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Postby Rannek Ceth » 2011-02-08 04:10

As the troopers waited for the fire at the entrance to burn down, Rannek took a moment to tap one of the other soldiers on the arm.

“Hey, do you know the sergeant?” he inquired.

“Sergeant Vitmor? Sure I know him,” the other trooper shot back, “don’t you?”

“No” Rannek replied, “This is the first time I’ve ever worked with him before, the mission commanders basically rounded up whoever was able to ship out at a moment’s notice.”

“Oh, yeah? I was wondering who all you new guys were” the trooper declared, “Guess it was just your lucky day huh?”

“Sure, whatever you say” Rannek stated sarcastically.

By this point the flames engulfing the doorway were beginning to fizzle and die, so both soldiers turned back toward the entrance and readied their blasters. Sergeant Vitmor signaled to get ready and spoke over the squad intercom.

“Here’s what we’re going to do boys” the NCO murmured over the comlink, “when the fire goes out, we break right and get as close as we can to the wall surrounding the complex. From what I could see, the enemy fire was coming from up above us, so we need to find a way up onto the top of the fortification. Keep an eye on the shield emplacements the hostiles have set up, as the enemy are most likely going to be concentrated near those.”

As the flaming reside in the doorway began to fade into embers, the Sergeant gave the signal to go. Rannek once again found himself heading out into uncertain territory, not knowing where the next shot would come from. The stormtroopers quickly filed out into the darkness and ran the distance to the outer wall, keeping an eye out for any stairs or ladders which would allow them to gain access to the higher vantage point from which they had been fired upon earlier.

Rannek noted dejectedly that although his helmet’s thermal vision had been activated to compensate for the dark surroundings, he was still not getting any hint of body heat from the shooting positions above them. Either the hostile forces were literally cold-blooded, or they were also utilizing thermal camouflage as well.

Great, he thought to himself, this is just getting better all the time.

He didn’t get a chance to actually finish the thought before the entire group once again found themselves under heavy fire.
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Postby TyrAnazazi » 2011-02-09 05:11


Tyr couldn't help but chuckle a little. As he expected the troopers moved towards the location they had been. Sadly for them, that wasn't even close! With their shield generators out of sight or turned off, they wouldn't be spotted till it was too late.

The walls were slopped and smooth on both sides. Which was great for shooting down either side. The corners were also rounded which eliminated weak spots that could be taken advantage of. One couldn't help but wonder if the newcomers had noticed the efficient and yet beautiful lines of the outpost.

Tyr waited till the men had gotten into the middle of the courtyard. Then he gave the signal to the team...

Vorenus opened up immediately, the powerful blasts raked back towards the front. The idea was to herd the men forward. Sure enough, the men did exactly as was expected! A couple were killed as the weapon fire kept herding.

Klozak and Waruna also opened fire and worked on herding the troopers together. The troopers started to clump when one started to wave and urge them to spread out. Rex immediately took aim and took the man down!

Rtas and Tyr then started to fire and sweep towards the men from the front...

The stormtroopers were starting to be boxed in with fire. What would they do and where? They could try and get cover from their wrecked transport a few meters away. Would they try and take shelter behind the rubble?!

Tyr knew what awaited the first enemy to go near that shuttle. He had placed two T9C-MP (Type-C) grenades there. The grenades had been set to act like anti-personnel mines. Each would explode with the force of a class-C thermal detonator. It was now a matter of seeing who moved first!



Captain T'nir watched as the beautiful patterns of hyperspace went by. This new ship was very fast! They would be reaching the Alpha-01 SuperGate in record time. They exited hyperspace and moved to approach the massive ring in space. Once in range, the navigation officer had the ship 'dial' the Echo-01 gate's address.

They watched as the gates connected an a massive backwash came out from the ring. After the temporary ejection of unstable energy, the surface of the ring became stable. T'nir nodded and the ship went into the shimmering horizon at sublight speeds. The ship was dematerialized and then sent through.

Almost a minute later, the ship was rematerialized on the other side at the Echo-03 SuperGate. T'nir smiled and the ship then started what would be approximately 3 hour trip to Amaranthos.
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Postby Rannek Ceth » 2011-02-10 20:10

At first, Rannek feared that the NIF stormtroopers were facing a much larger force than had been apparent from the initial confrontation. He soon realized that the enemy had simply moved to different points on the wall, as fire was no longer coming from their previous positions along the towering structure. In mere seconds the hostile fire had effectively boxed in the surviving troopers, forcing them into an ever enclosing web of death.

Sergeant Vitmor had obviously noticed as well because he was already gesturing wildly while shouting, “SPREAD OUT! SPREAD OUT! ANYWHERE YOU SEE FIRE COMING FROM THAT WALL, SHOOT! KEEP SPREADING OUT! MAKE THESE SCHUTTAS WORK FOR THEIR KILLS!”

Unfortunately, the NCO’s enthusiastic performance had apparently drawn the attention of someone, or something, on top of the fortification. Rannek watched in alarm as the Sergeant was shot clear through the chest. The man went down hard.

Having just lost another leader, some of the other troopers seemed to simply panic, turning and dashing toward the closest cover available in a feral effort to survive at any cost. Three more soldiers were gunned down as they turned their backs to run back toward the burning wreckage of the shuttle, but several others were able to throw themselves behind the relative safety of the burning ship.

Rannek, for his part, dropped to the ground and crawled to the nearest of his fallen comrades. As he approached the body, he reached out and draped one of the downed trooper's lifeless legs over his back, using the other leg as a stabilizing platform for his blaster. It was morbid, he knew, but it was the only way he could think of to disguise his presence from the enemy above.

Taking a quick glance around the area, he noted that at least three other troopers were in similar positions around him. One was plainly cowering behind another trooper’s corpse, as though his mind had simply disconnected from the carnage around him. Another trooper appeared to be trying to crawl over and help the fallen Sergeant, but had been shot in the leg, preventing that soldier from moving forward with any rapidity.

Not that it would help anyway, Rannek thought grimly, I don’t see how the Sergeant could have survived the shot he just took.

The only other living trooper Rannek could see was positioned in much the same manner as Ceth himself, and had dragged a fallen companion over much of his own body mass while gazing up through the scope of his blaster rifle.

Rannek took note of all this information within the seconds it took the deserting troopers to get back to cover. His next move had the potential to be the one that ended in his own demise, but he had already determined that he would follow Vitmor’s final orders. The attackers had impressive camouflaging abilities, he would give them that, but the fact of the matter was that their constant blasted weapons fire was now working like a beacon, showing each of their positions as they gunned down his comrades from what the cowards undoubtedly believed to be complete safety.

