometry (basic)
---- Mechu Deru (theory introduced)
---- Mechu Deru Vitae (theory introduced)
---- Electronic manipulation(theory introduced)

Force Push(basic)
--(Force burst(basic))
Force Pull(basic)
*Convection (latent but introduced)
*Soul Fire (theory only)
**Cryomancy (introduced)

*Enhance ability(basic)

*Force Scream(subconscious)
*Memory Enhancement(basic)

Accelerate Healing, (basic)
Detoxify Poison(basic)
Help Other(basic)
Dark Transfer(latent)

Neutron, proton and electron creation(basic)
Hydrogen creation(basic)

White Current

Exercises of note:
-Push feather/Push hands
-Faalo's Cadences.(theory introduced)
-Aura surging (prerequisite for force barrier introduced in theory) basically for Endurance, goal is 72 hours straight at maximum(eventually).

More to be updated, anyways, wow- 100k and only day 8 of the story out of sixty X_X well day 9 technically as i've had it written and not yet typed up. Sweet. More updates to follow of course on the march to a darktrooper and royal guard... yay!

Anyone have any feedback on this so far? Is it too long? Too short? needs work in some areas? Some feedback would be appreciated. :)

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