Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Small-scale Operations.

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Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Ghost » 2014-02-08 06:35

Imperial Intelligence has received rumored information that a high-level NRI agent is currently on the surface of Devaron, where he is awaiting trial--and likely execution; this information was later verified by members of the Imperial diplomatic corps while on assignment attempting to bring the local government into the Federation fold. Working with information provided by the IDC, ISIS agents have identified the subject as one Laret Doravon, a senior field agent in NRI's operations in the region of Bilbringi. The wealth of knowledge this agent has is extremely important, and Imperial Intelligence has been authorized to bring him in through any means necessary. As expected, this task will not be easy. Efforts to secure his release diplomatically have all but failed, and are reported to be a downing point on the negotiations, threatening to bring discussions to an unpleasant and sudden end. As such, an alternative means is required. Agents are to be advised of the following:
  • That the subject's crime involves the unintentional deaths of no fewer than five non-combatant civilians; and
  • That, of his own volition, the subject has surrendered himself and is incarcerated in a maximum-security prison.
It is expected that he will undergo a very quick trial within the next few days, followed by summary public execution, during which he will be fed to a pack of native quarra. The subject is wanted in the Federation for numerous instances of sabotage and theft of military property, and has amassed a far-reaching network in Imperial space to facilitate his activities; in addition to this, he possesses a great depth of knowledge of both Imperial and Republic activity in the region of the NIF capital, and cannot be allowed to reach sentencing. The possibility exists that NRI agents are already enroute to recover him and secure the information he carries. If they succeed, the security of the Imperial throne world is in danger.

  • Primary Mission Objectives:
    1. NRI agent Laret Doravon is being held in a maximum-security prison in Montellian Serat, the capital city of Devaron, as he awaits trial. Find him, and extract him from the prison.
    2. Locate the agent's safehouse, and secure any information held therein; NRI must not be allowed to acquire this information, whether it be from the agent or anything in his safehouse.
  • Secondary Mission Objective:
    1. Safely extract the target from Devaron; if this is impossible, kill him.
    2. Leave no trace of Imperial involvement in the agent's escape. Imperial officials are meeting with the local government, and Imperial involvement in a prison break will negatively affect the discussions.
  • Tertiary Objective (Diplomat Group):
    1. Bring about a successful resolution to discussions with the Devaronian government, and bring their world into the glory of the Federation.
Mercenary Contract Details:
The fair market value of NRI agent Laret Devaron is currently set at 200,000 credits if he is captured alive. If he is brought in dead, the price is reduced to 10,000 credits.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Bruno Winters » 2014-02-08 22:54

Bruno spent weeks planning his insertion onto Devaron, as since he was the Head of Spec Ops, his picture was more or less public enemy number he was not sure anymore. The list fluctuated so much for the New Republic, he was sure everyone had a moment sitting at the lofty public enemy number one spot a few times. As there have been a few good number of times where Bruno himself had thwarted a New Republic offense. Shoot, even the head of ISIS has probably nabbed the top of the list a few times. With all her covert agents, or even her uncanny ability to be a step ahead of the enemy. He was sure that she held a special place in the NR's heart for bitch of the year, but none the less, Bruno had a mission to conduct. One of this magnitude, tended to draw him out of the office and personally go in to assure its completion. But soon he would be too infamous to head out into the field and would have to conduct a more administrative role, such as many before him have done.

But the trip in towards the planet was going to be a mission, as he had secured passage aboard a livestock freighter and hid in the hold with the animals. He had to travel in without his gear, but he ensured that it would be planet side for him to retrieve. As if the livestock freighter was scanned and contained weapons in unusual places it would flag a lot of attention, but a person in the cargo hold would not be unusual. Bruno was definitely going to have to hit a refresher once he was planet side to wash the filthy smell he was exuding, as that would definitely give him away for sure later during the mission. But for now it was perfect cover for his position as an animal herder onboard the livestock freighter. The freighter's captain was aware that Bruno was on board in the event a scan should take place, as to not alarm the ground forces corroborating his number of crew onboard correctly. It may have cost a small amount of credits to buy the man's help, but in the overall scenario's scale. It was a mere pittance.

Bruno was getting a little impatient on this one, as he had no direct influence over the captain from his position in the cargo bay. But he would see when he landed if things had gone smoothly or not. If it did not, he had a little surprise in store if he was sold out. The freighter's captain would not be harmed, but his livestock, the source of his income would find a way to leave on their own if he was betrayed. But being caught might not be so bad, as he would be brought probably to the same maximum security prison as the target he was attempting to extract, of his own free will. The information on enemy cells would let Bruno have a chance to release the hounds on a couple of occasions to wipe out their nests or enemy cells. Albeit he was probably not going to be there for each one, it gave him a chance to clean up some loose ends on previous missions were an enemy was tipped off before they got in to eradicate them.

Learning where the leaks came from would be the first step to tightening overall communications and be able to adapt better, than under assumption. But Bruno was getting ahead of himself, as usual. He was trying to preplan for any variables and compensate ahead of time. That is what made him a deadly asset in the field, and also kept him from making some serious mistakes in his career so far. But he was hoping that everything would go smooth, as he would rather work his way in, than out. He hoped that he was able to get a hold of some blueprints on the prison, when he landed. But if he could not, the pictures taken by some operatives that were already in place would help as well. The old saying so much to do and so little time was fitting for the situation that Bruno was walking his way into. But again, it had to be done with efficiency and skilled hands. He was sure he would run into someone with a hardier skill set than his in hacking, and lock picking. But he was prepared none the less to work what little magic he had in those areas to get this done. He had a few handy devices to assist him in his kit planet side, but nothing beat a person with a natural aptitude he always felt.

As machines had a certain knack for failing when you needed them the most. Thankfully that could not be said for his cybernetics he had, as if his leg or eye were to give out the consequences could be dire. He had learned to adapt to the new body parts, as if they had been his own. Without those parts, he would not be able to be in service to the New Imperial Federation. But just as he was about to drift back to his memory of his first replacement part, back in the Swamps of Annaj, he felt the gentle thump of the freighter hitting the docking pad they were assigned. He awaited with chagrin the opening of the hangar bay door, to see if he was betrayed or not.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Rei » 2014-02-09 03:41

'Observation Day 3: Place is the biggest battery I've ever seen outside of Fed space. Doesn't help it's also the largest police station on Doravon. Still no indication where Doravon- why the hell does the bounty share the same name as the kriffing world?- is being held. The jail obviously duh but unable to tell which cell is his specifically. Courthouse attached to jailhouse on north side. Also heavily secured. Ugliest statue in existence in the plaza out front of the courthouse too and I thought the Feds were bad for them. I remember why now I hate these devils. Feds sure know how to pick 'em though. This world has tighter security than a Hutt's slave camp. Why do I keep writing down every damn word on my mind? Rough map sketch over. It's not much since I haven't managed to get inside anything but the courthouse yet, but I think I found an easy route to the jailhouse from that side Just means I have to look at that Hutt-ugly statue one more time... Maybe I could leave a demo charge on it no, not wasting a perfectly good explosive on that thing!!!'

Rei sat on the window sill and looked away from the flimsiplast she had scribbled notes and crude drawings onto. She wasn't sure why, but she found it very unsettling that a hotel would be built so close to the largest police station, jailhouse and courthouse facility on the whole world. The news was always going on about the rulings and punishments dolled out to people for the smallest infractions including spitting in public, stopping to tie ones shoe in the middle of the sidewalk and, the one that made Rei laugh out loud, sneezing too loudly next to an officer. Authoritarian didn't begin to describe how this world worked but she was treated well enough, many of the locals being female. In fact, many of the Devaronians on the world were female, their male, devil looking counterparts suffering for a wanderlust that meant so few of them ever stuck around for any prolonged period of time. There were exceptions of course, as there always were with any species, smart humans being one such example. The ever present law enforcement would not stop harassing her to see her visa and documentation, making sure it was up to date. She was sure they had a timer set and the instant she was one second over the expiry time they'd be pouncing on her. Despite all that, the world was a participatory democracy though it sure didn't feel that way.

Staring down at the street to the entrance to the police station itself, Rei sighed to herself and crumpled up the flimsiplast. This whole idea was insane and she started to question if the 200k price tag was worth it. Getting in would be easy, but coming back out, with a captive in tow, would be another thing entirely. She didn't really know much about the inside layout, but she hoped with the upcoming talks between the Feds and the local government, there'd be a decrease in security around the jail. As it turned out, there was a noticeable decrease in armed presence, the local government wanting to put on a show of force, not so much to impress the Feds, as a drunk politician would ramble to her the night before in the bar near the main political center, the Magnalium*, but as a show of force and a warning that, if the talks broke down and the Feds resorted to their usual shoot-first-and-force-people-to-capitulate-later, Devaron would not go down without a fight.

Rei had learned a great deal in the few days she had been here but knew that tonight she would have to act. She had spied a few individuals belonging to the Outer Rim Group, a loosely affiliated band of bounty hunters and mercenaries who had a tendency to cause as much collateral damage so long as it meant they got their man and could get away. Rei was under no illusion that the frackheads were going to be generous enough to try and do something sensible and throughout the day today she had seen a few of their number scouting the place out from the ground, standing out like out of place tourists. They've probably already raised the alert status... Morons...

Looking out at the slowly descending sun, she gently banged her head against the side of the window. Rei felt woefully under-prepared but it could no longer be helped. Getting to her feet, she stretched out her arms quickly before walking to the refresher to get herself cleaned up and ready for tonight. On her bed, her gear was all neatly laid out, her shadowsuit ready along with her blasters, utility belt and a large overcoat that would help conceal everything while walking around. Weapons on civilians were frowned upon though not illegal however visitors were expected to have "peace bonds" on all their weapons which were basically blank powercells or powerpaks that would have to be first removed before a fresh one could be inserted and the weapon powered up. Bladed weapons were tied down with purple rope to its sheath, forcing someone to untie the bond before being able to draw the weapon. This meant, in almost any circumstance, the local authorities would be able to shoot first since they always walked around with their guns in plain view, ready to use them at a moment's notice.

And now I remember why life in the Outer Rim is so much easier...
"Next person to tell me I look like hell is going to see what hell really looks like, because I'm sure it's a hell of a lot better than how I feel right now..." - Rei

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by SteydWohrly » 2014-02-17 23:40

In the dark corner of a damp cell within a maximum security prison in Montellian Serat, a lone man sat on the ground. His back was against the wall, arms rested on his knees, and head hanging down as if asleep. Even in the shape he was in right now, you could tell he was a fighter, scarred and muscular, and missing his right eye, instead haing an eye patch and a long scar running through it. He wore his prison coveralls open at the top, showing his muscled chest and tattoos, and their was a fierce aura about him, even now. Many described him as like a tiger, powerful, but also fast, and you could see that in his physique. However, at the moment, he was in a cage, and unable to roam free like he wished, like the animal he resembled.

The patch on his coveralls read “Steyd”, no last name showed, as if it didn't really matter who he was, his punishment would be the same as everyone else here. Steyd knew they fully intended to kill him, but they had kept him alive this long hoping he would give up the rest of his pirate crew so they could serve their sentence together. Unfortunately for them, he had a bit of honor and refused to give up his crew. They had loyally served him up to this point, it was only fair he did the same.

It wasn't the first prison Steyd had been too, and probably wouldn't be his last, if he could get out, which he fully intended to do. He had been here long enough to figure a few things out, a few weaknesses, but had never had the right moment to exploit them. While he had only been here for a few months, that was much longer then most here, as Devaronians were well known for their quick incarcerations followed by quick executions. With the right distraction he could take advantage and summarily show the Devaronians how wrong they were to keep him alive for so long.

“Hey, d'ya hear. We got new blood. Guards took'm to cell 27,” he heard a gruff voice say to his right. He recognized it as Corlis chatting to Gen, the man to his right. He heard the two had been in the same group of bandits. They were both big, dumb, but powerful. Not the type of combination you want in an enemy, so Steyd tried not to mess with them. Which also meant he ha to listen to the two of them chat it up on a regular basis.

“Oh really? How many has he killed?” came the weaselly voice of Gen.

“I heard only like five, but it was accidental, or somethin'. Guys a joke. 'Ey, Steyd that's right by ya. Ya seen 'im yet. Bet he looks as worthless as he sounds.”

Steyd let out a sigh. “No, Corlis, I haven't seen him. I was asleep,” he grumbled back. “Until you idiots started blabbering,” he mumbled.

“What was that?!” Corlis yelled at him.

“I said I was asleep, thanks for waking my up.”

“Sure ya did. Y'know, I don't like how ya talk sometimes. Me and Gen may have to teach ya some respect”

“Sorry if I offended you. I don't want any trouble with you guys. Can't we just get along?”

“HA! Listen to ya. Oh, I think I'm gonna be nice and introduce ya face to ma fist.”

“Fine, whatever,” he said, letting out a sigh. He had been trying to lay low and just pas the days in relative peace as he try to think of a way out of this, but Corlis seemed bent on taking him down. He'd just have to prove Corlis wrong.

However, there was some good news, the new prisoner. Usually when that happened, security tended to shift a bit and focus more on him. Perhaps now he'd get his chance to escape. If nothing else, he had a feeling that his life was about to get a little more interesting.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Rei » 2014-02-18 18:34

Night fell upon the city of Montellian Serat, the dark sky further shrouded by clouds that had rolled in late in the evening. The streets were still well lit, the glow lamps illuminating the city blocks in a network of interconnected streets that branched out all over the city. Very few people were out, mostly Devaronian guards walking the plaza and surrounding sidewalks around the courthouse and jail. From across the plaza, Rei bit back a curse. I knew it. They've stepped up security, damn frackheads! There were a few additional patrols out and about by now, throwing everything Rei had planned into the garbage.

But I need a pay cheque in the worst way, she sighed to herself as she lowered her pocket electroscope. Breathing out another sigh, she got to her feet when the patrol resumed their pattern, the two horned guards laughing about something in their native language that Rei could only assume was some dirty joke. Approaching the courthouse, she crept close to one of the side walls, staying out of view of the holocameras that watched over the main entrance to the building. Large trees surrounded the courthouse, helping it look less intimidating than it otherwise did. Rei had originally planned to use an ascension line to scale to the top of the courthouse when she had spotted a series of sensor trips along the ledge that were no doubt set up to prevent people from climbing on that way.

Slipping on a pair of special clawed gloves and spikes onto her feet, she jumped onto the tree and started to climb it. The lowest branch was a good fifteen feet off the ground and there really was no good place to fire a shot into the tree, not to mention she didn't trust her accuracy enough to actually not overshoot and waste time reeling the wire back, which may or may not get tangled. Keep It Stupidly Simple, she thought, remembering an old adage some human had spouted when trying to modify his s-swoop with an aftermarket external fuel tank and tried justifying using a collection of beer cans rigged together with tape and a length of flex hose over buying an actual tank.

Reaching the first of the low hanging branches, Rei pulled herself up and froze. Another patrol was coming around the corner, the Devaronian chatter alerting her once again. There wasn't a lot of foliage to shield her from sight, but there wasn't much light around the perimeter of the courthouse, why waste energy illuminating trees at night? She watched them as they strode past, one of them waving his guns, expressing something with a boastful tone. They passed by, allowing Rei to continue as she worked at scaling the tree. She reached the top and, wiping sweat from her brow, looked at the courthouse next to her. She was still a good story short of the top, but now she had a much clearer sight to a tall structure on the building, a watchtower that was connected to the jailhouse. The guard manning the tower was another one of the horned devils and he looked particularly alert, probably a pep talk at the start of the shift telling everyone to be alert for suspicious activity this night. Once again Rei cursed the frackheads under her breath. She did, however, see undertones of weariness, the end of his shift fast approaching.

Checking her chrono, she debated whether or not she should find a Plan B. The seconds stretched into minutes and minutes became an eternity of waiting, her patience starting to wear really thin. Below, she could hear another patrol saunter past. She felt the branch she was precariously standing upon sway a little from a breeze and reflexively she dug her hands into the trunk, shifting her weight to it in hopes that her weight wouldn't cause a loud cracking noise that would alert the guards below, the sounds of the wood creaking seeming to be magnified to her ears but the guards continued walking by below, still oblivious to her presence. Her hand twitched in frustration as she glanced back and saw the guard still staring out the tower. Rei was about to say "frack it" when the guard moved at long last, his eyes having spotted the time it was and he turned to leave the tower.

"Finally," Rei breathed as she waited for the guard to vanish from view before she drew her assension gun and aimed it at the tower, just below the viewport. She fired a shot and watched it as the small bolt connected into the duracrete right on target. Drawing a second gun, she pointed it at the tree trunk and fired, the bolt sticking itself deep into the wood. Keeping the tension high on the one affixed in the tree, she activated the first one and had it start reeling her in towards the tower. Her arms were stretched out, she lacked the strength to actually keep them close to her body. Damnit, why hasn't someone devised one that can shoot in both directions? she thought as she broke through the foliage and tucked her legs up as best she could, mindful of the laser trip wires that rimmed the roof of the courthouse. She passed by it with a few inches to spare and, when she was over the roof of the prison, she stopped and, triggering the release mechanisms on both guns, dropped to her feet, the shadowsuit absorbing most of the sound of her landing.

That was the easy part out of the way, Rei knew, now the hard part would be finding where Mister Laret Doravon was being kept. Crossing the courthouse, she approached the attached jail. It was disconnected from the courthouse by a small gap which circled around to a large walled off area that served as the prisoner's recreation area. It felt wrong to call it a jail since so many of the people brought here ended up staying for what might seem like a normal prison sentence. Maybe they just have a massive backlog of people to sentence. Whatever the case, Rei got herself close to the tower so the new, more attentive guard wouldn't spot her when he got on shift. A door that provided roof access for maintenance crews in the courthouse wasn't far away and, if the enclosed bridge that crossed between the two buildings nearby was indication of anything, Rei figured she was on the right tack to her crudely drawn map.

So far, so good. She allowed herself a slight smile, glad that things were finally going her way for once.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Bruno Winters » 2014-02-19 00:49

Bruno waited from a long while, as he had to be unloaded from the freighter. That was where his cybernetic eye came in handy, as after he would be offloaded he would need to turn it onto its infrared mode to scan for people. Then turn it on to its zoom mode to check for cameras through a few peep holes that were added and covered to be less conspicuous. After a half hour, he felt his crate begin to move. So he was being taken to somewhere, where he did not know, but he turned on his infrared to get a look at what was going on around him. He saw he was picked up by a hoverlift, from the heat pattern, and saw a few heat signatures of people around the area in varying lengths from his position. So it seemed that the freighter captain kept his end of the bargain, but now it was up to Bruno to get out of his situation he put himself in.

He waited quite a while for the hoverlift to set him down in the probable storage area they would keep supplies. He was glad that they had stopped moving, as it now gave him time to access his situation and see where he was and in relation to any cameras, security, or exits. He was going to have to rely heavily on his training in stealth insertion and exfiltration, as his means to escape. As the only people who were aware of his location were his second in command for Spec Ops, and probably the Head of ISIS. As she never has a shortage of tracking anybody. But that was just fine; as he was sure it would pay off as she might end up having one of her contacts rendezvous with him for infiltration. Then Bruno would probably have to pick up the slack, as usually the ISIS field agents are used to working solo from deep cover.

But he was still in his crate, and it was time to switch to zoom mode, as he pulled in one of the peep tabs installed on his crate. He began to zoom his cybernetic eye around in the limited view the container allowed up, and saw a holocam set in a fixed position. Then he zoomed in his eye to 10 times mode, and saw the lens was oscillating slightly to the left and right. Thus giving the room full coverage, and making his escape that much harder. But the bright side was that he was close enough to it that if he popped out of the crate at just the right time he could throw himself to the wall in time to miss the holocam’s sweep over him. Bruno stayed zoomed in to get the holocam’s rhythm down, and counted down to his escape as his eye returned back to normal view.

3….2….1…. Go!

Bruno came bursting out the crate, carrying the side with him to the wall. He heard no alarm going off, so he had to have made it. He looked around and saw a crate that was close by and pushed the wall of his crate against it to blend it in. He was trying to minimize his trail as much as he could, as he was definitely not welcomed on this planet. If he got caught, well he was sure the death penalty would come swiftly. He would be lucky to see an hour in a cell, but he was not going to get to that point. He was nearing the point where he swore he saw an exit, and thankfully he was right. But he was not going to walk right through it, so he turned on his infrared vision and saw nothing. Bruno turned to look into the room and saw heat signatures, but looking out yielded nothing. Bruno turned off the infrared mode, and was a little surprised that he was placed in a heat shielded storage unit. The heat deflection material was causing him to not be able to see heat signatures outside of the storage unit.

Bruno decided this was not a viable way out, as he did not know what was on the other side of the door. For all he knew, two armed guards were on the sides of the door at all times. So he slid back behind the mass of crates, to reassess the situation he was in. He began to carefully look around and spotted a catwalk, that lead to a window. The only problem was it was right in the cameras range, and therefore not viable. He was going to have to get creative, and the empty crate he was in would help him with his plan. The only issue was retrieving it in a viable amount of time, but then he saw a few boxes were opened like his on just one side. Then he had an idea to use one of the closer crates to turn upside down and use it to cover himself and dig an exit out from underneath the wall. He was hoping for no reinforcement under the soft, dry dirt that would stop him from exiting in that manner.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Rei » 2014-02-19 15:31

Getting in was simple enough as Rei managed to pry the door open with a little help from a prybar. Now inside, she descended the staircase to the top most level, pressing her ear against the door to the hallway to try and detect any sounds in the hallway beyond. It was quiet so, slowly opening the door, she peeked out and looked around. The offices in the courthouse were all dark since it was after hours but the hallways remained well lit. Now, which one is it? It took a moment for Rei to get her bearings, trying to orient herself mentally.

Seeing the coast was clear, she walked to the nearest office and, checking that the coast was clear, forced the door open with the prybar, slipping inside, closing the door shut behind her. Moving to the opposite side of the small desk that was a mess with flimsiplast, datapads and other odds and ends, Rei got down on her knees and looked at the terminal that sat amid the clutter of things.

Activating it, she lowered the screen brightness quickly and stared at the login screen. Fishing in one of the pouches of her utility belt, she found a piece of flimsiplast with some crudely scribbled notes. Because the workers often liked having their backs to the window outside, it was an easy matter to zoom in and see what was being typed on a screen and what buttons were being hit. Tapping on the screen, she followed the same motions she had scribbled down on the flimsiplast, entering the user id and password into the terminal. Yay for low budget cyber security methods. Woulda sucked if I had to cut someone's eye out for a retinal scan. She cringed at the thought.

The screen blinked and displayed a menu with a dizzying array of options, all of it written in Devaronese which was a very guttural language and one that stood in stark contrast to her native Nagaian which was very sing-song with slight variations in tone and pitch. The script wasn't much better but once again, her hastily scribbled notes came to the rescue as she had inquired how to translate several phrases from basic to Devaronese. Settings... Settings... Scrolling down the list of options, she found it at the bottom and, selecting it with a tap of the screen, she found the language settings where the word "Basic" was one of the two options listed. Thankfully the devils worked in basic sometimes too and their computers were capable of displaying it. Once the options were changed, she was finally able to read everything else.

Looks like I'm in business, Rei thought, feeling a surge of energy hit her as things continued to progress smoothly. She dismissed the feeling quickly. No, things are going horribly! No reason for the man upstairs to go kicking me in the face! Navigating her way through the menus, she found the detainee record section and brought up a list of people currently awaiting trial. Filtering it down further, she found Laret Doravon's file which included, among other things, the current cell he was being housed in as well as the police report detailing his arrest. Angel district huh? she wondered as she skimmed through the report.

The city was divided into numerous districts and the so-called angel district was named such because of the disproportionate number of humans who inhabited that particular area, the devils figuring it would be an insult to the various humans who resided there. It was just one of the many bizarre cultural things where they took great some pride in how they were viewed and how an insult from one group could be seen instead as a compliment.

Cell five-eighty-seven. Now I just need a map of the jail itself. Rei closed the computer down and stood back up, walking back to the door and checking for sounds in the hallway before stepping out. She heard a sound, like the gentle thrumming of a repulsor that was getting closer. She waited for it to pass before opening the door and looking quickly at what had flown by. An R-1 recon droid was flying about, and even from her quick glance, she could tell something was off about it, and not just the slightly extended barrel on its blaster which looked a lot like a suppressor on her own pistols. The frack is it doing here?

Wishing she had one, she followed it as the droid disappeared around a corner. Was it a security droid? Why would it be equipped with a suppressor if it's enforcing security inside the building idiot? That meant someone else had sent it, but who? Isn't it obvious? Who were the frackheads who had security tightened up outside? Cursing her luck, she followed the droid, drawing her blaster pistol as she debated whether or not she wanted to actually shoot it. No. Let's follow it. Maybe it'll have taken care of the guards for me. She hadn't really given much thought to how she'd cross from the courthouse to the jail and figured she'd deal with it when the time came. Well, the time was now and she still hadn't much clue or even a floor plan on how to get there from here.

She was about to try the outside route, going back to the roof, when the R-1 droid ahead of her stopped suddenly. Rei froze in place, lifting her blaster pistol up to take aim at the tiny sphere ahead of her. It started to turn in place. Oh frack, she thought, her finger tightening around the trigger. The droid stopped turning, looking down a corridor that went right before flying in that direction again. Rei breathed a sigh of relief as she reached the intersection in the hallway, stopping for just a moment to peer around cautiously. The droid had vanished. Frowning, she stared down the hallway and could see a security checkpoint in the distance. Ducking back, she gasped, hoping the inattentive guard at the gate was more absorbed in his holonews to notice her peek about.

Just then, she heard the ominous sound of a tiny repulsor appear next to her. Looking to her left, she saw an R-1 droid staring right at her. Startled, she nearly stumbled into the open but remained conscious of the fact that someone could look down the hallway and sound the alarm if she appeared suddenly. The droid opened fire just as she started sidestepping around to get on its other side. Red blaster bolts flew through the space she had just occupied but were quickly tracking her. A trio of bolts hit her in the arm and chest as she raised her prybar up and brought it down quickly. She just missed, the droid darting away but whoever was controlling it seemed more interested in causing more of a commotion than killing her as the droid slammed into the wall with a thunk. It had no where else to go now, however, making it an easy target for a follow-up swing, the metal bar smashing into the tiny droid with all the might Rei could put behind it. "Ha," she whispered in triumph. The damaged metal ball fell to the floor, a massive dent embedded in its top. Grabbing the droid by its antenna, Rei quickly darted away, hoping she could vanish from sight before a guard showed up.

Disappearing into another office that had its door left open a crack, she hid herself behind the desk, slowing her breathing down to reduce the noise. She waited for what felt like an eternity but couldn't have been more than a minute. Nothing happened and she didn't hear anything or anyone approach. Exhaling a breath, she examined the droid she had struck down. There wasn't anything really remarkable about it, but she did see a small emblem of the Outer Rim Group engraved on the bottom now that she could get a closer look. They were probably keenly aware of her presence now, Which is going to force them to expedite their plans... Frack. Leaving the droid behind, she got to her feet and collected her thoughts.

Recon droid with a silenced blaster... Courthouse... Rei was struggling to figure out what the ORG was up to, what their plan was, or if they even had one. Not that I'm one to talk at this point.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Seventy Two Hours before operations…

Most of the poorest sectors of various city's that she had visited on many worlds, had been bustling with people either trying to buy or sell goods. Children had laughed and run along with firecrackers or home made toys, often upsetting the elderly as they played their child games. Large barrel chested men, stood watch over whatever bazaar goods their women would set on tables to sell. Lovers and friends interacting, young toughts sitting on steps with home-made moonshine telling tall tales usually whistling at any pretty females that went by.

