The Art of Enhancement (Spyker)

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The Art of Enhancement (Spyker)

Post by Kyp Baker » 2011-09-06 00:17

Kyp still hadn’t grown used to the role of teacher. It was just one more thing added to his already busy schedule and complicated personal life. Add that to the fact he primarily lived on Corellia and Spyker made his home within the fleet and there started to be not enough time in a day. He regretted not being able to hold training sessions with Spyker as often as he would have liked, but such was life. The other man was a professional soldier and Kyp trusted he would be able to find ways to train on his own. There was only so much self-training one could do, however, so Kyp found himself once again onboard the Nemesis in a familiar training room.

The Dark Jedi disciple stood at front wall of the training room, wearing nothing but a thin pair of pants. His face and body glistened with sweat. The digital thermostat on the wall read 50 degrees Celcius. It was a very dry, desert-like heat. Vents in the walls and ceiling blew intermittent bursts of hot air around the room, simulating wind. Another readout on the wall displayed the status of the artificial gravity in the room. It currently read 1.5x. A small ball was suspended by a rope 4 meters from the floor. It was difficult enough just to walk around the room, but Kyp had much more than that in mind.

Spyker almost tripped over himself when he walked through the door due to the abrupt change in gravity. Like a good soldier, he corrected immediately and continued walking in. Kyp smiled. His face didn’t betray any of the effort he was exerting at the moment. “Good to see you again, Spyker. You may have noticed it’s a little hot in here and you may feel a bit heavier than you did this morning. As the Emperor told you, your primary aspect is Enhancement. That just so happens to be my secondary aspect, though I regret to say I’ve neglected training it over the years. This training exercise is meant to benefit both of us in that area and your task is simple.” Kyp pointed up. “Retrieve that ball. I’m going to stop you from getting it. For every thirty seconds that pass, the gravity will go up by one tenth. We start…now.”

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Re: The Art of Enhancement (Spyker)

Post by Spyker Katarn » 2011-09-17 04:31

The first thing he noticed was the heat. Although it wasn't quite like the weather on Tatooine, that infernal desert planet, or on Geonosis with its rocks and sand everywhere, it still felt oppressive to the man who grew up on Coruscant and now lived in climate-controlled ships. He acclimated quickly, though, drawing on his copious SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training as part of the Special Forces to compensate. Within moments, he was fine with the heat, at least for now.

The second thing he noticed was the altered gravity; at one-and-a-half times normal, he weighed quite a bit more. He recovered quickly, remaining standing with some trouble, but refused to let his stoic demeanor slip. The wrench in the mix here would be the increasing gravity; when coupled with the stifling heat, it would fatigue him faster than normal.

He was fairly certain by the nature of the test that the ball was not the goal, and Kyp essentially as much when he spoke about testing both their skills in Enhancement. While that gave Spyker a measure of knowledge about how to go about it, he had so far exactly zero training in the matter, and would have to learn quickly. He couldn't see how getting to the ball might help with that, but he had to give it a go anyways.

By the time he started to move, the gravity had already increased another two tenths of a point, making him even heavier than his already-hefty 126 kg at 1.5x standard. At this point, he was slower by far, and wasn't sure he would make it, but he would give it everything he had, until he either completed his objective, or passed out trying.

The game was on, and Spyker made his first move, heading straight in to probe Kyp's defenses. He wanted to see what his teacher, and his opponent, would try to stop him with.
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