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Top 100

Postby Tycho » 2011-11-09 18:15

I've been putting up the NIF on some Top 100 rpg pages in hopes of attracting some attention here.

Follow this link in order to give the NIF activity 'points' so we move higher up on the list and get noticed:
top 100 darkside

Same thing for this site:
Top 100 Star Wars

I'll have some similar stuff up for other sites soon and will edit this post accordingly.

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Re: Top 100

Postby Tavish McFini » 2011-11-18 15:20


I think this deserves some recognition! Yes, it took a new member for me to realize this existed, after Tycho pointed it out in the thread... Sorry buddy! But at least now we can claim your efforts paid off!!! :D

EDIT - On a related note, it appears that the two links track the number of people who go to the site from the various SW sites and then vice versa, go to the various SW sites from the top 100 site. So, with that in mind, I encourage everyone to at go vote. We're ranked 25th and 11th in the respective sites Tycho listed. Let's see if we can't boost that a wee bit more :D
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Re: Top 100

Postby Eri Ambicon » 2011-11-19 01:51

I just bumped our rating up to #3 on the top 100 Darkside websites list. Only need 3 more votes there to be #1 :lol:

We've got a pretty insurmountable mountain to climb to be #1 on the top 100 Star Wars websites list though... 99 votes we need and we're at 3. Spyk, get your godly internet powers out and get us some votes!
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Re: Top 100

Postby Spyker Katarn » 2011-11-19 02:15

If only it was that easy... and gaming the votes might get us banhammered. Number three still isn't a bad call, though.
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