Here Goes...

Test custom signatures et cetera here, learn how to use the forums.
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Here Goes...

Post by Tavish McFini » 2011-02-24 19:00

Just testing a few BBCodes and a bit of formatting, don't mind me ;)

[indent]Indented text.[/indent] - FAIL!!!

[indent]So if I kept typing stuff in such a way that if, in theory, it went to the next line with the indent tags still active, would it follow the indent or would it be more akin to, say, a paragraph format with only the first line indented?[/indent] - EPIC FAIL!!!

[highlight]Highlighted text.[/highlight] - My failure couldn't be any more epic...

[move]Moving text!!![/move] - I sit corrected...

Hmm, I wonder... Warning, spoiler ahead:
No, seriously, this is a spoiler
Okay, if you really want to know...
See the member profile for Crystala ;)
I like pizza!
- Well, that worked even less, though I can understand why...

But what I'm really after is testing a few list formatting attempts.
  1. Random list heading
    1. List item
    2. List item 2
    3. List item with spoiler & indent?
      Spoiler, to save space in the long run ;)
  2. Random list heading 2?
    1. indented list item?
    2. indented list item 2?
  3. Random list heading 4?
    • Bulleted sub-heading?
      1. List item 1
      2. List item 2 (I sure hope this works because all this formatting is a beeznatch...)
- At least that worked for the most part... The important things at anyrate, like the headings and subheadings before the list items. I'd be supremely irked if I failed that bit!

Taking a page out of Ace's tests in the other thread...
Column 1 Column 2
Stuff 342
More stuff 4245
So is it a tab seperator? 54245
blarg	noice
intra	net
don't	ask ;)
Okay, so why are you not working? Hmm... I'll have to fiddle around with you later!

Let's test:

Ace wrote:
Rank              Last Name First Name
Emperor           Roscoe    Kane
High Admiral      McFini    Tavish
Supreme Commander Wesiri    Jacen
So why do you work? Let's try this:
Column 1	Column 2	Column 3	Column 4
Name	        People Stuff	Other things	Cost
Fini	        Uh…	        Whut?	        1 million credits!
Spyk	        Sure            Internet King   Sold (to Laila)
Jer	        Ebil	        Very ebil	- 100 credits 
Drav	        Crazy	        Pilot           3 bottles of cheap booze
Hmm.... So it's not "tab"... Time to ask the man himself!

EDIT 2 - So the man himself responded... I'm such an idiot!

Since I'm here anyways, and noticed a few more random things on the net in terms of BBCode, let's try a few more things, after all, no one is going to go looking in the Test Forum, A-hahahahaha!!!

[edit]Does this work?[/edit] - Nope... That doesn't work...

[noparse]No bold for you![/noparse] And... you don't work either? Huh...

What can I say? I'm a firm believer that a well formatted post is an easier to read post and with the stuff I've got in mind, well, I'm going to need all the formatting knowledge I can get :D

Size plus 50? - So the "+#" doesn't work, it has to be a value with 100 being normal I guess... Good to know.

Horizontal line tests:


So, colour has to be in the tags with the size outside.

[tt]old school text text?[/tt] - So much for that one :S

[shadow=blue,left]shadowed text? I hear it only works in IE... Assuming it works at all, I'll check it when I get home.[/shadow] - Not surprising.

Let's see if my math is up to snuff:

e[sup]n[/sup] - I was really optimistic about this one.

What about basic chemistry?

H[sub]2[/sub]O - And this one...

What about both?

H[sub]2[/sub]CO[sub]3[/sub] <--> 2H[sup]+[/sup] + CO[sub]3[/sub][sup]2-[/sup] - And I was just meaning to show off with this one.

Okay, so I might be skipping an intermediate step. It's still, more or less, valid ;)

Now some colour tests (darn US spellings, making me spell it your way to use the tags!!!) Here's the biggest problem, since we have so many different background/theme options, it's hard to use font colours without someone complaining that they can't read it because of their background :S For the record, I know that I could simply just look at the colours on the net, but I say there’s nothing quite like being able to test and see what they look like here before settling on a final colour. Besides, isn’t that what the test forum is for, to test things? :D

Hot Pink! Guess who this colour is for! They still need a "neon pink" imo

Or Deep Pink? Hmm... decisions decisions... Ugh, I hated those simulation games!





Medium Turquoise

Dark Turquoise

Steel Blue

Sky Blue!

Royal Blue



Thistle? Why am I suddenly reminded of Monty Python?

Sea Green? Like Sea Foam? Love that colour!

Okay, so it wasn't a mistake in the post then... Still, I always thought Lavender had more purple in it than this.

Cadet Blue? Do we even have the "cadet" rank still? Could we make it a requirement that all new cadets have to use this font colour until they're promoted? ;)


Wasn't this your old colour Ace, back in the EZB days? Aquamarine?

Alice Blue? As in Alice in Wonderland Jacenland? Ohh... that just gave me an idea!


Crimson... like the colour of our esteemed Director-General's office :D Okay, Crimson splatter but that's a minor detail.

Midnight Blue... Like "Necron Abyss" in the GW paint swatch.

Shut up! Shut up you bloody Vikings!!!

Peach... Puff? Powerpuff girls? WTF?!?

Orchid... I could go for some fruit right about now.

The C-3P0 colour, "Goldenrod"!!!

So it is a colour. Huh... And here I thought it just made a cool sounding Italian last name.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Mmm... minty... and creamy!

Azure eh? I can see it.

Linen? Speaking of which, no one does their laundry IC do they? I guess we have disposable uniforms? HAHAHAHA!!!

Orange Red

EDIT - So, all in all, the important stuff works, as do the colours :D

EDIT 2 - Let's try one more thing...
Spoiler in a Quote
Quote in a spoiler
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