It's my first day (Open)

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It's my first day (Open)

Post by Bara Menuk » 2012-05-12 08:06


Bara stared at the huge building in front of her. It was probably the largest thing she had ever seen in her entire life. It seemed much larger than all of the buildings on Phaeda put together, and then some. She shook her head as she entered the building and exhaled. Willing herself to be at peace with her choice.

...they're going to pay for your journey. Just relax, take it easy. You can do this.....

With a fresh and bright smile she went up to the desk.

"Bara Menuk, I'm a new cadet here. Where do I go?"

"Good Morning Cadet. If I can scan your identification documents please?"


She produced her documentation which was then scanned and a satisfying beep noise registered. As the clerk handed back her identification with a smile he handed a data chit to her.

"Welcome aboard Cadet Menuk. New Cadets are assembling in the great hall in 1 standard hour. That gives you enough time to find your dorm, change and grab something to eat before the Commencement Address. Your room details are on the chit"

"Thank you uh..sir"

There was a chuckle from the clerk.

"I'm no sir Cadet. But its always nice to hear respect. Just remember we refer to people via rank rather than sir/ma'am in the Empire. "

She grinned as she uploaded the chit and the location of her dorm room flashed on the map. The application had a through medical and she assumed based on those scans that they had ordered uniforms for the cadets. As she arrived she noticed the room was bare and that made her grin. She selected the bunk that she preferred and then unloaded her personal possessions into the footlocker. She then moved into the refresher for a sonic shower set on maximum and left feeling clean. She then slipped on a robe and exited the refresher and noticed four large packages on a small table with names - Watkins, Menuk, Zarra, Findae. With no other identifers it was hard to tell if the other cadets were male or female. Shrugging she opened the package with her name on it and took out the uniform. It was pristine but beautiful. After slipping on fresh underclothes she then slipped the uniform on and grinned as it fit perfectly. She then placed the robe back in the footlocker along with the small suitcase she had brought her possessions with and sat on the bunk and sighed, glad to have finally made it. As she reached for her datapad the door slid open and two females and a male entered.

"Three women? Oh I am just the luckiest man alive in this galaxy!"

Bara gently placed the datapad on the bed and stood to her full height, and stared back at the male cadet.

"You're talking to a Cadet. I don't care how many girls you've brought I am here just the same as you"

The male's jovial expression vanished before he grinned and chuckled

"What a spitfire! Cadet Watkins. This is Kylie Zarra, known as Kylie and Xerxa Findae, better known as Xerxa. We're your roomates, and fellow cadets"

"Emperors black bones Watkins you looked more like a bimbo wrangler"

They all laughed to break the tensions as the to female cadets teasingly punched Watkins.

"Great. You make us look like whores!"

"Now now girls, there is plenty of Watkins for everybody"

Watkins then demonstrated a hugely exaggerated swagger which made them all break into laughter as he sauntered towards the refresher with a wink. Kylie then walked over and smiled as they shook hands.

"He's not too bad. Sleazy but he realizes that if anything happened between me and him, or Xerxa and him there would be trouble. The Academy hates fraternization in rooms and apparently only recently allowed for desegregated dorms"

"Still, id have liked our own rooms and cute guys" Xerxa fired back.

Bara shook her head as the others laughed.

"Bara Menuk from Phaeda. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Fondor, Watkins the great knucklehead is actually from Dac would you believe and Xerxa is from Bilbringi"

"Nice to meet you all. Why did you join?"

"Watkins because he has more muscle than brains. I'm here because you can't work anywhere on Fondor unless your a true imperial. Figured i'd do a few years flying fighters than ease into the private sector."

"And you Xerxa?"

"I guess when you live in the capital of the Federation, you buy the junk about how its the best thing for us. What about you Bara?"

"I...I don't know where im going or what im doing with my life. I figured here was a good as place as any to find out"

"Not too bad at all. Ah look, knucklehead is out. Im going to use the refresher next"

Watkins stuck his tongue out at Kylie as she slid in, but had emerged in his uniform. Bara looked at him and gave him a wry grin, which he responded to by giving a deep bow. Xerxa meanwhile had removed her uniform and looked at it hard before throwing it over her shoulder as she organized her footlocker. Watkins then moved to the last spare bunk and did the same as Bara ran through the datapad to find out where the mess hall was.

....close...excellent. I am starving....

She then worked out the distance to the great hall. As she was reading through, Kylie and Xerxa had dressed and Watkins spoke up.

"Bara, you seem to know your way around. Lets go eat. The Clerk out the front told us to eat and you know what, I'd venture he is right. Commencement speeches can be killers!"

They laughed, although Bara much more softly as she slipped the datapad into her pocket and they made out for the mess hall. Along the way Watkins struck up a conversation with another cadet and Kylie and Xerxa chatted to themselves. When they hit the mess hall, Watkins broke off his conversation and steered them to a long table where they saved a place as Xerxa came back with four trays of varied foods. They grinned at Bara who selected the bantha steaks and tucked into it, enjoying the taste and glad her stomach would be full for the speech. Watkins may have been a joker, but he was smart enough to know that they needed full stomachs to tackle their first day.

As she finished the other items on the tray and drained her water, she noticed the others had finished and Watkins allowed a burp as he stood and flexed his muscles to the amusement of the other cadets.

"We should get going. Come on Bara, lead us there"

She shot him a sour look, but then grinned at him to show she wasnt serious and he linked his arm with hers as they walked to the Great Hall. As they entered a flunky directed them to their seating which was done by accomodation to make things easier. As she took her seat Bara noticed the others file in and her eyes widened when she saw the numbers.

