Hostile Banking (Lucie)

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Hostile Banking (Lucie)

Post by Ryan Korr » 2012-08-04 14:12

The CEO of Noctis was fat. Not just the normal overweight fare either. A grossly corpulent Hutt, whose every move seemed an effort of will. With the usual Hutt eyes of avarice and a repulsor sled to carry him where he went, Andoba the Hutt came to call Silver Infinity Network's new banking branch. Supposedly, his name came from his father, Azalus, who upon seeing his son born exclaimed "Andoba?" Which means "another," in Huttese. Quite the caring father.

Four Nikto bodyguards formed a square around the sled as Andoba waited for Luciana Endivain to arrive. Andoba was part of the Vosadii Kajidic. A smaller Hutt family of crime lords. Currently, it contained only he and his father, Azalus. But for all that, it was a Hutt Kajidic and not to be trifled with. As such, Andoba's guards were only a ceremonious measure. No one would dare attack the heir to a Hutt Kajidic.

Despite being one of three mining companies on Taloraan, Noctis looked toward expanding horizons. The other two companies, Valsior and Incor were doomed to fail from the moment the Vosadii laid their eyes upon Taloraan's vast wealth of tibanna. Taloraan was uncontrolled by the Federation or the Republic. No one would be surprised to know that pirates continually raided the shipments of the three corporations. But what they wouldn't know was that the pirates returned Noctis' tibanna. Hutts were very good at making business deals, after all. The doom of their competitors was only a matter of time.

But Hutts are not very trusting beings. Andoba needed a backup plan. His father, head of Orcus Unlimited, would not take the failure of Noctis kindly. Since Andoba had little in the way of a security force, and the pirates could decide to launch a full scale takeover if they became large enough, he felt he should secure his money, without letting his father know. One day, he would oust Azalus. And it wouldn't do for his father to know of his current weakness. A peon, who continued to rise in Andoba's favor, suggested banking with the Silver Infinity Network. After looking into their resources and security forces, Andoba deemed it a safe investment. Which brought him to his current meeting with Miss Endivain.

Ryan Korr knew of the meeting even before it happened. His informant, after all, was quite good. While Luciana was set to reel in Andoba's money, Ryan busily worked on spreading the word about Rivan Heart's baradium bomb in the expansion region. Not a few organizations would pay a large stack of credits to get their hands on it. If it was true. Andoba would need the help of some organization with muscle if he wanted to be protected against the pirates in the long term. What better way to secure protection than by backing a terrorist cell by providing them a baradium bomb? At least, Andoba would think that way soon enough. Ryan would make sure of it.

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Re: Hostile Banking (Lucie)

Post by Luciana Endivain » 2012-08-05 01:25

Luciana didn't like dealing with Hutts, mostly because, for a species that seemed so inept at doing anything physical, they were surprisingly capable of becoming powerful figures without so much as lifting a finger. They were intelligent, she gave them that, and it was probably that intelligence that enabled them to create convincing arguments and show others why they were to be listened to. Standing in the meeting room in a small, well guarded section of the Port of Nkllon, Luciana looked at Andoba with a slight smile on her face, masking her disgust that she was actually stooping to such a level. She and her sister didn't seem to have much in common but they both possessed a severe disliking towards the Hutt species and for both very similar reasons. It was those few similarities between them that helped reaffirm her relationship to her sister as sometimes, she felt that they couldn't be any more unrelated in their disagreements.

"Welcome, Andoba, to Nkllon," Luciana began politely, bowing her head down respectfully, unable to stomach the idea of bowing down at the waist. "I trust your accommodations are to your liking?"

The Hutt spoke and a bronze coloured 3P0 droid with a very harsh accent that went from a very bass pitch one moment to treble pitch the next translated. "His Eminence thanks you for your generous hospitality Miss Endivain and commends your excellent work here at Nkllon."

Luciana let herself smile a little. Platitudes were the basis of a good working relationship and Hutts knew how to masterfully work their words and statements to get precisely what they wanted out of anyone. "It's a small time operation right now but my focus is on expanding and increasing the scale of the operations here and I hope to quadruple output by the end of the year."

The Hutt's eyes lit up, his short stubby fingers twiddling against each other in some sort of anticipation as though such news somehow affected his bottom line. Luciana dismissed the thought as him thinking her little operation made for a most appetizing target and part of her hoped he'd be stupid enough to try something as she'd love to rip him apart, as much as the thought of touching the vile creature made her stomach wrench. Andoba spoke again, the droid translating, "His Eminence is impressed that you're able to commit such resources for being such a small time operation but we seemed to have digressed from the real reason where here, though he would like to shelve this possible discussion topic, along with several others, for a later date if that's acceptable with you."

"By all means," Luciana nodded, glad she wouldn't have to get dragged into more negotiations than she had to be a part of. It was a sign of just how busy the Hutt was to be wanting to get straight to business like this though it didn't necessarily give her a real measure of the amount of assets the Hutt possessed. "I understand you're hoping to look for some... off-shore investments?"

"Indeed," the bronze protocol droid translated, "You claim that, despite this being a Federation held system, under Federation law including taxation laws, you can not only store the credits here but also have them converted into nearly any other type of currency accepted elsewhere in the galaxy?"