Rannek could feel the burn of rage welling up inside him, but quickly pushed it aside. Blind anger wouldn’t serve him here, his next actions needed to be cold and efficient. Taking aim at the nearest pulsing stream of energy fire, Rannek opened up on the target. He was pleased to see a flash as the blaster bolts connected with a solid body and blew a large mass backwards and out of sight. There was no way to tell if the alien he had briefly glimpsed was dead, he doubted it in fact, but it was gratifying to show the enemy that they weren’t invincible. Taking his cue, the other battle-ready trooper also started firing on his own target. Rannek didn’t watch to see if the other soldier had hit the mark, as he was already shifting his aim to the next target along the wall.
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Postby Moira Drakengard » 2011-02-10 21:56

Right foot. Right hand, Left foot, left hand.

Hell. That's what this planet was: Hell.

Sure it wasn't burning, or filled with molten lava. But in its own way everything was just as horrifying as the traditional image embedded in the racial memories of so many species. And right now, the stormtrooper complement were being subjected to the worst torments.

Left foot, Left hand, Right foot, right hand

The only problem was she couldn't really see what was happening right now. For the moment she was scaling the outside of the tower where all the heavy fire was coming from. Honestly , she didn't know why she was doing this. The best idead she could think of for this situation was to cut and run to conserve losses.

The clold hard rock, bit into her hands, making them bleed. But she ignored the pain. All she could think of was trying to find some way to stop this madness that was being reigned down upon the area. After that, she'd try to get out, get back to Mikka and the ISIS agent so long as she didn't lead anything to them.

As she climbed the last arch of stone, she could see the night was ablaze with heavy fire from some more of their unknown foes. It was way past time for this to get up close and personal. She crouched on the stone basin and looked down seeing two armored creatures, that were massive. Sword in one hand, and a grenade in the other she made her leap, point first.

It landed in the first one's back, sliding through the gaps in the armored carapace wear they met the neck. The thing let out a scream and bucked like a bronco as moira held on for dear life as she perched on its shoulders. In reflex it skittered sideways towards its counterpart, knocking it off the tower in its haste to remove this attacker.

One fell below, probably stunned, as it rolled down the tower accessway, leaving only the girl to cling on a rampaging hulk's fury.

She threw herself to one side, shifting her weight as it tried to smear her against the nearest stone. It's arms flailed trying to reach back to grab her but its range of motion precluded by its armor failed to allow it a stable reach.

With the grenade, Moira noted a small spongey area in the center mass of the creature, She forced her arm into the elbow, noting the sickening sensation of worms across her skin. She released the grenade timer for detonation, pulled her sword free, and leapt away.

The ensuing blast was lessened by the creatures heavy armor, as the damnable monstrousity was bisected in half from the internal explosion. The force from the blast threw her hard into a wall, stunning her slightly as she sagged to the ground. Her thoughts became confused, out of sorts. Survivor's instinct barely noted the heavy movements of the creature below as it stirred from its stupor...
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Postby TyrAnazazi » 2011-02-10 22:39

[OOC: AWWW! I am losing one... ;) You are ebil Jericho!! j/k]

Vorenus was surprised when a bolt whizzed through the firing slit and struck him where his nose was. He went backward out of sight. He really didn't like that at all! He went up and this time turned on his cover shield since the originally installed one had dropped suddenly, right before being pegged. Good thing I have personal shields! He then started to make sure each of those bodies was in fact dead!

The others had all managed to get the number of whities whittled down. There was a lot less return fire now. The downside was it was getting harder to locate them visually. However, the ones shot with their plasma weapons were clearly dead with burns through their torsos or heads. It was going to be just a matter of time now.

Suddenly, Paruto came barreling from his spot and slamming his back into the walls. After a couple of these body slams a cloak went flying off and a young girl was clearly visible clinging to a sword that was buried into Paruto's back. Anyone who tried to shoot her off would probably hit their buddy and just piss him off more... However, Waruna had moved to try and get her off only to be unintentionally sent barreling down onto the trapdoor. The door broke under his weight and he went down the stairs head over heels!

Tyr shouted for everyone to hit the dirt! As the girl punched a grenade into Paruto's back. The blast was contained by his armor. However, Paruto's collective of lekgolo worms had been bisected in half! Waruna was making angry rumbling noises from down below.

The girl had been thrown into the back wall of the tower. Tyr got up and walked over as she was clearly stunned. The girl's eyes focused as Tyr's plasma blades shimmered at her neck. Tyr spoke in basic, "Give up, I would prefer not having to kill you. Admirable, you managed to kill that one. Though his brother is going to definitely be pretty pissed off. As such, if you plan to live you should yield to me. Cause I can guarantee you that most of the others won't be so inclined."

Just as Tyr finished speaking Klozak lunged with his arm blades to kill. Tyr simply activated his other plasma blade and deflected it into the wall. The arm blades penetrated the fused-rock a good 30 cm. Klozak glared but before he could speak Tyr calmly spoke, "That is enough. She is mine! Anyone else want to try and do anything to my prisoner will answer to me... That clear?"

Klozak backed up and withdrew his blade and stepped away. The others had quickly set some APMs and went down the stair well. Now it is just the strange human girl, Tyr and Klozak inside the tower...
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Postby Moira Drakengard » 2011-02-10 22:59

With very fine motions the woman, sheathed her blade and reached to gather up the cloak before standing up slowly making no quick and threatening movements. The blade of the soldier still pointed to her throat.

In Basic she simply spoke, "I don't understand what your saying. Yield to you? And what authority do you have here? You came here to kill a bunch of corporate lackeys and scientists who did nothing wrong other than to let their curiousity get the better of them. And even if they were deserving of your attacks, whatever they did to provoke you, it isn't an act of the Feddies. "

Her gaze peered into the faceless shell of the armored being, "So let me ask: You think your words hold any truth? Make me believe that there is any grain of respectability in them if I gave you my oath of parole that you wouldn't kill me outright? Then let me say something you should consider, Buster." She pointed down to where they had the response team cornered like dogs with intersecting fields of fire.

With a scathing tongue she used her sharpened words as weapons. "You commit an act of war like a bunch of pirates on a federation protectorate colony and then go so far as to now demand ME to Yield to you like you own the place? Are you trying to make the Federation your enemy? You're certainly doing a good job killing soldiers who are just fulfilling their roles as protectors of civilians!"
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Postby TyrAnazazi » 2011-02-10 23:48

Tyr motioned to Rtas and Klozak to keep the troopers pinned with crossing fields of fire...

Tyr had kept his full attention on the girl. Rather quick witted! I wonder if she understands her predicament. In some respects her statements are valid and true. However, just like these soldiers we also have our civilians that needed to be protected. Sadly the attached three security officers were not able to.

Tyr answered her, "In fact, we do have as much if not more sovereign rights here. My people built this base millennia before the Galactic Empire, NR or the NIF. The Old Republic was little more than a dream or an ideal when we first built here. We have observed your galactic society grow and mature. Maybe you understand, this was an anthropological lab and observatory. Some of my race dedicated their entire lives to this galaxy. A few chose to help you make your way into the stars. A couple more sought to give you hints in areas of medicine and science. Most, sought to be passive and none interfering observers. One of the our most outspoken 'humanitarians' and anthropologists was here. He died here! He abandoned his birth name and assumed the name S'hrah. Yes, the one and the same that organized and executed relief to civilians during the Clone War, as you call it.

