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Weir Martin [Pending Approval from Kane]

Post by Weir Martin » 2012-06-23 02:34

Name: Weir Martin

Species: Human

Profession: Smuggling, Bounty Hunting, Mercenary work

Physical Appearance: Image

Age: 22 Standard years

Battle Weapons:

Preferred Weapons: HSB-200 Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Vibroblade, A280 Blaster Rifle (Slung across back)

Vehicles of choice: "The New Breed" YT-2000 Light Freighter

Weir grew up in the merchant-infested town of Mos Eisley. He loved hanging out with his friends and assumed the leadership position within their "Gang". The group's 4 members consisted of Janek Ordo (M-Mandalorian), Nina Nysamwasa (F-Human), Ponda Babe (M-Aqualish), and Weir. They set off around the town doing pranks, and getting into trouble. They all loved it.

Weir quickly became interested in the art of droid development and programming. He tinkered around his local neighborhood, creating service and occasionally protocol droids to fund his family. This phase in his life exposed the thinker in him, he thought about business and how his droids would help people. After scavenging in the junk heaps near the more luxurious side of town, he came to acquire an HK Series Assassin/Protocol Droid. Despite the HK's violent and aggressive remarks, Weir soon became its master. He nicknamed his "Aurek" because it's the first letter in Aurebesh alphabet and this was his first droid companion.

As Weir began to grow older, he was attracted to the Warrior's life. He wanted to become a War Hero, to fulfill that dream, he went to School and completed it with Honors. Weir joined the Imperial Army, hoping to become an officer and lead men into battle. It was a great moment in his lifetime, he completed IOA (Imperial Officer Academy) and Imperial Infantry School. He currently continues to serve the Empire with all his might.

After 3 years with the Imperial Army, Weir began to grow more and more irritated with his commanding officers and other staff. The sheer incompetence of his superiors enraged him and endangered his men, so he decided to finally leave the service. He was honorably discharged several months after and took to the bars and shady locations on Corulag. He wanted nothing more than to be back with his men, but he felt that he wasn't liking the idea of endangering them and having horrid superiors. Weir and his trusty sidekick, Aurek, bought an efficient YT-2000 Freighter and got into the cargo and shipping business. It paid decently, but didn't offer the thrill of battle, or the honor of comrades, or the pride of victory.

He soon began vigilante work for the Corulag authorities, it was good work and he still got the thrill of real combat. After questioning many of the criminals, Weir discovered that many of them were pirates, smugglers and the like. He soon realized that this was the answer to his hunger for honor and combat, so he stopped police work and started bounty hunting and mercenary work.

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