ICE: Jasper Cain (Army Officer)

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ICE: Jasper Cain (Army Officer)

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In-Character Information:

Name: Jasper Cain

Rank: Second Lieutenant

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Physical Description:
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green-Grey with a blue tint

Troop Type: Shock Trooper

Weapon of Choice: MG-15 Heavy Blaster Rifle or Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon

Secondary Weapon of Choice: Model 434 “DeathHammer” Blaster Pistol

Location: ICE

Bio: Jasper Cain was born 8 BBY to the happy couple of Amber and Ciaphas Cain, he was the son of two Imperial Officers. His father was a Stormtrooper serving in the 2nd Imperial Legion and his mother served as an Engineer aboard the Devastator. Jasper was born on Coruscant but was raised all across the galaxy. As his parents traveled he went with them. When they were heading into a dangerous assignment he was left in the care of his uncle, Tiberius Cain, who watched over him during his parent’s deployments and his own. Jasper made a nuisance of himself at a young age always getting into fights and brawls most of which he won. He wasn’t the smartest kid in class but he was more street smart than the rest. He understood that if you wanted to win, playing fair wasn’t always a luxury you had the pleasure of following. In 0 ABY his mother and father were transferred to the Executor Star Dreadnaught. Jasper was sent to stay with his uncle until things were safer for him to stay on the Executor. As Jasper got older he got better at fighting. He spent much of his time in the training room of one ship or another, where ever he happened to be at the time.

Soon Jasper’s life came to a corner in 3 AB. He was eleven at the time and his parents were still unable to have him stay with them as the Star Dreadnaught was in near daily battles. His Uncle, Tiberius Cain, served as a naval officer and his ship, the Admonitor, had been called into service. The ship would be the Flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn as he ventured into the unknown regions. After much debate Jasper went with his Uncle. He learned much in his first few weeks aboard the Admonitor including an appreciation for the enemy. The battles that occurred were always won decisively by Grand Admiral Thrawn, even though he knew little about the enemy. One day shortly after Thrawn had established yet another Imperial Colony new came from the holonet that threw Jasper’s life into chaos. The Second Death Star, Along with the Emperor, Darth Vader, and the entire crew of the Executor had been killed, his parents among them. Less than 3 days later Jasper’s Uncle Tiberius was killed in action aboard one of Thrawn’s new ships he had commissioned in his “Empire of the Hand”. In the space of 3 days Jasper had become an orphan at the age of 12. Jasper wasn’t so much upset as angry. He blamed everyone in quick succession for what had happened to his life.

Over the course of his time on the ship, Thrawn had once seen Jasper standing next to his Uncle’s duty station observing a few days prior to his Uncle’s death and took pity on the boy. Thrawn offered his condolences to Jasper and told him that so long as he lived that Jasper had a place on stay. “Keep that rage in your eyes, don’t waste it. Remember who it was that took your parents from you.” Those were words Jasper took to heart. Thrawn smiled at the boy and said that Jasper looked to have a great future ahead of him as an Imperial Trooper.

He couldn’t have been more right. Jasper spent the majority of his time from then on sitting in on training sessions, in the gym, or in the training room running simulations. By the time he was 15 he was no longer the trouble making youth he had been. He was a disciplined young man ready to do what was necessary for his cause. His marksmanship was excellent and his reflexes were starting to show the fruits of his training. He didn’t just train himself in small arms combat either he also learned how to control the vehicles the empire used as well. He became rather proficient with AT-ATs and AT-STs. There was nothing like hands on training, but he had enough simulations to be reasonable confident he could drive one if it became necessary. His grasp of tactics and strategy were getting better as well as he pushed himself further and further. He wanted to be ready when the day came.

The day of his 18th birthday, he got a message from a man he knew from the training room, Colonel Tallarn, Jasper got up got ready and went straight to the man’s office. Jasper knew from his time aboard that he was the ranking Army officer on the ship. The Colonel stood when Jasper entered and got straight to the point. “I’m asking before the other branches try to sink their claws into you. I want you to join the 92nd Shock Trooper Legion. Your exactly the type of man were looking for. We are the Elite of the Elite. We are the first into combat and the last out. We take a beating and we give it back ten times worse with a dose of high energy plasma. I’m not asking you to join, I’m asking you to serve.” Two minutes later Jasper joined the Storm Troopers of Thrawn’s Armada.

Jasper fought through the Thrawn Campaign without so much as being scratched. When Thrawn died at Bilbringi Jasper didn’t go back to the Unknown Regions with rest of the men. He decided to stay and fight. Jasper ended up in the service of one of the many Imperial Warlords when they united after Thrawn’s Campaign against the NR and took Coruscant back from the NR. Jasper true to his old unit’s motto was one of the first to land on the surface. The rebels hadn’t given much of a fight, choosing instead to retreat.

When the warlords fractured and started openly fighting he fought as well. It was during those battles that Jasper earned his first scars and the admiration of the men he served with. During a particularly brutal battle Jasper and he men were pinned down by the advance of a rival warlord. A massed infantry attack was underway and a division was bearing down on them. Jasper had enough. He picked up a nearby Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon and got out of the defensive trench much to the horror of his squad. He didn’t blink as blaster bolts shot past his head or when more than one skimmed his body. He just opened up on the charging infantry cutting them down in swaths. He didn’t stop firing when a bolt caught him in the left leg, nor when one caught him in the right shoulder, or even when a bolt struck him center mass dead center of his chest. His armor had absorbed most of the hit but the shot had damaged his lungs. Even as he labored to breathe he didn’t stop firing. The only thing that stopped his rampage was when a missile hit three feet to his left, flinging him into a concrete wall. He fell to the ground unconscious.

He awoke two days later and got back into the fight once his wounds had healed. The fighting only stopped when the Reborn Emperor appeared. Jasper continued to serve until the Emperor for finally killed once and for all. Jasper resigned from the service 3 days later. He wanted to serve the Empire. But this wasn’t the Empire anymore. They had become no better than hooligans. He went back to Coruscant and taught helped teach the local police officers how to handle themselves in a fire fight, what do to and what not to do…preferable not what he had done on Coruscant during the Imperial Civil War. When he turned 28 he heard that the so called New Imperial Federation had crowned a new Emperor. It took Jasper a little less than an hour to gather all his things and hop on a transport to NIF Space.

After he signed up for service he heard about a planned expedition to leave the galaxy looking for volunteers. He signed up immediately for ICE; after all, his first assignments motto still stuck with him and had become his personal motto. When the recruiter asked him why he thought he was worthy to serve in ICE, Jasper’s response was simple. “First into battle and the last to leave, never leave a man behind.”

Out of Character Information:

E-mail Address:

Contact Info: Devan Kronos

How did you find out about us?: This is Devan’s ICE Character
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Re: ICE: Jasper Cain

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Someone's a fallout fan.

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