There were twelve civilian anthropologists here with three security officers to protect them. All were gunned down before we even got here. By the same corporate lackeys that you just defended. Does that sound noble or honorable to you? Let me ask you this: Would they have respected our words? No more than those soldiers below would have.

As to the Federation, being their enemy is not our preference. Soon they will probably have far more pressing problems than us, assuming no cruel joke by Lady Fate. Let me ask you another question: What if the NIF destroys a civilian anthropological observatory in retribution? Is that fair, honorable or even 'humane'? What do you think? Where do you draw the line? Would you fight to protect those who are dear to you? Comrades? Lovers? Or would you stand by and let whatever happen occur? I am not an anthropologist nor do I wish to follow that path. I am a soldier and a scientist. Have been so for most of my 200 years.

From your point of view, my words probably have little value. Just like those soldiers down below, we too have a responsibility and honor to protect our own. I would have preferred not to have to engage them. Even they had been a few hours slower this fight wouldn't have had to occur. Do you not know that it is better to give life than take it, if there is a possible way. What is a being without their honor and their integrity. Without it, is a being truly worthy of being a sentient being or just a clever creature?

So, young one, what is your thoughts?"
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Postby Moira Drakengard » 2011-02-11 00:27

She backed up towards the lip of the tower, one foot at the time. The echani knew the dangers she was in, she merely didn't care. Her life for the most part was almost worthless save in the respect of what she chose to do with it. "My condolences for your peoples loss. However, if such an anthropologist was as influential as you say, it would have been easy for you to know the real scope of finding another course. Anyone with that deep a cover could have petitioned the Senate to have this company excised from this world months ago if they cited it was an actual colony site for past refugees or some other easily made up excuse. If your people had been here as long as you say, then they could have stopped this with but a single word before it had ever started. You did just basically admit there were other anthropologists of your kind out there amongst the galaxy."

In the midst of another step back a short bark of laughter came from her lips. "Hah, as it stands your people in this place, whatever it is , would have just have been able to call in stormtroopers to remove the corporation instead of coming yourselves! If" she stressed the word, "they would have given it some thought! Sure it might have made your people come into the limelight of discovery, but as far as First Contact scenarios go you're batting a thousand in the wrong impressions category!"

Her feet were very close to the ledge, and she risked a quick peek behind her shoulder.
She was on the treeside of the fortification now, the organic foliage thick and dense. It would be almost suicide to jump. But her main priority was still the ISIS agent and her friend. Capture would not be conducive to helping them remain safe. Not on a deathworld like this.

She smiled a little, her eyes glaring at the soldier's masked features. "This galaxy is filled with the good and the bad, the saints and the sinners , and murdering scum that seek to prey off others. I'm not saying violence in the defense of others is wrong, I'm not even saying one shouldn't prune back the predators which act like weeds which spoil the whole garden. I'm simply saying you, or more specifically your superiors, really screwed the walvrat on this one. Can you honestly say that here and now- you're still inclined to follow your orders to the letter and create a more unviable situation? Even now it's not to late to have the soldiers below called off with a temporary cease fire if you had a bit of help. Or is it that you and your fellows really crave more bloodshed? Truly, are you a soldier , or a troglodite? "
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Postby TyrAnazazi » 2011-02-11 01:06

OOC Clarification:
Clarification, as there were some questions. The statement wrt hyperdrive technology is referring to non-human groups. As in canon, the Celestials only gave hyperdrive tech to humans. The Eldorrin are not the Celestials of SW canon.

Tyr had noticed the girls movements. However, he was not inclined to do anything unnecassary. If the girl jumped off he would try and catch her. If she was playing a game, then no need to move.

"Perhaps you misunderstood me. If we became common knowledge than your galaxy would no longer evolve naturally. Our goal is to observe and not to interfere, if at all possible. However, I do agree with your point. That was a long time ago. A human would have died a couple years ago, even in the best of circumstances. Yet, he would not have appeared to have aged at all. That fact alone would have caused as many problems as your suggestion would have solved.

Hardly first contact, with all respect. Who do you think helped, more of gave, your ancestors hyperdrive technology? We did! Our reasons then were to prevent you from blowing yourselves up, too often; to allow you to have the wings to explore.

As much as, I would agree with you. I and my superiors have other concerns. Do you think we don't know about your expedition? That you plan to send military ships to our galaxy? We were sent here more due to that than this small problem. Before you criticize our foreign policies you might wish to take a look at your own.

Or do you think that we will tolerate your government's irresponsible action? We have a responsibility to protect our galaxy from those who would seek to take advantage of those less advanced or powerful than themselves. Or do you think that your government can really stand up to us, should we get truly serious? Or did you forget there are races still around that are far older and more powerful than you can imagine?

As to craving bloodshed, that we do not. If you haven't notice they are only suppressing them since were have been talking. No more lives have been lost. I will admit that I would have preferred to not fight this battle at all. Our ancestors have a proverb that I had forgotten till now. It says, 'to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's back resistance fighting.' I wonder if my superiors forget our ancient principles as well. The heck!"

The girl had just down a backward and twisting leap from the back of the tower towards the foliage below!

"Rtas, Klozak get the others back to the shuttle! Pick me up at my signal. I am catching her, she knows something..."
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Postby Rannek Ceth » 2011-02-11 02:43

Before Rannek could pull the trigger on his next target, there was a brief break in the onslaught of enemy fire. From high above in the tower he had been sighting in, came the muffled boom of a grenade discharging. He glanced over at the other hiding trooper, who simply gave an almost imperceptible shake of a helmeted head. Rannek had only moments to mull over the implications before the enemy started once again laying down fire. He shifted his body slightly to maximize the cover provided by the armored corpse of his former cohort.

Sorry friend, Rannek reflected inwardly, But, on the bright side, you may save my life today.

The hostile aliens had begun to fire in a much more staggered configuration, making it harder to get a fix on their individual positions. It also seemed that the enemy had been suitably confused by the remaining troopers use of their dead squad mates for cover, or perhaps they were simply content to keep the stormtroopers pinned down for the time being. Either way, the incoming fire was no longer the deadly stream of energy that it had been moments ago.

Rannek used the comparative quiet to take stock of the situation. The soldier who had been trying to crawl over to the fallen Sergeant Vitmor was motionless, though Rannek couldn’t tell from his position if it was because the trooper was unconscious or dead. The cowering trooper appeared to be still alive, but had practically rolled into a ball and was similarly motionless. Ceth looked over to the final soldier, noting that this trooper was still glaring at the towers along the perimeter of the wall.

The sound of a substantial explosion rung out across the courtyard, and Rannek hastily twisted around to look at the still smoldering shuttle wreckage behind him. A large hole had appeared in the hull of the vessel. One of the troopers who had opted to run back to the craft was just beginning to stand up after the blast, and was staring blankly at the charred stump that had until moments ago been his left arm.