But nothing of that was even similar to what she faced here, on Betha II in the Corva Sector. The planet of Betha had been pretty recently resettled in the latter half of the last hundred years. Almost still at the midpoint of the Daranc Run. As most of itss initial resettlement’s population were smugglers it was the perfect dodgy place for an info broker with the information she needed to hide amongst one of the three large cities that clung to the dry world like massive hives of wind scarred metal mountain crags. Mountainous peaks of design of starports surged skywards in the center of each of the cities massive spaceports. Some overseen by local traffic controls, some overseen by more watchful presences. The echani had a right to be concerned that things were dangerous out here.

Someone out there had gotten an idea to barter a life for a life, and a target for that scheme had been passed to her by someone up the chain of information. It had been enough to get some consideration, if not much of a serious consideration then to go after the guy ISIS wanted directly.

Especially since she had activated a few remaining ties to her home world's other clans to track down a name one devaronian named Kardue'sai'Malloc had used to assist himself in creating his cover of Labria, a foolish worthless denizen of tatooine before he had fled to parts unknown. That wasn't the only risk though, the new republic kept a harsh presence in the Corva sector after the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Moreover, from what Miss Crysta had told her, they had kept an eye on Betha II specifically after they had put down some form of imperial splinter group on the world.

She honestly thought she was being a bit used by Crystala to ensure her birth sister stayed out of the action as much as possible. Whatever the case, she was here on this world. She was quite happy the job doubled as an opportunity to be of service in an attempt to pay her benefactor back.
But there was another reason she was happy to be used for this task, one of the war crimes that Malloc had committed had two child slaves from thyrsus as their victims. Those two victims had a drop of echani blood. even if it was diluted with their foreign cousins. It was enough to venture some assistance to her on the part of other echani mercenaries to commit themselves to the matter of tracking down a lead. No matter how broken their society, they had a sense of honor... and a sense of retribution. She had gotten in touch with one Firense Lightlance. One of her father's oldest friends who had struck out on his own and pleaded her case. A view of the released devaronian records on the victims that day confirmed her excuse. The cold eyes on the other side of the holocall had asked her if the Devaronian had any knowledge of where the missing members of her family were.

She shrugged and said she didn't know. She was only chasing down long lost leads on various branches of the family that had been lost long before. People who her father had wished to track down and bring back to Eshan. As two of the female former slaves caught in the crossfire had been victims, both to the rebel massacre and to the male thyrsus driven society , she postulated that other echani could be said to still suffer the same fate. Only figuring out the past could she move forwards into the future to recover any other evidence of their lost relatives. She explained it was only one reason she had to take this effort to try to find Malloc.

Then she had been surprised by another tidbit of news. Firense had heard of the old Sun Guard's survivors from Palpatine's purges were settling back nicely into the society of the Thyrsus system and that they were still holding a bizarre bit of tournaments which allowed outsiders to be 'recognized' as fully accepted citizens of Thyrsus. A barbaric ritual that had the winner declared no matter what sex of the species that they had proved their 'male' dominance if they won. Without that decree of citizenship, the masses of Thyrsus still practiced enslaving every female they could find for breeding, whether they were echani or not so long as they were near human enough and capable of being bred.

These facts didn't surprise her. She had learned this at her parents knee. Thyrsians were almost the exact opposite of the echani and had cruel holdovers from their split with the Council of Six Sisters. Men dominated whereas the society of the remaining Echani showed matriarchal tendencies or had moved past that to consider equality of the sexes in its leadership based on merit. The warriors of Thyrsus relied neither on light armor nor combat without weapons, but preferred being heavily armored and blades in their hands. In spiritual terms, they focused on the sun rather than the moon. Their military units wore the stylised red suns of Thyrsus as emblems for example. The Thyrsians kept a traditional element of Echani arts in at least one way: the weird skill to read the body language of counterparts and to forecast their next move.

At the time, Moira had shaken her head slightly to dismiss such things and to concentrate on what Lightlance was telling her. She was disappointed, but not surprised that the man viewed her a bit with suspicion despite his late friendship with her father, Lightlance would help her track down this devaronian but no matter what; she later owed him a favor. He also told her that he thought her reasons of going after the devaronian was bull, but would not press her on the specifics as he thought the sum of his bounty would be her seed money for finding her missing family. But on the other hand she thought it fairly to his credit when he cautioned her that she shouldn't share any of her plans with him since it would be dangerous for her to do so.

Honestly, the thought of using a five million credit bounty hadn't occurred to her, as at first this had been a favor to try and repay people for their help in the past year. Nothing more. But she could see the possibilities of what a five million credit bounty would give her, even if she owed Lightlance a favor. A large one that she would have to collect, even if by what was unsaid she’d be at a high risk doing so for what he seemed to convey by the tone of his voice.

She was slightly grateful when he said he'd honor her request, so long as she was aware she'd have to deal with the hornet's nest that finding out anything really substantial would ultimately stir up. Moira had accepted such facts with no reservations.

After Lightlance had signed off, it had been twelve hours before he had contacted her again. A city, a planet, a district, and a name. A name of Calloc'rashkani another devaronian who had once assisted Malloc in devising his cover. Another Devaronian who had been implicated, but never charged in the horrors of war crimes.

That was what had lead her to the Corva Sector, hopping a series of shuttles to Betha II. More than hundred years before the Imperial Period, the planet of Betha II had been nothing but a dry dusty wasteland, only after with the boom of smuggling had any form of life come back to this place at all.

The Republic kept a strong presence in the Corva Sector after the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn. So there was likely no backup for her to be had, until Luciana Endivain had slipped her sister a note for Moira to contact her if anything really developed.

For her that meant she'd have to keep an eye over her shoulder, but right now, in this sector of the city so close to her lead she was getting frustrated that no one seemed to want to even talk to her. Then again it wasn't like other areas she had been to. There were no children playing, no men with funny or exciting stories, nothing being sold to the highest bidder.

Moira had called out to a couple of them but almost none of them even gave her more then a look. This could have head to do with the fact it was getting close to evening when Moira had first stepped into the neighborhood, but even with that excuse it began to seem overly quiet to her. What few people she saw quickly went about their business and hurried home as if they were afraid of being caught outside for too long. All her prior attempts had yielding nothing except for them to hurry even faster.

Trying again, she noted a flash of movement from a drunk dodging his way out of an alley with a bottle of some local brew in his hand.

"Hey old man," She said.

The old man didn't reply other than to give the young woman a shrug before he tried to shuffle away a little faster. Moira had never been one to take being ignored so lightly, unless her instincts warned her that she felt somehow in the presence of a trap. But this seemed to strike a chord in her frustration, after being a guest for the last few months on a ship that most people tended to ignore her, or at worst treat her like a child that they were amused with. Her frustration, and part of her reasons for taking this assignment to help out her legal guardian's sister was that her temper was almost at a breaking point again. Besides, it's not like she'd let her newest 'aunty' risk herself as she normally would after the first time she met her. Moreover, she had an itch to prove herself on here. Just to make the five thousand credits she had spent worthwhile. She reached out and snagged the man by the shirt before yanking it to spin him around to face her.

Small drops of whatever the lush had been drinking scattered on her boots, but neither took much notice of it. "I'm talking to you old man. I'm here searching for someone that might know about some missing family friends." she growled threateningly. "Can you point me to a man by the name of Calloc'Rashkani, I have business with him."

The whiskered drunk blinked wearily over his whiskers before giving a hesitant shake of his head. He refused to meet the hooded young woman's eyes. "I didn't see nothing."

Moira's small fists dug into the man's shirt as she lifted him off the ground. A feat that surprised and scared the drunkard. "Do you live around here?" she demanded. The man nodded fearfully. "Then you know where this Rashkani is, or know someone who did. People in his profession tend to be quiet but they almost always stick out their feelers enough that everyone knows how to find them in case their services are needed. Even in retirement. So Spill." Moira's rant paused as she tried to think of a way to persuade him so she told a white lie, "Look , all I want is a lead on some missing friends. It's not like I'm going to hurt him or something. I just need a normal business transaction."

"I... I can't..." The man stammered. "Please, he got in trouble with the local gangs who are hunting him. If Rejic finds out about anyone of us who could tell you he'd kil-"

"Rejic?" Moira frowned , lowering the man back to the ground as she began to put two and two together. "Who's Rejic?"

"He runs things with the drugs and spice around here." the man said quickly as he smoothed his shirt, "He has men everywhere. Credits to pay spies off too. Only reason Rakshani hasn't been caught yet is that he always treated the locals well."

It took a moment for her to understand the situation, and piece together why she hadn't seen anything happening in this sector of the city. She'd walked right into a conflict of some sorts. She cursed her luck, this Rejic would be a big problem to her if it seemed she was caught in the crossfire somehow. So she told a white lie as convincingly as possible. She was good at that, it made getting closer to marks a little easier. "Look, I won't tell anyone you helped me. But these are my family's friends and I need to find out more about them in case one of them's alive. We already know we lost two. It might be wishful thinking on my part, but Rashkani may have the only link in the chain to find out. I have no intention of harming him. Can you please help me?"

The man shook his head once more but gave a small motion with his fingers towards the local warehouse district. "Kajenko , one of Rashkani’s devaronian friends, leads the beggars down in the warehouse district where Rejic says he was sure Rashkani was holed up in there somewhere. Got his boys crawling all over there, armed to. You get to him and he might be able to help you."

Thanking him politely, Moira turned away and strode towards the warehouse district where she was sure a headache was waiting for her.
Within the twisting caverns of the Warehouse District, Moira had repeatedly doged past gangs of locals running back and forth, until she had opted to take the back alleyways.

From there, it had been quite easy to track ‘Kajenko’ down. All she had to do wipe some soil on her face and find the nearest drunk beggar trying to hide in a crate and ask where there was shelter for a fellow beggar. That had lead her to shimmy up a drain pipe and across a couple roofs to a courtyard, and the courtyard had lead her to her current predicament.

Contrary to popular belief it seemed that the beggars of this world were serious about getting a safe place to sleep. In between two sets of warehouses a raised courtyard had been gated and lightly fortified. Guarding those gates were two near human figures of impressive size and bulk that Moira was reminded of some of the more barrel chested soldiers she had seen in the Federation. Only here, they showed their abs like they were an Adonis while they hefted what looked to be old, well used Gamorrean war axes.

Probably taken by the pair from a few Gamorreans. They looked like some untrained types, but rather home schooled brawlers . Two things differed though, they had no armor, and they were perhaps two and a half heads taller than seven feet with a pug like nose centered above their maws. Aside from the glaring obvious differences between the guard and a normal human the physical nature of them seemed as close to human as some could come to. Perfectly chiseled chests were bare and adorned with tattoos that seemed to indicate some form of tribal marking. At the base of the gated steps they were holding their own by pushing back some local gang toughs.

The guard’s heads shifted slightly as they kept a close eye on things, one saying forcefully. “No one gets in without Kajenko’s say so! No one!”

The other one seemed indifferent to the whole thing, watching with a bit of amusement and a long stare like he was ignoring the presence of the gang members presence completely. Not one of the pair was less then massive, or had less then exquisite muscle definition, shown to their best advantage by their bare tattooed chests.

Inappropriately, Moira was reminded of an all male burlesque show Mikka had wanted to drag her, Ms. Raine, and Crystala to on Firro. Though she and the others had declined, she wondered if the blonde was here what one of them would do if Thellis decided to stick a credit chit into their waistbands. Probably while cracking jokes about reach and flexibility. The girl was just crazy like that.

All such things became insignificant to her senses as a new figure appeared who was half a head taller than the two guards with horns larger and majestic than any other of his kind that she had seen. Instead of looking like a half hunched over devil from various mythology stories, this one looking like a champion weight lifter.

“Bah, look you made Kajenko have to wake up.” The guard spat as he deferred to what looked to be his leader’s presence. “I’ll be happy to see him squash you like bugs.”
It took a bit of gumption for one of the street thugs to speak up. “Look Kojenko, Rejic has no problem with you running the thieves and beggars in this district. Just tell us where Rakshani is.”

“So I was wrong about our guests. “ the now identified Kojenko said without preamble. His voice was even deeper then the gate guards and oddly compelling to her ears.

“Cut the bull, is he here or not?”
“No. In fact I was hoping you were him. Now leave.”
“You can’t just tell us to go without letting us check things out firs-“

In the swiftest motion she had ever seen, Moira witnessed the large horned man grab one of the pug noses axes and swing it to dismember the man’s head from his shoulders. In that instance, the two guards punched two of the others down to the ground, and placed their boots on the back of their neck.

It wasn’t long before Kojenko seemed to stop staring at the bloody severed head enough to speak gruffly. “No means no. Rajic cannot order me around. This is my territory. Remember that as you flee with your tails between your legs like the dogs you are. If he does come by I’d gladly pony him up in order to cash in the credits myself.”

Without another word, the two surviving toughs bolted down the streets, scrabbling across the permacrete like two bats out of hell. She stayed behind to witness Kojenko turn to the two guards. “So was that a good enough act, eh Mitra, eh Mutra?”

“I don’t think they’ll suspect your guest is hiding here. We’ll just keep it up long enough for you to get him offworld.”
“Good, just remember. All are forbidden from entering. They want my friend dead.”

It seemed she was on the right track, and her quarry was inside. She figured a direct approach would do no good, but that didn’t give her a moment’s pause. If she couldn’t go through the gate, she’d go around it. Moira smiled to herself and ducked back below the lip of the rooftop. Shimmying a good distance along its wall to stay out of sight before popping up her head again to survey her environment. The warehouses around the courtyard had sills along the top of them and if she noticed the structures came just above the stepped plateau of the courtyard’s own warehouse building itself. If she got to the top of the walled enclosure and then to the top of the building she might have a means of getting down amongst the beggars from a roof access of some point.
About a hundred feet from her was the key, a small sill jutted towards the top walls of the beggar’s compound. With no guards in site. From there it would be a hundred meters slinking across the walltops to get to a place she could jump to the top of the warehouse.

Her eyes narrowed to judge the distance as she got closer. Hopping over some ledges between the blocky warehouse buildings until she reached a better viewpoint, she turned her head towards the slim embrasure she had seen before. For a moment, Moira glanced through the darkening sky before dropping her head again and focusing on the gap.

The echani smiled.

The edge of the enclosure wall’s sill was only a meter and a half away.

"Stupidity is, by far, the greatest destructive force in the history of mankind."

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Moira had waited patiently, but saw no movement along any of the compound's easter rooftops where she was aiming for. Deciding to go for it she readied herself.

Taking a short jump, Moira cleared the meter and a half distance to scrabble onto a perch at the wall's ledge before beginning to lever herself up with glacial slowness. Hands and feet finding purchase as she scaled the short distance to the top of the wall. Reaching the walltop, she paused a moment to strain her ears for signs of any guards moving. When she could swear she heard none, she levered herself up and over to the walltop's ground. She dropped lightly to the plasticrete paneled walkway, It would only be a short distance to where she could get to the jump to the interior warehouse's roof.

She began to head off in that direction, treading without sound on soft footed soles as she made her way. About the halfway point she froze as she heard a faint click, the sound of a plasticrete tile grinding on the permacrete stone, as she set her foot down. She had a brief flassh of memory, her mother's fingers gently tracing the edge of a buried pressure plate to show her of such dangers. She eased her foot back just in time to have a mechanism launch a dart down into the plasticrete where she had been.

'Well that explained the lack of guards.'

From then on, Moira moved with glacial slowness, hugging the very edge of the ramparts. She found two tripwares between butressed stones and stepped over them. Setting her feet down with exagerated care. It took over forty minutes to cross the distance, sometimes with her dropping to shimmy along on her belly. She had only made the jump to the roof of the warehouse to only encounter her second setback of the day.

There was no roof access. It had been a good idea, who would have thought the buildings had no roof access? Why wouldn't they? Wouldn't a crowded city make use of all the open space above their streets? Maybe it was because of all the dust and the lack of moisture in the atmosphere? Moira growled to herself. But there was no use griping about it. For a moment Moira glanced up at the starlit sky, before dropping her eyes again as she thought of a way through to enter the warehouse. If there was no roof access, what about windows?

Carefully peeking over the rooftop's edge she began to make her around till she spotted her next best hope. A window ledge of the second story around the side and out of view of the main beggar's compound. It was darker now, so hopefully there would be very little chance of someone from the compound's inner courtyard from seeing her if she attempted to lower herself down.

Sighing to herself, she knew the next part would hurt a little. Crouching at the narrow ledge of the warehouse's edge, her hands gripped the upper sill of the window in an underhand grip. Her hands were digging into the crumbling stone. Then she let herself swing down and slowly lowered to place her feet on the bottom windowsill before crouching again. It was odd, she thought wryly, but she figured if anyone happened to walk underneath and glance upwards they would probably have a fantastic view of her arse half hanging off the ledge. Hopefully they would be dazed enough not to shoot at it. No, she was just a thief, breaking into a den of thieves. Yeah, like she wondered if there was any way this couldn't go wrong. But as a hunter, she went where her quarry went. Carefully he eased her slowly slid her one hand up in the dim light, finding the lock of the window before easing back into a crouch. Taking out a long slender twig of a metal lockpick she began to jimmy the lock.

No one seemed to notice except for some city birds bobbing and cooing in the corners of the warehouse' eaves. Unwilling to chance discovery she fought down a muttered curse when the first lockpick broke. But the second did the job, and soon she was climbing into the assorted stacks of crates in the warehouse. Pushing her way forwards through the stacks she only succeeded to come in a controlled tumble to the floor of the second floor storeroom she appeared to be in. Outside the doorway, she could hear voices and she made her way closer to kneel and flatten herself by the convening wall between the storeroom and the rest of the warehouse.

As quietly as she could she reached up to the doorknob and twisted it, opening the doorway a crack to see what she could. The storeroom opened out to a walkway above the first floor's expanse of the warehouse proper, and almost below the ledge of banister the voices could be heard coming into focus as someone seemed to be talking to someone else. One was a guttural voice she placed as hearing at the compound's entrance. Kajenko. The other...

The other was quickly identified.

"Ah Rakshani, what am I going to do with you old friend? There's no way they won't be back in force soon. I’d give them half an hour at best and they want you dead. I can't trust half these beggars and thieves to stay on my side in a stand up fight. Hell, I only have about twenty men I'd trust not to run like yellow livered cowards. So talk to me, make this worth my while, my dear old friend."

She had to take a moment to still her heart at the confirmation she was right.
"You know I have a lot of information for my business. That information is worthwhile, especially long term."

“Yes, I know. But right now I need something Short term. You know that. Rejic will probably lead his men himself. I have a lot to promise those fighting for me right now. Surely you know what I’m talking about? Right Rakshani? I know our mutual acquaintance Mallic had you help him out last year. Why not give Ol’ Kajenko some real credits he could sink his teeth into? You know where Ol’ Mallic went, I know you do. You know I know you do. So let’s stop talking in circles as we both know it seems he’s gotten a few shipments of medical supplies from you in the past year.”

There was a bit of silence before the other voice spoke, ”You know that’s unprofessional. Someone in my business keeps their secrets, especially expensive ones. Besides, if you had known that I knew where he was, wouldn’t you have taken advantage of it a lot sooner?”
“Yes, Rakshini. I would have, and I did. Tried to blackmail his daughter for a breeding session but the bitch didn't even care about her dear ol' dad. Now let's skip the middle steps and cut to the chase about this game. I know, you know, and we both know the other knows how this game is played. I doubt you’d want to let go of such information freely, but consider it the price of getting offworld and us dealing with your problem. But this is just confirmation. Consider it a bargain for services paid to save your life. You can handle that, can’t you?”

“Yes, yes I could. But only if turning him in was fifty – fifty. We'd both need seed money to recover our operations. There’s also no way I would give that information out before I was off world.”

“Ah… so you do know. Though I think you’d lie to make it past tonight to save your skin. Isn’t that right?”

“Perhaps, but perhaps not. You wouldn’t know till I was offworld and I wouldn’t bet on anything till the credits were split. That’s only fair right?”
“Ah but you do know, don’t you?”
“Let’s just say I put a tracker on where those supplies went , got a bit of a map to his general location on a certain planet and leave it at that. Say within ten square kilometers of his hiding place. Now, how about planning a way for me to get off world?”

A predatory smile flashed its way across echani space, as she bade herself to be quiet. This was confirmation of a sorts. Moira’s smile widened as she put her pistol back into her holster and drew her rifle. Her eyes scanned the rest of the balcony and noted there was no presence of guards that she could see. Creeping silently forwards on the pad of her foot she raised her rifle up enough to sight through her scope. There he was. The target. Talking with another person like a stunted bantha below her present position, just sitting on a crate. The red skinned devaronian information broker that she had looked for, with the hulking visage of Kajenko hovering nearby, her ticket to finding the man she had been tasked to go after.

Moira smile grew a little wider, her cheek brushing against the rifle stock. Her finger, lying along the casing just above the trigger guard twitched.


“So let me ask you something. Is it true Malloc used to be your commander? Especially when he became the Butcher?”
”You know I’d never say one way or the other.”
”Can’t even humor me, you could be dead within the next hour?”
So could you. It’s what happens after that hour that concerns me. Especially if we make a break to get offworld. Even if Rejic dies, too many of his goons will be around to make life here… difficult. For me and you.”
“So what are you saying? It might be best to pick up roots and go somewhere else?”
”Depends, how many credits do you got around in your accounts? I know I have a few squirreled away for this rainy day.”
“Enough, about eighty thousand. Easy. You?”
”Why would I tell you?”
”To make it worth my while.”
”Shouldn’t we have this discussion after we get that bounty? It won’t be easy for either of us to put our roots down somewhere else.”
“True, I’ll hold you to that though. You can count on it.”
“Gladly, now how much time do we have? “
“Not long. I bet it’ll be coming to a boiling point soon. Maybe we should slip away in the confusion? Leave these fools to die?”
“It’s a start of a plan, I’d rather try to get out of here sooner rather than later."

A sound of kajolic snorting could be heard. “Figured you would. Though if it comes to that I got a ways out of here no one knows. Getting offworld that's the tricky part.
“Oh Really, should that be something we discuss now?”
“Nah, as you said, it’s like your squirreled away creds. We’ll discuss it when the time comes.”
It was odd, but the last thing the Rashinki said was to paraphrase the ‘friend’ he was talking to, “True. I’ll hold you to that though. You can count on it.”
“When the time comes my friend, When the time comes.”

Still smiling Moira replaced her rifle on her back. Slowly the smile faded…

How the hell was she going to get down?
It took more time then Moira would have liked to find a route down to the first floor proper. Each step was a nightmare as the two males below continued talking, each one attempting to act more and more like the other's best friend. She assumed it was an act though. She had been forced to climb down a stack of sturdy crates after noting the stairwell was a dilapidated mess of debris. But eventually she dropped lightly to the ground on the last step. All the while noting the falseness of the cheer coming below as Kajenko began to toy with his knives. People like these two would do anything to save their skins, and that was a fact she was counting on.

If she was going to get anything useful she needed to shock the pair into revealing things, or at least letting her tag along for a while until the eventual double cross. She also toyed with the idea of abducting Rakshini herself, but figured she wouldn't be able to carry him through a warzone. Especially dodging mercs all the while. No, he'd have to stay mobile at least until he was of no use for her.

She also considered the strategy of her approach. Although the idea of simply dropping down to the pair's side appealed to her sense of humor she doubted it would appear to theirs. Startling two toughs already under pressure was a good way to get into fight very quickly.

At least she didn't see any long range weapons on them. Though she wouldn't put it past one of them to have a hold out blaster or two. In the end she simply chose to wait for an opportunity as outside the warehouse meaty thuds, and cries of pain began to echo along with others shouting to each other. It was obvious Rejic had begun to make his move.

In the end she chose to simply stand up, walk out from her place of concealment, hands raised slightly to her sides in the universal sign for 'don't want to cause any troubles.'

She prayed she had judged right, as the pair rounded on her. Kajenko drawing a knife from his belt to face her, while Rakshini seemed to tense at her presence. To her far left she noticed the two mutts, Mitra, and Mutra it seemed were coming to give their leader a report. Behind them the sounds of fighting intensified, as there was an intense three way standoff beginning. One of the mutt men hefted his axe, glaring balefully at her. One barked to Kajenko. "Boss, we can probably hold them for five or ten, but you got to get-"

The boss held up his hand, cutting his dogs off as he kept his eyes locked on the figure that had seemed to appear from the shadows. Moira just sighed and remembered why her parents always said not to tease a set of wild animals. Some people just had no manners at all.

"I wish to speak to Calloc'Rashkani." she declared. "A mutual acquaintance pointed me in his direction. I'm not here to fight. I am here to satisfy a demand."

Kajenko held up another hand to forestall Rashkani from answering. Then motioning his head to the sounds coming from outside in the compound. Moira could imagine Rejic's men trying to charge up into the bottleneck of those stairs. The losses had to be significant. "You with Rejic's crew? Come here to kill my meal ticket?"

"Who?" Moira gave a small disinterested shrug before a loud explosion rang outside. "Them? No I'm not with them. Why do you ask?"

Rakshini and Kajenko gave each other a telling look before Rakshini took control of the conversation.
"You have my attention. Speak. You here to kill me?"

Moira dipped her head in acknowledgement as the two Mutt men tensed, but kept their distance to allow their leader and his guest to speak. Everyone was so twitchy here, it was time to calm them down. But she didn't break her cool, not even when Kajenko flexed his impressive stature, no she merely felt her head tilt back to maintain eye contact.

'Damn, he was big. A veritable mountain of muscle with two loyal hounds at his side.'

"No, nor am I here as an assassin to kill Kajenko, though we echani mercenaries sometimes have to take those jobs. No, I'm just a customer that came to visit at the wrong time. You've dealt with us before Rakshini, you know we're hold a bit of our honor to keep our word. I'm a customer, you have information I need. So let's do business."

"You want to do business now? You must have been very resourceful to get in here. Echani you say?"

Moira was tall for a girl, and while she wasn't always on even eye level with human men, she rarely had to look up to meet their eyes. She kept her eyes in a halfway stare to make Kajenko shift on the balls of his feet. Even in some of the Federation's tallest she had never felt dwarfed before, and this guy was just huge. However, Moira was able to turn this gaze into a just short of arrogant tilt of her chin. "Yes, I take it you might be in the mood for hiring someone to keep you alive until you're offworld? Unlike some I won't stab you in the back if there's a contract to get you out of here. You play it straight, just like we mercs like it, and you might get an ace in the hole which might let you see tomorrow."

"You wish, girl. I doubt you'd be able to do the job. As for information, services at this time are cancelled."

Moira adopted her 'you're not getting off here without a conversation' stance; arms folded, weight shifted back to her right heel. The two mutts gripped their weapons tighter for a moment, but eased when she made no other movements. "Did I mention that I was highly trained and you already owe me your life twice over? You're too valuable right now to me alive then dead.

"I will consider your request, if you find me another day. Now leave."

Kajenko let out a low rumbling grow. Almost like one of the two dogs he had with him. As they certainly began to growl on their own. Moira just pointed up, You're welcome by the way. I presume you're Kajenko?"

"Who's asking?" Kajenko said with a bit of hesitation.

"I already told you, an echani through the mutual acquaintance of our mutual acquaintance. Besides, your canopy was the weakness in your defense, I could have shot you both dead twice over. Hell, even had to take out two bastards who almost did. Either way, you owe me a transaction." Of course that was a white lie, but they wouldn't know about it. With Rejic's assault it was likely they'd be escaping the area soon. Maybe not before a showdown. Outside the noise was getting closer. "As your friend has dealt with my race before, he knows that I'm not going to go away, especially since there is some family honor issues involved. Doesn't mean you'll jack up the price on the information though, even if there's a discount for getting through tonight alive."

"Like I car-" Now was the time that Kajenko was forestalled by Rakshani's raised hand.

"Well in that case, I certainly think your standing got a little better. I'll make an exception. What business do you have with me?" the smaller devaronian said with a hint of curiousity betraying his interest.

