ICE: Rikku Uesugi (Engineer/Security, Army)

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ICE: Rikku Uesugi (Engineer/Security, Army)

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Name: Rikku Uesugi (Mayumi)
Species: Human (Kyokin/Advanced Human)
Profession: Engineer (Tenno)
Physical Appearance: same as below
Age: 19*
Clearance required to see this information! Please input security credentials: ****Access Granted****
Species: Kyokin/Advanced Human
Caste: Tenno
Clan: Uesugi
>Height: 1.58 meters
>Weight: ~58.9 kg
>Eyes: Green
>Hair: Brunette
>Body type: Petite and Athletic
>Skin: golden-tanned
Attributes: Kyokin physiology and genetic makeup.
Age: 21 years

Rikku Uesugi had been born on the planet Balmorra. She had not been a noteworthy student till she had entered university. Whereupon she excelled in her engineering curriculum. So much that, her professors took notice and due to her lack of familial ties or incentive to stay in the galaxy was recommended for ICE. After several interviews and numerous checks on background etc, Rikku found herself on the journey of a 'lifetime' on ICE. Her duties were to serve as a consultant with respect to engineering matters.

In addition, as Balmorra had a compulsory militia; it was no surprise that she found herself added to the Army Security Division (A.S.D) on ICE. This security division was to oversee matters with regards to Army personnel. It acted as a form of auxiliary security force to the regular STARs like the other departmental divisions. However, as she was technically from the Balmorran Planetary Defense Force, it wasn't hard to understand her coworker's dislike for her. As a result, outside of the instances her engineering expertise are required, she would often be found doing her rounds as a security officer.
Security Credentials Required! Please input credentials: *****Access Granted: Alpha Level: Accessing File**
Personnel File Summary:
Personnel: Mayumi Rikku Uesugi
Rank: Initiate
Service: Uesugi Clan

Service File Summary:
Mayumi Rikku Uesugi was born in the Chimera Sector, Cerberus System. Her parents hadn't planned on having a third child. As a result the young Mayumi was put up for adoption at the age of two. She was adopted by Isshin Uesugi, one of the Uesugi clan commanders. He and his wife were very happy to adopt the young girl. As she grew up, she interacted with her two older sisters: Sakura and Hinata. Sakura was two years older and entered in the academy. Hinata was fourteen years older than Mayumi and a full-fledged tenno. Both older girls welcomed and somewhat spoiled their younger adopted sister.

It was soon found that Mayumi was very intellectually gifted. She was given permission to attend the academy a mere four years later. She graduated at age ten, two years behind Sakura. She then pursued applied and theoretical engineering and physics. Despite the initial wariness of her teachers, Mayumi showed she understood the material. Mayumi at age fourteen graduated from the higher education within the Clan's academy. Sakura went to the counter-intelligence and espionage specialists after graduation. Mayumi however became one of the rising stars among the Uesugi Clan's black operations specialists.

Upon her acceptance into the black ops division, Mayumi was assigned multiple sensitive operations. Most of the operations she undertook was in cooperation with other clans' divisions pursuing and eliminating elements of Hanran Theocracy terrorist cells. This included many assassinations and other things of a dirty nature. In addition, she undertook several espionage operations. She also was trained and assigned to VIP protection details. Her most notable protection detail was her loaning to the powerful Mori Clan's head as independent security. This was a short term assignment that required VIPs at a diplomatic gathering to utilize independent security.

At the age of eighteen Mayumi was reassigned to Operation Castor. Her role would involve and make use of the black ops experiences. She was assigned to the first squad and to work with three other very talented young warriors. Mayumi reported to her new squad the following day.

Personality File Summary:
Personnel: Rikku Uesugi
Service: Uesugi Clan, black ops division->Phoenix Empire ->Operation Castor

The individual is noted for her hyper and girlish attitude. She is known to exhibit a optimistic and yet problematic outlook. It is hypothesized that her girlish mannerisms are a self-developed method for dealing with loss of comrades. Despite the previous note, she is also very emotionally stable and suited for positions of responsibility and risk. If needed, it has been observed, that she will become very intense, uncomfortably so. Overall, Mrs. Riku Uesugi, is a very healthy young woman in all measurable respects.*End of File*
Out of Character information:
Other Characters: KURGE!! Who else?! ^_^
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