ICE: Thengil Ri'shajirr (Army Enlisted)

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ICE: Thengil Ri'shajirr (Army Enlisted)

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Running Physical and Military Data.....///====

Name: Thengil Ri'shajirr
Rank: Private
Race: Pure Blood Cathar, Male
Physical Description:
Thengil stands at 1.9 meters. He weighs in at 136kg. He has golden fur and yellow-gold eyes. His build is typical of a pure blooded Cathar, huge biceps and forearms, large chest, legs built for running across plains. His appearance is more lion-like than most Cathar, given his base line genes. He is twenty one standard years of age.

NIF 2d Army

Idoneous Squad

Current Occupation: NIF Shock Trooper
Combat Specialties: Anti-armor, Support
Mission Specialties: Infiltration, Demolitions, Heavy Weapon Support
Languages: Galactic Basic, Catharese
Weapons of Choice:
Main: A280, in non-reflec black

Backup: DC-15s pistol, in non-reflec black

Melee: Vibro-knife, retractable claws, and teeth.

Special: Demolition satchel with contents that vary by mission, usually includes 2 class C thermal detonators and 4 anti-armour mines; MiniMag PTL Launcher carried only when specified.

Running History and Mental Analysis....///===
Joining the NIF had been a chance to escape the trouble at home. The Federation was different from the Empire. They offered protection instead of enslaving. All they asked for this protection was that the occasional cub be chosen to join the NIF. Thengil had been one of those cubs. He enjoyed his job. Although, he missed the smell of the trees, the swaying of the houses in the wind, the grass whipping at his face as he tumbled through its overgrown strands. Thengil missed the scent of prey, stalking it, killing and eating. Now he still hunted prey, but not in the manner of his kind. This prey was more cunning than any before. Yet not as fierce as the prey he had hunted. The prey was fellow people now.

The Blood Hunt. That sacred ritual was the last memory Thengil had of Cathar. It had been his final farewell. Thoughts flashed. A kiltik stood before him. Massive, fearsome. Thengil felt no fear. Gore spurted across his face as he tore open the underbelly of the massive bug. More. Thengil leapt atop the head and tore it off. Still they came. The darkness of the nest belied the light within himself. Down, down, down. Farther, further. Evermore the long tunnels stretched. The darkness closed in around him. But it did not harm him. More kiltik. Flash of white, quick claws. Dead kiltik. Again, farther, further, deeper into the nest. Then, it lay before him. Heaving, monstrous. The cause of all his clan's troubles. The queen. White claws flashed. Blood and gore. Continued to pummel, to rip, to bite. More kiltik began to fill the room. Diving underneath the queen. Raking claws all the way down the soft underbelly. Green blood flooded the room. Still alive. Many kiltik now in the room. He leaped, clambering up the queen as she writhed. Now at the head. Digging his claws into the horrible red eyes. Blinding it. Ripping open the head. Clawing until he felt the mass of nerves. Yanking, horrible screech. Death, dead, gone, fled. Kiltiks fleeing before him. Smashing the cursed eggs. Champion of light. Victor of the clan. Remembered forever.

Though he had not killed all the kiltiks in the nest. He had killed many, and the queen. That had earned him tales that had been told throughout his clan and in other clans. Even now that he was gone, he would live on in memory. As the clan Protector. Guardian of the forest. Champion of light.

He had been as a prince among his people. His bloodline ran pure with the beginnings of the Cathar. But the NIF had chosen him. Now instead of leading his pride, he was here. In the NIF. As a stormtrooper. One of their white clad warriors. They would see how the Cathar fought.

Body -
Robust: As a pure baseline Cathar, Thengil possess a powerful body. He does not wield implacable strength, but is nontheless more than a match for humans in terms of sheer physical prowess. However, a wookiee would beat him in an arm-wrestle.
Agile: He has speed and agility far surpassing that of a human in prime condition. This comes from needing the speed to track down and kill his prey in savanna grasslands.
Smell: A keen nose helps him scent many things in the air.

Mind -
Loyal Without Question: Now that he is fully settled with having to serve the Federation, Thengil is loyal to the NIF until his dying breath. He would die before he saw it dishonored.
High Moral Standard: Thengil has very high moral values instilled into him by his family and society. Again, it seems he would rather die than these values.
Passionate: Whenever Thengil speaks it is often with passion and fervor. He will often give heated voice to a subject he feels strongly on.
Lacks Confidence: Thengil lacks surety in decision-making. Often he will debate over what is the best decision for some time, slow to think it through. When forced to make a snap-decision the results are often less than satisfactory.
Stubborn: Once Thengil makes a decision, he will stick to it through fire and brimstone.
Noble: Thengil fights, lives, and dies for the survival of his people and their ideals, as well as those of the NIF. He would abhor the idea of killing an unarmed being.
Sees Red: Uncertainty goes out the window when Thengil charges into battle. He claims to be almost in a trance like state in battle, what many refer to as 'Tunnel Vision', or 'Seeing Red'.

Temper: Thengil has a short fuse that burns fast and bright. Though a noble being, it is unwise to be around him when he explodes as his anger is mostly taken out in a physical manner. Though his explosions are violent, they are often very quick.
Good Natured: Though quick to anger, the emotional state Thengil can be most often found in is one of pleasantness and goodwill towards all.

Known Acquaintances in the Federation:
Jericho Winters

Mission Record:
Running Military Decorations....///====
Nickel Ribbon of Training: Image





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