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Simon Basai

Post by Simon Basai » 2012-03-09 23:17

((I'm still re-working his bio. I only made one post with him and I didn't want to create a new profile. Nothing here is set in stone, but for the sole purpose of annoying Tycho we'll assume he's a Mandalorian ;) If anyone has any questions or concerns P/M me.))

Name: Simon Basai
Species: Human
Profession:Starship Thief/Mercenary

Physical Appearance

A hulking behemoth of a man, Simon stands at 6'5" and weighs close to 1,000lbs due to his cybernetic augmentations. The Limbs, once resembling human limbs are now grotesque, showing exposed muscle tissue and their mechanical innards from the synflesh rotting away. Because of this Simon has to constantly repair and maintain the damaged limbs to keep them functioning properly and is usually seen outside of combat tooling on a detached arm or leg. Like most Cyborgs he enjoys an advantage over most sentient species in strength and speed, however he is susceptible to Ion and EMP weapons. More machine than man, Simon speaks with a hollow mechanical accent, sounding more like a droid rather than a human. This coupled with his reputation of disintegrating his enemies lead some to question his humanity.

Preferred Weapons:

Vehicle of Choice: Polaris

Location: Phaeda


Simon was born somewhere in the Outer Rim. His father abandoned him at a young age and left him with an overbearing, yet condescending mother with a drug habit, which eventually landed her in prison. It wasn't long before Simon was placed into the system and shuffled around the galaxy growing up, and as a result of his abandonment issues and lack of stability he began demonstrating anti-social traits, such as suffering from fits of extreme rage and depression.

Out of Character information:

Other Characters: Chaz, Seamus
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Simon Basai
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Custom Title: You got the money? I got the time

Armory, Cybernetics, and ship details

Post by Simon Basai » 2014-03-08 06:50

DE-10 Blaster pistol
RR-42 Rifle (No attachments)
Projectile launcher
Designation: Projectile Launcher
Size: 50 cm
Mass: 21 kg
Effective Range: 300 m
Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Magazine: 20
Ammunition: Grenades, Rail Charges, Concussion Shells, Thermal Detonators

Disruptor pistol
Other Equipment

-Alpha-plus Charges x5
-Detonite Tape
-Plasma-burn Tape
-Sequencer Charges x5
-Proton Charges x2
-Frag Grenade x2
-Adhesive "Glop" Grenade
-Thermal Detonator
-Sleeper Bombs x2
-Ammo Bandolier
-Projectile Bandolier
-Huge Fucking Knife
-Toothbrush with a shaved down point.

Aside from the obvious Simon has been given additional Cybernetic Upgrades.

Body Armour II
Weapons Module I (Upper Right Leg)
Cybernetic Eye III x2
Scomp Uplink
Recording Module
Sensor Implant II
Computer Implant I
Com Implant II
Internal Life Support Unit

Name/Type: YT-2400-class Transport
Designer/Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation/Simon Basai
Combat Role: Light Transport
Crew: 2 + 2 Gunners
Length: 29 Meters
Speed: 170 MGLT,
Acceleration: 60 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 71 DPF
Hyperdrive: x1 x3 backup
Shield Rating: 400 SBD
Hull Rating: 114 RU
Weapons: 2 quad laser Cannons. 1 seismic charge launcher (3 charges) 2 Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense blaster cannons
Passengers: 7
Cargo Space: 115 Metric Tons.
Special: 2 escape pods

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