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Have A Drink On Me

Post by Jayse Drykin » 2012-05-06 02:39

Jayse stood near one of the viewports in his sister's temporary room, watching the activity going on. Socorro was a horrifically, amazing sight to behold at the moment. The fires raging on the surface were readily visible, the smaller ships darting around and firing on each other looking like nothing more than wild bees attacking an invader to their hive. The explosions as shields protected the larger vessels from the direct hits they took and watching the still larger vessels jockey for position ... in a strange way it was beautiful, like a well-coordinated dance or perfectly executed play from one of the Assassin's playbooks.

He looked over to Serena. She was still sleeping soundly, her repaired leg held in traction and casted from toe to hip. Her other injuries had been tended to, some taking a few stitches just to hold things together while the bacta patches or other medical salves did their job. An IV line emerged from the back of her left hand, the line itself feeding much needed fluids, nutrients, and medications directly into her bloodstream. Dr. Archerre told Jayse that she would be out for the next several hours and if she woke before she was settled into a hospital room on Alzoc III, he'd be genuinely surprised.

Jayse walked over to her bedside and brushed some of her blond hair away from her forehead. She looked like she'd gone ten rounds with an Rancor in one of Jabba's sick displays of entertainment in his throne room. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead then sat himself down in a recliner just a few feet away. Nurse's would be entering the room once every hour on the hour to record Serena's vitals and just check on her to make sure everything was going as well as it possibly could be. Jayse won't notice this though. He'd fallen asleep (finally!) in the recliner shortly after making himself comfortable in it.
* * * * *
Several hours later

Jayse, along with the Assassins who had survived with him on Socorro, had just been shown to their civilian quarters aboard The Valkyrie. After discussing things amongst each other, they agreed to join the Federation military and go for fighter pilot. But their actual enlistment wouldn't occur for a few months yet. The guys had things they needed to take care of first and Jayse needed to make sure Serena was not only well on her way to as successful a recovery as possible, but that she was also taken care of, especially during his absence.

Finances were not an issue for the shockball star, obviously. But it took time to find the best caregivers, doctors, nurses, and therapists his money could buy. He'd been told that his and Serena's stay aboard the Valkyrie would be at no cost to them, he felt wrong living off of the tax payers. Jayse would cover costs for he and his sibling, as much as the Valkyrie and Imperial Federation would acccept from him, at least.

But the other thing that Jayse simply could not do was sit around and twiddle his thumbs. Even as a child, Jayse - and Serena - had been very active people. If it weren't sports or playing scrimmage with his friends, he was volunteering with some charity or, when he was older, mentoring younger kids. Jayse decided that while he was waiting to officially join the military he'd see if there happened to be some type of work available for him aboard the ship. He didn't want to be too far from his sister. He had a feeling that the coming weeks and months were going to be pretty tough on her and he wanted to be there for her, not thousands (or more) light-years away.

Riley, Ian, and the rest of the guys stopped by Jayse's new home to say goodbye. The guys had secured travel via shuttle to Alzoc III then from there they would be heading back to Coruscant to tie up the loose-ends of their affairs before the were to report for basic training. They'd catch up with Jayse later.

"Hey, keep us posted on how 'Rena's doing, a'right?" Ian said, hugging his friend and Captain good-bye.

Jayse nodded, clapping the man on the back a few times. "I will. Thanks, guys. See ya' later?" They all nodded, giving each other knuckles or some other brotherly-bond-type of handshake. One by one they walked away, turning one last time at the end of the corridor to wave good-bye a final time.

With a look back into the quarters that would serve as his home for as long as Serena was undergoing medical treatment, he sighed. A change had been forced upon he and his sister. He knew it was up to them to either make the most of it or let it ruin their lives. Never the pessimist, always the realist, Jayse knew one of the first things they were going to need now was a wardrobe.

While shopping was not his thing, Serena wasn't exactly available of doing it for them. Beside, Jayse could also use this opportunity to learn the lay of the ship, of where civilians could and could not go, and to see if there were any jobs available. Serena wasn't expected to be awake for a few more hours still, anyway.

Before Jayse could go do the whole shopping thing, though, he needed a drink. Or maybe shopping was his excuse to hit the lounge aboard the medical vessel? Either way, it made no difference. The past forty-eight or so hours had been hellish and a stiff drink or two was in order. He deserved it, he thought. So after taking a few wrong turns, Jayse managed to find his way to the lounge. Making himself comfortable at the bar. "Captain's special. Make it fatal."

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