"The Butcher of Montellian Serat has information about two escaped echani slaves that I need. I'm hoping his information might identify where their other relations are. Especially with a rumor that a third may have been taken alive. Word is through the echani grapevine you know where he is." Moira continued as if she didn't here Kajenko.

"No! Malloc will be my prey. Now Leave." Kajenko tersely spoke before swearing at her.

Rakshani flinched a little at this and held up his hands temporarily to forestall things with Kajenko beginning to growl louder."Frack. So every damn echani is going to be after me for this information just to track down a lost family brat? After that you'll next be telling me that any mandalorians that are left will be coming for me too? That just means my information is soon to be losing it's value."

"Yes, but not necessarily out to harm you-." Moira raised an eyebrow, "Perhaps there's some form of compromise can be found, here?" she contemplated aloud.

"No!" the large Devaronian's gaze was filled with silver hot blooded fury.

Her gaze matched his unflinchingly. Silver eyes as cold and unfathomable as the deepest ocean. "How about you stop with the word , 'No' and learn to compromise there big fella? If you look at the definition, it means give and take to achieve a mutual goal or profit. Tell you what, if you're hunting Malloc then all I have to do is go along with you and get my information first before you turn him in. After that we part ways a happy three. Really compromise, it’s a word you two don’t seem to want to introduce into your vocabulary."

She gave Kajenko an easy wink, “Tell you what big guy, how about for free you throw in an answer to one of my friends biggest questions about your race. Is it true that males with big horns are… well you know?” Kajenko growled again. This time it was a low rumbling worse than before. “Oooh, maybe you’d like a piece of my ration bar? You seem kind of hungry? At least your tummy’s all rumbling.”

“It’s not hunger. It’s irritation.” Kajenko muttered. Moira pretended not to care as she continued her deadly dance of words, jockeying for position. After all, the greatest way of diplomacy was getting someone else to do something for you. Right now, she wanted the dynamic to swing in Rakshini’s favor, he was cold and calculating enough to play the odds of keeping her around long enough to get to Malloc, though she’d bet every credit she had he’d let Kojenko keel haul her when he had an opportunity. She’d have to watch her back no matter what if this little game of hers succeeded.
“Oh, I know what the problem is. You’re upset that I had to bring up the idea of mutually pleasurable exchanges between consenting adults. Oh, it must have been so long since you’ve had a bit of action. Erh… you have my sympathy?”
“Be silent wench.” Kojenko spat.

Moira only turned back to Rakshini, another muffled explosion came from somewhere outside. “Call off your friend and his hounds Rakshini. Do we have a deal? You know how we echani get dangerous when there’s a matter of honor to our race. Even if he got rid of me, you’d only have a hundred more experienced mercenaries yearning for your blood. Trust me, they already knew I was seeking to make contact with you.”

Kajenko took a step forwards, but Rakshini put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. “Enough. I’d have to have a word with my … long time friend and partner here to see about whether we can accommodate you. We really do need to deal with getting offworld first. Would you happen to have a way?”

“Okay then talk. Hiring is extra though maybe we’ll consider saving your life as a means of a major discount on information if you were going to go after Malloc too before I came along.” Moira said with a shrug before lazily loping over to lean on a set of stacked crates. “Don’t take too long to make a decision though. Unlike you I have all day to wait till it's convenient for you to make up your minds. So I’ll just wait here… silently… just waiting.”

“Force’s ball sack!” Kojenko cursed.

"Look, can we stop with the leg lifting and the posturing for a moment?"
"NO, there's no reason to do anything but ki-"

Moira was on him in a flash, her left arm extended to allow a small vibroblade to fall into her palm. It's blade was held just a few centimeters from her larger opponents throat.
"You could try. You would not succeed, but you could try and damn yourself to losing no matter what. Get it through your head, I'm an ally if you want me to be. But don't make me your enemy."

With the same speed she swiftly broke away and leaned back against the crates, the vibrablade vanishing as she rested with one hand on the hilt of her blaster pistol. Though she coached her words like nothing happened. "Still I guess there's enough time for me to trim my nails while the two of you start acting with the brains your mothers gave you."

A grumbled reply came her way before Kajenko was jerked back by the information broker and forced into a whispered conversation. She took notice after only about ten seconds for a dark look to flash her way. Rakshini took a gander at her It was clear from the irritated expression on his face Rakshini was talking him down. At one point in time Rakshini’s eyebrow twitched and he swung his gaze to meet Moira’s. She answered it with a level stare until he spoke.

“You are an infuriating young woman. It seems based on the fact that you are alive long enough to talk to us must mean you’re good enough to survive. Problem is that it means for you to ‘tag along’ as you wanted to means we’ll need a quick negotiation. Forty Thousand credits. That’s with a major discount provided your contract is to ensure I get offworld alive. After that, we’ll go to where Malloc is. An echani mercenary... would be useful just by reputation alone here if we come to a standoff. ” Rashkini spoke long enough before getting out a datapad.
“Twenty five thousand, for extra hazard pay. Half payable now, half when offworld.”
”Thirty Five.”
”Thirty and that’s only because you’re life is valuable enough to be worth the extra effort. Half now, Half later before we make landfall wherever Malloc’s hiding. You have an account to dial into?” Moira asked before reaching slowly to her utility belt to unlatch a datapad and access her credit accounts. As Crystala had set up the account for her, it was protected in the same manner of fact as most other ISIS black accounts. Meaning that money could be traced to where it was going. Though there was no guarantee of its return. Perhaps she could note this as an expense in her bill to ISIS for services required? If not, she hated to think she’d have to lose so much of her small nest egg so quickly.

"Deal, thirty thousand to tag along and get your information. Half payable now."

A few keystrokes later into an account number he gave her and one that she memorized, and she was fifteen thousand credits poorer. But she acted like it didn’t phase her in the least. “Now let’s talk about how to get out of here first before moving on.”

”I have a way, but first I’d like to thin the herd of those coming after us.”

Any other action on the large Devaronian’s part was forestalled by the busting open of the warehouse's front doors as a group of men lead by a rather stunted man, in ill fitting heavy armor with a paunch; accented by a blaster pistol at his side seemed to stroll into their presence with an ease that belied his small stature. Flanking him were about ten other goons of various sources. Some without armor, or carrying knives. She wondered how much of a threat they would be. Street gang trash in her book. Though it was obvious the short one was Rejic. Kajenko’s harsh glare and slurring of his name like it was a curse was enough to give it away.

She was stuck off to the side of what was now a four way standoff instead of a three. Rakshani, and Kajenko at her five o'clock. Muti and Mutra, the axemen of dogboys who seemed dumber then they looked at her eleven, and the newcoming toughs with their spice trading boss of Rejic at their head at her one o'clock.

Sighing with a bit of irritation she began to plan her movements. When in the world had she thought that this situation wouldn't have gone south? She should have known it would have when Crystala asked her to help out on this option. Though it seemed what started as a wild goose chase was now looking to turn into a barnyard brawl with guns, knives and blasters.

It always ended well when people from various street gangs wanted to stab each other with sharp, pointy things.

Honestly, she supposed it shouldn't have surprised her. Such things seemed to be the story of her life... or at least her luck.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Dominic Rejic was a self made man, an entrepreneur as he thought himself. With a long history of learning the toughest lessons life could teach him. Rejic had always been small and weak with poor eyesight that required corrective treatment. He had been born to a rather poor merchant who tried things the ‘legitimate’ way.
As a child he’d been ridiculed for his appearance and weakness, both by his parents and the children he came across. No matter where his dad’s transport went.

Though his appearance had changed little over the years, no one laughed at Rejic now.
Because he had no friends and because he feared the bullies that would pounce on him should he venture off, he had nothing to do but study, and learn. The subject’s didn’t matter, only the learning. Over time he began to read every holofile he could download off the holonet, and then he began begging for his mother to borrow or buy files from the surrounding families they encountered. Especially if his mother could gain holofiles were on galactic trading practices, or a trade of some sort, like Engineering or design.

However, it was on the planets he stopped to play with other kids on that he learned the rules of the playground. Weak kids were targets, only after laying face down in the dirt with blood in his mouth that Rejic learned one of the two key truths of his existence. The strong always picked on the weak and no amount of intelligence, skill training, or fact memorizing would change that.
The second truth of his existence was when on one run, his father took them on a small trip that skirted some seedy shadowports. Their small transport joined a bit of others in a convoy and when they had landed at the first shadowport the convoy purchased some protection in the form of mercenaries. Suffice to say, when they had landed at first everything had gone well, until the sheer amount of goods garnered the attention of the wrong sort.

On that day, he witnessed a smallish mercenary defeat ten heavily armed and armored gamorreans like it was nothing more than a walk in the park. Rejic learned the second truth that day: Money, could buy protection, and power.

From that day on, he attempted to branch out. To gain more resources and figure where his sharp mind could factor the best prices for goods worth travel time. Water alone was worth its weight in gold on Tattooine. Eventually, he began to purchase helpers who would work either protection, or take out someone who stood in his way. Bullies from his youths across a handful of worlds were shown the errors of their ways with just retribution. Those few who he had garnered as pitying enough to ‘survive their learning experience’ regretted their treatment of him. Or so he liked to think.

He made sure that any violence, or trafficking in valuable illegal commodities like spice was never traceable back to him. He did his best to keep his hands free and clean as he earned, bought, and bullied his way up the chain of command in his father’s small company till he sat at the right hand of the very top, richer and more powerful in his own right. Then it was only a matter of settling his familial differences with his father for all the scorn heaped upon him. Then, he truly became the master of his own small demesne. Though the poisoning was never traced back to him, it seemed his dear old dad simply died of a myocardial infarction during a trip.

He even found out in the will that he was gifted the Harmonia , the same Ghitroc 720 class vessel that his father had first owned, taking him system to system with his mother. Pity the poor woman had died from grief shortly after his father’s death. He wasn’t heartless after all, a good place had been set up for her to move into quite the luxurious old fart’s home. He just needed to ensure she was brain damaged enough to submit to it. But alas, she had cut her wrists in a tub.
He wore the control key for the ship, which contained the control codes for the vessel around his neck to this very day. A trophy of his triumph and a good place to store his backup plans. Some dark accounts with a little insurance, including a document or two that he could use to become the ‘heir’ of his company if he ever had to fake his death.

Under his leadership, the small business began to expand by leaps and bounds . Swallowing up competitors, sabotaging competitors business, somehow always immune to the violence that shook the shipping lanes. Soon Rejic and his company had expanded to be the tenth largest shipping company in the Corva Sector.

But he had wanted more, and then it had come time to stick his fingers into other ventures. Slavery, Spice, weaponry, and even a few pirated vessels were moved around the sector. He wanted more power, power to rival any planetary governor, to prove he was the biggest kid on the block. Hell, he knew in order to become the biggest kid on the block, he’d have to own several of them in a city. That was when he’d begun to expand into Beta II.
That was when things fell hard for him.

He’d been caught.

Not on anything that mattered. But caught on some stupid trumped up charages of tax evasion.

He had served his time, letting his six months in the joint harden him as he kept his grip on his enterprise through factors, and through the illegal activities, by enforcers he had more blackmail on then a wookie should shake a paw at. During that time, he worked to find out how things had happened.

It had all tracked back to Rakshani and the man’s own agenda for greed. Including selling internal corporate documents that a slicer who had an interest in taking them down had made a few false adjustments to certain tax documents. He already had the slicer killed. But that didn’t mean that he could allow Rakshani’s work to stand.

For him, his experiences in prison were just like those days on the playground. He learned the third truth of things to remember: If in prison, don’t drop the soap.

For that alone he’d kill Rakshani. No one involved themselves in his business. No one.
That was why the little bastard who was too big for his britches was going to pay. As soon as his time was up, he had hopped on the Harmonia and had parked it on his personal pad at the spaceport and then had begun to marshal his goons for revenge. Drawing heavily upon one of the local lieutenant’s of his gang members for the muscle he’d need.

They’d stormed the compound, and he could almost taste his revenge as they entered to see the last remnants of Rakshani’s defenders. The trail behind him paved with pools of blood of countless beggars whores, and thieves that had gotten in his way. He and his goons paused about ten meters away from the others. His eyes narrowed as he looked towards the two Devaronians, the two pug faced men, and some woman off to the side which he dismissed. Probably some whore that Rakshani had on the side for a vice. Shame, he always heard the info broker was into girls of different species. He had even procured a few slaves for the man as a reward for past services. She didn’t appear armed, though in truth it was only the angle she kept to keep her weapons out of sight and under her cloaked form.

But those past services were nothing compared to the man’s betrayal of his interests. Taking off his helmet he seemed to wonder if it was right for him to take such a visceral thrill of handling this matter himself. Inhaling deeply Rejic placed a snake oil salesman’s smile on his face as he began to speak.“RAKSHANI! Ah, my good friend. You should have never crossed me.”

The devaronian shrugged in reply.”I just sell information, it’s not my job for what happens when others use it Rejic. To be fair I thought the buyer was a spy from the corporate sector. I thought there was really nothing for them to find. That’s all. There was nothing personal.”

”Tsk, tsk. Don’t tell me there wasn’t anything personal about business. All business is personal. Anything else is a lie. Besides you knew the risks, and the rules I have about those double crossing me. You should be glad you’re going to get what you deserve. I’m going to enjoy taking you and hiring the worst smelling Gamorrean pig snouted dipshyte named Bubba I can find to personally ensure you know the hell of what I’ve been through.”

There was a sigh from Rakshani during the spice and smuggler lord's tirade, and for a second the spittle flew off Rejik’s jowels as his eye twitched in apoplexy. ”What, you telling me you have anything else to say before your fate is sealed? Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you either Kajenko! Tell you what, I’ll overlook this small matter and let you and your men keep your lives if you hand that son of a bitch over to me. Hell, I’ll even let you walk away without any maiming. It’s a good a deal as you’re going to get, I promise you that. ” he raged.

The raging inferno of his temper was interrupted by a snort from Rakshani, ”Of course that’s as a good a deal as you’d give Kajenko. Have you forgotten that I’m an information broker? Maybe your subordinates don’t know that the Reps put a hold on over ninety five percent of your accounts? What are you going to pay them with anyways? I.O.U’s? Come now, act professional. You did a little time in the joint and got arse raped. But that’s no concern of mine if you forgot to pay your damn taxes on time.”

My accounts were only frozen because that slicer you sold them too doctored the records to show that! You should be aware, he’s already fish food. Now it’s just your fate that I have to handle.”

‘’Once again, Big deal, you got arse –raped by a con in the joint, and you still don’t’ have enough to pay the men you have with you here. Unfortunately, I think they’d believe I still do.”

“Bullshit, I pay my mercs, everyone knows that. I’ve got enough squirreled away to pay my dues and get back on my feet too. But first you’re going to pay. Boys take h-“
“Oh really, you got any proof of that?” came Kajenko’s rumbling cry. “Seems you need to make things worth my while.”
”You’re saying your life has no value?”
”Not over my pride, Rejic. You’re on my turf now. Make it worth my while.”
Rejic snorted as one hand came up to his chest. ”Let’s just say I keep my financial matters close to my heart. Due to your betrayal, you won’t get a single red cred from me you damned maggot. So step aside if you value your life.“ His eyes narrowed, and his lips drew back in a sneer. He knew Kajenko’s people didn’t really have blasters, so he felt rather safe with his helmet undone. So he drew his blaster from his belt and began to raise it in a threatening manner towards Rashkani. “Now, as for you Rashkini, if small time Kajenko here won’t turn you over I guess we’ll have to take you by for-”

The report of a blaster pistol echoed impossibly loud in the close confines of the warehouse floor. Rejic swayed a moment on his feet, his brain cavity half its former weight, before crumpling to the ground.

The eyes of all in the room swung towards the small girl holding a now smoking blaster pistol. “He talked too much. Besides, he pointed a gun at my contracted client right now.” It was just a moment before she shrugged, lowered the weapon slightly and stated calmly to the rest of the onlookers. There was a moment of stunned silence as a few of them blinked at her, “Not to mention, I sure didn’t want the picture of a fat male Gamorean porking a male devaronian with acts of sodomy on my brain any longer than necessary, didn’t you guys think the same thing?”
In the next second, Muti and Mutra bolted towards the stunned toughs like two hunting dogs chasing down a rabbit, which in Moira’s estimation would have been better time used by her so called ‘client’ to run for the hills. Unfortunately, a charging set of dogs bearing axes made the nine remaining toughs acting as mercenaries take notice enough to start drawing their own blaster pistols and fire.
“Shyte.” Moira swung her DC-15s and toggled the multifire and sprinted for Rakshani, firing as she went before ramming her shoulder into him to get him to move behind some cover. Instincts of protecting clients on her old jobs with her parents took over as she forced his head down and sighted on another target.

Three were down before Muti fell to the ground screaming, the dog mountain of flesh had gutted one of the attackers with an axe for his efforts, but there were still seven left. Squeezing the trigger again, she let loose another three shots taking down a fourth before her commando pistol toned empty with its charge cell on red. Cursing she ducked into cover, simultaneously pressing on the back of Rakshani’s neck to keep him down.

It took but a moment to reholster her DC-15 and pull her Razor. Out of the corner of her eye, a flash of motion drew her attention as she caught a workman’s hammer on its downswing with her pistol’s guard, her leg lashed out to kick the man squarely in the groin. He had outflanked them, and had gone straight for their position. As he doubled over, she let up her pressure on Rakshani’s spine just enough to let the vibroblade fall into her hand again, thrusting it into the junction between the neck and shoulder. The corpse grunted and slipped to the ground, bleeding out, but the sting in her arm made it almost useless to her until she could recover.

Five down.

Leaving the blade in the man, she tossed her blaster pistol to her left hand and dared a glance to the side of her cover, to see Mutra eviscerating his second one, his physical form riddled with blood red sprays and burns as he made good his revenge for the death of what was probably his friend or brother. There was no way Muti was getting up, not with his intestines hanging about on the floor like that.

Seven down.

The other three were taking cover behind their own boxes.
Using her right arm, as a sort of dead weight, she kept it on the info broker’s back as her left hand sighted down for an opportune shot. Though the echani had to shout. “What, are you people retarded? You’re now outnumbered. Just give up! Run away!”

A second tense standoff began, though she did see the large red form of Kajenko shifting his way around a set of crates to come closer to where the three remaining of Rejic’s forces were. One of them shouted out the reason they seemed to want to gird themselves to stay. “You killed our meal ticket! It’s only fair we get a bit of plunder for it. We’re ain’t leaving till this is worth our while.”

The tough finished speaking just as Kajenko pulled his comrade out of hiding and dragged him out of the enemy’s view, slicing the man a second smile at the neck.
“Are you fracking stupid? There’s no chance. “ Moira yelled, “Just put down your fething weapons! Do it Now and we’ll let you go!”
There was some hesitation amongst the two, but not enough. One drew a grenade, as Mutra’s last act before being shot in the back by the other survivor was to cleave the grenadier’s head from his shoulders before he could pull the pin.

“To Chaos with it!” Moira muttered, “Kajenko. You got this asshole?”

A low grumbling cry was her only reply. Sighing she sent a volley of blaster bolts to the last survivor’s position before she charged out of cover. The man had barely a second to respond before she shoved herself into his body mass with a quick push kick sending him sprawling to the floor. At her feet were the dying whimpers of the dog men, as they bled out. She managed to leap on the man with her vibroblade, punching it forwards to slip into the space between the second and third vertebrae , severing his spinal column with her weight.

At last, all of Rejic’s men lay dead. The wounded dog men lay slumped, half kneeling, half sitting against the wall. Moira’s instincts took over, as she quickly reoriented herself to watch the last position of Kajenko and Rashkini. Only to watch Kajenko’s eyes narrow as she rummaged in her belt pouch to withdraw a hypospray with an emergency anesthetic she carried. Mitra was already dead, Mutra was just languishing in pain. She looked at Kojenko and spoke in a dispassionate voice. “There’s nothing we can do for him but give him something for the pain. Unless you want me to end it for him. At this point, not even bacta or a surgeon could help.”

Only silence came as a reply, and she said to hell with Kajenko as she aligned the hypospray and depressed it into the dogman’s neck. The fast acting medicine did its work, giving the dying pug nosed beastman a glazed look in his eye.

Kojenko growled, “That was more then I’d expect from someone like you. Most people don’t care about the trash in the streets”
“Echani, remember? For the terms of the contract he was a client’s comrade. He deserved to go in peace. Are you saying you care about your trash?”

Kajenko grunted once. “Get up and go handle Rakshini. Mutra’s may be a dog, but he was my trash to use and keep. I should be the one to put him down. But for what it’s worth, I won’t decide on whether I should kill you yet. Your contract and mine with Rakshini are two separate matters… and when the time comes there will be a reckoning.”
Moira nodded, and backed away, only to police the bodies for ammunition. She came across something on Rejic’s neck and pulled it free, holding it up in the waning light.
“Anyone know what this is?” she asked.

It was Rakshini who had a reply, “I know what it is. It’s a ship’s key, carries it’s command codes. Rejic had a ship called the Harmonia, A Ghitroc 720 docked at his personal berth at the spaceport. Kept it like a trophy or something.”

The sound of voices in the courtyard being raised sort of spurred Moira into motion as she turned to the larger of the two Devaronians, “Did you have a ship and a way off world for our client Kajenko?”

A hard look came across the sentient’s face, as he turned to her with a bloodied knife in his hand. He had just finished putting Mutra out of his misery. Casting baleful eyes at her, he uttered a single word answer again. One she noted he had grown quite fond of. “No.”

Moira held up the key a moment longer in the ray of ambient moonlight which shone through one of the warehouse's now broken windows before looping the ship's key around her neck. To press her luck she had to ask.”So the way out of here for Rakshini you spoke of was just a way out of the warehouse, right? “

“Yes.” Another one word answer came her way accompanied by another growling sound. She thought Kajenko must be quite the charmer for the girls who liked their males to be a man of few words. Though she didn’t see the appeal of him now she knew about his terrible attitude, she still thought Mikka would certainly like the muscles.

Though in truth the echani would bet her friend would probably carve Kajenko's head off his shoulders by the end of the day if he was in her presence. She wondered how long it would take for them to face each other again. It was not a question of if, but a question of when. She knew it was only a matter of time before one of them killed the other. Kajenko was just the bloodthirsty type, and she knew he was already thinking about getting rid of Rakshani himself. When that happened she would be just a loose end to tie up in his plans. No reason to leave any witnesses around after all. “Then lead us out, it just seems I acquired myself a ship to get us off planet and towards Malloc. I just have to figure out where I left it parked.”

Rakshini let out a laugh, “I know where it is, though I must say. Maybe having you come along was a stroke of luck for a change. You’re still irritating though.”
Moira sighed and wiped her forehead with a bloodied hand, “Yeah, you’re not the first person to say that, but right now I think it’s best we use that damn exit of Kajenko’s before we get unwanted visitors from any of Rejic’s men who survived. Kajenko, you first as you know the way.”

A counterpoint of a scream and blaster fire proved her words right, as a man’s death cry carried itself to her ears through the smoke and wind. When the street toughs entered to see their dead employer, they found no trace of any other people inside. Though if they had noticed, one cargo container had been shifted in the dust. It was the only sign of the escape route Kajenko had taken them down.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Rei » 2014-03-13 14:20

Sneaking into the jail was easier than Rei imagined it could have been though that was largely in part due to the ORG having started to do all the grunt work for her. More recon droids, along with a handful of R5 astromechs had emerged and approached the gate. The guard, thinking little of them, ignored them in favor of the holo drama he had been viewing on his datapad. It would be the last time he'd ever make that mistake, or any mistake for whatever it was worth as the small army of droids entered the cell block, the dead guard hidden behind the low wall of the booth he had manned. Rei followed behind, blaster drawn, careful to keep her distance from the droids. The enemy of my enemy...? she wondered to herself as the doorway opened up to an immense collection of jail cells. The recon droids were all buzzing around, stopping at each barred cell to scan the occupants of each.

So, all I have to do is let them do all the drudge work and then blast them all to bits. Yeah, no sweat. Groaning, she wondered if this plan could be any more stupid. She wasn't sure how the droids planned to get the prisoner out, but Rei figured she could take the same route they did, worrying about the droids and the other mercs with guns when the time came. How very short sighted of me.

There were two long rows of cells facing one another with a large gap that dropped down to the bottom level and the hovering DRK-1 droids effortlessly floated around on the higher elevations while the astromechs continued scanning the closer cell blocks. Staying close to the shadows, lights out having been commenced about an hour ago, she waited, hoping there would be some sort of signal given.

The signal she got wasn't quite the one she had been hoping for as one of the prisoners who hadn't yet fallen asleep, noticed the hovering droid on the other side of the durasteel bars. It scanned him briefly before floating away. Evidently he wasn't the person they were looking for but he also knew this wasn't how things normally worked. "HEY!" came a shout from a level somewhere above Rei, the sudden noise making her stiffen in terror, "COME BACK!"

Though the cell block wasn't often patrolled, there was an observation post that monitered the area and the sudden outburst of noise in an otherwise deathly still area at night must have sounded like a Star Destroyer ramming into the most densely populated area of Nal Hutta. In moments, other inmates were awake and clamoring, more and more of them spotting the droids and causing a ruckus as they continued wheeling past after completing their scans.

Fudge my life, Rei thought right as she heard the sound of something clang against the duracrete floor. One of the captives must have made a grab for one of the astromech droids and got it's leg, tripping it and sending it falling to the ground. It squealed a series of notes as it flailed and thrashed about in an effort to right itself, the hand that tripped it grabbing it again and dragging it back closer to the cell. Rei could literally count the seconds it took then for the klaxon to go blaring as an automated voice announced the place was now under lockdown.

In the moments that followed, Rei heard a series of clangs as metal shutters started to seal the place off. From the ground floor, a set of double wide blast doors swung open and a bunch of devilish looking guards with stun maces and large shields stormed in, about twelve in total as another twelve followed closely behind, rifles and blast cannons ready, the whole lot of them itching for a fight. Rei slinked back, glad she was at a slightly higher elevation. By now, all the inmates were up and yelling, rattling their cells and just making a lot of racket.

So, do the bucket of bolts continue trying to look for and spring the guy or do they abandon the attempt? Rei never took well to gambling, though the Hutts usually rigged all the games so naturally the odds were always skewed against her.
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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2014-04-28 03:40

Smuggler’s tunnels.

Kajenko's great escape plan was to lead them through the myriad number of smuggler's tunnels that ran under the city's streets and linked into the sewers. The entire labyrinth formed a whole nasty smelling highway below the ground that did nothing to curb Moira's anxiety over matters in the slightest. It was dark, cold, cramped, and worst of all it stunk to high heaven.

Moira had hoped that she would have grown accustomed to foul smells by now in her career. At least she should have been able to cut their presence to the point where they would no longer affect her composure. Unfortunately, it seemed this city's sewer systems thwarted her hopes. At least there were walkways to the sides of the fetid sloshing wastes that were carried down by water drains. The stagnant systems were enough of an assault upon her senses. She was sure it would have been ten times worse if the shady port city had messed up and brought their sewage filtration in with the drain water.

They had ventured out of the warehouse through a secret passage positioned below a set of cargo crates. The echani was forced to maneuver her ‘new client’ down a ramshackle looking ladder into an interconnected set of tunnel networks. Which lead into large sewer canals that branched out below the city’s ground level. It wasn't long after they began their trip through the dismal demesne, that they came to the first obstacle of entering a flooded drain pipe.Ducking under the lip of a drainage well, she had to make her way forwards in the dark for a few hundred meters until Kajenko flipped a hidden switch in the wall. The switch caused a hidden door in the side wall to swing open leading them to another dug out tunnel.

The entire expanse under the city was a blasted maze! But at least they were reaching a new addition, or at least she thought it was new. The wall materials didn't show many signs of fading like the many aged structures she had ventured into. If it was a new addition, then perhaps they were nearing the end of their journey.