It didn’t take Rannek long to figure out what had likely happened. He recalled back in basic training when the Drill Instructors had “demonstrated” the capabilities of a thermal detonator on a zucca boar. Thermal detonators often completely disintegrated any object within their blast radius, leaving anything outside the blast virtually untouched by comparison. After the explosion the entire front half of the wild animal had simply disappeared, while its rear section lie smoking on the ground.

“THERMAL DET!” he shouted over to any survivors of the explosion, “GET AWAY FROM THE SHUTTLE! THEY MUST HAVE SABOTAGED IT!”
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Postby Moira Drakengard » 2011-02-11 02:58

Moira fell like a leaf on the wind.

A rather heavy leaf on the wind. Her leap had brought her into the densest boughs of the leafy vegetation trees and she'd been right to do so. However, she'd been downright wrong in thinking how much pain it would bring as her body was rolled, and punished as it dropped from one large leaf to another as the fibrous tissue of the massive foliage slowed her descent.

She flitted from branc to branch, finally glad the forest was arresting her speed, only at the end of her descent to have her fall face first in the mud. Her body was bruised, painful, and yet she felt strangely invigorated as she pushed herself up to her elbows. Rising on shakey legs she donned the cloak about her once again, and started to make her way back towards where Mikka and the operative were.
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Postby TyrAnazazi » 2011-02-11 03:34

Tyr watched as the girl essentially flopped from one leaf to the next, hitting a branch every so often too. What in the name of heaven is that girl doing? Trying to kill herself?! If she does survive it shouldn't be too hard to capture. Probably is going to have at least a cracked rib or two.

Tyr took off using his suits propulsion systems. Meanwhile the rest of the team was now getting ready to head back to the shuttle...

The girl had hit the ground a good way away from the flush-doorway. So, it wasn't likely that anyone would notice much less care. Besides, their ride was going to be showing up pretty soon. To say the least the little frigate would be wise to just not interfere or do anything else that would be troublesome. Since, Tyr knew the commanding officer that was being sent...

Tyr landed high up in the trees above the girl, in stealth mode. Not only was he invisible visually, sensors and audibly. As long as he didn't use his main propulsion system it wouldn't be a problem. This did however, relegate him to the slower and less powerful systems. He quietly and stealthily followed the young girl on the ground.

Based on how she is walking, there are probably friends or comrades nearby. That or some form of transportation or hideout. Either way, it is in my best interest to find out.


Meanwhile, Rtas and the others were making their way back to the cloaked shuttle. They were not exactly thrilled about Tyr going off on his own. However, of the group he was the best equipped. In addition, due to their being in stealth mode the troopers wouldn't be able to follow them easily or at all... That is assuming the found a way up onto the tower and got out the door. However, if they pursued they would risk not being able to leave or find the door back in. Especially as it closed with enough force to crush anything stuck in to prop it open. Once closed it would also reactivate the entrance code-key pad. That would require the password to be entered in order to gain access again.

As a result, Rtas was fairly certain the troopers would not follow them nor attempt to ambush them outside.
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Postby Rannek Ceth » 2011-02-16 05:22

As the lingering echoes of the explosion began to die out, Rannek realized that the enemy had ceased firing from the tower above him. Visually scanning the wall only confirmed that the flashes of energy had stopped. The courtyard had suddenly become eerily silent. Rising slowly from his position of cover, Rannek glanced over at the trooper who had assisted him against the enemy forces and motioned for the other soldier to remain out of sight. The trooper gave a slight nod of acknowledgment before Rannek turned toward what remained of the shuttle.

Well, I haven’t been picked off yet, He thought as he surveyed the burning wreckage, I wonder what’s going on up in that tower?

He put the thought out of his mind. For the moment, Rannek was determined to regroup with the rest of the surviving NIF troopers. He hoped that someone was still alive who would be able to reinstate some semblance of the chain of command. Ceth jogged the distance to the smoking remains of the shuttle, noting that there were only two troopers in sight.

The first trooper was the unfortunate individual who had lost his entire left arm in the thermal detonator explosion, and was now slumped against the hull of the ship. The second trooper appeared to be trying to apply first aid to his wounded compatriot.

Rannek stopped in front of the two soldiers before inquiring, “Is there anyone else alive? How many went into the shuttle?”

The uninjured trooper turned to look at Rannek as though Ceth had just dropped out of the sky, and sat staring for a few seconds before registering the questions that had been asked, “I-I don’t know, It was two… I think”

Rannek didn’t press the trooper any further. Everyone was shell-shocked, so he knew he probably wouldn’t get a clearer answer anyway. Instead, he quickly stepped up to the hole in the shuttle and called into the darkness beyond, “Is anyone alive in there?!”

He almost jumped back when an arm appeared from the dim interior of the shuttle. Moments later, the rest of the trooper emerged from the shadows, stumbled out of the wreck and dropped to the ground in front of him. Rannek stepped forward and helped the soldier to her feet.

“Was there anyone else inside?” He asked persistently.

Instead of answering his question directly, the trooper simply started mumbling, “The Corporal… he was going to get the E-web… then he was gone… am I dead? The light was so bright. Am I dead?”

Placing his gloved hand on her armored shoulder, Rannek gave her a gentle shake, “Hey! You’re alright. You hear me? You are not dead.”

“Wha?” the trooper looked in his direction, but Ceth couldn’t be sure she was actually listening to him.

“We don’t have time for this!” Rannek exclaimed exasperatedly, pointing to the trooper crouched at the side of the armless trooper, he declared, “You! Get him up! We need to move everyone away from the shuttle in case there are more explosives waiting to go off!”

He turned his attention back to the trooper beside him, “Listen, I need to help move this injured man, just walk over there and rejoin the rest of the team, ok?” he pointed over to where the other troopers were still huddled amidst their fallen comrades.

He didn’t get any verbal reaction, but the trooper started stumbling in the direction he had pointed her in, so it was all he really needed before he stepped in to help lift the armless trooper off the ground.

Once all the surviving members of the landing party had regrouped, Rannek took stock of the situation. Of the original twenty stormtroopers that had landed on the planet, only seven remained, himself included. Worse, there were no officers, and the ranking trooper was the Corporal who Rannek had observed cowering in fear behind the corpse of one of his former cohorts. Needless to say, the Corporal was in no condition to lead the squad, and Rannek was unsure how to proceed. They still had a mission to accomplish, regardless of their current situation.

The trooper who had helped him suppress the enemies in the tower stepped forward and inquired, “what are your orders sir?”

At first, Rannek didn’t realize that the female soldier was referring to him, “What? Me?” He looked around at the other troopers, and noted that they were all looking back at him, “now wait just a moment. I’m just a Private like the rest of you. I’m not a leader.”

