ICE: Tobias Brady (Navy Officer)

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Tobias Brady
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ICE: Tobias Brady (Navy Officer)

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Name: Tobias Brady

Rank: Lieutenant

Race: Human Male

Physical Description:
Height: 1.87 m (6'1")
Weight: 86.2 kg (190 lbs)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Other: Scars on his back from his childhood
Primary Position: Ship Captain

Weapon/Technology of Choice:
Personal: DC-15s Side Arm Blaster, Combat Vibroblade
Location: ICE, the Assassin-class corvette Aurora

Honor, discipline, loyalty. These three traits can describe most members of the Mandalorian people, and they are an adequate description of Tobias Brady. Along with his crew, he is set to become one of the few members of the Mando’ade to set foot outside the galaxy.

Tobias was born in 9 BBY to a Mandalorian mercenary and his wife on Corellia. As befitting a child in the Mandalorian culture, he was quickly educated in the ways of warfare. His early years were spent like many children, learning the ways of communication and interaction. At eight, however, his training in the martial arts began. From simple slings to blaster weapons, from the basic vibroblade to exotics like the Mandalorian shuk'orok, he learned them all to varying degrees of proficiency. Survival training across all climates hardened him, and sparring against others toughened his resolve. At thirteen, he had passed the training sequences, his father proudly accepting him as a trained Mandalorian soldier after the successful completion of his verd’goten. When his father left for battle, so did he, earning the right to act as a scout for the main squad when he was eighteen, and to lead a fireteam of his fellows ahead of the others for purpose of sowing discord amongst the enemy. His ability to sense an ambush and rally his squad to victory even in the face of certain defeat became renowned amongst those who knew of him.

Unlike most of the Mando’ade, however, Tobias’ gaze was not directed towards any ground war; rather, he looked skyward, wishing to join the ranks of those who traveled the stars. For years after his main warfighter training, he pored over images and schematics of ships in his spare time, from the lowliest of starfighters to the great Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought. He studied their strengths, their weaknesses, how to use them, and how to fight them. This was all directed towards his goal: entering the naval forces of a major galactic power.

At 21, as befitting the history developed between the predecessor to the Empire and the Mandalorian people, Tobias attempted to enlist in the navy of the New Republic. However, they turned him down, citing his status as being an “unreliable Mandalorian,” as well as his ground training. They suggested he enter the army, even going so far as to offer him an officer’s position and fast-track him for the upper ranks. He turned them down, dead set on entering the naval forces, and willing to go to any length to accomplish this feat. His search took him to the Imperial Remnant in yet another unsuccessful attempt, and from there to the New Imperial Federation, an upstart power looking for new blood to bolster its ranks. The Imperial Naval Academy on Bilbringi would become his home, and his life, for the next 3 years.

His years at the Imperial Academy were spent learning the ways of interplanetary warfare. Astrogation, power management, damage mitigation, and other disciplines taxed his mind and abilities to the maximum. Training simulators taught him how to fly a starship, fire a turbolaser, and service a reactor. He took to the leadership role easily, finding it better to issue general commands to those he led and trust them to understand what was needed than trying to micromanage them and lessen their effectiveness. In this way, he earned their loyalty, and they would earn his. He was not the smartest of his class, nor the strongest, but in his own way and in the eyes of the training crews he worked with, he was the best. He exuded confidence, and sought perfection. Decisive when necessary, diplomatic when needed, Brady graduated at a high level, having earned the respect of his professors and fellow cadets and the reputation of being incorruptible when others would have fallen to their baser desires.

Soon enough, he found himself on a starship attached to a local Naval branch patrolling the Outer Rim. It was mundane work, mainly inspections and clerical matters, and he began to yearn for more different experiences than what he was getting. This desire would result in many transfers for the young officer, who remained an Ensign at his own request, even in the face of his ever-growing knowledge. Tobias felt it was important to know at least a little about all aspects of ship operations in not just the theory he studied at the Academy, but also in practice.

With this in mind, he made it a goal to serve in as many capacities as he could before taking on his own captaincy. There was the tasking on the Umbra, as an engineer’s mate, learning about the capabilities of a Carrack-class’ reactor. Then, to the Night Owl, where he gained an appreciation for those members of the service in the Communications Service, tirelessly helping the other Fleets get messages to where they needed to be. He served on the Heat Wave, directing turbolaser fire as a gunnery control officer, and on the Skywalker, to learn about power projection with fighters from career carrier officers. These experiences and more augmented his already-formidable skill set, and readied him for command.

His ambitions needed to be cut short, however, as an emergency at home when he was 28 brought him back to the place of his birth and to the life he thought he had left behind. A rival clan had attacked his family, and killed all of them for a slight that turned out to have been fabricated by a dishonored and exiled member of the Brady clan: Corsair Brady, Tobias’ brother. Having rushed back from his duty station, Tobias returned to his childhood home to find his father had been the last to perish, forced to watch his family die one by one, before being killed by none other than the one he had declared dar’ade, no longer a son. Tobias swore to avenge this atrocity, and sought out on a path that would last three years.

Using the skills he had long thought lost, Tobias tracked his brother to a celestial body long occupied by various Mandalorian groups over the millennia: the Onderonian jungle moon of Dxun. After slogging his way through the growth of flora and supremely lethal fauna, Tobias confronted his brother with what he had done. Corsair showed no remorse, and attempted to win Tobias over to his side by force. If not for the pervading energies of the Dark Side that flowed around the moon, the stronger man may have won. Unbeknownst to the both of them, however, Tobias’ rage at the actions of his brother were fueled by the planet, and he slew his brother, viciously ending his life by removing his limbs one by one before delivering the final blow.

The loss of his brother severed any ties Tobias may have had to his old life on Corellia. With nothing left except the armor of his father, the weapon of his brother, and the memories of his family, he returned to the NIF and volunteered for the Intergalactic Campaign Expedition. This galaxy holds nothing more for him, and he hopes that he can find what he now searches for somewhere amongst the stars. With his crew and ship, he stands ready to defend those privileged few selected to be members of the ICE, and looks forward to the future.
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