Don't tell me you didn't see this coming!

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Don't tell me you didn't see this coming!

Post by Diri Tiberia » 2012-05-14 03:27

The Firro was always a good pit-stop for any aspiring freelancer, especially any with a few credits already burning a hole in their pocket and for Diri, she hated sitting on credits, fearing it always made her a more inviting target for thieves. Some would claim she was a shopaholic, but she never saw it as an addiction, there was nothing she had ever purchased that was a frivolous desire or pointless expenditure. Despite her massive wardrobe, she had worn every single outfit several times, often mixing and matching different ones even. For the Zeltron, clothes made the person, though a winning personality never helped either. Oddly, she didn't own much jewelery, a few pieces here and there for special occasions, or assignments. To any Zeltron, things like diamonds were meant to attract attention to the person with it, like moths to a flame but the focus of the attention wasn't to be on the jewelery itself. After all, how could one command such attention if no one was actually interested in the person wearing it but the shiny shiny sparking before their eyes?

A few weapons, some form fitting armour and a couple other odds and ends rounded out her wardrobe, a hefty investment in of itself and Diri maintained a modest collection of her favorite weapons, knowing the right blaster was like the right tool, each one meant for a specific job, even if ones like carbines were fairly general purpose. The trinkets were mostly distractions, the odd holonovella, a couple medikits, some utility kits and even a tool box she kept stocked, never knowing when a hydrospanner would be needed, either to fix her ship or, grand festival forbid, Squeaks.

Though weapons and clothes were often replaced, her R3 droid remained one of those constants in her life, a companion without equal, she didn't know how dull life would be without Squeaks. He had saved her on more than one occasion and as she walked back to the droid shop, passing by a couple windows displaying more than just a few nifty outfits or items she wouldn't mind buying, Diri thought about the droid. He had taken a bit of damage during the takeover at StarForge and Diri was worried she'd lose the little guy. He survived, but she lacked the material and knowledge to fix him herself and the damage went beyond a mere cleaning.

Reaching the shop, she already spotted Squeaks waiting for her by the counter. Overcome with joy, she rushed over to the droid and wrapped her arms around him. "Oh sug! You look great!!!" The droid chirped a happy sounding note in response. Standing up, she fished for the credstick in her pocket as she faced the attendant. "He give you any trouble?" she asked jokingly, getting a sour note in response from the R3 droid.

"No ma'am, R3<slke insert name here> did not give the workers any trouble." The droid manning the register had a feminine appearance to it, though it lacked the soft curves and gentle features of a real person, but Diri did have to admit it had a really seductive voice, like one of those chatline people. "We fixed the damage and performed the upgrades requested." It wasn't much, a few new parts including faster motors to enable the droid to effortlessly keep up with most people running in a flat out sprint. Diri had already forgotten most of what she had asked for, though the hidden blaster would probably be the most useful for the droid, a nasty little surprise for the next bastard who thought they could get the drop on her. Smaller, more efficient parts swapped out the factory parts that were left, Diri was surprised when she had been told that, for such an old droid, it hadn't actually seen much in the way of upgrades or even replacement parts. That's just how awesome he is that he doesn't need to have a bunch of newfangled stuff shoved in him. Though she thought that at the time, the damage suffered meant she would be lucky to find such old parts in stock without paying extra and the droid attendant had made a good argument about modernizing the R3 droid, the new room meant she had also managed to toss in a small shield generator as well. "That will be fifteen thousand credits."

That was a lot of credits and though the droid was worth every single one, she wouldn't have minded trying to haggle a little, finding it just as enjoyable when she didn't get her way as she did when she did. Problem was, droids were immune to her charms and their logic processors were such that, unless she could find an obvious defect, she'd be lucky to make a convincing technical argument. Diri handed the credstick over but quickly jerked it back as she glanced down at Squeaks then back up at the attendant. "One thing... You didn't perform a memory wipe did you?"

"We left R3<sighkle number here>'s memory intact."

Diri glanced back at the droid. "Is that true?" she asked. The droid bowed back and forth, its best approximation of a nodding gesture as it chriped happily. Diri could just as easily assumed that they had reprogrammed the poor thing to lie to her but she would catch on sooner or later. Handing the credstick to the attendant droid at last, Diri said, "Okay, but know this, if I find he's forgotten even the smallest detail, I'll be coming back." Though the place was a very reputable place, as nearly every place in the Firro had to be, Diri had her fair share of underworld and shadowport shops to become a little jaded in that regard, lumping them all in the same category regardless of if she were on the Firro, Nar Shaddaa or Corellia.

The transaction complete, Diri turned and started walking, Squeaks dutifully following, chirping its farewell to the attendant politely. "I can't wait to see to see our ship!" Diri squealed suddenly, smiling in eager anticipation. Squeaks was a little more reserved but still squeaked out a happy note of anticipation as well. It was a long walk back to the chop shop near the hanger where her ship was being worked on, and no shortage of window- and actual- shopping along the way and by the time they got to their final destination, Diri had burned through another two thousand credits.

"Ah, Miss Tiberia," a mechanic began as Diri walked into the shop, "Good timing, we were just finishing up with your ship."

Diri winked. "I aim to please." He was a cute man, human, average height, brown stubble probably from too many overtime shifts but it was the blue coveralls he wore that probably made him look very dapper.