The trooper stepped closer and placed a finger on his chest plate, “Look, the only reason I stayed out here when we were all getting shot to hell was because I saw you holding your ground” waving her other arm to indicate the remaining survivors, she continued, “These four were just transferred in from the academy. This is their first mission. I can’t honestly say that I’m that much more experienced than them.”

Turning to the still unresponsive Corporal, she carried on, “Look at the Corporal. He can’t help us in that state. You at least seem like you have some experience. So I’ll ask you again, what are your orders? sir.”

Rannek took a moment to let it all sink in. He considered his options and came to a decision.

By the force, I hope I don’t end up getting us all killed, he thought grimly.

To the others he began, “Alright, we still have a mission to accomplish” pointing at the trooper who had been shot in the leg while trying to reach the Sergeant he asked, “how’s that leg? Can you still walk on it?”

Stepping forward with a slight limp, the Private nodded, “It’s been patched up alright, I should be good.”

“Good” Ceth stated, “Ok, here’s what we’re going to do.”

He indicated the two uninjured troopers from the shuttle explosion and the trooper with an injured leg, “You three get our injured soldier on board the TIE shuttle we saw when we were landing” He pointed at the armless trooper who had fallen into unconsciousness.

“Do any of you have experience flying?” Rannek inquired.

The soldier who had been trying to help the armless trooper raised his hand, “I used to fly my family freighter on short cargo runs before I joined up.”

“That will have to do” Ceth stated, “The three of you search the base for any surviving scientists. Take extreme caution; if you encounter any resistance… blow the entrance to the facility.”

He pointed at the trooper beside him, “what’s your name, Private?”

“Jem Corbol, sir” she replied simply.

“I’m Rannek Ceth, by the way” he declared before turning back to the others, “Alright, if Private Corbol and I haven’t returned by the time you three have searched the base I want you to get to the TIE shuttle, take off and report to command. Got it?”

“Where will you two be going?” one of the troopers asked.

“When we were landing, during the ambush, we received a garbled transmission from a freelancer who claimed to be working for the federation” Rannek asserted, “And when we were pinned down by the enemy, Jem and I heard what sounded like a grenade going off just before the enemy stopped shooting at us.”

“Right” Jem confirmed, “What about it?”

“If there really is an ally or group of allies out there, they seem to have distracted our attackers for the time being” Rannek stated, “I think it’s only right that we get out there and help them if we can.”

“Understood” Corbol shot back, “let’s get going then, time isn’t on our side.”

Moments later, Rannek and Jem scaled the outer wall of the complex using the grappling hooks from their standard issue utility belts. Upon gaining entry to the tower that the enemy had until recently occupied, they found what looked to be the remnants of a large alien plastered all over walls and floor of the room.

“What now?” Corbol inquired.

“I’m not sure.” Rannek said, “Try to find anything that could clue us in as to where they went.”

“There are footprints in the… goo” Corbol noted.

“Yeah, but there must have been quite a scuffle” Rannek shot back, “Because I can’t make heads or tails out of them.”

Rannek noticed that one of the floor tiles formed a trapdoor, and peered down at a flight of steps leading deeper into the tower.

“We didn’t see anyone come over our side of the wall” Rannek thought out loud, “and we didn’t see anyone running along the wall after the grenade went off…”

“So unless our friend was using optical camouflage as well…” Jem mused.

“They all must have headed out into the jungle” Ceth finished the thought, stepping closer to the outer edge of the wall. Looking down into the darkness beyond the fortification, Rannek saw a trail of broken branches leading down to the forest floor below.

“Well, someone took a bit of a tumble” Jem stated, looking over his shoulder.

“Right” Rannek confirmed, “Get your grappling hook set up to rappel down the outside of the wall. Here’s hoping our friend is still alive out there.”
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Postby Moira Drakengard » 2011-03-04 05:58

It smelled…wet. A heavy scent of rain soaked leaves and dirt. The air was damp, but comfortably cool. Moira struggled to gather her senses from a foggy mess and piece together what was going on as she stumbled away. She wasn’t scared, which was odd, she reflected. For some reason she thought she should be, but she was oddly reassured as she put more and more distance between her and that which she had left behind.

She stumbled once to the ground, and Moira remained on her knees a moment. Brooding over what had just happened to her before it came back slightly to the forefront of her mind.

‘Aliens’… not the nonhumans she referred to those species not human, or near- human but actual bloody aliens from what seemed to be either from the past or beyond the gulf of their own galaxy.

Honestly, really. What in hell was next ? Little ewoks mushrooming up to twenty times their size ? Oh, wait, she guessed those were called wookies.

The echani laughed a little as she vaguely noted the discomfort she was in. Each breath caused her chest to ache, and her head rang with a headache the likes of which one couldn’t believe. It was starting to rain now in the night, a freak tempestial rainstorm like one might find amidst anywhere upon a rainforest world. But she still stumbled on, as the echani strained to hear beyond the falling rain. Grunts followed by heavy footfall passed nearby. Somewhere up above. With the canopy blocking her view, Moira could only guess what was going on up there...

She ducked into the cover of a nearby thicket, going at a super slow pace amidst the spined thrushes; being careful with every footfall to dull the noise she was making. That noise which had been above her could be anything, anything at all. From a flock of birds, to a large jungle cat; or… ‘Those things could still be searching for her.’ For a time she hid a few moments, just watching an waiting in the underbrush until she heard nothing. It was eerily quiet. In a better state of mind, she might have noticed that her hearing nothing was a bad thing, as animals normally being quiet meant their was a disturbance nearby. But her addled wits , made her positively convinced whatever it was which had made the noise was gone. She finally looked back in the direction Mikka, and the agent was. If she continued, and made it to shelter safely she might be able to get some rest. Mikka could care for their wounds and then they’d try to retreat back to their own shuttle at daybreak.

Like a stumbling child she exited her hiding place, her will focused clearly on the one goal of getting back to her friend.


Mikka Thellis nodded and settled down, lying prone on her stomach. She was fidgety, tired. But she couldn’t sleep…she was worried. She wanted desperately to contact her friend to know she was alright. The girl also longed to get back to civilization and off this damned deathworld. She felt trapped here, in this small space the hide had provided. She could hardly even stretch out properly to hold the damn rifle!

Plus, it was dark out there. Real dark, and a brief bit of raining had turned into an almost downpour as she swept the scope back and forth over the target zone.
Her eyes were already adjusting through several spectrums of light as her cybernetics searched for something, anything out there in the darkness to see. “Come on Chuck! Why are we just sitting here?”

“I told you a thousand times since she left, if you go out there and she’s not dead already, you’re liable to make it so she ends up dead anyways. Have some trust in your friend and a bit of patience.”

Thellis snorted, and looked again out at the expanse . This time she spotted a flicker of a heat source heading towards their position. She shifted her vision into a low light vision mode, and then into an enhance mode. What she saw at this distance was a slight form, angling up the incline towards them. It was a figure staggering on unsteady legs.