It was not so simple going a myriad number of lefts and rights, as at the end of several tunnels were ladders. She was forced to go through a series of fetid smelling misty choked rooms that led to another section of the smuggler's tunnels that they walked to continue onwards. All of this created a harrowing series of ascensions and descents that made somewhere in the recesses of her minds wonder just how many sniper points could have been placed down here if anyone had known of this escape route before. Such thoughts were fraying on her nerves. After they climbed up to a different area filled with rushing water and bolted down durasteel latticework she was almost about to call it quits on knowing where she was. With all the twists and turns she would not have been able to find her own way out.

But training took over, and she kept scanning for threats. At every corner, she had to try to stretch her senses to detect if there was anything approaching, but her senses found nothing.

"How much farther is it?" Moira asked.

"We'll come up by Raina's near the spaceport, so shut up, hurry, and follow me!" was the rough reply.

Moira bit down on a response to that less than helpful bit of information… well, aside from the fact they'd be coming up near the spaceport, honestly that was a good thing in her opinion. The faster they got to the spaceport the better. She held her tongue as the largest horned man continued leading them deeper into the tunnels and sewer ways, first taking them downwards through a series of twists and turns. Meters of passageways sped under her feet, though once or twice she had to slow down her pace in areas where flickering glow bulbs barely illuminated her surroundings.

For the entire trip she kept Rakshini between her and Kajenko. She’d bet the chances of him turning on her would be less if he had to go through the other devaronian. One hand stayed on Rakshini’s shoulder in the event she had to pull him back into cover.

Finally, she had to ask. "Who's this Raina? Is it someone you know or is it safe to come up there?"

Kajenko snorted with amusement, as if he knew something she didn't. "Oh just some poor sweet old woman who takes care of the kids she finds. Kind' of like a grandmother. You know?" Moira shook her head and just continued after the two. One hand gripped the handle of her blaster pistol nervously.

Rakshini was the one that pointed ahead towards a rusty metal grate in the distance. "Raina's place is just up ahead, past there. Don't mind the pens though . We're just going to be passing through. Probably a few Gamorreans on the other side, she tends to keep them as guards, though her grandkids help her out more often than they do."

Moira sighed and stepped back, wondering why a ‘kindly old grandmother' would need guards. Frankly she already knew the bastard was hiding something from her. With her nerves on edge, she kept one hand on her blaster at all times as Kajenko moved forwards to lever the grate open and then crouched to pass through. From what she could see beyond the aperture, bits of a darkness shrouded long corridor could be seen.

But the worst was the whimpering cries behind that darkness. She maneuvered herself through first, keeping Rakshini behind her as she was worried that they were being walked into a trap. In the first room they came to, she realized how much worse it was then any trap. To the echani a trap would have been much more preferable.

It was a slaver’s den.

Amids several pens, shadowy shapes lurked. She could see the reflection of the whites of their eyes, glaring at them with despair. They had stumbled through the entrance into what was clearly not a place anyone would call an orphanage. Or anything else for that matter besides what it was. A damnable slaver's pen!

A slave pen, no longer with bare duracrete, but carefully worked walls with heavy durasteel bars and cages lining the walls, about three full floors of the m. What was worse, no further than the center of a room was a dead child. A male who was nothing more than a corpse sprawled out on a wooden table with blood grooves notched into the sides looking like something out of an old Inquisitorial holodrama of horror. The boy's throat and wrists had been cut, the former giving him a second smile, and the latter being a deep line of bloody red which severed arteries had bled out.

"Who the frack does something like this?!" Moira hissed. Anyone who had done that to another sentient being deserved to die in her book. Turning towards Kajenko she just drew her second pistol. "I thought you said this Mistress Raina was like your grandmother? How in hell do you explain this?" Moira said with an icy glare at the Devaronian axe man who merely smiled at her.

Kajenko was definitely on her list of people to kill as well. These slavers were almost assuredly on it as well.

Eventually, the red skinned bastard spoke. "I said she was like somebody's grandmother, I never said was like mine. My grandmother wouldn't have given a bird's arsehole about any of these slaves. Besides, Raina has a right to discipline her property as she sees fit. If one gets uppity, well…" The devaronian shrugged, "there's no point in worrying about it ‘cause it's not our business. What is our business is just pretending we're here for a buy, until we're shown to the door. Or we might have to pay triple to get through."

She hated Kajenko now, just as much as she hated these slaving bastards. In her old life she would have simply used this anger to fuel her, to hold herself to her course. Some people just needed to die and the best way to relieve one's hatred was to remove the people causing her to feel that way.

Moira could feel the blood surging in her veins over the sight and Kajenko's pretentions about money after a sight like that one. "If you're worried about credits so much, why not just make our own way through?"

"We aren't going to because I don't want to cause a ruckus unnecessarily."

"Oh really? Neither do I, but if these bastards deserve it, well, I have no qualms in killing any that stand in the way of my goals now."

"I have no doubt of that, just like I have no doubts about you eventually trying to shoot me in the back. Our reckoning will come soon enough. Right now, it's time to get off this planet."

"I agree, for the most part. However, there's one problem with that. I wouldn't shoot you in the back, I'd simply shoot you from the front. So tell me something, have you ever sold anyone to her? I'd have thought the Republic would have stopped something like this!"

A pointy toothed leer was directed her way, "Oh, don't worry, they get enough kickbacks they wouldn't care to stop anything. As for making a sale…" The large devaronian shrugged, " I may have made one once or twice you dumb schutta. Keep asking about my business and I might knock you out and make my third sale to her today."

She was about to give him a scathing retort, when a shadow from above drew her attention, "Movement."

At the top of the stairs, there were three guards clustered around the stairwell, one gamorreans, two human. The trio's cold eyes glaring in their direction as the three began to march their way down towards them cautiously noting their armed state.

"What do we have here brother? Said the third man in a kind of voice Moira knew all too well.

"Don't." she warned.

"Ooh, the little girl say's don't." said another, pushing away from the wall. "Funny how these girls never understand the word when someone else says it. Like ‘Don't go do something stupid', or perchance ‘Don't tell me what I can or can't do'. Poor little girl, must not know her way around these parts. Otherwise she wouldn't be upsetting us, perhaps Grandma Raina could have a use for her, don't you think?" The man looked towards Kajenko, "So is she what you're selling today?"

Kajenko just laughed, "Maybe, if her mouth gets too big for her again."

Moira sent him another icy glare before focusing on the two human pieces of trash in her way. Making sure a sense of disdain and dismissal coated her voice she tried to get a handle on the situation. "I'm not going to warn you again. Keep a civil tongue around my client Kajenko or I'll rip it out. He's the one interested in making a buy today, isn't that right Mr. R?"

Rakshini nodded to himself, taking the act in stride, "My associate is right. Kajenko, don't make this harder than it already is. As for you three, is it normal for Raina's boys to accost a prospective buyer or their bodyguards?"

"Our buyers usually use the front door."

"Yet everyone in this city knows the back way into your area. They're just not stupid enough to use it unless they have to. That's especially true with all the chaos going on out there today. Look, we need some… skilled merchandise. Perhaps you have one talented with computers?" Rakshini said. "Got any chance to show us the wares before you call your Grandmother down here to seal the deal? It's best to know a price one might be worth before she actually tries to overcharge us."

“Tch.” One of the guards looked at the others. An unspoken conversation going on between them in a series of looks. Finally, one guard motioned towards one of the cages, where Moira could hear a faint chittering sound.
It was one of the oldest beings left in this hell hole aside from being one of the most valuable to its captors.

It knew that.

It could accept the appraisement of the false hive queen’s value on its skills. But it could not accept the audacity of the conditions which marked it’s subsistence. Verpine worked for the hive, but not as slaves. Slaves were worse than drones of the past hatchings. To be a verpine slave meant that it was beneath even the drones of the past, for its talents were ordered to assist a false hive. Not even one of allies, but of oppressors.

It’s let out a chitter, not for the first time wanting to die.

The reality of the situation was hard for someone who had been split from their hive. After all, the Verpine knew it was the hive that mattered most. Its skills as a mechanic and engineer onboard a mining expedition had proven reputable to procure the hive necessary resources. At least until the soft flesh pirates had come. To his shame, many of the soft flesh assistants in the endeavor had died screaming as blaster bolts seared their flesh.

And then the verpine had been brought here, to this place of no caring. This sordid place where none of the false hive workers here cared if their captives lived or died unless it was a matter of profits.

Fear festered within and drowned its soul, but it was not fear it had always endured. No, other then dangerous beatings to crack its chitin, it was the twi’lek who had originally watched over the two hatchlings which had been given the worse sort. Even now, the Verpine knew if she was alive she’d be more than a play thing for the slavers.

As for the hatchlings, one of the two had already paid the price for the weakness at the hands of the false hive soft flesh hands. The Verpine sat silently in the corner of the cell, staring blankly out towards the incoming guards, just gazing through them towards the area where the boy had been slaughtered. It’s mandables twitched in shame. It had been its fault. The verpines arms were crossed in unimaginable shame. The soft flesh hatchling had helped him before, and it’s female hatchlingmate had assisted him in procuring a few necessary items for where the ghetmellick bastards had pierced his chitin with their blades.

As for the rest of the captives? It knew that trapped with it were innocent men, women , and children who were at present, most likely trembling within their prison and fearing for their very lives.
Even now, they were bothering to bring more of these, ‘buyers.’

The only thing that startled him was when the soft flesh of the false hive stopped outside his cage.

“This one’s probably the most skilled we have. Though I warn you he’s very recalcitrant at taking orders. It’s been that way ever since some slavers took him from a vessel as a prize. He’s good at mechanics, and was one of their engineers. Useful for what you need. But he won’t come cheap either, but ten thousand credits might be the ballpark you could get Raina down. He tore one of the boys’ throats out after she gutted the meat who tried to steal medicine from her stores. Then she took the sister to be educated into a proper whelp for selling.” the main said with ‘air quotes’ with a bit of a smile, “upstairs. ”[/b]

The verpine’s eyes gazed at the party of buyers who had come in. At first only noticing only a pair of horned soft flesh that seemed a little harder than most of the various species in which the soft flesh resided from. It swore it would tear their throat out if they thought they could ‘buy’ it. What was from the hive, remained with the Hive. As for the false hive of slavers, it would kill them, and take the key from their belt. Find the hatchling or die trying.

“Oh is that so?” came a different voice. One he could only note as female of the soft flesh kid as the verpine turned to see a figure of another ‘buyer’, but this one was dressed in white robes, with the cape of the cowl masking much of her features. “Tell me, just what is the little girl to be educated in?”

One of the oppressors smiled and thumbed his belt buckle with a sneering smile, “Oh you know… to be a good little whore. Some of the men are taking turns, and I can guarantee she’s learning the trade well from personal experience. This bug even took care of her like it was its own little ‘hatchling’ as it said. Frankly, I’m tempted to squash it despite the money it might brin-”

The man jumped backwards as the Verpine launched itself at the bars of the cage, trying to swipe it’s claws at the brute’s throat. ”See what did I tell you, a recalcitrant and vicious critter. Just waiting till I was in the right place for it to attack. But the bugly just a little too stupid to sucker me into the right place.”

“I don’t know. It seems that it helped you reach the perfect spot to me.” The cold voice of the girl cut through the haze of rage on his mind. "After all, besides the key I can clearly see the comlink on your belt is still active. That's not the best way to key someone into a probable ambush. In the next life, never turn your back on a threat. Especially those that hate children being hurt."

The verpine’s eyes widened as the blade of a vibroknife sunk itself into the false hive’s neck as the young female soft flesh used the blade to draw the dying corpse back as a human shield. The drew her pistol and took down one of the other two with a shot to the back of his head. A brief problem with the last was ended when the robed woman push kicked the last remaining false hive into the bars of his cage.

The verpine gladly used its left hand claw to tear out the man’s throat as the right one reached quickly for the pistol.

It took him a moment to see the three buyers hissing at each other in an argument before the white robed woman spoke again, “Stow it. An amateur could see these men were stalling as no one would show any merchandise without a bit of graft first and I know the two of you didn't give them any credits. No doubt they had radioed for reinforcements to start coming in. Let’s free the captives, and then we might have enough to get out of here.”

As the last one fell the female soft flesh shouted a cry of victory. The Insect’s eyes widened as the woman took the key from the guards belt, went to the control panel and unlocked the doors of the cells.

They were being freed.

A small voice, perhaps where he once heard the hive noted the possibility of a trick, but that was before the Verpine stepped out of the cage that had held it for over a standard year.


“Are you as stupid as I think you are you bitch!?!” [/b] Moira sighed and ignored the devaronian who that comment had come from, merely taking a moment to turn towards Rakshini who had followed her to the console to release the pens.

“Why did you do that, echani?” Rakshini asked, staying near her side as he looked around

Moira smacked the man lightly on the back of his shoulder. "Shut up, dammit, before more of Raina's guards come down here to investigate." She turned to the Verpine, "Take one of the dead guard's blasters. They’re old, hardly worth anything. But you may need it as we sneak out of here. I might have a job for you later, but right now, your best chance of finding the kid is with us."

Kajenko just fumed, "You're actually thinking of letting these pieces of trash come along?"

Rakshini just looked at her with a puzzled expression, before asking a question of his own. "Though I hate to admit agreeing with Kajenko for anything, I must also admit to wondering what you're doing by freeing these… people. We don't have time to be saving everyone today if we're going to get offworld soon."

Moira ignored Kajenko and looked coolly at her client. "I know, but now, all of Rejic's goons still probably don't know he's dead, and there's the fact that these three were delayed in coming down here. I'd bet some credits this Raina of Kajenko's already contacted the gangs thinking she'd make good for a bit of credits for your corpse. The more help we have, or the more distractions we have going on out there, the more likely we'll make the short hop to the spaceport with you alive."

"Very well, but we don't have long."Rakshini nodded at her justification, than the info broker turned to watch the door.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Finding the girl wasn’t a priority to Moira, not unless the Verpine had some more use then a convenient excuse to distract the now dead guards. Though to be honest, the reasons she had voiced for keeping them both alive to Rakshini and the larger nuisance of Kajenko. Right now the brute reminded her of an irate bantha, his nostrils flaring as he fumed for what he muttered was a waste of time.

That wasn’t her priority at the moment. But if they came across her she'd stick to her word.

As the freed slaves organized, Moira was called forward to stand by her ‘’client” once again as five of the male slaves came up with the cast off weaponry of the two guards. Ten more unarmed slaves stood behind them.

It wasn’t long before the entered the complex, the interior of its walls shifting from sludge coated pastels to bare stone and durasteel plate work. They passed through a first room that looked like a storage area for food for the slaves. Chaos, she recognized barrels that usually held the cheap sludge like protein wafers and nutrient bars that were cheaply sold elsewhere in the galaxy. In the corridor beyond that there was a brief struggle with three of the slaver’s guards, but the men were dispatched by singing sounds of her blaster, Kajenko’s axe, and the horde pilfered the corpses for weapons. The old and infirm slaves hobbled behind them.

It wasn’t a moment too late when they passage was halted five goons and a droid that soon took an overpowered shot to its photoreceptors before it was permanently shut down. Two of the unarmed slaves died rushing at their captors with their bare hands, one clawing at the man’s weapon before he was shoved out of the way before Moira was upon him.
With a guttural cry, the echani brought her sword out of it’s scabbard, reversed the edge, and in a huge backhanded swing decapitated the man. That was when a clicking sound occurred from where one of the mounting corpses landed, followed by a hiss of gases as streams of fire began to spurt from traps upon the floor.

Cursing loudly, she put one arm out to stall Rakshini’s forward progress as behind her a slave began to run for the end of the corridor, jumping like a rabbit and making it to the end of the hallway towards the remaining group of slavers before throwing himself bodily upon them as a grenade rolled out of his hands as bloody burst of flesh became shrapnel.
The suicidal strike negated most of the enemy threat, she could see one slaver missing a leg slowly trying to shake of the shellshock. But despite one threat gone the jet of flames were still left behind.

Taking a moment to slam Rakshini to a wall with an order to stay there she spared a moment to look down the trapped corridor. Bracing herself , Moira sprinted after the dead boy’s path, instead trying to slide under the fire rather than leaping above or through them.

Luckily for her the jets were not as wide as the Echani feared and she made it just in time to see the last guard rising to his feet on one leg, his blaster rifle aimed down at them as he propped himself against a crate. The girl rose like a vengeful spirit catching the guard’s arm with an upturned swing of her her blade and severing it completely. Her right forarm arced up and over elbow leading, and slammed into the Duros’ skull shattering it with a wet crunch.

Taking a second to scan for danger, she noticed none and quickly set about the task of removing the bodies from the pressure plates . After about twenty seconds there was a dull clunking noise and the jets stopped. It took a minute for the group to bring everyone through the chokepoint, she was sure to visibly check Rakshini for injuries before the better armed group began to make their way up to the next level of the facility where a locked door greeted them amidst the slaver’s barracks.

In the first room there was a security station that the verpine began to hack into the security terminal to find a way to open the door. An easy enough task for the insectile race, though it certainly took awhile. It was in the second set of rooms they found the Verpine’s child. A humanoid girl tied up to the bed, clothes disheveled and ripped in places. One of the slaves quickly cut her loose only to witness the frightened girl scamper back into a corner and mutter something under her breath.

Only a brief chitter and the verpine’s presence as he called out the girls name…” Ell.”

That spoken word really got her attention to truly assess the girl’s status. Noticing the purpled limbs and misshapen look of one of her arms. Moia saw this and more, as conclusions she had hoped hadn’t happened, but knew they had, were drawn. A fierce flood of rage come to the forefront of her mind and for a moment she snapped. She honestly did. For a moment, instead of ‘Elli’, there it was Mikka. Her sister in all but blood shaking there completely uncomprehending of what was happening to her and calling for her family, before having one of those savages hurt her in one of the greatest ways possible.

It made her want to retaliate in excess, to let herself bathe in the blood of those who had done this. As the verpine chirped to its hatchling, Moira forced herself to turn that hatred towards her own ends, allowing her to focus a bit more on the situation. She well knew well the blade of emotions was not something she could let herself fall off of right now. A bezerker was never an acceptable option to one such as her. No, emotions should be channeled, used for fueling one’s abilities, to be mastered and never given the position of mastering one’s actions.

Then Elli’s eyes locked on Moira, and she found her voice again as she sought confirmation for her fears of what had been done to the child.

“Are you hurt?” the Echani demanded , “Did they touch you?”

Bleary eyes looked in her direction before the girl spoke. “They killed him! They cut him, bled him… then they, then they, By the force… they-”

The horrors of the day would haunt the little girl for a long time. Moira knew that. But talking at this time was good for getting information. “Why did they do this, was it because you tried to escape?”

The girl blinked, “But brother said we just were going to see the starships! Is that why Mistress Raina did this? Is that why?” The Verpine’s eyes looked stricken, but the girl did not seem to notice. “We tried to be good,” she said stoicly, “We did everything we were told. We…” The huge eyes were full of anguish and confusion. “Mistress Raina said she loved us children! I don’t understand!”

Moira’s gaze was full of pity for the girl. Kajenko’s was only filled with disgust as a sneer crossed his face. “This has been terrible for you.”

The girl blinked still in shock, unable to even cry, “Everything was fine until we tried to go see the starships.”

“It wasn’t. “ Moira muttered softly, “you just didn’t know any better.”
The girl’s gaze fixed upon the echani as she hesitantly asked, “Are you Uncle Chirps and my master now?”

“Chaos, No!” Moira’s hands came ups as if to ward off a blow as the Verpine chitterred in denial .

“But I can cook. “ the girl insisted, “I can clean!” the girl looked hopeless, “What else can we do?”

Moira sighed once and placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder, her thoughts reaching towards a certain Endivain and her company. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a spark of consciousness so deeply buried seemed to give an impression that meeting this girl was no accident. But she brushed it aside. “If you both come with me, I might be able to help you.”

“Thank the force, “ the girl said before succumbing to unconsciousness in the Verpine’s arms.

Kajenko rounded on her with a sneer, “So now you show some strength of spine? I didn’t realize you were in the market for a slave, girl!”

His words made the insect chatter and flex it’s sharp claws before Moira spoke up to smooth out the situation. The man was clearly an idiot in her mind to say such things while surrounded by newly freed slaves. Moira blinked at him, dumbfounded for a second before narrowing her eyes. “I offered to try to get the verpine a job interview, Kajenko.” She explained slowly as if speaking to a child.
Her words calmed the Verpine down some before it spoke, “The only way to the ground floor is through Slavemaster Raina’s offices. She has already assembled a sizeable force there of about a dozen men. The others are ready to go.”

Moira pulled her two guns out and checked the setting on the blasters, making sure they were on ‘kill’ instead of stun… “Somehow I don’t think I’d mind dealing with the bitch. Lead the way, Rakshini just stay behind me. Kajenko, feel free to take the lead in the killing if you wish.”

The infobroker nodded and kept his peace as he fell into line behind her. She heard Kajenko mutter under his breath, “Schutta still thinks she’s in charge, she’ll get hers.” before storming out to the front o the mob of slaves in a rage. That was good in her opinion. As long as he was angry, yet remained focus he was predictable. Though she knew not to push him too far, at least not yet anyways, hopefully the moron would die before they got Malloc and save her the later aggravation of taking him out herself.‘
Their fight with “Grandma Raina” and her goons involved a lot more blasterfire then Moira could have hoped for, and ever hoped to see on this mission again. The old bat was a tough bird to kill, clad in armor and having evidence of cybernetics plain to see to anyone that was looking. By now, the hundred or so slaves could taste their freedom and wanted their revenge, even if the slavemaster was supported by about a dozen men.

Eventually, the woman lay on the ground, felled by a sideways swipe at the legs which cleaved her two cybernetic limbs from her body. She panted, desperate eyes on her blaster rifle where it had fallen more than a meter away.

The Verpine stepped between her and it, drawing a bead with his blaster pistol.
“Stop!” she cried in a low voice, “You don’t want me dead!”

The verpines jaws chattered, “There is no one I want dead more.”

The woman held up one hand, “I have information, contacts, credits.” She said urgently, “A way for you and the rest to get off world. I will trade it for more life. Records on the datachits. It’s just over there, in the safe. I’ll tell you the combination. Just let me live.”
“Sentient, why would I care at this moment? You killed my hatchling and hurt the other one in ways I should make you scream for as I tear you apart with my claws-“
Fear flooded the woman’s face, “Some of them have family members who were already sold, I have records of where they went, who were bribed to keep things quiet. If you let me go, I’ll tell you where they are. There’s also credits, about a hundred and fifty thousand of them.

Moira put one hand on the Verpine’s boney chitin layer of shoulder, stilling his speech. ”It’s your call to make, but choose carefully.”

She stepped back as the insect slowly lowered his blaster, then replaced it in its holster as it shifted the sleeping form of Elli in its arms. Moira leaned forwards and then down to bring herself level with the woman’s face. It was filled with desperation. Pitiful, cowardly even.
“So I have your word? You’ll spare my life.”

Moira nodded once, “Yes. You have my word that I promise I won’t kill you. Now the combination?”

As the woman spouted off some numbers, Moira opened the safe to reveal a stack of data chits, and the credsticks separating them in half as she slowly made her way back to the old slaver woman. The freed slaves stirred restlessly, just watching the scene, some casting cold , furious looks at the woman and the echani that stood near their persecutor of many years.

The echani looked cooly at her captive, “Is this everything here for tracking down their families?”

Grandma Raina gave a tiny shake of her head. “That’s all I have here. Please, I’m telling you the truth.”

Moira nodded, “I believe you.”
Slowly the young girl got up and walked towards the line of freed slaves, at least to the armed survivors, handing half the credit stash their way. “I have a proposition for you guys. For Seventy Five thousand credits, enough to get all the slaves here off world you guys get to do two things for me and for yourselves.”
One of them glared at her awhile until they spoke, “What things are you asking for?”

Moira smiled as she pulled Rakshini along. “The first is the seventy five thousand credits half that belongs to you guys for getting us all to the spaceport as a group specifically my client and me so we can get offworld safely and a guarantee I’ll get this information to a news network to blow the corruptive Reps in this system and this scandal wide open. Along with giving you a holosite address where I’ll upload any information regarding anyone’s families here. The second, well… I think you’ll enjoy.” A cold smile played across her features, “I gave ‘Grandma Raina’ over there my word I wouldn’t kill her, I never said anything about you guys acting to get revenge on your own. So, Deal or No Deal?”

“Deal.” One blurted out speaking for the group.

She handed the spokes man a piece of flimsiplast with a fake holomail address that Mikka sometimes used for them to get jobs with. “Memorize that and pass it around. Then destroy it.”

Once they had and she saw one of them melt in on the barrel of one of their cooling blasters she stepped aside and gestured towards ‘Grandma Raina.’

“She’s all yours, gentlemen.”

A few laughed grimly before the crowd hefted a few knives they’d taken from the guards and the rest of the complex before they advanced on the old slaver to give her just deserts. Flattening the slaver under a pile of kicks and stabs before she breathed her last shuddering breath, her screams dying as the cyborg bled her last. It was a shame that their just deserts were interrupted by the slam of a door, and a blaster bolt coming from the direction of the street entrance. One of the freed slaves was felled before a hail of blaster bolts forced the shadow in the door to dive away.

“YOU KILLED MOTHER! I SWEAR WE’LL KILL YOU ALL!” a voice could be heard as the shooter receded. An armed slave went after him, firing out the doorway in the fleeing man’s direction.

Looking towards the infobroker she arched an eyebrow. ”She did have three sons on this world helping her run her criminal network. I’d imagine that was one of them.” Rakshini said with a small shrug, “Shouldn’t we be leaving now?”

She solemnly reminded herself that even evil people had families to. Raising her voice, she called the group to order. “I’m sorry, we don’t have time to hunt the bastard down, whoever he is! We have to get to the spaceport! Let’s move before there’s more trouble!”
When they finally got to the entrance of the spaceport, she was told that some of the now freed slaves thought it was time to split ways to see if they could get their own transport off this ball of rock. A few lingered in confusion she tapped one on the shoulder, recognizing the old crone twi’lek who had lamented over the dead boy. It seemed the old-timer was unsure of where to go. She pointed in the direction some went for an old woman, "Better follow them and get out of here, go that way."

The old woman regarded her incredulously, then asked a question. "You saved us? But… you're slavers right? Came there buy us? Why would you save us? Are you going to simply come after us later to sell us back into that hell?"

Moira tilted her head to the side and shrugged, "Why are you wasting my time? You're too old to help us with a blaster, so get out of the way. We already gave your group half of those creds from the safe to get you all offworld in exchange for getting us here."

"But… okay, okay. Thank you. Thank you all so much!" Moira watched the old woman scamper away, shaking her head as she went.

The Echani turned back around and stormed towards where Rakshini was waiting. The verpine and the girl followed after her. Rakshini just looked at the ‘mechanic' for a moment, shook his head and just turned to her to speak."The hangar bay where the Harmonia is docked is just ahead. It looks like someone's waiting for us there. Looks like a guard's not that happy."

Sighing to herself, she switched her pistol to stun as they passed through the bulkhead into the bay where the Ghitroc 720 Freighter was held, she came across exactly what Rakshini had been alluding too. A guard, and two outfitted mercenaries the spaceport had in their security force was blustering at the top of his lungs. Personally, she was getting kind of sick of things on this mission, it seemed around every corner there was another obstacle in her way.
"Alright you disgusting pile of bantha dung! Drop your weapons and kiss the floor."

Striding around the corner, Moira ignored the idiotic customs officer who was attempting to block their path, waving his hands imperiously as he ranted at Kajenko. Frankly she'd let him rant all he want at the devil horned bastard. So long as it wasn't directed at her she was fine. Instead she glanced back behind him to the Harmonia, noting that it possessed a bit of sleek lines, vaguely looking like a sea turtle and it's shell. On a quick guess she'd note that it looked slightly elongated from the normal length of vessel, but that seemed fine with her.