....oh god will I even have a chance here?.....

As she looked back to the front, she noticed the flunk that directed them take the lectern.

"Cadets, attention please. Welcome to the Great Hall. Today's commencement address will be given by Grand Marshal Jarvis Granton, Imperial Space Force. The Special Address will be given by Vice Marshal Dravius Stari of the Imperial Space Force"

The Grand Marshal stood up and began his speech. His speech was about as exciting as calculating engine manifold variances on a freighter and a few of the Cadets dropped off. Watkins was struggling and Bara elbowed him a few times to keep him awake as he droned on. Eventually he finished and those left awake gave a round of applause as he shuffled off the lectern and back to the seats.

Watkins shook his head and mimed a throwing up motion which Bara shook her head and suddenly the room began whispering in hushed tones and a few points went out at Dravius as he walked towards the lectern. Bara leaned in and whispered

"He looks like a ghost...or....a he's like Sith Lord"

Watkins grinned and whispered back

"Thats Vice Marshal Stari. He's a legend. He's got more kills than you have brain cells. But he's totally freaky...I never thought I'd see him in the flesh....he's...eerie"

The Vice Marshal adjusted the microphone and spoke.

"Welcome all. I am Vice Marshal Dravius Stari. I am up there on the wall"

He pointed for reference and to a cadet, they all looked to see the holoportrait of the Vice Marshal. They then looked back at him and he continued.

"You will recognise me because well, I'm the one with no face."

Laughter broke out and Bara as she laughed looked at Watkins who had also laughed and shrugged.

"You are all here because in your own way you are all special. I was told I was special. Maybe thats true. Maybe its not. But you, as individuals are special. As a group you are special. We're going to rely on you to train up faster and harder than any other group. We are going to rely on you to save the lives of our comrades in war. We're going to rely on you to show the other services that the Imperial Space Force has a proud and noble history, and doesn't just win battles. It wins wars and saves Empires. When you have the glory of victory, think back to the cadet that sat in this room. When you taste the bitter taste of defeat, think of me in this room telling you that all of you matter, all of your contributions matter and that together, we will achieve things great enough to rewrite the history books"

Despite the flatness of the voice, the words reasonated and a few cadets stood up cheering "Empire! Empire! Empire!"

Before long the other cadets were swept up in the emotion and stood and chanted Empire as they gave the imperial salute. The Vice Marshal then made a calming gesture and the cadets slowly sat down. He offered a slight nod of his head and there was restrained applause as he took his seat and leaned over ostensibly to speak to the Grand Marshal.

The flunky rose again and smiled at the crowd

"That brings an end to the commencement address. Your datapads will be uploaded with your classes. Move out!"

The senior officers filed out and the cadets strained to get another look at the phantasmal Vice Marshal as he left. They then filed out and checked their datapads before moving to their classes. Bara checked her own and saw that she had Astronavigation with Watkins and the two ran as the location was on the far side of the campus.

It had been an interesting start, and now she was ready to see where it would take her.
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Re: It's my first day (Open)

Post by Bara Menuk » 2012-05-19 14:21

As the cadets finished their final class, Watkins had shuffled them onto a shuttle heading for the Nemesis.

"Best lounge in the galaxy" was his instruction and despite the protests that they were exhausted, he reminded them that this was the only first day they would ever have and that if they were not young and stupid now, they could not be old and stupid. With a grin he looked over the Sentinel shuttle crammed with cadets. It may not have been winning a battle, but it was a taste of leadership for the young cadet and he liked it.

Bara had slipped in with the last lot and was dozing when she felt a poke in the ribs. The next attempt resulted in her hand flying out and catching Watkins hand. He grinned as she awoke and spoke softly.

"Sorry. Just making sure you dont sleep on me. Your first drink is in on me"

Bara offered him a wry smile which to her surprise was met with a soft smile from Watkins. He coughed to cover his embarrassment and slipped away.

The shuttle soon docked and the cadets spilled out, easy to enjoy a decent drink, meet a few officers and have some decent food before heading to bed. A noisy bunch they talked and laughed and brought a new sense of energy to the lounge that had been missing for some time.

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Re: It's my first day (Open)

Post by Alexsandr Romanov » 2012-06-24 13:34

Alexsandr grinned to himself.

Things had gone very well. He had scored high enough in his final exam to be in the group given command of a vessel. A rare thing, but with war the Federation academy had to pump out its recruits as fast as possible. He had wanted more training and had ensured that every technical manual he had not read, every strategy document not fully analyzed everything down to the meal orders on star destroyers back in the days of the republic had been downloaded to datadisks.

Alexsandr had copied so much material he had been audited by security and they had been concerned until they saw the raw ambition in him to get to grips fully with the awesome responsibility that was commanding a naval vessel. He had not taken any of his duties lightly, something his uncle told him when he had gone to visit him. Hard winters on a frozen planet had put him in good stead for the academy.

His crew he had not yet met, and he had only just been confirmed to Sixth Fleet. He had no idea of the commanders but vowed he would get to know them as well as he knew his mother. They would be family. And in war, one always protected the family and was protected by the family. He was not a big wolf yet, but he was learning. In fact at the academy they had dubbed him wolfling - more than a cub, not yet a wolf.

But that was all finished for now. The uniform's top button had been undone and Ensign Romanov had slid into the lounge for a quiet drink and a chance to relax and perhaps meet a few people in the federation. After all, they were all colleagues

With a grin he took a look at the menu at the bar. Most interesting indeed.

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