She froze where she was, trying to use the enhanced senses open to her to figure out what was going on. She heard footsteps, a single set, light though, not as gruff as an animal’s. Nor did it drag its feet across the ground. It wasn’t close enough for Mikka to pick up a good scent from it but it smelled like lavender…almost. There was a slight iron tang in difference that made Mikka very curious. She remembered that smell, but not from where. It was buried in time, in the haze of hers memories. It made Mikka curious enough to crawl over the slight boundary way to get a closer look.

It was at this point she realized what the irony tang was, it was blood.

And the lavender , well that was from one person she knew well’s scented shampoo. Even if it was dulled by a few days out in the boonies. She almost jumped up off the ground as she tried to sprint towards the hide’s accessway. Only to be stopped by a single hand on her shoulder. “Wait, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Damnit Chuck! Lemme go! Moiri’s in trouble!”
“Damnit, kid. Don’t act rashly, what are you seeing out there? Yeowch!” The agent swore as the young woman bit his arm in order to make him let go. In a flash the girl was out of the hide and running towards her friend. Her eyes scanning every available wavelength and frequency as her hand strayed back towards the vibroscythe she kept clipped to the back of her belt.
Grasping it firmly she held it in one hand, noting a twang in the air as it snapped open. She held it in one hand as with the other she grabbed her stumbling friend about the waist. Taking her weight. For a moment the other young woman struggled and looked at her with disoriented eyes before a haze of recognition clouded her features.

Moira spoke with slurred speech, “I’m sorry Thells, I messed up pretty bad.”

Mikka’s eyes almost burned red with anger as her cybernetics gave her the strength to practically lift the other girl off her feet as she hurried her back towards the hide. She hissed her words softly in the other girls ear as she felt her friend go limp with unconsciousness. “Don’t worry Moiri Bruri. Nothing’s gonna hurt you again so long as I can help it!”
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Postby TyrAnazazi » 2011-03-04 07:56

Rtas and the others had reached the shuttle. They left the small mini-jammers that had been tacked to the surrounding trees. The devices were considered very disposable. If any rescue or survivors found the devices it wouldn't really matter. After everybody was in and the equipment was stowed away in the wall-lockers, Rtas eased the engines to idle and engaged the cloak. The question was when Tyr would tell them to pick him up...

Tyr had been following the young girl for about five minutes when a heavy footfall on a branch below him alerted him. He looked down to see a juvenile tharanator prowling. An animal this young didn't have a hunting territory staked out yet. As a result they tended to be hungry all the time. However, to Tyr's relief it didn't notice his quarry, the girl on the forest floor. After a short time, it had disappeared into the foliage...

The sensors on Tyr's GUNGNIR armor kept tabs on on the young predator till it was sufficiently far away. Tyr watched the girl lay still in the underbrush for about a minute. As if she was scared of what else lurked. The forest nearby was eerily quiet as many of the animals could tell something was amiss. Above the canopy, six avian creatures flew away in search of food. Their reptilian eyes scanning for the faintest signs of life. The young Eldorrin's attention went back to the girl as she finally started to move again...

It was a process of painstakingly careful tracking to maintain the status quo of predator-prey. There would be no point in tracking her to her base or friends if she realized it and veered away. Like a mother viper-wolf would lead the predator away from her pups, so too would this girl change her movement. As the time approached the fifth-hour mark, the girls walking changed slightly as if approaching her destination. Tyr used the neural interface to call up his options. His goal would be the capture of her and any compatriots. If that wasn't possible, kill who needed to be killed and acquire the rest..

It would seem that this girl knows something. Even if she doesn't have all the details she might give me a place to start. Either way, this problem needs to be fixed and sooner rather than latter. If we fail, then there could be larger problems for us in the relatively near future. Good! I forgot that I had those. He pulled up the specs on his grenades. He had a small supply of T9A-LTL grenades. The grenades are a form of less-than-lethal stun type munition. Like the lethal variations of the T9A grenade line, a smart detection system was part of it. As such, it will be a cinch to just toss them down onto her. Once reaching the optimum distance, the grenade would "detonate". Then she and whoever is with her will be stunned for at least a good 3-5 hours. Just to have options, I will go ahead and set my pistols to stun in case there is a snag.

Sure enough, half a minute latter, a guy's yelp registered on sensors and a woman came dashing out to the young girl. Tyr's cloak kept him hidden even though he was only 10 meters away and about 15 meters up. The passive sensors of the armor displayed that the woman was probably a cyborg due to the higher than normal energy readings. In addition, based on the audible cue, the hideout was located about even with Tyr's height and about 30 meters ahead. Both locations were well within his throw range. Tyr watched the woman pick the girl up and onto her shoulder and started to head quickly back the way she had come.

Tyr watched and waited the minute till she was starting to go into the blind. The error was only about a half-meter up from where the sensor's had predicted it to be. At the same time, Tyr set into motion his plan...

The grenades armed fractions of a second after being released from Tyr's hand. Both were into the air within three seconds of each other. Thanks to the ballistic computer in the suit, it had allowed Tyr to throw the grenades precisely at the opening. The first grenade would land just outside of the blind. Where it would discharge an intense blast of light, sound and electro-magnetic waves, effective to 5 meters. The second grenade would go slightly further than the first and discharge just inside of the predicted opening. No sooner than the two grenades were on their way than Tyr drew his two pistols and started to close in stealth mode.

Tyr was surprised for an instant as the woman somehow managed to detect the grenades and started to move to evade. The woman quickly realized that she couldn't properly get away entirely if she kept herself burdened with her friend. As Tyr had wanted, she put her friend down and rolled away. The two discharges knocked out all the electronics in their hideout and any powered weapons they had. The girl that he had been tracking was instantly stunned. Tyr's sensors now picked up another person inside. He too was stunned from the second grenade. The woman stood up and started to look in Tyr's general direction. As she did, Tyr decloaked...

That is an interesting weapon if I ever saw one. Great for slashing and reaping strokes, though lacks true grace and form. Unless she sharpened the outside curve that is... Should be interesting!

The woman immediately went right at her opponent. Despite the ominous black of the armor she went straight at him. The pistols that had been in his hands went into thigh holsters and instead ignited what appeared to be a form of energy swords. In her rage at her friend's state, she swung at the armored enemy with all her strength.

Her eyes widened as the blow was stopped dead in its tracks as the shaft sparked against the plasma. Immediately, she jumped back and got more wary. The opponent's face plate lowered and she found herself looking into a young male of an unknown species. His skin was grey and his eyes were cold and calculating. The eyes of a born fighter, a born killer and the kind of being to hurt her friend! He would pay for what he had done!

She suddenly whipped her arm forward and the scythe went spinning like a whirlwind towards the man! The man stood still and watched it approach then at the last possible second went into the air and parallel to the ground! The scythe went right past him. She smiled as it arced back on a dime right at the back of his neck! If it couldn't get more shocking, he just took and put his arm back and the blade was stopped in its tracks by a strange energy shield. The momentum of the scythe took it back to her hand and Mikka caught it.

