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[WIP] Serena Drykin

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This is a work-in-progress. Once it is finished, the WIP tag will be removed. For now this is posted in Freelancers until I've written the events that lead up to Jayse (and his sister, Serena), enlisting with the NIF military.

Name: Serena Drykin

In Game Relations:

Mother: Zaira Araine Drykin, Alderaanian
Father: Garret Drykin, Kuati
Sibling: Jayse Drkyin, Alderaanian

Age: 24
Race/Racial Characteristics: Human, Alderaanian/Kuati
Affiliation: Imperial supporter
Character Avatar: Dianna Agron

Nickname: Dee-Dee

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blond
Build: Slender, fit

Dedicated, honest, fiercely loyal. Graceful dancer, studious, an avid learner. These are just some of the words that have been used to describe Serena. Always considerate of others, going out of her way to lend a helping hand, the young lady didn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. When she wasn't practicing with the dance troupe, she was volunteering at a local nursing home, soup kitchen, or home for the disabled.

She always had a smile, even when the times seemed desperate, hopeless, and lost. Serena looked to the brighter side of any bad situation. If one didn't seem so readily spotted, she'd surely find one.

Most of the Drykin childhood can be learned about by reading Jayse's bio. However, just because Serena and Jayse shared most of their childhood experiences together, does not mean that Serena didn't have her own or that she felt the same as her brother when it came to certain events.

While Jayse and their father, Garret, seemed to grow further and further apart, Serena and Garret began to grow closer together. Perhaps that was because they were polar opposites. Garret was gruff, hardcore, and seemed to be made of steel. Serena was soft, tender, kind-hearted, and appeared to be more delicate than she truly was.

Zaira always fostered the dreams of her children. Whereas Jayse's dream was becoming a professional sportsman, Serena's dream was to be a professional dancer. Of course, going along with that, Serena was definitely the girly-girl. She liked all things feminine and ... well ... girly. She had an extensive collection of dolls, both collectors and the ones she could play with.

As Zaira watched her sweet daughter grow into a wonderful young lady, she could tell that her daughter wanted nothing more than to focus on dancing. Dancing swept the girl away into a world all her own, where she was safe, free, carefree, and her spirit soared.

Serena's been dancing since she was three years old. Zaira was kept quite busy between her two children and their extra-curricular activities. When Serena was nine, Zaira enrolled her into Hanera's Dance Studio. This particular dance troupe first originated on Coruscant in the Old Galactic Market during the Cold War. Back then it was based out of the headquarters of the Migrant Merchants' Guild which was a criminal syndicate comprised of alien refugees. The troupe employed many erotic dancers, primarily female Twi`leks, though there was one Nautolan that elected to join.

Of course, over the ages and every change in ownership of the troupe brought about new talent and varying forms of dance. By the time Serena was enrolled, the troupe was under the ownership and management of a woman who went by only the name of Jess. Under her tutelage, Serena flourished as a dancer and the troupe grew to become one of the most respected dance troupe's in the galaxy. Focusing on ballet, tap, jazz, and pop, the student's of Hanera's Dance Troupe are well rounded. Serena was asked to remain with the troupe as one of their professional dancers and now she travels the galaxy.

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