Behind her the Verpine ticked some chitters, whether in disgust or not. She couldn't tell if the PDU he had was working, or whether he had turned it off for some reason.

Crossing her arms, she balefully looked at the officer's direction, noting two more stooges behind them.

"This is one starship that's not getting stolen on my watch you hear me!? And who's the scum you brought with you?" the officer actually wiggled his little moustache after every time he spoke. Moira considered telling him how ridiculous he w looked as he talked but men rarely responded well to insults about their lip hair. Not that Moira thought he would respond well to any of the insults she was about to hurl in his direction If the echani didn't start with knives first.

But mentioning things like protruding spines of facial hair would have made things a little too personal.

Letting a smile play about her lips, Moira put one hand on her hip. "Oh, just the ship's new owner. I just won it in a betting match in a card game with a rather oafish man wanting to pay some credits for a hit on someone. He didn't like it when he lost. I even have the control codes and ship's key on me."

To prove her point, she took the lanyard from around her neck and pressed the button for the gangway to go down. Then she quickly pressed the button to make the gangway go up again before anyone could enter it. "So how about you let me check out my merchandise in peace?"

"Now wait just a minute, how do I know that you're not lyi-"

The girl interjected and pointed down at her hip, "I'm sorry could you just repeat that all into this barrel. I thought you just called me a liar. I can guarantee you , no woman likes being called a liar when they're telling the truth. It makes… bad things happen. Besides, Rejic is no longer a concern of yours right now as he's still in the city."

The two guards behind the customs officer tensed, pressing closer to the their commander and clutching their weapons. The portly officer began to sweat, until he anxiously rubbed the cleft of his sleeves across his forehead allowing Moira to get a closer look at him. His shirt and pants were so dull and faded it was hard to tell if they'd originally been black or grey, and his shirt seemed to have grease stains upon it. What she did notice was the disruptor pistol on his belt, something that clearly wasn't standard issue.

She ignored him as he tried to bluster a few words. "I wonder how much of a wash this ship needs, I think I'll have to buy a few gallons of bleach to give it a good cleaning."

"You filthy little viruses! I've had six ships stolen this year by you knaves and your unwashed cohorts."

"Actually I make it a point to bathe, though I'm not sure about these two guests of mine though. The big guy with the axe certainly isn't staying on my good side tonight. Now, I have a finite amount of time, and you're wasting it. I'd like to enter my ship now, as I caught three suspects attempting to block entry in a place they never should have been in the first place. This world really doesn't have trade officers in its security force, all kinds of goods except slaves are okay here, so I have to presume you had some business with the prior owner. However, that is no concern of mine so leave before I make a call to your superiors. Otherwise, I have no choice as per starport rules but to assume you're all thieves attempting to burgle my new won property and respond in kind." Moira said with a hand on her hip.

"I am the customs officer here!" The officer twitched angrily but the others began to hold him back.

Unfortunately, Kajenko had to make the situation more of a mess, "Why are you even talking to them? You caught them red handed trying to take your property, so just kill them all and be done with it!"

She wondered if that was his way of helping.

Thankfully, Rakshini was capable of playing along. "Enough, Kaj. We all know there's really no such thing as a customs officer here, he's obviously just some stupid schmuck that is trying to bluster his way into taking the ship from you. Probably one of Rejik's boys he hired to delay you after he lost your little game of skylian blitz. You know how scum think, they always try and hire scum. I think it's best to just give them a chance to leave before we are forced to stun them and hand them over to the real local security forces."

Moira smiled at the man, "Oh don't interrupt the so called Republican. It's plain rude to bother him while he's venting. He needs to release all that frustration before he explodes. Right gentlemen?"

"Damn you, If Grandmam Raina's son Jeva, hadn't warned be about your plans then I wouldn't have known to come here to stop you. I'll make you pay for those insults!"

Moira rolled her eyes, "That figures. Hey Verpine, add this little incident to the growing list of reasons why I'm going to track that old bitch's last child down and kill him. Take a note of the name Jeva as well, we never should have let him get away in the first place. Okay?"

"Curious, soft flesh. How many more reasons do you think you'll have by the end of the day?"

"Hey Verpine, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Bad enough that he made these poor boys become walking corpses. There's no need to add further insult to their soon to be injuries."

"Understood , soft flesh."

"Enough!" The republican burst pointing at Moira, "Shoot her dead."

"Alive, Kajenko! Take them alive!" Moira snapped as she stepped smoothly behind Rakshini before pushing him down and out of the way even as she lifted her blaster towards the blustering idiot. She fired two stun bolts catching the portly officer in the chest as Kajenko charged the left most guard with his axe in an almost beserk fury.

Kajenko heard her, and with a scowl smashed the pommel of his axe into one's head before using the horns on his head to skewer the man in the shoulder and turn him towards the third as Moira's shot the last guard down in a fiery spray of stun bolts.
"Why alive, wench!?"

"Don't kill him just in case he was telling the truth about being a Republican, you moron! Last thing you want is them to put a bounty out for you when you're already fleeing off world. Verpine, grab the weapons and throw these tools behind the cargo crates. With any luck they'll wake up and won't know what hit them. Then check the holologs in case you have to erase them but get a copy for us first." Yeah, she definitely thought Kajenko wasn't the fastest hyperdrive in his class.

Kajenko growled and stepped towards the officer's pistol belt and she raised her blaster in his direction. "Don't Kajenko! My contract with Rakshini for his protection won't allow me to let you live if you take that disruptor. It's too much of a threat to him if we go by your past actions. So just be a good boy and and help the Verpine move the unconscious swine and then we'll all enter the ship, and go to the lounge and divide the credits from Raina's safe after we get off the ground!25,000 each isn’t a bad haul right?"

With a rumbling growl in her direction the large horned man just turned towards the ship only to be interrupted by the verpine's voice. "Soft flesh! I cannot comply right now with your request. The hatchling is injured!"

She reached down to pull the disruptor pistol and safetied it before motioning to the other two men. "Okay new plan. Verpine, tend the child. If we're lucky the vessel should have some medical supplies but don't forget you're here as a mechanic in case something needs fixing. You'll pay your way with us! Rakshini search these idiots for anything of value, including their com units and datapads then get to the terminal to check for the security logs. You know the value of information so we might as well see whom they've been talking to, anything on Raina's last son would be welcome as a bonus transaction with me. That bastard needs to die just like his dear grandmother. Kajenko move the bodies. I'll see about getting the ship in order as quick as possible. That customs officer , whether he was real or not might have called for backup before we took him down."

Rakshini nodded and went about the task she spoke of only calling after her. "A logical decision."

Depressing the button on the control device again, Moira strode up the ramp of her hard won ship before gesturing to the Verpine to bring the injured girl. It was only as she was brought closer did Moira see the red head having her teeth clenched to not cry out in pain from a shoulder wound. A stray blaster bolt had hit her, no doubt.

Sighing, she turned around and made her way up the gangplank and into her new ship, coming to the forefront of a cargo area. She wondered how long it would take before the pair of devils tried to betray her. Drakengard only hoped the uneasy truce lasted until they at least reached the world where Malloc was upon.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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At the top of the entrance ramp and through the airlock doors, Moira found herself noticing two things. The first was a distinct cloying air of scented freshness. An overpowering musk of alpine freshener which pervaded the interior of the Harmonia. The entire ship stank, with an overly cloying smell of what was supposed to be a refreshing variety of nasal stimulant in what appeared to be a lounge area.
The second thing she noticed was being greeted by a droid’s voice.
“Greetings, I am an LE- Series Repair droid, unit designation LE-5CR49 or colloquially referred to as ‘Scrap’ by my Master. My function is to assist any passengers and repair anything for the Harmonia’s needs. I am not sure who you might be but how may I be of assistance and whom might you be good, kind Sir?”
From beneath the folds of her cloak’s hood, Moira’s eyebrow twitched as she eyed the repair droid. It’s chassis seemed a little worn; scuffed and pockmarked, probably from the course of it’s duties onboard. “Did a verpine carrying a child come through here?”

“A yes Sir, I directed them towards the Portside crew quarters which Master Rejicc had converted into a medical bay for the youngling’s injuries. Just turn around and take the right branch of the accessway by ladder well to the cockpit and it will be the second door to your right. Is there anything else I may assist you with today?”

She placed one fingertip on the side of her cheek as she looked at the droid, quietly pondering if she’d have to shoot it. “Yes, one thing. Well, was Rejic your master?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Well, he’s dead, complete with a bit of vaporized brain matter out in the city. That means I’m your master now. Is that going to be a problem?”

The droid shook it’s metallic head. “Absolutely not, kind new master. My previous master was a horrible sort with some rather disgusting habits. Including skipping baths during smuggling runs. Sometimes missing a trip to the refresher a few times a week Not that there’s anything wrong with a few bad habits if you have some of those yourself; my sweet kind gentle new master?
Moira’s hand almost twitched over her blaster out of annoyance. “Tell you what, stop calling me sweet , gentle , or kind and I won’t call you Scrap, okay? We’ll refer to you as Five, alright and accept no other orders but mine from now on.”
“Yes master I will comply and respond to the designation ‘Five’ from now on.”
“Good, now go warm up the reactor and get us clearance to launch, Let no one but myself up into the cockpit for now while I check on a few things.’’
“indeed master, I assume you have the ships codes and control key?”
“Yes. Now Move.”

The droid nodded and moved with a purpose up to the ladderwell which lead to the cockpit of the testudine – like ship. Turning back to the airlock, she opened the door long enough to see Rakshini moving up the ramp with a purpose as he brought in a stack of weaponry. At least he tried to before Kajenko shouldered him out of the way and stormed past Moira to flop himself on the couch. The echani promptly took the pilfered items off the infobroker’s hands as she asked him a question.

“Anything on the holologs in the hangar?”
“Already wiped and copied.” came the succinct reply

Moira could feel the rumble under her feet as the ship’s reactor came alive from its rest. She didn’t have much time. “Tell Kajenko to wait in the lounge for us to divide some credits and then make your way to the cockpit to give me the system data. I’m going to check on the Verpine and the casualty for a quick second before running up there myself.”
The infobroker nodded as Moira turned on her heel and walked briskly towards the converted medbay. As the doors hissed open, her eyes widened as she saw it contained a rejuve tank, the Verpine was already placing his young ‘hatchling’ inside it. On the side of the wall, a broken down med droid lay defunct. There were signs of old wear and tear having long since left it in a defunct state.

She leaned against one of the walls, staying out of the Verpine’s way as he began to attend to the younger girl?
“How’s the kid, Verpine? Any critical injuries?”
“I’m not a doctor or a medical droid soft flesh. But the bacta might help. I am simply glad the hatchling is showing the Mandalorian stubbornness not to die that most of her family had. ”

Moira arched an eyebrow at the Verpine, “She’s Mando’a?”
“Yes, is that a problem soft flesh?”
“No, it’s just that I’m an echani. Our races don’t quite get along on a good day. Anyways, a child is a child so don’t worry about it complicating things. I’m just surprised there is a tank here for her.” Moira replied, “I expected just a few patches.”
A hiss of the door came to her ears when the infobroker came in to hear the cusp of the conversation.
“I’m not surprised.” A voice came from behind her. “Rejic owned the tenth largest transport company in the sector and spent much of his time creating a small smuggler’s empire which included spice traffic. All in all I’d say he was worth about thirteen million credits for his company if he hadn’t be brought in on tax evasion. But now that he’s dead he’ll never be able to pay the fines and get his company back. Such a shame, it was always said he spared no expense to ensure his own well being. “

A small smirk came to Moira’s lips. “Truly a shame that.”

The devaronian looked at her and nodded. “Yes, truly a shame; by the way, did you know there is a droid beginning to pilot us out? It refused to listen to my directions and asked for its ‘new master’ to come to the cockpit as something worrisome was happening and he wouldn’t be able to unlock. I don’t suggest we dawdle.”

Moira nodded cooly at the remark and turned towards the Verpine before she left “ Please keep me apprised of the child’s status.“

What else could she call a twelve year old girl, even if ‘Elli was a mandalorian? She cursed against the unfairness of the cruelty of the universe for how children suffered from the harshness of life. Though she had to wonder if ‘Elli’ was truly the girl’s name. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she ran through the corridor, vaulted herself towards the ladder, and climbed up into the cockpit.

Five was leaning across the navigation console on the bridge wailing in dismay. “Oh dear heavens those republicans just blew half of that SPS passenger transport off just as I soon as I was able to get clearance to leave.”
Moving towards the pilot’s seat she slotted in the command key booted up the engines and craned her neck to get a better view of the skies above the city. In the high atmosphere of Betha II she could see what looked like multiple burning trails of fire arcing their way over the city. “Damnit, what the hell are the Rep’s doing? Why would they attack a transport full of people?”

”Probably because it’s the most likely transport those slaves got onto. If I’d guess it’s the Valencia Rose, which acts as a transport from here to the sector capital and then onto Coruscant every two weeks. I was looking at is as a possibility to escape.”
Moira pounded her fist into the console’s top. “Damn it to hell!”

She quickly keyed the controls to have the sensors record what they could of the incident before bringing her hands back to the Harmonia’s controls.
‘All those people. Dead… It made her sick to know that she probably had gotten them all killed. All for the Reps to cover up their corruptive dealings with Raina to hide slavery in the city. After all, slavery was pretty much the only thing outlawed here in this force forsaken former shadowport!
‘Could nothing go right on this mission at all!?!?’

Rakshini could only make another offtime comment that was probably true, “We best vacate the area, after all they might have been killed for the so called evidence we took from Raina’s safe.’’

That was right, they still had Raina’s datachits. She could make these slimeballs pay. Maybe after the mission was over she could get them somehow. Maybe the courts? Or perhaps an ambush with the data as bait?

Directing her anger, her thoughts chilled to zero as she focused on the next objective. Getting them out of there. Without a word to the infobroker, Moira angled the Harmonia away from the city and climbed through the clouds towards the stars.

Over the coms the chatter of the republic forces could be heard arguing with the spaceports of Betha’s three main systems telling them to temporarily stop departures. With the spaceport clerks demanding valid reasons for why. In the chaos the Harmonia simply made better time, drifting away out of the planet’s gravity well as Moira cycled up the navigation computer to make a few calcs for a hyperspace jump as she began to voice her plan to Rakshani.

“We’ll plot a short vectored jump, then we’ll deal with trying to correct our course to our final destination. Last thing we need is someone following us to the target. Speaking of which, I’ll need the planet he’s on now, if not the exact location in case we get jumped by a few snubfighters. I’ll need to work on part of the calculations before we come out of our short jump. After you tell me where to go, I suggest you head down to the lounge to keep Kajenko in check until we get there. I’ll be down shortly to divide the credits and plan our next move.”

The infobroker looked at her, as if judging his reply.

”I’ve already saved your life several times Rakshini, we have a contract remember.”
‘For however long it lasts.’
She stared at him, not budging an inch as a contest of wills came into play as outside the viewport the stars faded into lines. The repair droid was helping fly the ship at this point.

Finally, the devaronian nodded to himself, “Peppel. Our target is in the Peppel system. I’ll tell you more when we get to edge of the system.”

”Thank you, I’ll be down shortly after I get the hyperspace calculations finished.”

The only reply to her words was Rakshini’s feet on the ladder rungs heading down to the next deck where the lounge was.

The echani had told him the truth, she would come down to face the pair to see if things would be amicable in the future. But she hadn’t told him all the truth. She still wanted to add a temporary password to the controls.
‘Just in case.’
She remembered that much from her time with her parents and their rules; when dealing with scum always have a contingency plan to fall back on. Five minutes later, and a slight course correction and they were on their way to Peppel.
Her usefulness is over Rakshini.” the brute hissed.
The inforbroker wanted to sigh at the situation. Currently he was caught between a rock and a hard place. If he helped Kajenko kill the echani his own chances of survival would diminish and he’d be dead long before

”May I suggest we rethink our plans to actually not attempting to do our young echani friend in until after we get Malloc? She has proved most capable at killing. I do not believe you can take her without injury.”

”I won’t bear her interference any longer. When she comes down here, I’ll take her head.” the brute hissed.”You’ll help me, or I’ll kill her alone, torture the information out of you that I want and then kill you.

Somehow the infobroker could not see he had any good chances here. If he was alone with his own ship he might have flown right up to Malloc’s camp under the guise of his next delivery of his precious alcohol and to give him a ‘friendly warning’ that someone was close and he should move on. Then he could simply stun his former commander and bring him home for some immunity and the credit prize.

Shrugging to himself he simply shook his head at Kajenko. Thinking perhaps it best to kill whomever was an injured survivor in the impending confrontation.”I’m not a fighter anymore Kajenko. My weapons is information, and I still have much information which is too valuable for you to part my head from my shoulders, or risk my death with torture before it’s divulged first. If you want to settle things, I won’t stop you. But don’t expect me to help unless it’s in my interest. Perhaps a 60-40 split of the bounty between us?”
Kajenko wanted to snort at the fool’s grasp at a better deal. He’d kill Rakshini anyways at the end of all this. He would have to leave no witnesses to his ‘disappearance’ into a new life. Still he played along. ”Don’t take me for a fool Rakshini. It’ll be 60-40 my way or your crushed head will give me all of it. Don’t be greedy with *my* credits.”

”It is my information Kajenko. Remember that. Also remember you were never the best for plans.”

A low growl emerged from his throat but he heard the footsteps coming from the ladder well and he hushed up. Soon enough the upstart Echani girl sat in the chair farthest from him and the coward. Two piles of credsticks were set on the table and left there with the girl turning towards Rakshini.
”So, are you ready to decide if you wish to renegotiate my services for your protection until we have finished finding our target? I still remember something about having to wire you another fifteen thousand credits when we arrive there, which should be in about six hours.”

”I am currently satisfied with your protection up till now. Perhaps it would be best to renegotiate your services.”
Kajenko took the initiative to laugh a little, a bark of discontent. “What the weakling has to say bears no issue if I have to teach you a lesson about a Hunt.”
Moira coldly arched an eyebrow at that statement, her body slightly tensing a little as she spoke. “Oh and what do you have to teach me? How to be a boorish crude man with no tactics or strategy? Perhaps you better stop and think before you decide to ‘teach’ me anything. I asked Rakshini a question and he should be able to answer me himself.”

"Oh but I really have to teach you. I feel my honor as a devil would be at stake here.”
”Far be it for me to insult a so- called ‘devil’s’ honor.”
“Oh, but you already have, several times. Now pay attention." Kajenko said, hefting the axe in his hand. After a quick push of a button the weapon started to purr with an evil sound. "It's time for your final lesson. I can only show you this once so be prepared."

Moira frowned, she was sure that she could take the Devaronian, but she was inside a ship now. The confined quarters would make it almost impossible for her to use her rifle, and would probably work in her favor for going against the vibroaxe. But she had to worry about the collateral damage, not to Rakshini, as she was sure he wouldn't be killed yet until he outlived his usefulness to Kajenko if she failed. But it was another matter for the small girl and the Verpine. Thank the force she had the foresight to ask them to barricade themselves in the medical room before hand. Still, she wouldn't let an opponent know if she was rattled by any such thoughts as she fingered the hilt of her blaster.

Still, even with those worries she had to give the devil horned being some credit for at least keeping to the core of things.

With her left hand Moira tugged the hood of her cloak back over her bangs, quickly hiding a small amused quirk of her lips, as she began to eye the Devaronian in front of her. She appeared bored, in fact, it was "Big words there tough guy, but we both know you don't have the skills to back it up. Are you sure you want to die so quickly?"

"The only one dying here is you, you little wench! I've been a killer for years."

"That's funny, I've been trained as one since almost the day I was born. I personally think I have the edge here. I suggest you stand down and leave me be fool. There is nothing for me to fear from you. Go and secure a cargo bay if you need to find a place to cool off. After we get Malloc I'd be glad to finish you off. But until then you might have some use." Unbeknownst to herself, Moira's eyes flashed blue as all the hatred she possessed towards the muscle bound oaf came to the forefront of her minds. The words she had uttered before that some people merely needed to die came back to her mind. Kajenko was such a one, nothing more than a beast, who couldn't even master his hate to use it. But perhaps he could be manipulated by it. "You seem to actually believe your better than me, somehow? Why is that when all I've done is do the job I was hired for competently?"

The man took a menacing step forwards, only hesitating a second as she quickdrew her pistol, pointing it at his head. "Enough of your tongue girl, it's an offense to my ears that you can't even use it properly! You're nothing but a worthless stray who wandered into my business where you don't belong. After I kill you, then I'll squash the bug and sell the girl for more profit."

A flash of anger coursed through her senses, as her eyes narrowed at the man. "Maybe I am a little better then you. I'm still a killer, but I don't take lives needlessly, nor am I a slaver. As for you, I see no reason to do anything you say as you're in no position to command me." She gripped the pistol further as her mind catalogued the areas of the ship she had already seen and whether Rakshini would be hiding out somewhere with a blaster. "However, if you really want to do this, take your chance. I grow weary of your presence on my ship."

"You'll learn differently. Too bad you won't be able to take much from the lesson. I would say I'm sorry. But I'm really not." With a guttural snarl, Kajenko launched himself at her before she rolled under the swing and vaulted herself behind the man already at the run down the corridor around the reactor not wanting to risk exchanging a few blaster bolts in the man's direction she tipped a few random options in the way behind her to slow him down as she made her way back to the lounge area.

The Devaronian man uttered a guttural cry as he hefted the axe once more, "Stupid wench, is that all you know how to do? Run away? Perhaps I should squish the bug first to draw you out or make you give yourself up for the girl's sake."

Now the chase had been reversed, and she sprinted to catch up with him, notinng him opening the door to the medical bay. A scream was heard from inside as the Devaronian was forced back out in the hallway by the blur of a chitonous figure barrelling into him before it was tossed aside.

That's when the first shot caught Kajenko across the shoulder, spinning the big man around in enough time to see his prey standing behind him where she had circled around the corridors. The pain hindered the man from responding, long enough for the echani to smoothly interject herself between Kajenko and the Verpine's small companion, blocking any chance Kajenko had to further threaten the girl. That's when her second blaster fired- fast on the heels of the first, catching Kajenko's hand where he hefted the axe. The smell of burned flesh and blood filled the air as he shifted the damaged vibroaxe to his injured arm.

Moira could hear the guttural snarl from the man as he raised it again. Pure adrenaline was keeping him fighting on his feet during his final moments. She launched herself forwards, using her righthanded weapon to lock under his arm enough for her to interpose her shoulder between his elbow and the floor while her left knee came up to knee him in the groin. Then she wrenched the weapon from his grasp with her right hand and gave him an left elbow to the face.

He staggered back a step and fell to his knees, the vibroaxe fell with a loud clatter against the decking. Kajenko clutched his arm close to his chest as he stared balefully at her with hate filled eyes. The echani fired again, hitting him in the shoulder to make him crumple to the floor in a disjointed position.

He actually whimpered from the miserable discomfort of his wounds, It seemed his entire body was wracked with searing agony. Moira could only smile as she noticed him glancing at wounds, seeing as large droplets of silver blood tearing from his wounds as the vitae began to pool beneath him on the floor. He then looked back at the echani, his eyes wide as he began to mumble, "I … lost? How? It's simply not possible for a schutta like you to kill me! You're nothing more than trash, not even worthy of becoming my property! Not even worthy of being in my presence! You're just another dead bitch of a whore not even worth selling!"

Moira shook her head at the man, as she raised her blaster and placed it against Kajenko's forehead. The Devaronian let out a mewling whimper, seeing a darknees of the girl's eyes that he hadn't noticed there before. The look of a killer on a righteous path…

In that moment he knew he was going to die. The warm blaster sizzling the skin of his forehead would only seal the deal.

The echani whispered, "Shhhh. Don't worry, It'll be quick."

Spitting a bit of bloody froth from his mouth, the bulky devil of a sinner just stared dazedly at her, "I can't believe it-" The darkness claimed him as he didn't have the time to realize the woman had pulled the trigger, leaving the back of his head a bloody mess but still recognizable for a corpse.

Moira gazed cooly at the body for a second before scanning around for any more signs of trouble. Miscreant dogs that were diseased weren't able to be cured, only put down for the betterment of society. She could hear Rakshini moaning in the distance.

Glancing behind her into the medical bay she simply gave an order as If she expected the pair inside to follow. "Don't come out until it's safe. Right now I have another matter to deal with. Do you understand?"

The bugly looking sentient just looked at her, before he chattered, "You protected the hatchling? Why?"

"I have a contract to get you either an interview for a job or back to your home. Until then consider yourselves part of the hive unless you betray me. Now as I said, don't come out until it's safe." Moira said as she hit the terminal to close and lock the door.

She turned back towards the lounge area. Behind her, if she could have read the verpine's insectile features the Verpine had a pondering expression twitching at its mandibles. But such thoughts from the sentient wouldn't have been a matter for her pondering at the moment. It was time for a reckoning of a different sort.
Rakshini was prepared for anyone who came back towards the lounge, and as soon as the sound of footsteps approached seemed like they were about to come around the corner he fired.

The only problem was he fired high as he realized it was the Echani who survived the fight, and not whom he expected. His second shot went wide as the girl dived to the ground and fired, catching him in the arm and making him drop his blaster pistol. The last thing he heard and saw was the sound of barreling footsteps and a tiny boot swelling in his vision before his world went dark for a few moments.

Moira held the smelling salts under the Devaronian’s nose as he began to resume consciousness. Her newest prisoner was tied to one of the lounge chairs, as she had already frisked him for weapons, removed a few hidden knives before field stripping him down to his unders before clipping his datapad to her belt pouch.
‘No reason to risk a surprise.’
“Whah-wuhat? “ came the garbled reply as her captive came back to wakefulness.
She slapped him a few times to get him to focus. When she was sure to see intelligence returned to his eyes she made her first statement.
“Bribe me. Make it a good one, and I promise I won’t kill you like a dog by a bolt to the brain like I did Kajenko.”
“Kajenko said he had 80,000 credits squirreled away for a rainy day, I’d probably check his axe.”
“Okay,if that little tidbit pans out and you cooperate. I promise I won’t shoot you. But you better start telling me what I need to know about Malloc.”
“You would just kill me after I told you.’’
She sighed loudly before she shot the devaronian in the arm. “There you go again, not cooperating. Look, either way I’m going to get the information. Even if it means I have to peel your dick like a banana to do it. I’d rather just have us be sociable. You still ripped me off for fifteen thousand credits. Look, why don’t you just wire into my account the same amount as I gave you and I’ll just put you on one of the two escape pods after I have the info. That should be alright with you, after all you just betrayed me when we had a contract. You get to live, I get to not have to deal with you after your sorry ass might walk out of here.”
”I thought you were Kajenko.”
”For the first shot yes, but the second was definitely a breach of contract.”
Ten minutes later, after a quick check on the holonet to see if the pair of devaronians had any form of bounties on them, one of the vessels airlocks was opened, but an escape pod wasn’t launched. Instead a single headless corpse was jettisoned. She had gained everything she needed to go after Malloc, including a map with his cabin’s location, and a strict warning the man was paranoid with sensor nets all around his house being able to find any bit of metal or power source within fifteen kilometers of his home. In fact Calloc’Rakshani believed even told her about a wonderful obsession he had with a thermal scope he had.

She had kept Kajenko’s head , after finding the eighty thousand in his favorite axe and Rakshini’s amputated limbs in the freezer box, Kojenko had a bounty of fifteen thousand credits dead. The information broker had double that alive, and more importantly: wanted for questioning for war crimes, and slavery. There was also a note there that he had served under ‘Malloc.

She could almost feel the blood in her veins grow heated when she wondered if he had anything to do with what her family’s friend had told her with the missing echani slave women from Thyferra. They had been run through elements of Malloc’s old horde. She’d need to ask Malloc the truth on that. If there was any evidence or testimony, maybe she’d see them both torn apart by the quarra.

‘She’d be glad to turn them both over.’

