The Rights of Artificial Intelligence

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The Rights of Artificial Intelligence

Post by Kane » 2010-05-28 10:05

Background: ever since the Clone Wars and the Separatist's use of vast droid armies, but also the six major droid uprisings in the galaxy, droid intelligence has been intentionally limited by manufacturers.

Individual high-level droids sometimes achieve true sapience due to conscious neglect of their owners, but they have no more legal rights than any other machinery.

In order to make up for a percieved lack of resources compared with the New Republic, the NIF is using ever more true artificial intelligences, primarily for military purposes but recently increasing in the civilan government as well. It is expected that this practice will continue to spread to private interests unless hampered. It should be noted that so far they have been developed with hardware safeties and a sense of fulfillment in doing the tasks they were constructed for.

Some Senators feel that this is a dangerous development and want to completely remove the use of true AIs. Others suggest that hardware restrictions should be built into them, and the use of AI should be kept to an absolute minimum, with more limited 'virtual intelligences' taking up many of their rapid-processing functions.

Others feel that AIs should be recognized as true sapient beings, and be given certain rights of existence provided that they follow imperial laws and regulations like any citizen would. The most radical suggests that all AI should be set free and be given salaries.

The debate is yet unsettled, but the increasing demands for AI support require that a policy decision is met before it becomes fact. There is currently only a handful of AIs in service, but many more are awaiting deployment.

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Marcus Apinea
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Re: The Rights of Artificial Intelligence

Post by Marcus Apinea » 2010-09-02 01:30

"You might as well give droids the right to vote, and then what, entire computer systems will demand the right and the ones running slave circuits will also want their slaved counterparts a vote too. In fact, I'm sure that if you were to add up all the droids and computers with actual AI systems within them, there could be some potentially close races if not tipping points altogether."

Marcus nodded absently, not really paying attention to the gaggle of Senators he was meeting with as they discussed the issue in one of the many private meeting rooms in the senate building. The assembly was due to intervene in a short but and many of the Senators who had bills proposed were trying to drum up support from the others who hadn't or get a feel of what they were up against.

By the Force, I never thought politics could be so... drab. He continued listening to the Senator prattle on as he reached for his water bottle, wishing that the guards hadn't taken his hip flask away at the security check point. The zero-booze tolerance while the Senate was in session really irked him and Marcus would love nothing more than to propose a bill to allow everyone to bring and have drinks freely, at any time, within the confines of the building. Popping open the cap, he took a sip and nearly spat the water out. Emperor's black bones, it's warm!!!

The day was getting better and better and it got even better as he could hear his name being called.

"Mr. Apinea?"

Putting the bottle down, he looked up with a crooked eyebrow. "Hmm?"

"Do you agree with what I just said?"

Yeah, sure, if I can get something out of the deal, he thought to himself, knowing full well that it was better left unspoken here in front of everyone. "Well, Corellia does make heavy use of machines, nearly all of which possess some sort of artificial intelligence in one way or another. I'm not ready to pass judgment on anything until I hear everything and take it up with my constituency." The true diplomatic answer, one he had quickly mastered though, admittedly, he had used a slightly different variation of that response that wasn't politically based. "I'll tell you this though, it makes sense to me."

The other senator nodded, feeling as if he had achieved some sort of personal victory. What it was, Marcus could care less as he sat back in his seat and mulled over the whole debate in his mind, if only so he could at least pretend to put up a strong, convincing argument when the senate actually convened.

Corellia did make extensive use of droids, though, admittedly, only a small fraction of them actually had "true sentience" and many of those were really just Human Replica Droids so they were capable of passing for a flesh and blood being anyways, so no harm, no fowl right? Astromech and protocol droids were fairly common but they were typically limited to their programming which really restricted them from actually being able to place votes. They could voice their opinions, assuming they had sufficient data to formulate one and, from his understanding, nine out of ten of them had their memories wiped on a frequent enough basis that they probably might not be able to vocalize the same opinion twice.

The Federation's use of true AI was relatively unknown to Corellia, since, until just recently, Corellia had no real affiliations to the NIF. Now that they were in this uncomfortable position, he had to either create a bill that everyone would be pleased with (or, failing that, grudgingly accepting of) or find a bill that the vast majority of the people on Corellia would find satisfactory. Having just learned more about the true AI developed by the NIF, reactions were mixed between the formerly independent politicians on Corellia. Some viewed it as a great boon with others fearing that it might turn on them, taking control of other droids armed with weapons or even entire factories to produce aforementioned droids with guns. Someone's watched too many horror holos but I guess it is possible what with World Devastators and such...

Without warning, the meeting was ended and people started getting to their feet, once again snapping Marcus out of his thinking. Glancing around, he grinned slyly to himself and muttered under his breath, "Guess the meeting's over... Good meeting."
"I'm getting too old for this..." - Marcus

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