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Elena Chevalier

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Elena Chevalier
Human, female

Coruscant Security Forces (CSF)

Physical Appearance:
Standing at five-foot six, her slim, limber build gives little impression of her strength from her security forces training; many are surprised to learn that doe-eyed, baby-faced Elena enforces the law. Naturally blonde and possessed of very striking, feminine features, Elena holds herself with a grace and confident charm befitting of a woman many years her senior.


Preferred Weapon:
Coruscant Security Force Issued Blaster

Secondary Weapons:

Once the childhood friend of Spykeri Katarn, it would seem that Elena's fate was destined to be intertwined to that of the security forces of their homeworld, Coruscant. The literal 'Girl Next Door' and virtually inseparable in childhood, Elena and Spykeri had been like brother and sister after the murder of his parents and he had come to live with the Chevaliers. The last time she had seen him was before the CSF had taken him away, and many times in the long, painful period that followed she wondered what had become of her dear friend.

His presence within her memories never faded as the years passed, but eventually Elena had to concede to moving on with her own life; heeding the call of both of her namesakes, she had risen to be a bright, merciful light of justice to those who had suffered the same fate of her childhood friend and defending those could not do so for themselves.

Quiet, willowy Elena had grown into a vivacious and sprightly young woman, possessed of a kind, gentle spirit; though one would quickly learn of her feistier nature should she be so inclined to demonstrate. Though her parents had moved out of her childhood home, she had been content to stay and make it her own; her own bit of stability of a galaxy that had changed far too much, far too fast for her liking in her tumultuous childhood.

Out of Character information:
Other Characters:
(It's Laurel!)

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