After things were said and done her accounts were close to one hundred and fifty five thousand credits richer from the prior balance of 18000. A good haul, which would have been offset by the prior expenditure of forty thousand credits she had to pay the now dead or maimed pit vipers in the first place for them to bring her this far before they had tried to backstab her. Moira sighed as she pondered what was next on her agenda as the Harmonia pulled into orbit above Peppel. But such was the cost of doing business. That extra couple thousand would go a long way to help her long terms goals.

Both for herself, her aunt Luciana, that Ciel person she worked with, and ultimately the federation and her own people. Goals were good, and it seemed to her that a sizeable way to attain seed money for completing them were now within reach.

The echani had kept her word to the now parapalegic she hadn’t shot them after they cooperated. Her sword and a blowtorch from the onboard workbench was enough. Though truth be told, Moira had every intention for turning Rakshini in with Malloc, after she found him. The slave collar accessory should go a long way to keeping him tame until that happened. An info broker should have been more careful when negotiating a contract to save his life. Aligning the flimsiplast map to a datapad she had drawn up a holomap display of Peppel the echani made preparations for a landing. She had claimed two small scores today, but they weren’t the big fish she was after. She had a mission to complete.

Finally, she would be able to go after Malloc in his hidey hole. She’d just have to take into account on what the late Rakshani had said about his old friend’s defenses. ‘That he’d just been following orders.’ She’d have to look in on that. Sighing she looked out the viewport to see their destination coming up quickly as the Harmonia had exited hyperspace awhile ago.
“Soft Flesh, I would speak to you if I might.”
“Sure thing Verpine…” She paused a moment to give the insectoid her full attention. “By the way I still don’t know your name. Though I do wonder why you showed up with that slave collar halfway through getting information from Rakshani. Is he settling in to being strapped in the medbay now?”

“It’s Meer’chulichicka, echani soft flesh and yes, the horned one is strapped in nicely with his new necklace. I’m sure it is appropriate for the crimes he admitted when you took his first digits.”
She paused a moment, unsure if she could say the chirps and sounds the verpine had made. “ Of course, he told me was a slaver then. I guess you and I share the same dispassion for slavers now. Keep the control in case he gives you any trouble during our time on the next world. I’ll be going after the mark alone but afterwards we’ll get you situated and the girl to a hospital on Denaron if things pan out. Would it be okay if I call you Meer, by the way?”

“The name would be acceptable soft flesh. And what should I call you?”
“Moira would be fine. “
“What is the nature of the job you wish me to interview for? Who is it with?”
Moira smiled a moment, “I know a good woman who runs a company out of Corellia. She’s sorta an aunt of sorts to me, though not by blood. They design a few starfighters and things. You said you were an engineer. Company’s got a name of Silver Infinity Network if you wish to look it up their reputation on the holonet. They’re legitimately anti slavery, though pro-Federation if you don’t mind their views. I figure the Corellian sector might be a good place for you and the hatchling to put down roots. But it's up to her if she wants to give you a job, Meer.”

”Indeed soft flesh. As for your earlier question, I gave the collar to you for the devil horned one out of respect for defending Elli’hatchling before. I’m going to give you the second one I have now. The droid has already cleaned up the messy bloodstains from your... previous client and his associate.”

Moira blinked in a stupor as another collar and control rod was placed on the copilot’s console. “Why?”

“Because if you were as evil a monster as them bounty hunter, then I would have put it on you while you slept. For now, I will simply attend to the hatchling and the prisonerslaver until you return from your hunt. May the flesh of your enemies feed the hive. In the meantime we are on the planet I will help the droid tend to the ship. There are suitable foodstuffs for five people to have two months of supplies onboard. Though I would make haste with your capture of your mark.” Without another word Meer turned and walked out of the cockpit, only the sound of his steps on the ladder well as. Good Hunting, Moira, hive protector. Or perhaps I should say a hive avenger?”
Moria swallowed a bit of her emotions back that she hadn’t known she repressed. Honestly, she didn’t know if the Verpine’s words were genuinely meant to comfort her from the thoughts she shied away from every day.

The question if she was a better person now then the monster she had been trained since a young child to be. Booting up the holocommunications network she sent out a brief fifteen word message to Luciana with an estimated time and place for them near the system’s asteroid field. Hopefully by the time she and the rest of S.I.N’s complement aboard their CC-9600 got here for the pickup she’d already have their quarry captured.

Containing her thoughts to prevent them traveling down well worn roads she turned to look out the viewport as the Harmonia’s hull began to glow a cherry red from reentry, Moira couldn’t help but smile as she guided the Ghtroc 720 class freighter in for a landing in the closest village from where the map placed Malloc’s position about thirty five kilometers away from the fugitive’s homestead. She knew the going would be tough as she went through the world’s swamplands.

But Moira was here.

She was on Peppel.

Malloc was here.

The Hunt was on.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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When the Harmonia touched down in the village, Moira throttled down the engines and began to make her way out of the ship. Her first order of business was to get the lay of the land from the locals, and to some extent she was successful when she found an old man who rented canoes and fishing gear.

She immediately shelled out the credits for a specific item she saw, a set of carved wooden bows and arrows for fishing as she got the history of the settlement. It turns out the area was invested in as a trial to see if Peppel’s swamp trees would be good harvesting for logging. The corporations had pulled out when funds for terraforming ran out, leaving behind a diehard set of locals who tried to make a living as best they could. Sometimes commercializing Peppel to wildlife and nature enthusiasts, other times they just shelled out for hydroponics bays for making the village’s food supply. But the entire enterprise went belly up during the large amounts of conflict which existed after the Empire’s downfall and have never gotten back on its feet.

Moira asked a few questions, buying a plastifilm map of the local geography as she asked about which swamp fish were good to eat, and other hazardous areas as she started to get a feel for the lay of the land.

She was cautioned most about the area which interested her. The area where the devaronian was rumored to be was a place, which had long inspired fear in the people of the Outside World for a time longer then the Devil had been rumored to be a hermit there. People went in, determined to unlock its mysteries, and emerged insane if they even returned at all, babbling about shadows killing them as their unhinged minds broke.

For such a dangerous place, Moira didn't think it looked like much on the flimsiplast map. Running north to south is a gentle yet deep and wide river arcing through the variable swamp, that forked a little ways downstream. Around this fork is a series of branching creeks, which eventually soaked into the mud, forming a wide hostile marshland, complete with mud, small pools of quick sand, muck, grime, goo, creepy big bugs, long hissing snakes etc etc etc etc....However, the northeast chunk of the marshland merged into a peaceful clearing of a rocky island shelf.

The old timer had said that pickings were light there but that she should watch out for the large reptiles that tended to eat the sawfish the villagers usually caught for eating. Other than isolated trees, most all of the flora had been cleared out for a stretch save many kinds of swamp grasses and weeds. Although the grass near the center of this clearing is short due to constant trampling, it is longer and less tamed toward the edges. Scattered about the clearing is also an asortment of logs, boulders, tree stumps, and other such debris left over from clearing out the area, and the north, east, and southeast edges of the clearing were bordered by lush forest.

Truth be told, it was one of the few bodies of clear water amidst the brackish soup of the wetlands. The problem would be getting to this oasis of solid ground amidst the scum of the swamps or the natural rock ledge that oversaw the island about twenty kilometers away.
She left shortly after her talk with the man, saying she was going bowfishing for a few days and paid him accordingly as she took one of his wooden kayasks and paddles. It took her a day and a half to reach the rocky ledge and climb up to the top before she took out her magnoculars and began to sight down where her target’s demesne was.

To get there, it would require canoeing through Mangrove tunnels, past cypress trees and other local wildlife all the while traipsing through the thick fog of the marshy swamp.
The climb within the midday sun seemed copacetic to her senses as she emerged from the mists of the swamp to climb higher and higher till she reached the top. The strain of the task only made the goal more worth it when the echani pulled herself up and over the edge.

From the top of the rocky outcropping she began to compare things to the maps, both the one from the village and the one she had gained from Rakshini. From her place of purchase, she could see that pacing the west edge of the island clearing was an almost completely circular crystal blue pond, that sparkled merrily in the sunlight. From the elevation map, she could see it started off shallow, though suddenly dropped off into a sort of pit to make the bulk of this pond about ten meters feet deep.
In her mind, this pond had to have been manmade as her magnoculars showed it connected with the river via a 5 meter wide, 3 meter foot deep canal consisting of three steps which ran into the lake on one side and out the other through a series of purifying artificial aquifer of sand rocks and levee. The shore around the island lake’s shallows showed a fine yellow sand, which was brought strait from the beach. Keeping this pool so sparklingly clean was a small pump on the north edge of the pool, and the south edge has a dock extending over the deep area, like a fishing dock.

Toggling the view, her binocs zoomed in to a much greater enhancement as she surveyed the main clearing of the target’s island home.

At the northeast edge of the clearing was a large, almost squalor-like hut, that appeared very well kept. A small grove of three large oak trees near the south edge of the clearing holds in its canopy a series of treeperches, mainly the type used for hunters rests as they were linked to each other by rope and plank bridges. Off to the east there was a small outdoor tanner’s rack with a stool in front of it as some bloody hide sat drying in the air. Vines seemed to have overgrown many of the areas that seemed prevalent in her mark’s camp, and the surfaces of the tree planks used were mildewed, dusty, and in desperate need of repair.

Liquor bottles still contain some slops of wine hung around a fire bed as her One of the larger boulders, next to it at the northwest side of the camp, served as the foundation for the outdoor privy, with tiny notches carved by one of the inhabitant of the island. The boulder itself still looks like a boulder, but a large chunk had been taken out to form a seat.
The stone seat has been finely chipped away to comfortably support a humanoid body. The seat is somewhat wide, though, and seems to have been designed to make room for a large individual, and above the seating of these grooves made comfortable armrests.

Off a little ways to the south of the clearing, in the marshland, is a crashed space ship. Although not overly large, it did have significant enough mass to pound a sizeable crater out of the ground where it had hit. Bits of the impact site showed the crater was black, lined with volcanic glass formed from the heat of impact. The ship jutted up out of the crater like a horrific sculpture. However, time has had its toll, and the crater has begun to be filled in with mud. The crater was still easily discernible from the rest of the island in the marsh, however, because no plant life grew within the filled rim of the crater. In the center of the mud-filled crater, one can still see the end of an MBRX Pacifier poking up out of the ground from a mound of more solid dirt that has built up and dried to a degree. This solid “bump” of soil seemed able to support life, and an assortment of knee-high weeds surrounded the moss covered craft.

To get to this ship one must step very lightly and carefully, however, as the perpetually wet mud easily turns to quicksand if too disturbed or stirred up too much. Theoretically, Moira believed it was possible to gain entry to the ship through one of the wing pylons still exposed to the outside air above the crater.

It could make a good hiding place. And she supposed the sensor net she had been told about was due to scavenged Pacifier’s systems.

‘But where was Malloc?’ She wondered. She began to draw a crude map of her observations, detailing proper points of interest before continuing her long range reconnaisance.

Running along the east side of this crater was another outlet of the clearing. Boardered on the west by the marshlands, and on the east by the picturesque woodlands, it offers a scenic walk. A short way down the path, and one may perhaps notice a slightly overgrown path breaking off to the east. This narrow path was exceedingly winding, and seemed more to her as if it was an animal path. Any island in a swamp had animal tracks criss crossing over it as it was relatively the safest place for the wildlife to walk. She presumed that was why Malloc was here. The game would be steady as long as he was careful. However it was an easy route were one to reach the small, hut on the clearing’s side. Halfway along, the forest she observed that the forest had claimed a section of the path, and she imagined it would be hard for her to find the other side if she was down upon the island right now. However, from the angle she could see she would need only walk a little further to come across a small clearing with three large stones, and a sight that chilled the blood in her veins.

The scavenged parts of a HAT-AA Heavy All Terrain vehicle was standing at her, it’s rockets mounted on a single base which allowed them to turn, next to a sensor dish.

At its base was a single mound. By the looks of it, as she zoomed in she could see it covered by smooth rocks, that seemed to have been planted to prevent animals from digging up whatever was under there. She had a sneaking suspicion that was where the crew of the Pacifier had been buried when they disappeared wherever they had disappeared to.
She shuddered and put away everything she had into her bag, and went over what she had discerned. She was told that the sensor net could detect heat, metals, or any non natural fibers. Which meant she had to do something she didn’t want to if she was going to even get close to the island, for some reason she shuddered and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as an uneasy feeling came to her.

She’d have to ditch her clothes, her armor, her blaster pistol and knives. Chip away a flint one just in case and most of all cover herself in mud.
The echani hated the mud of the swamps but reminded herself that modesty had no place on the battlefield. Thinking she was about five kilometers till the edge of the net she began to walk towards the edge of the cliff for the climb down. Moira took another step forward to brace herself and then suddenly the ground gave way. For a moment she could only flail wildly until she hit a harder surfacebefore skidding down over an incline before she dropped.

She hit the ground and rolled, skidding through the mud and undergrowth. Her terminal velocity was curtailed by the passing of snapping branches until she came to a squelching halt, mired deep In the muck of the swamps.

She hated the mud, but it seemed she was getting rather friendly with it lately.
Her first thought was to hiss and try to block out the pain. Her second thought was that she was lucky this hadn't been one of the Devaronian's pit traps. She had already dodged two already. No, this seemed more like the ground had given way. Blinking away her daze, the echani forced herself to her elbows. She could see above from the distant light she had fallen through a natural sinkhole, at least by the non-concentric perforation in the swamps surface. The rocks here had lichen clinging to them, and she could hear in the distance swamp water rushing through various chink's in what was obviously a natural cave of sorts. or perhaps a large grown over shelf of rock covered on three sides by vegetation. It was too dark to tell. Reaching into a pocket of her utility belt she cracked one of her chemical based glow rods and used it to survey her surrounding area.

She really wished she hadn’t done so.

On the back wall , carved into the outcropping was a more mysterious structure. It seems to be a small temple, or shrine, as its architecture was quite exquisite. A series of steps leading up to a stone slab and at each of its four corners was a statue of a different dragonlike creature, each dragon statue having a stone symbol at its corners, imbedded in the ground. A strange mystic aura seems to tingle in the air around it. A Dark and foreboding... The sound of the silence was deafining.

But the cracking on of her glow bulb was the only sound that she heard. A tinkling sound off in the distance, well sort of like those hollow wooden wind chimes she heard was calling to her senses. Only to her dismay, she could see what was quickly making the wind chime sound was the hollowed-out bones fashioned out of a rather large creature’s corpse that with the wind through the roots turned it into a natural wind chime that obviously marked the death of the creature's territory.

There was some truth to the native’s old myths here.

How did she know? The giant skull of the rancor like beast was grinning at her, half a meter away from the rest of the skeletal remains on the steps up to the altar. One giant clawed bonehand striking deep into the rib cage of a humanoid skeleton and the stone below. The pair seemed to have died together.
She could see some form of a droid shell laying in multiple pieces about the rocky ground of the swamp cave's interior as well resting upon the weathered stonework that gave rise to the altar.

Oh yes, there was a reason for the locals fear of this place. She recognized it for the dead carcass of a sithspawn it was.

It was a Tarentatak’s corpse!

Holding her breath she looked up to the hole she fell through, and then back to the skeletons. Some tickling sensation in the back of her head made her want to examine the site more carefully. Even though a she had a bad feeling about this place, she knew she wanted to get a closer look before she ventured towards Malloc’s island. The symbolism here of a hunter meeting their end at the hands of dangerous prey did not escape her notice.

She wondered how long this had been here as the skeletons seemed to have become brittle and dried out over the passing time. The pair partially embalmed by the drier air of the watery cave compared to the soaking mass of the swamps outside. Moving towards fallen creature’s bones, she spotted a small glimmer of light from above, hitting an object within the dust.

She didn’t know why but her fingers reached out towards the object only to see it was in pieces, nothing more then metallic shards which lay about the site of the battle where the two dead had joined each other in fate’s icy grip. But under the dust, her hands came across two other things which she held up to the light of the glowbulb to examine as she blew the mire of the ages from them.

One was a crystal shaped lens, and the other was a type of crystal.

Such things strongly suggested the hunter who was felled by the beast was either a jedi or a sith. Thinking that perhaps Crystala might find a use for them both she placed the crystals in her belt pouch and made her way towards the droid parts she could see to at least try to guess a ballpark for how long these remains had been here. The shattered chassis, arms and head looked like the torso had been ripped apart. But she could see it for what it was, something she recognized from holologs and historical documentaries of the clone wars.

It was n FLTCH-series battle droid, and in its hand was something she wouldn’t normally have expected in a droid’s possession. A crystal of some sort, that seemed green. She took this too.
It wasn’t every day that she could the Director a good historical mystery to solve. She snapped a holo of the site before using her vibrosword as a fake machete to chop her way through the hanging vines where she swam to her canoe, stowed her muddied gear and began to make her way towards the island, making sure to tie her articles to a tree at the base of the ridgeline. Then, naked as the day she was born she began to use the sopping wet mud to its purpose, coating herself in the natural camoflauge before notching a bow and corded set of arrows across her back. Quietly she began paddling her way forwards towards her meeting with Malloc.
Moira had been forced to ditch her compass built into the chrono she usually wore on her wrist. But she didn’t need it to navigate her way to the island. The sun of Peppel rose in the east and set in the west, just like a good many other planets. It’s moons followed the same course, and it was them she used to guide herself now. Dawn was fast approaching, and she knew she needed to use her time as efficiently as possible.

Despite her training her mind whirled. Seeing the site behind her for the first time had briefly dislodged the single minded focus she had attuned to herself over the years. She knew she had to get her mind back on track.

Still though, that site was hard to forget, the sense of foreboding atmosphere which extruded from the bones, or that strange crystal she found with the droid. The place had spoken to her like shadows of a dark past that picked at her brain and wanted her to pay attention to it as she flipped the canoe and coasted to the shore of the island with it above her head in the water in order to disguise her profile. It was just a bump on the water, like any other creature’s back.
A buzzing insect crossed flitted across her sight, keening a buzzing cry as it passed. She tensed, and her mind snapped back into focus. One false step on the island would finish her. There could be mines, grenade traps, and vibrowire strung across trees that could tear her apart.

She froze in midstep as she heard movement to the side, footsteps coming close to the shore. She scrambled behind a tree trunk, just in time to avoid being spotted by a horned creature.
Though she counted herself lucky it was not a devaronian, but rather a local equivalent of an herbivore. At least she hoped it was a herbivore, long stilted legs, a nose sniffing the air for any sign of trouble, and a clear distinction of not having very sharp teeth seemed to make her think it was a grazing animal.

It moved away after a moment.

Breathing deep to get her bearing straight she called up the map she had worked the details of what she had seen, trusting her lack of natural fibers to be a boon against the massive sensor net she was inside, as the mud cooled her temperature down. All she had to do was remain unseen. Logic dictated Moira take out the enemy air capability, just in case Luciana had gotten her message in time to send down a few searchers, so she began to orient herself in that direction.
Slogging through the underbrush, ducking under branches , creepers, vines, and ferns Moira longed for a machete or a vibroblade of sorts, anything to make the journey easier. But such would be far too loud for a stealth mission. She did her best to stifle any grunting as she made her way north. Mud stood in depressions which filled as soon as she took a slopping step. Her bare feet finding purchase upon the harshness of the land.
The next kilometers were harrowing on her mind and body, and when she came to the first inkling grove of trees she slowed, pausing to rest behind a tall grey barked tree as missile chassis could be seen through the copse of trees. Ever alert for a sign of her quarry she began to scout the area, and then made her way forwards to take a lookat the scratch built system.
Her eyes hovered over a pair of wires, and then towards the direction the hut and the devaronian’s camp was in. She scanned the clotted trees, low palms and dense vegetation hanging from the branches before pausing to crouch. The light of the pre-dawn was coming up now.
In the distance, she could see her first glimpse of her quarry leaving the hut and heading in the opposite direction as her location.

‘Probably going out to hunt.’

As she watched his blurred form receding from her she began to make a survey of the area, darting forwards across a rope bridge that lead into the camp. It swayed as her weight was added to it, the wooden planks sagging underfoot. Many of them were rotting, and more than a few had fallen away two or three meters to the levied steps of what divided the lake and the camp.
She’d yank the power to the missiles later, for now she made her way into the camp, wrinkling her nose as she went first to look in the hut’s windows, spying a small workbench with a few parts upon it, including a ship’s key.

In the distance was a privy, outdoor, making her rationalize the hut had no outdoor plumbing.

A weakness in her target’s defense. She had been trained to exploit those well.

She didn’t dare attempt to enter the hut yet, already warned that it possessed its own security measures. Taken a look towards the freshwater pond, she saw the dock and wondered why there would be a dock on a freshwater lake if there were no boats into it. The skirted the shrubline, noting possible ambush sites and points of egress as she made her way to the dock.
In the back of her mind things were slowly coming together.
The dock was old and rickety, looking like it wanted nothing more than to finally collapse into the swamp's manmade lake and was waiting for the right opportunity to do so. Every step she took upon its wooden upon its wooden planks caused it to creak and sway lightly. Taking a peak over the water's edge her eyes lit up with a gleam at what she noted just below the water level. The shadowy depth she had seen from far away was an illusion, brought about by the presence of a ship hidden within.

The dock lead up to its topside maintenance hatch where the waterline gently covered up to just below the hull. She recognized the outline of the vessel. A Jumpmaster 5000. Interesting. It's presence was another interesting tidbit of informaton. The devaronian had landed it in the only freshwater lake around here.Judging by the hatchway, it was probably still used by Malloc for storage of his goods, and judging by the blood stains on the dock he might have put some perishables from his hunts inside. From above the water would fragment much of the vessel's reading from anyone searching for it from an altitude if they weren't skimming the tree tops.

And for any that were skimming the treetops, Moira was sure that was where the wreck of the MRBX Pacifier and missile launchers came in. For a moment, she was heartfeltly glad that she hadn't seen hide nor hair of Luciana's cavalry yet, as it would seem any shuttle they'd have had a rather large target on their backs as soon at it got near.

Yes, Indeed this Kardue'sai'Malloc was a crafty individual. As well as dangerous. He must have planned this hidey hole for years.

The only real problem she suspected of keeping a vessel below the waters so long was a matter of corrosion. Corrosion would open the way to a ton of microfractures in the craft's undersides. Not enough to prevent it from flying if it had fuel, but she certainly wouldn't risk riding in it out of the atmosphere as the hull might buckle an d collapse along those microfractures from the forces inherent from space travel. She imagined the man would take it to whatever spaceport he could and steal another ship. Or just try his luck to get to another planet whilst praying he didn't die from a catastrophic failure.

Thinking back to the datapad with the set of access codes she had seen through the window of the sentient's made shack, Moira smiled to herself as another bit of her plan came to fruition inside her mind. Just a bit of time before the Devaronian came back to his camp. She'd be waiting for him with a few surprises. Especially since he seemed to be dependent on those goggles and rifle she had seen him hunting with earlier. He must have a way into his own shack.

Then she remembered the dug outhouse she had seen.

Her grin widened, 'Yes, a trap was a perfect thing for Malloc indeed.'

As soon as Malloc was down, then she’d take the missiles offline to prevent him from noticing any sabotage. She went to douse herself in another layer of mud to keep her body temperature cooled from the infrared sensors, and moved to a better position as she began to do the most onerous tank that any former assassin knew too well.

She would bide her time. She began to wait.

Just after sunset, in the murky darkness she lay at an opportune point, still slathered in mud, as she watched her prey come back to camp, her fingers on her bow and arrow. The echani’s hawk like eyes watched him dawdle around the fire, cooking his meat from his hunt, and then return what he wanted to save inside the hut.

When it was dark, she got what she was counting on. Malloc snuck outside and made his way to the dug-out latrine.

It was time, the prey was in her grasp. All she had to do was catch him.
It had been a long day for Malloc, he had successfully brought back some game at sundown, skinned it’s hide and fleshed out the meat from impurities as he cleaned it. Then it was cooking by the fire, and retiring to his hut to drink until nature called.

Like the paranoid man he was, he had fished his goggles on and grabbed his trusty E-11 and made his way to his outhouse to let out a sigh of relief upon releasing his bowels. His diet of alchohol and game wasn’t the best, but it was a living. A life he had to live if Fett was after him. Thinking he might have taken a little too long he dried himself with a small scrap of leather he kept from his castoff piles and began to believe it was time to go back inside where it was warm. Finishing his business the Devaronian hiked up his pants and tied his belt. His eyes looking around through his goggles at the scenery before hefting his rifle back up to make his way towards his hut. Fett was coming for him. He knew that, so he’d take him first.

But maybe he wasn’t here tonight.

After about ten steps, his thoughts were broken by a sense of impact that spun him around coupled with a sharp pain in his thigh. Looking down he saw he’d taken an arrow through his right thigh. A guttural yell tore from his lips as he raised his blaster and fired randomly in a direction he thought the attack was coming from.

His thermals showed him nothing. Ripping off his goggles he stared out into the darkness as his constantly depressed the trigger of his E-11. He thought he could espy a bit of movement, but his chances of sighting down on his attacker ended quickly as a second arrow embedded itself in his right arm.

His rifle dropped from numb hands as he turned around and hobbled towards his wood pile to wrench his hatchet from the stump. He could hear the pounding of footsteps behind him as he turned and threw it only to see the shadow skid to the halt and dodge under the spinning blade.

He then grabbed the nearest weapon he could, a branch from the fuel pile only to grunt as the hatchet came flying out of the darkness to hit him in the shoulder. Silver blood began to coat his trousers as he was borne to a knee. Malloc ripped the hatchet out of his forearm and threw it at the shadow he saw flitting behind a tree, the hatchet embedding itself in the pulpy flesh as he stumbled grabbing at the branch with his left hand.

The pounding footsteps came closer at a run, and with a wild backswing he felt the impact of hidden whatever was after him as the dark figure rolled quickly to its feet before it sprang back at him, a roundhouse.blow coming to his temple took him to the ground as a foot kicked the branch aside and jumped back out of his reach. He was breathing hard and whimpering in pain. A whine of a rifle charging made him stop and mutter. “Alright I give. Dammit Fett, it must be you… How the hell did you find me?”

There was no reply as he tried to keep from doing anything that would make him become even more injured. Keeping his eyes down just to where he could see his attacker’s ankles. His mind pressed him some new information. The ankle he could see looked rather dainty for a mandalorian.

He looked up, seeing mud covered skin with curves until his sight ran up to the barrel of the rifle held by a waif of a girl slathered in mud. Cold blue eyes looked into his.

“By the Cold, I can’t believe I got caught by a wench like you. What are you? Aren’t you freezing?”
“Modesty has no place on the battlefield. I’m also an Echani. Goodnight while I tend your wounds as you’re worthless to me dead.”
“Fracking Schutta. I wish it was the Mandalorian.”
The discharge of the rifle’s stun round was the last thing he saw as blissful unconsciousness took him away from his pain.
When Malloc awoke he was in a familiar area of his jumpmaster 5000, his hands and feet bound with metal wire, bandages on his wounds. He tugged at one, only to find they would not come undone. Cursing, he sighed as a shadow slapped his cheeks lightly.
“It’s time to wake up now. I need a few questions answered.”
“I need a drink. Nothing from me till I get a drink.” Malloc said blearily.
“Maybe, if your good. From what I saw in bottles around your camp, I guess you like Merenzane Gold.”
“You’re right, I don’t want to die sober.”
“Is your name, Kardue'sai'Malloc?”
“Yes. Just kill me.” He uttered, blinking rapidly to clear his vision as the world seemed a blaring white. "Otherwise I'll still be alive when the quarra eat me. Able to sense it all."

His captor gave him a cold stare. “No, the bounty’s only good if you’re alive, that’s why I patched you up. Are you the one they refer to as the butcher of Montellian Serat?"
“That’s what they call me, but that’s not what I am. I was only following orders.”
“Oh, Enlighten me then.”