"Come with me." He lead the Zeltron and droid back into one of the bays. Even before they were there, Diri could just make out the telltale features of her ship to already squeal with joy.

"It looks good already!"

"Yeah... You'll be able to spot that ship from fifty parsecs away, that's for sure." They emerged in the bay and were greeted by the form of the YT-2400 light freighter, the entire hull painted a bright shade of pink.

Diri brushed off the obvious tactical disadvantages by saying sourly, "And the grey it was before was any better? It was far too plain for my tastes." Squeaks chirped a few choice notes and Diri laughed. "I like you just the way you are, I'd never give you a new paint job." Glancing down, she added teasingly, "Unless you're jealous and want to have a matching coat? Any chance you have any of that paint left over?" The last part was directed at the mechanic but already the droid was spinning it's domed head around and letting out it's usual emergency siren sounds whenever she brought up stuff like this. It would sooner join the Maker than be reduced to such an obnoxious colour. "Maybe I should have wiped your memory..." Though she said it, they both knew she never meant it nor would she ever.

"Well, I'll say it compliments the owner nicely if nothing else..."

Beaming at the compliment, Diri said with her same teasing voice, "Flattery will get you everywhere."

He rubbed the back of his neck, not exactly sure how to respond to that, his mind a little muddled as he stood in her presence, the pheromones working their magic once again. The best part was she could easily sense this and knew, in a matter of moments, he would be like putty- albeit cute putty in blue coveralls- for her to try and haggle with. "We upgraded the engines, tweaked some of the power conduits and added a couple extra redundant converters. Upgraded reactor and a secondary power generator should give you some extra juice." His best defense was to try and shift the focus back to the ship itself as he went over the list of upgrades. "We also added the two Ground Buzzer blaster cannons you asked for, one by the main access ramp and the other by the cargo elevator. We also added the chaff and flare launchers and the Carbanti 31R electromagnetic countermeasures package and tweaked some of the wiring to boost the efficiencies."

"Yay!" Diri cheered, still more enamoured with the new colour of the vessel than all the fancy, more practical upgrades. "Is the inside all kitted out too?"

He nodded slowly. "Deluxe power reclining chairs in the cockpit, fully refurbished interior with faux wood trim and floor. Our interiour designer completely redid the cockpit, cabins living suite, galley and refresher areas of the ship, following a design she said would appeal to your tastes."

Diri laughed. "My tastes? You have a Zeltron as a designer on staff?" He shook his head and Diri couldn't help but wonder if a human would be able to really nail interior decorating with the same level of flair a Zeltron would take, especially given the constraints of having to follow the existing space allowable. "I take it you helped out with it. What are your thoughts?" This would be the real test, Diri knew.

"It's... Something. Not what I'd have done to my ship, but I also wouldn't be painting it pink either..."

That was good enough for Diri though she wasn't about to just hand over the credits and leave. "Alrighty, why don't you give me the grand tour then?" Though his response was a little sheepish, she was able to send the subtle signal for him to lead the way, his subconscious taking over and soon the two of them disappeared up through the main access ramp inside the newly renovated Megaera. The inside was just as lovely as the outside, if not as outlandish. The colours were nice, much better than the stupid metal look she had been surrounded look and who knew how nice things could look with a fresh coat of paint? The floors had also been given a lovely covering, a special polymer mat designed to look and feel like hardwood, it was a lot softer to walk on and really livened the place up. The stock furniture in the cockpit was completely replaced with plush leather chairs that were much larger than the old ones. Sitting in one, Diri instantly fell in love as she sunk into the soft supple leather. "I think I'm going to crash this ship because I'll be falling asleep in this chair!"

Squeaks looked at the cockpit as well, his small station left largely alone while the main controls in front of Diri had been modified, switches and dials replaced and everything generally modified away from the stock version to suit her tastes as some of the more commonly used dials or buttons were often placed in harder to reach areas while the ones she didn't often use were right next to her. It made no sense, but then again, she didn't exactly follow convention when flying so that might have something to do with it. Her personal cabin had been expanded, at the expense of some smaller storage room in the lounge area, but now Diri had a full sized bed with a special imported mattress from Zeltros, the term 'beauty sleep' taking a much deeper meaning in their culture than being just a simple term. All the passenger cabins were also provided with the same luxurious bedding though only as a twin size. Refreshers were added to each one, the massive cabin space something of a puzzlement to Diri who wasn't sure why CEC thought the cabins had to be larger than a typical hotel room and not include an ensuite refresher.

"I think I fell in love all over again!"

Name/Type: YT-2400-class Transport
Designer/Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Role: Light Transport
Crew: 1 + 2 gunners (or one R3 droid)
Length: 21 Meters
Speed: 97 MGLT, 850 Kph
Acceleration: 13 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 77 DPF
Hyperdrive: x1 (x12 backup)
Shield Rating: 248 SBD
Hull Rating: 105 RU
Weapons: 2 Turreted Double Heavy Laser Cannons, 2x Concealed BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense blaster cannons.
Passengers: 5
Cargo Space: 70 Metric Tons.
Countermeasures: 30 chaff and flares, Carbanti 31R electromagnetic countermeasures package.
Extras: Pink paint job (+10 to Cha, because let's face it, you have to have some wicked charisma to fly around in a pink ship ;) ), full customized interior, customized cockpit, extra power generator, minor efficiency tweaks, upgraded engines, upgraded maneuvering thrusters .
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