As the young man stood up straight from his crouched posture and deactivated his defense shield, he spoke "You are quite impressive. I wonder...where you learned to fight like that. Cause, it would be an honor to meet them. My apologies Ma'am, but I have to end this contest."

As the young man finished speaking his wrist flicked towards her. Her eyes widened, as the grenade hit a few centimeters from her feet as she turned to get away. She could feel the discharge all through her body. The pain and discomfort as her cybernetic implants went into lockdown. Her head seemed to be struck against an anvil by sledgehammers and her vision went all blurry. Mikka fell to her knees as her legs seemed to have a mind of their own and rooted to the ground. She looked at the young male as he calmly hip-fired a blast from his pistol right into her chest. In the fractions of a moment before she was hit: I failed Moira! I didn't manage to protect her!

Tyr reactivated his faceplate. His suit's sensors verified that the woman was out cold. Tyr walked over to the opening of the hideout. He looked inside at the man lying there, even still reaching for his weapon. Tyr stepped in and moved the man to the far wall. He then set a remote activated beacon on the crate next to the man. As he stepped out, Tyr collapsed the entrance of the hideout using a blast from the powered-suit's hand-projectors. He then activated his beacon to summon Rtas. While he waited, he moved the girl and the woman next to him on the ground.
Rtas had lifted the shuttle up above the canopy and with the cloak engaged he was enjoying the view. How long does it take to take care of one girl and possibly a few friends? Tyr must be enjoying it or playing with them... A small blip on the console awoke with a slight buzzing sound before he quickly depressed it. About damn time! At least he gave me specific coordinates this time... "Hold on guys, we are headed over to pick up Tyr and whoever he captured. Says he got two prisoners. So, I want you to clear the cargo area." Everyone inside quickly moved the the main cabin. Klozak prepared and indicated the rings were ready for use.

A few minutes later, Rtas eased the shuttle to a stationary hover. Below was Tyr and two captives. Rtas nodded to Klozak that they were in position. The Myrderi then punched a few buttons...

On the bottom of the shuttle an opening in the form of a circle, just over 7.5 meters in diameter, appeared on the belly of the shuttle. From the bottom, five ring like devices dropped down and hovered at uniform distances around the trio. A second latter there was a bright energy flash then the rings were tractored back up. Inside the shuttle, an identical opening in the cargo area opened. Another set of rings appeared and after a flash of light, the trio appeared within the cargo hold. Then both sets of circular openings were closed.

Tyr eyed the storage area. Sure enough everything had been cleared and suitable for temporarily detaining the prisoners. He had there gear with them. It was quickly placed in a locked case secured to the floor. Tyr then locked the door, put energy binders on the two and used a small medical device to inject them. Tyr then sat down and waited as they would reacquire consciousness in a few minutes are so.

Rtas had started to take the shuttle up into orbit for the rendezvous...

T'nir had exited hyperspace at a distance of 15 light minutes from Amaranthos. The scans immediately identified only one ship presently in orbit. It was quickly matched to known starship types. Good! It is only a frigate, and lightly armed at that, so it shouldn't take much more than a few minutes. The cruiser then made a micro-jump to knife-fight range.

Captain Smith stared as a hyperspace window opened at a distance of one light-minute from the Insatiable Wonder. A large black and glossy ship entered realspace. Instinctively, Capt. Smith ordered the shields raised and weapons locked. He had the feeling that whatever was going down below had something to do with this ship. It was too close to out run and jump away. So, he ordered a SOS to be broadcast while they tried to escape or at least put up a fight.

As a first few shots impacted the cruiser's shields, T'nir again issued orders: "Ready missile tubes 1-16, Offensive KKMs, one salvo. Ready odd numbered modules, fire on my mark...FIRE!" Again the integration of the neural interfaces allowed for flawless execution.

Forty heavy modules, ten medium and forty light STORM modules fired a burst of full powered shots at a rate of 1-million RPM into the frigate's dorsal area. At the same time, sixteen kinetic-kill missiles struck the starboard side. The ship was instantaneously destroyed before the communications could get off much more than the first three dots of the SOS.

The whole engagement had lasted no more than a few seconds. T'nir knew that only a comparable ship could hope to withstand such a display of power. There wasn't a chance that the frigate's defenses would have held against such a concentrated attack. Much less with that much energy delivered over such a infinitely small time-frame. The ship informed him that the strike team was approaching the ship and would be docking in the next minute or two. He got up and made his way to the hangar to greet the team.
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Postby Rannek Ceth » 2011-03-08 05:06

Rannek was already second guessing himself by the time his feet touched down on the forest floor. Even if their ally was still out there, how would two stormtroopers be able to fight those aliens again? He began to wonder if he was just putting the mission in danger by splitting up the team. The fact that it had started raining heavily only served to cast another shadow on his already dark mood. Unhooking himself from his rappel line, he looked out into the jungle. Besides the obvious trail of broken tree limbs down to the ground, there were no other clues as to where their friend had gotten off to.

He turned back to Private Corbol as she unhooked herself from her own grappling cable, “Any ideas?” Ceth inquired simply.

Before the other Private could reply, the distant crack of explosions caused them both to quickly turn in the direction of the sounds. Turning to the other Private, Rannek signaled Jem Corbol to move out.

Moments later, they were crashing through the jungle underbrush. Rannek hoped that the planet’s wildlife didn’t happen upon them as they sprinted through the forest floor. The last thing he needed was some opportunistic predator to be slowing them down now. As they were running, Ceth heard the resonance of a low flying vessel pass over them. He couldn’t get a good look at the ship as it flew over the jungle canopy, but he knew that it most likely wasn’t friendly.

The two troopers hadn’t made it much farther before the faint sounds of weapon fire died away. Rannek knew that silence meant that in all probability the fight was over. On top of that, without the audio clues, he couldn’t figure out where he needed to be going. Ceth slowed to a jog before stopping altogether. He listened for a moment to the rain pouring down on the leaves above them, but couldn’t make out any other sounds. Leaning against the trunk of a large tree, Rannek placed his hands on his knees and tried to clear his mind.

“Kark” he voiced under his breath. There wasn’t much else he could think of to say at that moment.

Jem walked over to where he was standing and commented, “We shouldn’t hang around for long, Ceth. The wildlife here might not take kindly to us being around… wait, I’m picking up something on my emergency comm band.”

“Yeah, I’ve got it too” Rannek replied, noting the blip on his helmet display, “Looks like an Imperial beacon.”

“It's listed as an older code though,” Corbol stated, “Do you think it could be a trap?”

“I don’t know,” Ceth admitted, “But if someone survived the battle we need to get them out of there. Let’s go!”

When they reached the clearing, the only thing Rannek could see was a small structure with a collapsed entrance way. The beacon was transmitting from close range, so Ceth moved to clear away the rubble from the door of the building. Private Corbol helped him toss the debris out of the entrance until they had created a hole large enough to enter through. When the two troopers got into the structure, they noted the body of a human male propped against one of the walls.