"The Empire ordered us to move on. To reinforce loyal troops, fighting just south of us. We were not to leave any troops behind as guards for the prisoners—and certainly we were not to leave any of them living." His voice was hoarse, he tried to explain himself. Chaos, he had tried to explain himself to himself many a time. It didn’t make it any better each time.
"They didn't tell you to execute the prisoners."
"They didn't have to. It took almost five minutes, girl. We put them in a holding pen and started shooting at them. They screamed and screamed and screamed. We just kept shooting until the screaming had stopped. I was following orders. Now where’s my drink?"
“Patience, just tell me a little about it: why?”
"Our orders came just after noon. The Rebels were believed to be moving north; I was to take my forces and intercept them. I was not to leave any of my forces behind as guards for the captured Rebels. The orders were no more specific than that…but they could not be misunderstood."

"Some would call that rather impersonal, the act of a monster." his captor said, arching an eyebrow at him. "Have you no guilt at all?"

“My people believe that to kill something, you must cherish it and love it as it dies. There is no barrier between you and the thing you are killing, and you die as you kill. Music is the only thing I know that feels the same way. The music surrounds me until I cease to exist. I die as I kill. It's what I live for. I'm glad my fathers are dead.” He pleaded, “At least unbury my collection of music. Share it with the galaxy. I have a friend in the University who could. The cache is buried in the yard two meters between the front door’s edge, and the fire pit. I have a shovel in the hut, you must have been there to get the keys to the ship.”

“You’re right on that count. I think that’s enough answers save one. I’ll get your music for you, and your alcohol. But then you should consign yourself to your fate. We’ll be reaching devaron in about seven hours.” Before she exited she turned around to ask a question, “By the way, I’ll be there at your execution by the quarra. So don’t think I won’t see this through till the end, but I have to know something first.”

“What is it?”
“Your friend, Calloc'Rashkani. , did he help you kill those civilians and sell a pair of echani into slavery?”

The devaronian had a puzzled gleam in his eye. “Why do you want to know? Is that what this is about? Some old echani wenches which disappeared years ago?”

First, I am an echani and we always get our revenge for family members. I want to know, because if he did, he’ll die next to you with the quarra so tell me the truth.”

Malloc looked at her, an finally relented. “Yeah, he brokered the deal for the echani girls to sell them to Thyrusus. Got a pretty good set of credits for them, Though I don’t think you’ll ever find him. I doubt even Fett could find him if you found me first.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I already have Rakshini in my hands. In fact you’ll be seeing him soon.”With those words the Echani walked almost out of his sight, “Oh I almost forgot. Nighty Night.”
“You devaronian males say the sweetest things to a lady.”
"Your no lady, just a scrawny little ru-"

Another stun blast came his way and he once more descended into darkness.

Less than a half hour later, the echani had dug up the stash of musical datachits, shut down the missile launchers and sensor net. Then she piloted the jumpmaster the thirty five kilometers back to the town where the Harmonia lay before cycling down the vessel’s reactor. She ordered the maintenance droid and the Verpine to attach some tow cables to vessel knowing full well if there was any chance of Fett trying to crash the party then she would have to leave no trace of her involvement behind. She had even taken the time to bring back her magnoculars and other equipment too, including her gift to Crystala, leaving nothing but prints in the mud as she left the swampy world behind.

Malloc was installed right in the medbay next to the armless Rakshini and she dispassionately told the forced parapalegic what his fate would become before venturing to check on the child Elli, who was now sleeping in the passenger cabin after a dip in the rejuvenation tank. Twenty minutes later, the craft was lifted off by the asteroid belt of the Peppel system the Harmonia and the towed jumpmaster were ushered into the berth’s of Endivain’s modified cc-9600. A few minutes laterr, the ship winked into hyperspace headed for Devaraon but not before an encoded message had been sent to Ciel to begin her negotiations.

Regardless if Ciel's actions to arrange a meeting to discuss things for Laret Doravon were successful, Moira would be arriving on the Devaronian homeworld in six hours to hand over Malloc after the transfer of five million credits to her accounts.

Personally she thought politics would rather block it, as the devaronians were likely to want to execute a large group of prisoners with Malloc as a show of strength to the galaxy. Especially with the NIF conducting negotiations there. But that was neither here nor there as Ciel was more then welcome to make the attempt.

During the wait, Moira instructed S.I.N.’s crew to begin searching the Harmonia for any smuggler’s quarters while she took a show as well as to pass a message that she would be talking to Luciana in about thirty minutes if she would have time. Anything they found, she explaines should be copied to be sold to ISIS in order to ascertain any data about the crimelord's networks in the sector he operated in.

Anything else useful was her property to claim and she'd be negotiating with Luciana for the fee for their services if anything was found. All under the watchful eye of 'Five' and the Verpine of course. She told Meer to watch S.I.N's behavior as they were the security of the company she would hopefully be negotiating to get him an interview with.

The girl on the other hand was still asleep.

An hour into transit she had been informed the crew of the CC-9600 found some paperwork in a small cache and brought it to Moira’s attention after she had the droid watch them for a bit. Paperwork she’d soon be addressing with Luciana as it raised an opportunity for many more credits. Onboard the Harmonia, still strapped in at the medical bay, Malloc had woken up to find several bottles of his favorite drink hooked up to a bib and a bit of plastic tubing he could suck on to imbibe the liquor.

He didn’t spend a minute of the hyperspace journey sober… Neither did Rakshani as they blearily talked to one another while drunk. Discussing old times, and what a bitch their lives had turned out to be.

Four hours after they would have already reached Devaron, an anomaly would occur in the Peppel system with a blast of Cherenkov radiation. The tell tale signature of a ship dropping out of hyperspace. It’s engine’s corresponded with a AIAT/i gunship which soon descended into the atmosphere, a blaze of heat marking its passage. Though the occupant wouldn’t find anything about Malloc’s whereabouts, he or she might find out that the next day the bounty had been turned in, and the bounty hunter kept anonymous.

Suffice to say, it wasn’t a good day for whomever that passenger was. But our story continues with the meeting between one Luciana Endivain, and Moira Drakengard, discussing an interesting possibility which had been found on the way to Devaron.

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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“… and that’s when I arrived here. So what do you think of those documents we found?” She finished in as docile tone as possible, noting the woman at the other end of the table giving her a stern glare.

About a half hour before the meeting with Luciana had left Moira staring a little dazed and disoriented before the mirror of the Harmonia’s refresher, barely able to think straight as she had just gotten out of the sonic shower in a hurry for two very good reasons: sonics hurt when they weren’t correctly calibrated for the person and they made the slightest of cuts ache with pain.

That left Moira staring in the mirror, with her hair stuck to her face in some places with a mixture of blood and sweat, the flawless white stained a bloody red against pale flesh. She had dampened a towel and tried to get as much off her, taken a dose of painkiller for a headache, yet her efforts hadn’t been completely successful to get the blood out of her hair by the time she was brought before Luciana. The woman made a point to stare at the small red splotch as Moira began to recite how things had developed.

There was an obvious amount of disapproval in the air. “You realize I’ll be making a call to Crystala about your actions right?”

Moira furrowed her brow and nodded, suddenly unsure of herself as Luciana gestured to the other person in the room to read something on a datapad. It was her secretary, though at the moment Moira couldn’t remember her name over the pounding in her head. “In regards to the possibility proposed, we’ve found that Rejic owned all the shares of Talishorn Shipping, outstanding amount due in taxes is approximately two million credits. A listing of impounded resources seems interesting for us to consider what is present. We’ve also got a listing of the potential value the company’s hardware is and I can safely say it’s presently noted at about twelve million, to thirteen million credits as a whole or seven to eight at liquidation. Namely because of ships and vessels owned.

For starters, the man might have been a crook, but he was a savvy businessman, at the top of the list were five vessels he kept as security for chaperoning his larger transports. Two Etti class light transports were the top of the list and three Gozanti Cruisers. Followed by ten ILH-KK Citadel Class civilian cruisers, any other needs like starfighter escorts he shipped out to short term mercenary forces. Then we get to the bulk of the shipping.

All in all a respectable security force for a company that size, but moderately less than most shipping companies employ when they reach the mark of being in the top twenty shipping lines in a sector. As for his merchant forces, this is where things get a little interesting.

In large transports his company had six Mark-III class bulk transports he converted with shields and water tanks to do water runs to desert worlds. These were what made the bulk of his larger transports with the lower end filled out by various models of medium transports, most noticeably about thirty Loronar medium transports, two space master medium transports, and a few on this list that are kept in the Corva sector’s impound lots. I’d say we have a month to file the paperwork, but I’d say if we take the chance the sooner we act is the better option than waiting.”

A copy of the datapad was given to both Moira and Luciana, She took a quick glance and whistled, “I always wanted a Shooting star, those things are fast.”

Luciana just cleared her throat, and Moira quickly martialed her nerves again. It was odd, how of the two sister’s the cyborg was the one that seemed quicker to admonish her speaking out of turn. But she didn’t mind that so much, Luciana was a welcome addition to her life even if she was tough with her and Mikka sometimes.

“To finish, it might be worth an effort to procure those resources. Now onto other news, our doctor’s checked Moira’s guests and the girl needs a proper hospital, and some psych therapy for her ordeal.”

“And just how did a child get such injuries?” Luciana asked before giving Moira the long stare.

Moira winced but plucked up her courage.”She and the verpine were being held as slaves, so the slavers did some really horrible things. Is there anything else you need from me? I’d like to nod off for an hour before we hit Devaron. Don’t worry, they’re mostly dead, I know you hate slavers as much as I do.”

“Well, that’s one thing we agree with.Maybe you do need a nap and as a side note: you’ll be taking these two passengers with you to a hospital on the planet.”

Moira’s eyes widened, “I thought you might want to interview the Verpine for a job?”

The secretary cleared her throat and was the one to answer. “I’ll explain that as the Boss explained it to us before this meeting. Verpines are good engineers, and he’d get an interview like anyone else, but not until the child’s been tended to. Besides, it will be more convincing for the ruse to have them with you to present a genuine face. A real reason for a visa to their angel district if things don’t pan out with the trade. The boss also wanted to know what you’d do with these documents if we at S.I.N didn’t try to take the opportunity?”

Moira nodded to the secretary speaking as plainly as possible, “Well, I’d probably make a bid myself and get the resources home to Echan, the reason I wanted to give Miss Luciana and Miss Ciel a crack at this first was because I think I owe them. Aunty’s family after all, some of the only one I have left.”

“That may be true, but I still will be speaking to Crystala about some mistakes you’ve made here. Particularly some reckless ones. Go get some sleep and be ready for Devaron, we arrive in two hours.”

Moira winced, swallowed heavily and nodded politely in her ‘Aunt’s’ direction. She recognized a dismissal when she heard one, so she turned about on her heel and left the conference.
At the docks on Devaron:

After a brief nap, and a discussion with Devaron authorities to have a group waiting at the docks, Moira maneuvered the vessel into a hangar. A minute later she walked down the loading ramp, pushing her prisoner ahead of her. A single bottle of the man’s favorite brandy clipped to her belt loop, right next to the holster of weapons. A small group had been prepared to meet her, and she stopped slightly away from them.

“Yes, that’s him, that’s the one who sired me. Chaos take him!” A woman cooly said before turning around to the attaché that had been waiting for the Harmonia’s arrival.

The robed politician was flanked by several guards and bowed her head towards Moira’s party. “Please tell our mutual friends that we are unable to assist in their request right now. As a political move the Prime Minister is pressing for early executions of several criminals to make a statement.”

Moira blinked once, then again before she composed herself. Apparently there was a snag in Ciel’s plan, and she wondered if the woman had made out okay. “Well, it’s really none of my business as I’m a legitimate bounty hunter, my family’s been going after war criminals for years and we keep ourselves clean by not going after any illegal contracts.”

The Devaronian female looked at her with a raised eyebrow, “I thought you would be disappointed in this result? The minister of the interior couldn’t sway the prime minister to make the exchange.” The unspoken word being that this aide must have thought she was associated with the NRI cover story.

The echani shrugged and gave the woman an exaggerated wink, “Not really, I half expected it with the politics, let’s just say the negotiator was just a friend of a friend sort of thing, one I owed a favor to for helping me track down the last war criminal I went after. I still get paid either way for my work bringing this one in. Call my involvement, a professional courtesy in these regards even though I did most of the work.”
The Attache to the minister nodded succinctly, “Very well, I can understand that much at least. Now, are you ready to hand him over?”

A smile flitted across her features, “Am I ready for my credits you mean now that he’s been identified?”
“Yes, but what account? It will take a few minutes to process.”

Moira handed the attaché a datapad with an account number. “No worries, It’ll take a few minutes for us to wait a little for things to go through as you and the officer sign the receipt and proof of capture documents while we wait. Besides your signing for three bounties right now. I have two other devaronian captures to turn in.” The attaché looked at her a moment, and blinked. “As I said, I’m a legitimate business woman here, and one was Malloc’s subordinate and the other a criminal. The criminal’s dead, and the subordinate is literally disarmed and not capable of running off. Both Males were pretty violent in their times. You have Calloc'Rashkani at 30,000 alive for questioning about the warcrimes of those he served with and he already mentioned he had taken part of that to me. Then there’s his associate Kajenko, who was at 15,000 credits dead.”

The attaché hmmed to herself a moment, “I see males are a troublesome breed for us, where are these two others you are turning over?”

“Well, the officer might follow me to secure Calloc’Rashkani if the verpine doesn't bring him out soon. He’s in the medbay of my ship, and the other… well.” She reached behind her a moment to the bag she carried and held it out for the attaché to grab with just a warning. “Don’t look inside if your squeamish. The head’s the only thing left after he attacked me.”

If a red skinned woman could pale, Moira wouldn’t tell anyone else in the galaxy about it. However the attaché motioned for one of the guards to take the bag as her datapad pinged a message. A receipt telling her that the proof of capture had been sent to the holonet with the minister expediting the transfer, and that she now was the proud owner of five million republic credits.
It was at this point she turned Malloc over, and handed him the last bottle of his preferred beverage. She looked at him coldly, “I’ll be there at your execution, you can count on that.”

The captive looked at her a moment with a strange look on his face, then he nodded once before being dragged off by the guards.

In the meantime, the verpine brought out the other living prisoner, and the guards winced when they saw the parapalegic being thrown onto a gurney. “This one is Calloc’Rakshini. I believe I’m owed thirty thousand as his testimony will have your case against Malloc even stronger. Perhaps you’d string them up together when you feed them to the quarra?”

The attaché smiled at that, “Yes, and maybe toss the head in to when they execute Doravan as well. The prime minister wishes to send a very strong political message, both to the republic and the Federation wih a mass feeding , that we of Devaron will not tolerate crimes like they have committed. By any faction or race, even our own.”

Moira shrugged noncommittally, ”As long as I get my credits.”

There was another ping saying forty five thousand credits had been entered into the same account.

“Thank you for your business, do you have any other matters to attend to with the devaronian government at this time and will you be present for the executions? The minister of the Interior asked me to hold you a seat, she would have been here herself save she's... overlooking some tenuous negotiations.”

Moira nodded her assent and gave the representative a smile, “I would like to take you up on the offer, the only other thing I'd like to suggest is a visa to the Angel district so I can get some medical attention for me and a victim I rescued. A young girl I suspect was enslaved, beaten , and well… had worse things done to her I wouldn’t want to wish on any female. I need to get her checked out, and by the way, when are the executions?”

The devaronian attaché smiled a bloodthirsty smile, “Alright, I’ll grant you permission for the visa. As for the executions, they’ll be held in three days. Malloc and his associate’s trial will be rather quick, Just in time to join the other batches of criminals we have going to the quarra!”

Moira returned her smile with a shrug, one hand going up to the red blotch of dried blood in her hair. “I’m kinda beat up as well. Do you mind if I accompany the girl and the verpine to the hospital for a checkover. I might need a stitch or two.”

“Of course,” the attaché gestured to the medivac , “The one you requested before landing is over there. There’s also someone who says she’s a friend of yours waiting for you out in the corridor.”

Moira arched an eyebrow as the guards took the prisoners away and shoved them into an airspeeder in chains. “Thank you, I won’t take up more of your time madame. Please tell the minister of interior if there’s any job or testimony she needs of me during my time here to not hesitate to ask.”

“Of course, I even have taken the liberty of booking you a room at the attached hotel during your stay. It’s the least we can do in case we need you later. “ The attaché said before she nodded and left.

Moira turned towards the hissing of doors opening, a flash of blonde hair clued her into whom was waiting for her as she heard a shout, “Moiri Bruri!”

Swallowing once, she made herself stay calm as a pair of a blonde’s arms encircled her form. She sighed with a bit of exasperation as she patted her friend and sister of sorts on the head, “Hello Thells, so what brings you around since I thought you were home?”

A small voice in the back of her mind whispered that Thellis’ presence was not a good thing at this juncture. Usually because it meant their newest ‘mum’ was keeping tabs on her.

Coupled with the idea of Aunt Lucy giving Miss Crystala a call, that could never be good. The very thought of both agreeing to give her a hard time made her shudder.

Eventually, after a brief conversation and introduction to Meer and the girl, Elly. Thellis almost cooed over the little girl’s state, but Moira quickly sent Mikka on her way to mind the ship. She did not want to have one victim being reminded of their own past with another victim’s tragedy. Though she gave her her comsignal, along with a notation of where the hotel room was that she was going to be staying at till the execution. As well as instructions to begin protecting the credits.

She’d give Ciel and Luciana their cuts later, if they ever decided to get back to her on her other idea. For now though, it was time to wind down, and relax a bit. Then the echani climbed in the medical shuttle with Meer and Elly. Twenty minutes later it touched down at a hospital in the Angel District and so began the long and boring process to hurry up and wait.

Mission Time: +0:00:00
Time till execution: 72:00:00… 71:59:59…71:59:58…

Within the Angel District of Montellan Serrat…
She had stayed for as long as she could with Meer and the young Mandalorian but eventually fatigue, and a short visit with a doctor on her own to get a scan of her skull was enough to wipe her out. She stumbled her way across an accessory bridge to the hotel in the Angel district and stumbled her way to throw her jacket on the bed before making her way to the refresher.
She was pleasantly surprised at the hot water from the taps and tried to center herself with a short shower before drying herself off before donning her clothes back on. Her attention was taken long enough to notice something important. The sound of a local news broadcaster coming from the holoscreen drifted it’s way to her ears.

…IN CURRENT NEWS, Reports from the Corva Sector show a raid upon a Passenger liner has successfully thwarted a terrorist incident resulting in the deaths of over a hundred involved, the republic officers have been praised for their swift action in resolving the issue. In local news, the trial of Laret Doravon has been scheduled for tomorrow, if a guilty verdict is decided upon his execution is scheduled for three days from now by quarra…”

This was a problem, she hadn’t turned on the holotube.

Someone else was in the hotel room. She turned the water back on, just in case. Thinking it might be Mikka she tiptoed to the door, and opened it a crack to espy a figure with red hair sitting and watching the holo. Drawing her blaster she set it to stun and slowly padded her way towards the intruder.

Mission Time: +02:00:00
Time till execution: 71:00:00… 70:59:59…70:59:58…

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Three steps away from his back the man spoke to her, “You realize that’s unnecessary Miss Drakengard. I’m just here for a chat. Besides, if you do fire, I can guarantee my partner won’t let you out of here, and is more than likely to truss you up like a tarentian turkey. She’s got a great sense of aim at sniping.”
She pointed the gun at the unknown man’s head and weighed her options. The fact the man identified he had a partner meant he wasn’t alone, even now she might be in someone’s sights. With a bit of ire in her voice she pointedly said. “You know it’s not polite to sneak into a young lady’s room when she’s in the shower.”
“I didn’t look, and just waited here after getting rid of the bugs. Besides, I was told to say your ‘mother’ needs you to help with an errand.”

Moira’s eyes narrowed at the intruder. “Okay: two questions… the first is; who are you?”
The man smiled disarmingly as possible. “I’m ISIS of course. Now would you please lower the weapon. We got a lot to do.”
“Prove it.”
The man flashed the daggers of the ISIS insignia after taking it out from a compartment on his wristchrono. “This enough? I also have a letter from the director waiting for you at the marshalling point. Though I have to point out that’s only one question you asked.”

“Of course, the second one is whether this will this detract from me appearing at Malloc’s execution like these Devaronians wanted me to be there?”
“Probably not. One of our female agents is ready to act a body double for you here at the hotel if necessary. As for getting paid, that depends on how good your work is. The Director suggested you personally to ‘keep you out of trouble and not to have you doing anything rash on your own.” The man said as he shrugged, “ Anyways, we’re a little behind schedule so do you mind if we settle the details where we need to go.”

“Just stay in front of me till I see this holo of yours. I’m not too thrilled of Mum asking me to to switch horses in mid stream if I was supposed to be helping Aunty on her operation.”

“Understood. Now can we get a move on? As soon as we leave, my partner will take over things here to keep an eye on things. You’ve stirred up quite the hornet’s nest.” the man asked.

Moira simply motioned him to the door, wondering whether this was a setup or not as the agent began to lead her on a winding trail through the city, she guessed in an attempt to either confuse her, or to lose any potential followers.

Mission Time: +04:00:00
Time till execution: 69:00:00… 68:59:59…68:59:58…

Moira planted her feet at the top of the entrance to the sewer and stubbornly refused to move. It was pitch black at the base of the entrance. It also reeked enough to make her gag.

”I’m not going.” She stated.

The agent behind her cleared his throat. “And why not?”
”It’s dark; it’s creepy, and probably crawling with monsters.”

Shecould see a look of exasperation flit across the red haired man’s face before he rolled his eyes. “That’s why we already have a team of people down there with a few commandos that are very well armed. Now come on, time’s wasting and there’s no such thing as monsters.”

“Says you. I know better; they’re called sithspawn; though in this case I’m thinking it will be more like hungry rogue quarra scurrying down there knowing my luck.”

The agent narrowed his eyes at her, and stomped back up a few rungs of the accessway. “Look you want to get into the alternate route right? Including asking the director for permission to get you in to take the V-DQAE, right?” the man questioned.

Pulling her rifle to her chest Moira nodded suspiciously.

“No one is going to care if you’re ‘scared’ to go on any future missions.”
”I didn’t say I was scared, only that it was creepy and my instincts are telling me it’s a bad idea.”
“I didn’t take you for a superstitious type.”
”I’m not superstitious either. So what about the V-DQAE you were mentioning?”
“Well if you want to stay here, I’m sure we can go do things alone. You’re just here to help, besides if you do decide to buck up and get to work here the Director said she’d put your name in for the next D-QAE rotation.”
Moira sighed as memories flashed through her head about the least time she’d done something she deemed reckless. Playing around in sewers that local wildlife had probably made a nest in was one of the things she’d labeled ‘be cautious’ a long time ago. Still … if it was Miss Cryssie guaranteeing her a chance there was a good reason for her to take it, despite her fatigue. She could see the agent was getting impatient. Of course refusing to go forward could get her kicked out of a lot more opportunities in the future if she folded. Only a few words she could say right now to sum up what she was thinking. ”Force damnit all. Fine. The agent smiled.

But I swear if we get eaten, I’ll haunt you.”The agent smirked and descended back down into the darkness. Moira scrambled to follow him until her feet hit the floor of the sewer system. Her boots tread into something squishy which seemed par for the course for the past few days. All planets had scum around, normally green or brown scum dependent upon the minutiae of what it was from but still it would be scum.
”So what exactly is my objective and where is that sneaking suit you told me I’d need?”
“The suit’s up ahead with the commando team that’s placing the demo charges to make your entrance route. You’ll be coming up under the prison in one of the storerooms. The objective your to do is to enter the prison block’s control room and input a program that will open all the doors except those in the isolation ward and get out.”

”That’s it? Nothing more?”

“Not really expecting anything more from you, but if you see an opportunity to capitalize to help out one of our specfor people try to reach the target then I’ll leave it up to you to make that decision. I’ll have a link over the subspace com to you. The commandos storming the place to get the target out is the last resort due to the negotiations currently underway. Your priority is not to be recognized at all as you have to be at the execution on time as a last resort for us to be sure we neutralize the target’s threat if we can’t take him alive. That’s why we agreed to put a body double for you at the hotel after we swept it for bugs, remember?”

Yeah , she remembered alright. The hotel had also been given a couple of expensive bottles of wine for her to peruse which she had put aside to have scanned. A ‘gift’ from the devaron government for bringing in their most wanted criminal. Truthfully she wondered if the devaronian minister who had sent them had realized she was too young to drink. If they were good, maybe she’d give them to Miss Crys. But she shook her head to get back to the task at hand. ”All right, just open the doors and let the others get to have fun and get out. I can do that. Should be easy and I hope you have a holo of who I might need to help out.”

The whole area was dark, but was accompanied by the unsteady flicker of tiny pinpricks of light within the few wall ensconces which did little to help her vision. Their presence only served to make her eyes alternate between low visibility and total darkness. Walls were all covered in dirt and rust, the ground littered with rubbish and slime. Rats and other alien pests scuttled around as they detected her and the agent’s foreign presence.

The place looked like shite and smelled like piss; just like the majority of other sewers in old cities where time and space needs had broken down old infrastructure to create a hodgepodge of pipes, culverts and drainways. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. So the echani just began to follow after the agent. Though she forced herself to make an effort to shrug off her growing paranoia and fatigue for a bit in order to try to stay watchful for any signs of a trap.

“Are we there yet?”

“Of course. It’s up ahead.” The red haired man said before walking forwards in the darkness, his path lit by a glowbulb.

If anyone ever asked her later; she would deny it: but she definitely quickened her pace so the agent, and the only steady light source, didn’t leave her behind. The place was still creepy, and she surely didn’t want to have to touch the rest of the slime on the walls either.

It wasn’t long till they came to a drainage culvert, the sludge and waters falling a long ways down past a grated central platform where she noticed four figures ready and waiting with an equipment locker. To the side was a datapad or two hooked up to a mini holoprojector that held a map of the prison facility.

It seemed like more and more this was looking like a legitimate operation and less a setup… unless it was her ’mother’ setting her up this time for some reason. ‘No, she wouldn’t doubt Crystala. Not at this point even if the Endivain’s seemed to think she and Thellis were often times a burden. “What’s your name by the way? I can’t just keep calling you agent, right?”

The man paused a moment before looking at her for a small length of time. Appraising her. Finally he spoke, “Come on I’ll introduce you to the rest of the team as you’re working with ISIS on this one for some … what does the director call it? ‘Spending money.’ I’ll also boot up that holo now. All you have to do is take the remote to let it read your biosignature and we’re good to get started. As for me; It’s Mortist, Loran Mortist, but friends of mine tend to call me Loki.

Mission Time: +06:00
Time till execution: 68:00:00… 67:59:59…67:59:58…

It wasn’t a holo. No, it was a communication. Or at least it felt like one, unless her 'mum' was more clairevoyant then she thought. Moira felt herself squirm as she stared into two flashing orbs of color as the director cooly stared down at her with crossed hands underneath her chin.“Tell me, are you incapable of tying up loose ends? Specifically, how can you trust two sentients you just met?”
“I thought they could be useful at the time.”
“No, you just don’t think you could have brought yourself to kill them and put yourself further in danger.”
“But I-“
“I already got a message from your ‘Aunty’ about your reasons, pretty much word for word. As it stands I think your actions were foolish and still are. Too much risk; not just to yourself but to others as well.” Crystala’s image commented.
“But I was the only one in the field at the time,” Moira flinches, as if the words were a stiff blow across her face.
“Yes, you were in the field so to speak, but your mission parameters meant you wouldn’t stay there the entire time. I think a little reminder of your own mortality is needed here.”
With those words, Moira began to be shocked by a stun blast from the remote she was holding as the Director’s far off voice continued, “Don’t ever do something so foolish again. My sister and I have something in common. We don’t spend time making detailed plans because we have time to spare. I actually sent you her way as a means to try to keep yourself out of trouble for awhile, but you have the talent for breaking a situation apart in ways no one can consider.”

