Archangel's Wings -- OCS Series, Prologue: Ascendance

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Archangel's Wings -- OCS Series, Prologue: Ascendance

Post by Jerome Vance » 2012-05-19 16:05

Intimidator...her name was designed to be an inspiration towards a certain made abundantly clear in the design of the ship herself. A Nemesis-class Super Star Dreadnaught, she was built not to make war, but to finish it, to bring a grim and final conclusion to the macabre dance of men and machines. Scars of numerous battles lined her sleek, elegant frame, more a testament to the horrors she had outlived than the damage she had suffered; indeed, true to her name, she had pushed onward and prevailed in loathesome spite of her injuries, becoming all the more powerful for each additional wound borne upon her metal body. The Intimidator was more than just a vessel of war; she was a living thing, a legend of the fleet...and she was every bit as inspiring as the name she called her own.

Yet, there was more to the beast than just her noteworthy reputation. No, such beasts were just as much ravenous fiends of war as they were benevolent hosts, and this one was no exception. The Grand Admiral was well known--affectionately--as the most cheerful man in the known galaxy, and one Hell of a leader of men. It was something in the personality of an officer that allowed that to come into man could hold office over others, who could not convince them to follow him...for the man that failed at that task was leader of none. The Grand Admiral was leader of an entire fleet, and most senior among the entire Imperial Navy, facts that could only whisper at the sheer depth of how skillful and delicate he truly was with the minds and hearts of those who followed him.

Jerome Vance sighed as he stepped off of the turbolift, eyeing the Royal Guards calmly. They posed no threat to him, if only because he posed no threat to them or their charge. After all, what hope had an unarmed man against one protected by the Empire's finest? The aircrewman almost chuckled at the thought, but kept it inside, knowing well that it wouldn't do to give them any reason at all to take him for a fool. Casually, he made his way over to them, stopping as he approached the checkpoint; a few seconds later, he was waved along wordlessly to the reception desk, somehow not at all surprised that the commander of Third Fleet had such an accomodation. It made perfect sense...

...and brought to this meeting a particular sense of scale that the aircrewman had managed to avoid considering until now. The paygrades of these two men were as far apart as their current lifestyles; where Jerome was a meager Aircrewman, listed as an E-1, the commander was an O-14, the highest of the high barring only three known individuals in the Federation entire. It took another act of sheer will to suppress any worries that came with the realization...and he soon learned that he would have plenty of time to practice that.

"Good morning," came the receptionist's sweet, silken voice, a luxury for his ears as he heard it. "I'm sorry, but Admiral McFini is in a meeting at the moment. I'll let him know you've arrived; have a seat, and he should be with you soon."

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Re: Archangel's Wings -- OCS Series, Prologue: Ascendance

Post by Tavish McFini » 2012-06-03 02:26

Another day, another credit few thousand credits that made up the Grand Admiral's pay. He hadn't expected to be talking with the Sub-Lieutenant as much as he had been lately, but the young lady showed promise. 'Young'. I make it sound as though I'm some old man, he mused to himself as a subtle blinking light on his terminal alerted him that another appointment had arrived. The purpose of the meeting was simple in practice, difficult in execution as Laurel seemed to be affected by some degree of indecision, and he couldn't blame her.

"Don't get me wrong," McFini said, continuing along a previous line of thinking, terminating the silence that had hung in the air between the two of them, "You can learn a fair deal serving aboard this vessel, or any cruiser for that matter, but I think, to fully appreciate the roles and responsibilities, as well as the capabilities of the various ships both in our navy as well as those in the New Republic, aspiring Captains should take a few months serving as head aboard smaller ships first." It was hard for the Grand Admiral to not come across as trying to kick her off the Intimidator and right now, he wanted to make sure she understood just what it would mean for her career if she did decide to stay aboard the flagship of Third Fleet. Sure, it was a very prestigious ship to be aboard and all the crew felt proud and honoured to serve here, but it was hardly the sort of posting for someone hoping to one day command a ship of their own. The Federation had a fairly unorthodox fast tracking program that saw officers transfer from progressively larger capital ships, gaining experience and knowledge serving with the crews there as either a CO or XO. It was a little strange to be sure, but it did offer those who showed the most aptitude for command an easy means to rise up through the ranks.

"You don't have to decide now, and know that, if you do want to continue aboard this vessel, I will be honoured but I am also trying to keep your interests in mind, even if you yourself don't yet know them." He smiled at her reassuringly, knowing whatever decision she did make, he'd respect and support, as he did with pretty much all his officers, even the ones who left Third Fleet though it always saddened him to see friends leave.
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