Stepping over to the man’s side, Rannek noted that the individual was still alive, but breathing shallowly, as though he had been stunned. Ceth motioned for Jem to come over and help him lift the man off the ground, and together they were able to pull the unconscious man into a standing position before Rannek stooped over and slung the weight of person’s body over his shoulders much as he had learned to carry injured squad mates back in training.

The fact that the message he had heard as the team had made their landing had sounded like a woman’s voice led Rannek to believe that the man they had found was probably not operating alone, but after searching the immediate area, they confirmed that there were no other survivors. Perhaps a stranger discovery however, was the lack of bodies left after the fight. It was apparent that whoever else had been here was now gone, most likely taken by the enemy forces. Rannek couldn’t know for sure if the other or others had been dead or alive when they had been taken away, but he figured that they had more likely than not been taken as live prisoners.

When the two troopers made their way back to the walled compound Rannek carefully lowered the man to the ground before clipping into the grapple line that he had left attached to the outer wall. After securing the unconscious man to his back, Rannek began the climb back over the wall. It was hard work, but he was able to once again reach the top of the wall. Realizing that there was probably a better way to get back down into the courtyard; Ceth made his way down the stairwell in the tower and emerged at ground level before carrying the still unresponsive man over to the TIE shuttle, which remained parked nearby.

The ship was empty, save for the injured troopers that had been brought inside earlier on. Rannek found an empty seat and cautiously lowered the man down into a sitting position before making his way back down the boarding ramp to rejoin Jem Corbol outside.

“I guess the others are still checking the facility for survivors” Rannek said as he exited the shuttle, “We should probably see how they’re doing in there.”

Private Corbol simply gave a short nod in response.

Together, the two stormtroopers made their way back to the entrance of the complex. It seemed like an eternity since their squad had all huddled in the entryway of this facility, fire lapping at the exit, but in reality it couldn’t have been more than an hour or two. Looking into the dimly lit interior, Rannek could see that there was a ramp that sloped downward into a corridor beyond.

Signaling to Corbol to keep her guard up, he led the way down the ramp and walked watchfully along the passage until they reached what looked to be some sort of control room. Inside, the three other troopers that Rannek had sent to search the base were standing at what appeared to be a large blast door on the wall across the room from the entrance. One of the troopers had torn an instrument panel off the wall and was trying to unlock the massive entryway.

Walking over to where the other soldiers were standing, Rannek noted that the trooper was attempting to hotwire the door mechanism by manually connecting loose wires. Stepping up to the other Private, Ceth tapped the trooper on the shoulder.

“Mind if I give it a go?” he inquired.

“Private Ceth! I didn’t realize you were back.” The other trooper moved away from the panel, “You’re welcome to try; I haven’t had any luck with it yet.”

As he examined the inner workings of the door controls, Rannek began asking for updates on the situation, “Were you able to contact anyone off planet?”

“No sir” the other soldier replied, “We finished loading up the wounded and checked for any survivors from our team. We found what we believe to have been a jamming device of some sort and destroyed it, but I wasn’t able to raise the frigate in orbit. I tried looking around with the long range sensors, and this isn’t conclusive, but I think there may be a battle going on up there.”

“Well this just keeps getting better doesn’t it?” Rannek muttered, getting to work on the loose wires.

“Okay, there’s a trick to this that my brother Darvin showed me once,” he stated as he selected two wires, “This circuitry is somewhat different from the one he showed me, but if I put these two wires together…”

There was a small spark, and the large blast door began to rumble open.

“And there we are” Rannek stated in a satisfied tone, “Alright troopers, get ready.”

Rannek stepped into the vault beyond as soon as the blast door had opened enough to allow access, with the other four stormtroopers followed closely behind. The large room looked to be a garage or storage area from the look of things. There was a line of vehicles along one of the walls, and Rannek motioned for the others to fan out and search the vicinity.

Working his way along the line of vehicles, Ceth didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. But when he reached the second to last transport, he thought he heard a slight whimper from inside. Stepping closer to get a better look, he was surprised when a woman in civilian clothing practically jumped out at him, at the same time swinging a hydrospanner at his head.

He quickly raised his right arm to fend off the attack, and used his free hand to grab the woman’s wrist.

“Easy ma’am,” he stated calmly, “We’re not here to hurt you…”

Before he could finish the statement however, a man emerged from the last transport in the line and tried to tackle him yelling, “Get away from her!”

Faced with this new attacker, Rannek released the woman’s arm and twisted to the side, barely avoiding the full force of the male civilian’s leap.

As the man fell to the floor, Private Corbol moved in to cover him and shouted, “Hold it right there sir!”

Finally taking the time to get a good look at the troopers around him, recognition dawned on the face of the civilian on the ground, “You’re stormtroopers!”

Making sure the civilian woman standing next to him wasn’t inclined to attack him anymore, Rannek stepped forward, “Yes sir, we are. I’m Private Rannek Ceth of the NIF Army. Our team was sent here to investigate the loss of communications to this facility. It’s obvious that you came under attack by the alien forces that we engaged. Our standing orders were to find any surviving members of the research team. I assume that would be you?”

Jem Corbol reached out and helped the scientist to his feet, and the man replied, “y-yes, we’re part of the research team. We hid here when we heard the attack, but surely… surely there are other survivors?”

“I’m going to be honest with you sir” Rannek stated flatly, “The five of us are the only battle-ready troopers left out of a group of twenty. We’ve taken heavy losses against these aliens, and we haven’t seen any other members of the science team alive.”

“I see” the man responded, looking dejected.

“Let’s get these people back the shuttle” Rannek ordered.

“The shuttle?” the male scientist inquired, “You mean the TIE shuttle? You do know that it doesn’t have a hyperdrive right?”

Rannek inwardly cursed himself for overlooking that particular detail, Of course it wouldn’t be as easy as just flying out of here.

To the rest of the team he said, “Then we’ll just have to activate our emergency beacon and hope we don’t have to wait too long for rescue.

As they walked back to the shuttle, Rannek found himself thinking about the freelancer from the garbled transmission he had heard on their doomed descent onto this world. Was she still alive out there somewhere? He didn’t know. But if she was, he vowed to be on the team that went to rescue her. These aliens had stated something today, but Ceth was resolved to be on the side that finished it.
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Post-Mission of Covenant Rising: Stage 1

Covenant Strike Team Objectives:
1) Secure the compound long enough to launch data probe
2) Remove threat of NIF/Sienar Archeological team
3) Join up with the Providence

>Objectives Completed!

NIF/ISIS Rescue Team Objectives:
1) Find and Rescue archeological team members
2) Find a means to leave planet

>Plot Objectives Completed!

This thread has been successfully completed by all parties involved!

ooc/This is Jericho, I'll be moving this thread to archives now. You both did great work :) /ooc
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