Lightning arced over the control branching up Moira’s arm and causing her to stumble. Soon enough she toppled to the stone grate and landed flat on the cold metal. Soon enough the charge in the remote subsided and she was left on the floor as Crystala’s holoimage continued speaking.” That’s a gift when it concerns your enemies, but not when it concerns your allies, friends and family. We make such plans so we have less to worry about and fewer things will go wrong. I expect you when you’re helping my family out or on an errand for me that you follow the orders you’re given. I expect you to keep others informed before you go and rashly make decisions on your own. There are times to improvise, but only when you don’t have other options. You should have called in support when you reached the world Malloc was on, and waited. She could have sent a squad as backup. With the circumstances there it wasn’t likely Mallo was going anywhere and she could have gotten more out of the situation. Especially since after you left Pappel we caught a glimpse of several other bounty hunters there including a few ones with famous reputations. In short, use your head first next time and don’t overreach yourself again. “

The Director’s cold eyes flashed from red to a sedate blue. “I promised you when I took you in, I’d break those habits of thinking that get you into so much trouble from your past life. For now, I’m putting you in a place where my agents can keep an eye on you and you can be useful. If I hear a good report, then I’ll get you into the D-QAE as you wanted to help iron out some of the kinks you still have from your prior conditioning, but don’t screw this up, Moira. There’s others in the Federation that think you’re still more trouble than your worth and blatant actions on your own like this are worrisome. I can’t protect you from yourself or them if you go over the line too many times. Do you Understand?”

Moira shakily nodded her head and dropped the remote as it went dead.”

“Good, make sure there’s not a next time. At least this time you can capitalize and keep a low profile till Malloc’s execution. There’s also the fact Luciana has assured me her plans to launder the money are already completed. I put your share into your ‘rainy day’ account already. “

Moira could see Crystala sigh, “Don’t get in over your head again. Or the next time I might actually have to use some force lightning to discipline you for bad behavior. Or perhaps dunk you in cold water if you’re like a cat you troublesome child. Consider this an order: Be good, and don’t die out there.”

The holo shut itself off, leaving the four commandos and the red haired agent looking around at each other for a moment in silence before one broke the ice. “Well, that was somewhat morbidly amusing. The director is as scary as some of the stories make her out to be by that little display.” One of the commandos said.

Moira just coughed, cursed under her breath and rose to join the group. Standing she brushed off her clothes which were still smoking a little. She wasn’t angry at Crystala. The attack was more of a warning and meant as a lesson than something that would seriously hurt her.

The red haired agent just shrugged and cleared his throat as he toggled a few buttons on his datapad. ”Anyways, it’s time to get to work. If you take a look at the holo projector, the facility has thermal sensors built into key points of its infrastructure to ward off escapees. There’s no way more than one person can sneak past the guards undetected in the ductworks without one of our infiltration suits. However, since we have them, it should let us have a few options others might not necessarily try.
The plan is to use the sewers and blow a hole into the permacrete using sonics to come up under this store room right here.”
At the agents words the holoplot zoomed in on a portion of the building’s sublevels. Highlighting a single blocky box in green as the red haired man continued. “From this storeroom we can have our asset gain access to the ductworks, and ascend their way up three levels until they reach the floor with the prison’s main control room. Our priority is to slip a program into the main motherboards controls that with a few exceptions will open all the doors in the facility, including all the cell blocks save for the isolation wing. Then our asset just gets out as their priority as one of the commandos breaches the corridors to get to our target. However, there are a few snags in this plan.”

Moira arched an eyebrow at the agent, “What snags are you talking about and I presume I’m the asset you’re talking about?”

One of the other agents in the room immediately objected, “Excuse me , Sir. But is it safe to rely on this asset of ours , considering the risk of the ducts and her current status with the Director? Do we really have time to play babysitter here as this isn’t the Observer? Besides, the ducts in the facility are too complicated, too many dead ends, and turns. She could get lost in there until she dies of thirst.”

Mortist was about to open his mouth when the echani went to speak for herself, “I can do this. I’m not heavy , I’m smaller in size, I make less noise and I can navigate well. All you have to do is give me the schematics.” She looked at the others, her eyes almost challenging them to disagree.

A minute of silence passed before the red haired agent began to speak again. “Objection noted and logged, Cremsey. However, her past certainly qualifies her for the job. Though most of it is classified, I’d simply suggest that you consider her like a half trained royal guard and leave it at that. Still capable, but still learning the ropes. Now, onto the snags! The first is a specops agent has already infiltrated the facility. However, he’s currently amidst the prisoner population as a prisoner, not as a guard. Apparently he decided to go punch his way into being arrested.”
At this point a name and a face appeared on the holo. Moira committed them to memory

Moira arched an eyebrow at that, “Is he a priority for extraction?”

“No, the mark’s intel is the first priority, we cannot allow Bilbringi’s security to be compromised by letting it into NRI hands. That means the Prisoner is the second priority and the specops is the secondary. The data is too valuable to be compromised which means we are authorized to terminate the prisoner if necessary. Your role however is just to get in and get the doors open. “

“Understood.” Moira replied demurely.
“Okay, what’s the second snag?” one of the agent’s said.

“There’s a whole lot of freelancers and mercs swarming the streets and it appears they plan to be doing their own thing, even if it means staging a full scale assault. Due to the trouble, we’ll move in five minutes to begin the operation instead of waiting for nightfall as we first planned. Breach should be in twenty minutes. As for our ‘asset’ there’s an infiltration suit and coms gear in the locker over there, go change behind the screen and get ready to memorize your route quickly. I’ll have a datapad for you if necessary. From this point on, consider your priority to get out without being noticed. That’s all.”

The echani just gave the man a nod and ventured towards where she had been told to go. Behind her, the four commandos muttered to themselves as they began to get ready for a hastened operation.

Mission Time: +07:00
Time till execution: 67:00:00… 66:59:59…66:59:58…

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Moira finished pulling on the gloves of the EX-2 CCIS, flexing her fingers to ensure the snugness of the material. The only two courses for ISIS Crystala had asked her to take were basic familiarization classes. She had been able to use this equipment before on a mission to assist ISIS operatives, but only once after being briefed on it's capabalities. The suit was the first generation model. After it had come the Cybernetic Infiltration Suit (CIS), and something she had heard other agents on the mission refer to as a 'Camolean.' Though she wasn't quite sure of the details involved in the latter two.

She knew every ISIS agent was trained on the Ex-2 first, after all considering the technologies involved on the other two were much harder. The Integrated Combat Cloaking Device (CCD), Integrated Cool-X437 System , Integrated Sound Supression System (SSS) , Integrated Organic Tactical Sensor Suite (OTSS) , Integrated Osiris INT Tactical Display (OINT) ,Petersen Heat Dispersion System (PHDS) , Numerous ammo and supply pouches, and Two gun holsters were quite enough for her so long as the four disks covered the optimal coverage to keep her from being noticed she was fine with it's used. Not the best, but not the worst.

The only problem she could say was the plumbing connections. But that was an entirely different matter. A smartchrono over her left wrist completed the ensemble. When she had emerged from behind the screen to join the infiltration team she noted them in similar gear as one of the agent's spoke up.

"If the rookie brat's ready. I'd hope we can move out now Mortist. May we begin the operation?"

"Permission granted, Cremsey. You're on point like we discussed."

Without further ado, the six began to make their way deeper into the tunnels. She and the man known as Mortist brought up the rear. As they began to make their way towards the operations area, the echani noted they passed an open electrical box and some rigged demo charges. But that didn't really concern her.

However it seemed the agent noticed her observations and spoke softly to her. "Just some insurance, they're not explosives though, more like filled with ceramic based foam that quickly hardens. All to prevent anyone from following or casualties from collapsing buildings. The mix is kind of untraceable as well as it's commonly used as a fire suppressor with various manufacturers galaxy wide. Less loss of life here the better if the bigwigs can get Devaron to join them later."

Moira nodded, "I see, that's certainly efficient, and commendable."

"Can we cut the chatter? Mortist, we're moving to phase I. I already have the sonics planted up ahead with the catch net."

"Understood Cremsey. Continue operations at your discretion. We breach in five."

Moira waited for the rest to get ahead of them before asking a question. "Does Cremsey have a problem with me? Was there something I've done?"

"Not really, Cremsey just doesn't like not knowing an asset's loyalties. But that's understandable as he's had a recent Case Zero."

"Case Zero?"

"A Case Zero is a function of IntOrg, and for the most part IntOrg alone, though that seems to be changing, since the time of Admiral Matt. Normally it is undertaken to assure an officer's loyalty is assured and there is no treason involved in their actions. It's also undertaken in the presence of an Inquisitor, and a Royal Guard and the report is directly given to the S.C.O and the Emperor. The problem comes in the fact it can also be an immediate response to any operation that's currently underway if the mission is compromised in some way that treason, or an intelligence breach is suspected. It may be applied in other circumstances, for civilians it's usually the commisarriat but they've been getting too big for their britches in ISIS' opinion. As for when a royal guard is involved, well they have their own Intel branch for a reason. Technically we answer to them in a joint measure if a case zero goes underway."

"I see, so when you say it can be used, you mean even by or on personnel with IMEXCO?"

"Yes, No, and Not Exactly, the only exemption is if the operation is being run by the Emperor or the S.C.O directly as they're the ones the reports go to. Normally if it's a matter of where an operation is being run by another IMEXCO officer, they're asked to quietly step into a room with a table and two chairs, with a royal guard presently standing nearby. The Inquisitor can do a quick scan to ensure their loyalty first so the mission can be takenback on track as soon as possible.Any IntOrg agent is aware of a case zero possibility and has a right to implement it as an investigative protocol if their's immediate suspicions. That's why IMEXCO and ISIS contain Ready teams on hand that can hop right into a Control Teams seats and assist a newly cleared IMEXCO officer's to continue a mission while their staff is checked out.

This is because it's written directly into IntOrg's mandate that unlike the rest of the ISIS branches we are not to consider any IMEXCO personnel aside from the S.C.O. and the Emperor as part of our Direct Chain of Command. For instance I work for Davitrius Kurtren who is the established third in command of ISIS' IntOrg under Inquisitor Nelour, and Inquisitor Neptune. He's technically the Vice Director of IntOrg's Operations Manager. Above them is Vice Director Tiberius, and Director Endivain. Kurtren even oversees the 'kite' functions of IntOrg necessary to oversee the internal direction of ISIS elements in areas outside of Section K's dominion. The only two above the Director and Vice-Director are the SCO and the Emperor in IntOrg's chain of command."

Moira paused a moment, pondering the information. "So what would be considered a case zero to scrub a mission?”

"If a jedi showed up and was suspected of being involved with someone in IMEXCO, a high priority target of a traior, or a known accomplice of a traitor would show up. Though any agent who declares one against any IMEXCO personnel is told to expect a demotion, a pat on the back, and a slap on the wrist. Though in the case of a jedi, we usually cross-boundaries and assist in the dispatch of a member of the Inquisition with members of the Royal guards to track down such personages, namely the Shadow Guard divisions do the heavy lifting on such operations. Though that option can be called upon with a dangerous enough individual that enters an operations area. The IntOrg agent who calls it though should expect censure."

“Why’s that?”

“No one in IMEXCO would like their toes stepped on. The Declaration of a Case Zero Investigation and shutting down a mission for a dispatch of an inquisition is open to censure. It’s arguably a dick move from different organs of the federation having a dick measuring contest, but not as much as a dick move of someone getting out of jail free like that Cremsey used to enjoy. The mission would only be interrupted, not shut down completely.”

"So why would Cremsey be up for a case zero? And why would someone get out of jail free?"

"Let's me just say there might or might not have been a formerly classified department that went AWOL under it's head. Standing orders for repatriation of its operatives is to undergo a case zero investigation. Before that it was a delayed act, let them go and expect them to walk into a room with an Inquisitor at a black site somewhere at such and such a time, though the leaders of that department wanted to shift that function entirely to an internal measure. Not sure how that went though as details are scarce and it’s kind of an affront to the Royal Guards intelligence agency and IntOrg’s purpose for being in the first place.

Whatever the case Cremsey passed his Case Zero. He’s just here now to see if he can work well with others. So far, he's got the idea that other's may just hold him back, as this was a mission he thinks he could do himself. It's why I'm 'riding herd' on this operation. I have strategic command, but he has tactical. As far as I know, I was told that generally if one of those agent's underwent a case zero and was found to not be compromised their loyalty was rewarded, normally an Inquisitor taking them for a month or two of training if they were found to be force sensitive. Usually, from what I was told, wherever the VDQAE is held, though I'm not privy to the particular details."

"One minute till we get to the breach point, requesting silence unless over subspace coms. Somnambulation only. Requesting green light for infiltration in two minutes"

The HUD of the Ex-2 flashed a pip in the bottom right corner under Mortist's icon as he spoke. "Understood Agent, Cremsey. You have green light for infil, 2 minutes , over."

Mission Time: +07:30
Time till execution: 66:30:00… 66:29:59…66:29:58…

In a storeroom of the prison, a hissing sound of a sonic cutter could be heard at low volumes, the air was heated, and the ceramacrete of the floor was baking, as the entry point was being cut into. A large coin like circle of circle of material dropped down into a net that lowered it silently into the darkness below.

The ping of atmospherically pressured hooks imbedding themselves into the storerooms ceiling was next as climbing ropes were put in place. The only sound of six muffled thumps marked the ingress of a six member infiltration team. Two went to guard the door, and override the electronic lock as two others opened a grate into the ventilation ducts with a bit of sonic screwdriver and a prybar.
It was caught before it could hit the ground as one agent decloaked long enough to give a lift to a young asset to climb into the aperture.

Mission Time: +07:32
Time till execution: 66:28:00… 66:27:59…66:26:58…

“Alright, Your nearing the last part now. Be careful.”

The vents were uncomfortably hot, felt oppressively stuffy, horrible and downright dark.

Moira was starting to regret her decision of persuading Feron that she was more than capable of climbing inside of vents. She’d had her fair share of duct crawling before, but with her shoulder still sore this was turning out to be downright horrible.

Following the schematics provided she came to a t intersection and looked down at a grate where guards were passing through. A short right would be all that was needed for her to take the last junction which lead to the control room of the prison’s eastern cellblocks. She made a right turn and was about to follow them when she realized something.

The vent ended in a dead end about ten meters from her with no grates or offshoots to see.

Thanking the efforts of the borrowed subspace communicator she had to voice her ire in a harsh whisper. “ Damnit. Loki. How old were these schematics anyway?”

“A few years old. Why?”

“Because my path’s blocked and I can’t look at these schematics you gave me without second guessing their reliability.”

“Ferfiek.” The voice swore. “Any other routes you can take?”

She looked left and crawled her way a few meters, “There’s a possibility. But it’s in the opposite direction and it looks like it branches out like the spokes of a wheel in every cardinal direction. The whole thing’s like a bloody maze.”

She wished she could wipe the perspiration off her forehead that was beading underneath the suit’s mask. She could almost feel parts of the suit’s inner layers sticking to her flesh while the middle layers tried to remain cooler temperatures to fool any sensors in the ducts into thinking she was the level of a common rat. That’s how these suits worked after all.

“Maybe you should head back to the storeroom and exfiltrate, we’ll call it a scrub.”
“Over your dead body.’’
“Look kid, it’s either that, or you make your way through kilometers of hot stuffy, cramped ventilation ducts while trying not to get lost or die of thirst.”

“I can do this.” Moira insisted, “I Just might need to become mobile in the hallways is all. The main corridors say I’m less than twenty meters from where I need to be. If necessary, I might find a maintenance hatch closer to where I need to go to get in that way.”

“Or you could run right into a group of guards, and have your visually camoflauged idiot self compromise everything.”

“Worse comes to worse, I think I could cause a disturbance and get away. No risk, equals no reward and we’re on a time limit here. I’m asking permission to go to the corridors and sneak my way in.”

There was a pause on the other end of the communication, “Alright, you have permission if you need to get out of the ducts get out. But don’t go for the other option. Your stats are already through the roof as they are. The last thing we need is for you to act like an idiot and pass out in the ducts, because no one could get you out of there breathing.”

“Sounds sensible, corridors it is. Let’s just hope I don’t screw up.”
“For your sake, Yes. You get the door’s open, Cremsey goes after the primary and secondary if the SpecFor can’t mobilize.”

“Sounds like you have backup plans.”
“In my organization , we always have backup plans. Now get to it.”
“Yes Sir.”

Without further ado, Moira took out the blade of her knife, flipped the infiltration suit’s visual camo on, and painstakingly began to work on the grates screws just enough for her to lift it inside.
Meanwhile, at the hotel…
Eva Worthington sat on the couch in her disguise, a quite comfortable flesh mask of the ‘asset’ as the ping of a holocommunication came over the commline. She could feel the micronized Transliterator, at the base of throat tickle under the synthetic flesh.

‘She hadn’t been told to expect any calls.’

Still, the asset would have answered any call to this hotel room, if it was a matter of the two who had been delivered to the hospital. The short briefing had simply noted them as a Verpine and a child. But that was not important right now.
Slowly she reached over and flipped the audio only option on the communications device, “Hello this is Moira Drakengard how can I help you?”
“Ah, Miss Drakengard, my name is Shawnsei I’m the aide of the Minister of the Interior, we met earlier at the spaceport when you handed over the fugitives.”

Arching an eyebrow Eva decided to play along, “Yes, I remember? Is there anything new that’s come up?”

“Yes, well… the minister and the prime minister are meeting with a delegation tomorrow afternoon and would like to hire your services as a bodyguard to ensure the diplomats feel a little safer that it’s not all ‘devils’ handling security. Just think of it as a job during your stay in the Angel Sector while your two refugees recover.”

Eva’s eyes widened a moment as she thought, tomorrow was the day that the Federation Ambassador , one Grilling McClub was supposed to meet with the top officials of Devaron. On the table was possible induction into the Federation as a member world.
“I see, I remember trying to want to stay low key until I could see the executions. I don’t know if being a glorified security guard for a day would help that. “
”Oh but the prime minister is quite insistent. It’s not often we find a female of another species as competent as ourselves.”
“Can she guarantee my anonymity? I’ll even dye my hair if I have to.”
There was a pause for a moment as the devaronian female talked to someone over the other side of the communication.
“Of Course. Discretion is always noted in these matters, we’re just looking for a friendly human-like face. No matter what makeup you use, you seem to just fit the bill with the security checks we’ve done. The reputation of your family to only go after criminals and war criminals is a bonus to their otherwise extensive bodyguard work. Expect to be required to confirm your identity though.”
Eva was slightly concerned for a moment, wondering if this was a setup or just what the background of the new ‘asset’ was. Thinking quickly on her feet, she mumbled. “Can I let you know tomorrow morning ? I haven’t had much sleep and my wounds are still healing with the bacta treatment and patches. Aide Shawnsei, I don’t think it would fair for your minister or the prime minister if I wasn’t at my best for you. Token human or not, you never know what might happen. Give me eight hours of rest and I should be able to make a decision then.”

There was another pause and another discussion, “Alright, that seems fair Miss Drakengard. Please contact us by the ninth hour tomorrow with your decision and we’ll have you onboard for extra security. You won’t be permitted anything more than a stun baton at the behest of the Prime Minister’s agreements with the officials coming. Please be aware of that. Even if you don't take our offer we will still expect you at the feeding of the quarra. Until we hear from you again, please have a good night.”

“Understood. Good night, and I will call you in the morning. ” Eva said before hearing the tell tale click of the line being disconnected. Making a note on her datapad, she wondered what the new permutations this opportunity might present. Perhaps she should talk it over with Loki before they asked their new ‘asset’ what she should do. It would provide quite an airtight alibi and might prove useful for bringing Devaron under the Federation’s sway. ISIS did have to consider the bigger options available here.

Mission Time: +07:45:00
Time till execution: 66:15:00… 66:14:59…66:13:58…

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Laret Doravon

The night was quiet for a change, well as quiet as prison ever was. For the majority of the night, there had been no alrams, no guards running around trying to find out what inmate had just gotten shanked or just got gang raped. No other new prisoners, aside from himself and two horned devaronianas, one seeming to have become a paraplegic somehow. Down the hall he could hear them laying awake crying all night long because of the desperation and fears that assaulted their minds.

But aside from that, earlier tonight had been blissfully quiet and most of the prison seemed to be thankful for the one night that everyone could get some much need sleep. For the most part, the cells were blissfully silent, even if not all the prisoners were kept in the embrace of Morpheus.

However, in his cell, among the many that held the unit for the inmates on death row the light was still on. Laret Doravon was lost in the solitude of his own thoughts of guilt. His sins weighing upon his breast like an anvil crushing him. He was told his trial would take place tomorrow, just after two others scum.

That was fine he deserved the punishment. But he preferred the quiet. The solitude to put his house in order.

That was when the droids, and the alarms came as from the small window to his cell he could see the rushing guards taking a stun baton to one of the droids, as others in heavy gear set about taking down small interlopers. At first he assumed it was one of prisoners having a bad time, and making the place enter lockdown. But then he was given cause to think otherwise as a small whir of sound followed a remote coming into view followed by a red light that soon scanned in his direction.

"Subject Identity Confirmed.99.8% "

He scampered back to his bunk wondering what was going on. Was it his former comrades in the NRI come to bust him out?

He didn't want that!

He was a monster.

He deserved to pay for his crimes!

Going to the bunk he began to smash it's frame's supports , only to have a thin strip of steel come off the bedpost. Gripping it firmly in hand he readied himself as the remote began to aim a cutting laser at the lock of his cell as the faint smell of burning metal oxide reached his nostrils.

One thing was for sure; he'd fight to stay where he was.

No matter what.

"What the frack is up with those droids!"

The security guard manning the Prison Tower's observatory control room cursed eloquently in several languages as the alarms came on and a public message that the prison was entering lockdown could be heard disseminated through the speakers.

The door opened and another guard ran into the control room, only pausing a moment or two to shut the door behind him. "Did you see what was going on in there Steve? What the frack is happening? The tactical teams are reporting droids throughout the facility! Are they ours?"

"Hell no, Brad they're not tied into any of our systems! I'm getting a heat signature in the block for death row. Try and get a reading on that!"

Brad made his way towards the secondary desk controls and sat, his mind racing with various thoughts before his training took over to calm himself. "I've got a remote, 'bout the size of a basketball burning it's way through into... shyte it's going after that NRI criminal who killed those civilians!"

Steve cursed, and got on the horn. "Crap. Tac team one I need you to make your way towards Cell Block E, death row. I believe we have a jailbreak in progress. I repeat. Jail Break in Progress."

Something snapped Steve's attention from his duties, but after a few seconds he realized it wasn't another guard coming into the room. No, this was something else. He didn't move, waiting a few seconds to determine what had his guard's instincts on high alert. There were eyes watching him from somewhere close by.

Blue eyes darted around the room to try and determine where he was being watched from. Steve decided to play off the feelings, pretending to be completely ignorant of the presence until he could get a better idea of where to search first. Standing suddenly, he grabbed the magnoculars off the top of the console and began wandering around the transparisteel windows, as though looking at the blocks for something, but he was actually searching nonchalantly.

Something told him to look up, and he found himself under a vent opening from the ceiling, one that was open for no reason. He reached up and was able to push it back into place and as he did so he thought he heard a slight shuffling sound that seemed to come from deep within the shaft. Drawing his blaster he leapt up and grabbed the sill, pointing it inside .

"You'll have to do better then that! Brad draw your side arm and be ready, I think someone's in the vents." Steve yelled.

Only silence answered him as he pulled himself out of the vent just in time to see Brad slumped over his console. A thin scintillating shape of shimmering light lashed out at him, knocking the blaster from his hands before he felt the a hammerblow to the side of his head which sent him careening to the ground where blackness took him.

A few moments later, the unconscious Brad was levered off the console to fall to the floor, as a datachit was inserted into the control rooms computers that ran pretty much everything in the prison block.

Then, two large levers were pulled down by an invisible hand as above the inmates head an automated message was delivered with blaring overbearing noise of a siren. "Warning, warning. Fire safety measures are in effect. All cell doors opening. All inmates are to line up for instructions by the guards to leave the cell block in an orderly fashion. Warning, Fire Control measures are in effect! System Error, System Error, Guards notified, all doors opening. Warning, All doors of the facility are opening."

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Re: Operation: Sovereignty's Fist

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Fudge. My. Life.

The buzzer that sounded immediately after the announcement was followed swiftly by the sound of numerous metal doors sliding open. Not all the captives would rush outside like was depicted on so many bad holovids, but enough of them would seize on the opportunity and seeing a small, somewhat frail looking interloper who wasn't dressed in guard garb would mean she'd be fair game, and given the fact she had weapons. Yeah yeah, I'm fracked. Unless...

Just as the first convict rushed out, Rei swiftly raised one of her blasters and pointed it at him, a dusky skinned human who looked like he could bench press solid durasteel girders. His eyes met the barrel of her gun and she offered him a crocked grin. "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find Laret?" Other opportunistic prisoners started to rush in from behind, not bothering to care about why someone would just stand about and worked to shove him out of their way. By now, the crackle of stun batons could be heard in the distance as the response force started to mobilize and work to put down the escape attempt before it could materialize into anything. The crackle of stun batons were quickly followed up by the sound of fully-automatic blaster fire and though Rei didn't look back, she still couldn't help but wonder why they were even bothering at all with the batons in the first place.

"Outta the way!" another inmate, another human, bellowed, barging past. Rei nimbly sidestepped, using her small size and stature to weave around, her free hand taking hold of her Tehk'la blade just in case. Within moments, a brawl erupted between the humans, words turning swiftly into punches.

She passed by yet another human- One of the universes' constants, humans no matter where you go- before the thrumming sound overhead reminded her that something relatively large outside was descending down. She had just stopped short of running into the first non-human, a Twi'lek with bright green skin, when a sudden explosion in the ceiling kicked up debris and rock before sending a massive cloud of dust filling the entire cell block. The force of the blast sent Rei slamming into another person who was already in the process of falling over so, for once, her fall had been broken by something soft and fleshy. Coughing, she could see bright beams of light sweeping through the dust clouds, as though trying to search for something, or someone.

More blaster fire swept through, this time from the large hole that opened up. Rei could just make out a quartet of long lines fall down, the beams catching them with each pass and then, occasionally, catching a larger mass that slid down. The mercs were inside, no doubt with the same objective she had, except they had a much, much better exit strategy. Still, my plan definitely wouldn't have involved blowing up a prison. Indiscriminate shooting, maybe, but not detpacks.

"You mind getting off me?" a hand reached around and nearly grabbed her had Rei not kicked herself back to her feet, blaster and knife at the ready. She didn't dare shoot just yet, the haze of dust and smoke helping conceal her so that other people, in the confusion and chaos, would just as soon ignore her as another, smaller, inmate who wouldn't be equipped with anything, so long as she didn't fire her blaster. Stabbing him came to mind, but escaping first usually allowed for stabbing later. "Thanks," the prisoner said, taking Rei completely off-guard. He must have sensed her bewilderment and, even more surprising, he didn't capitalize on it and make a move to try and disarm her, or just punch her in her awestruck face. "You must not hear that a lot."

"Truthfully, no," she admitted, before coming to her senses, realizing this was not the time to be having a friendly chit-chat.

"I hear you're looking for some guy, Laret?"

It seemed like Rei found someone with a very calm head on his shoulders. A human- big surprise- who looked more interested in not following the mob mentality and would instead play the cards that he kept hidden. "So you have good ears," she muttered, unimpressed by his ability to overhear conversations. "Tell me where he is then."

"Pretty much right beneath where the hole in the ceiling opened up."

Rei turned around, somehow not surprised. "Of course, he would be." That meant she had even less time to respond as she started to turn before stopping for a moment to look back at the prisoner. "And you would know exactly which cell?"
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