Luciana nodded again. "Because I maintain a healthy working relationship with the Federation, I have been granted certain... freedoms let's say, to conduct business however I wish so long as it doesn't put me at odds with their interests." Her one eye darkened as a more sinister smile plied its way across her face. "Between you and I, it's only tax evasion if they know I have credits I'm trying to evade paying taxes on."

That got Andoba to laugh a deep belly laugh, the droid not bothering to translate that which was a good move on the droid's part. "His Eminence commends your shrewd practices and subtle workings around the law." It was a dubious commendation but Luciana took it for what it was worth. "However, what guarantees do you offer that these credits will be available at any notice?"

"Easy, I invest them in the most secure place possible. Right here at Nkllon. It's a proven mine that currently provides one of the most valuable resources to any space-faring species: metal, specifically metal used to build starships. Until the day comes where metals are replaced with polymers- eons away at best- or the galaxy decides to stop space travel, the mines here at Nkllon will always have a demand and therefore, reason to expand and thrive.

"While such things would make this world a target, and indeed the former owner of this world, Lando Calrissian, fell victim to that, I have been working to ensure the same event cannot happen a second time. While the intense solar radiation offered by the local star serves as a wonderful natural barrier, technology or sheer determination will overcome it which means I need to rely on different technologies for those eventualities. As you may already know, I head up two other firms, a weapons design firm, Intragalactic Defense Systems, and a vehicle and ship design firm, Endivain Engineering, both of which are committed to designing and building the technologies that will both protect my investments and improve the combat efficiency of those fighting."

It was, perhaps, a long winded sales pitch, but Luciana did speak with great pride and confidence, two traits that Andoba would pick up on easily. She wasn't so sure of her defenses to be arrogant about it, but she was presenting him with the most comprehensive explanation to justify why his credits would be safe in her care. "I won't be investing your credits trying to play the stockmarket like other firms offer. Instead, your credits will be protected by going into one of the most sound securities available, raw resources. That protection is also backed by an ever expanding defense network that is currently about to see a planetary defender ion cannon put in place onto the central hub here on the Port of Nkllon." She could see the Hutt's eyes light up at the mention of that and she let herself smirk just a little. "The Federation had no use for it and a lot of the existing facilities, though frozen, were largely left intact after the Battle of Hoth."

"You are most impressive Miss Endivain," the bronze droid's photoreceptors dimmed for a moment. "His Eminence could use someone of your caliber working for him."

She was used to hearing that question, mostly from small time groups who were far too big for their breeches and thought they could afford to buy her out. She never hesitated to tell them her price, which was inflated a good fifty percent just to further enforce the idea that she wasn't for sale. One person actually decided to pursue the thought and asked what her conditions were. The biggest one she had: to remain in charge of her company and its subsidiaries and make all the major decisions necessary and to be able to veto anything she didn't necessarily approve of. When asked for the price for her to completely relinquish control, which was in the hundreds of millions, the subject was quickly dropped.

"Thanks, but I'm going to respectfully decline that particular offer," Luciana said with a slight tilt of her head. "I have enough on my plate here as it is." There was also another detail, like the fact that Red Jack would probably be quite livid if he found out she was no longer under his thumb, though lately she didn't feel like she was anyways, not that she was complaining at all.

"His Eminence states that you seem to feel quite sure his credits won't disappear on him."

"I know my word might not have much value to you, but other enterprising people, like yourself, have made use of my offered services and can easily attest to my reliability and security. I also offer a very competitive interest rate with very low risk on top of that. Furthermore, with the war between the Federation and Republic going into full swing, demand for metal has never been higher." Pausing, Luciana gestured out a nearby viewport at the Silver Star that passed by. "As they say, war is good for business."

"Indeed it is. His Eminence is prepared to deposit ten million credits to your care but there is one condition to be stipulated."

"I'm listening."

"Only his Eminence or a representative bearing both the seal of his Eminence and a particular passcode that will be changed every thirty minutes will be authorized to withdraw the funds, anyone else is to be 'sent out the airlock.'"

Luciana nodded. "I can arrange that, the daily pass code, how do you propose-"

The protocol droid placed a small device on the table and slid it over to where she stood. Luciana picked it up with her right hand. It was a small little plastic device with a tiny LED screen that had a string of ten digits on it, some letters, some numbers. She had seen devices like these in the past, usually used by corporations to access corporate servers. The device was a key of sorts which was synced up with the server and would change at regular intervals- in this case every thirty minutes- alongside the key in the server. It was a very simplistic device and the prediction algorithms were surprisingly complex to try and decode, and there were usually anti-tamper devices to prevent someone from opening them up to look at the circuitry. Other passcodes usually accompanied the key and in this case it would be Andoba's seal.

"Is this acceptable to you?"

"I can agree to this, though if it's all the same to you, I'd sooner just shoot any imposters and dispose of the body by having it fired into Nkllon's star rather than just shoot it out the airlock for space to deal with."

That made the Hutt laugh its deep laugh again. "His Eminence says you are a very ruthless yet efficient woman."

With a red glint in her eye, Luciana said, "I'll take that as a compliment. Andoba, we have a deal then."
"Freedom, at any cost, is worth it so long as it's the New Republic that pays the price!" - Luciana

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