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The Ace/Kane Controversy

Posted: 2014-04-30 22:28
by Kane
The Ace/Kane Controversy

A short summary for those who haven't kept up as well as a) a place for Crystala and others with their own plans to insert them and b) a place to give feedback on past, current and future events. I'm not just summarizing the events, I'm giving a picture of the inner struggle that fuelled them.

- The Beginning -
The controversy began when Ace self-destructed in a remote asteroid field. As for the why, it all started years earlier when he lost the ability to become drunk. Like his own master Grand Admiral Matt, by spending years in the empty voids of hyperspace with no other people around than the crew of the Nemesis, he became very naturally apt at absorbing energy - especially Dark side energy - because there was such a small quantity of it around, and what was there he had to share with the others connected to the Force.

- The Problems -
So once he was back in realspace with a galaxy full of lifeforms generating Force energy, his own power in the Force outgrew his ability to control it and from then on he had an internal battle for years to balance and maintain direction, leading to a self-inflicted suffering that was compounded by the fact that he was a lonely man at the top of a power structure. He lost most of his early friends and close ones due to as many different reasons as individuals. Because of this, his third love - Mai Hasagaiwa - became very important for him to hold onto his own sanity.

One of the most notable changes came along once he had obtained and with the aid of the Spectre of Exar Kun, mastered a shard of the Kaiburr (or Khyber) Crystal. It game him healing abilities far beyond what is considered normal, and he forged and fused into an amulet with his growing ability to change the very structure of matter. This amulet never left him since. Thanks to the amulet, he was able to prevent his own physical deterioration, but it also left him with an ever increasing unconsciously driven self-heal rate which could not only keep him going even with grievous injuries, it could heal such in a matter of seconds. This may sound like a good thing, but like everything else connected with the Dark side, it had a price to pay. Such as the inability to even become drunk, because all neutrotoxins in his body is unconsciously neutralized in a matter of seconds.

He found that even as he battled to stay ahead of the curve, he was slowly becoming inhuman. Less and less a person, and more and more an entity of concentrated Force power. He didn't wasn't even fully aware of it himself, but his struggle to control his own Dark side lead to him taking on many aspects of Jedi who focused on the Light - inner peace, harmony, and an adamantium will to keep his own emotions under control. What's worse, the more he suffered the more he accelerated the process. So he was forced to largely abandon human emotions like anger, pain or fear, to the point where he increasingly lost contact with them. A few other emotions such as peace, happiness and love had the opposite effect - but his inner struggle made peace and happiness impossible for more than fleeting moments, and love was a weakness that he both scarcely afford or avoid.

This impossible dualism grew in him for years, and it is a testament to his own forced willpower that he managed that long. Eventually he came close to the breaking point and retreated to a remote asteroid belt and essentially self-destructed before he would completely lose control. A few moments in earlier years, he had tasted what would happen if he did. Once he fought pirates and only woke up to a massacre he himself had orchestrated (an event he was promoted for), once he was faced with killing his own father largely by mistake (an event that he still doesn't fully understand) and not reacting to it. Once, he ingested experimental spice designed to increase consciousness and for a while, a mere Apprentice had unparallelled powers which he no longer controlled or even remembers using.

So he killed himself before losing himself to the unknown. But he couldn't just leave the New Imperial Federation without leadership. Like many other of the most important people in the NIF, he had several clones grown over a period of years, and one such clone was activated upon his confirmed death. Mai was present at his suicide, only too late to help, and she was instrumental in allowing the clone to live.

- Rise of Kane -
The clone was largely a physical perfection, and had all but the last of Ace's memories imprinted to him as he awoke. On the plus side, the clone doesn't seem to have the same problems of his own power outgrowing him. On the downside, he doesn't have the personality of his progenitor, only the memories thereof. While he's very similar to Ace's psyche and has for most part the same abilities, he is a subtly unique personality with very little experiences of his own to guide him.

Since he doesn't have Ace's self-destructive powers, he doesn't shun away from using the Dark side nearly as much, although he remains aware of the possibilities of losing control. In addition, he doesn't possess Ace's amulet which Mai gave to her recreated incarnation of Ace, which means he doesn't have the immense self-healing abilities that Ace does, although mastery of normal Force induced healing has kept him from deteriorating thus far. Very shortly put, while Ace is almost impossible to kill, compounded by the fact that not even self-inflicted death has kept him away, Kane has immensely destructive powers enhanced by his willingness to use them, and the fact that he owns the Sword of Kane (details to be withheld until a future date).

Kane is keenly aware of his vulnerability compared to Ace (who has since his rebirth learned to warp space and teleport), and this is a fact that has lead him to be guarding the loyalty of others, especially as many of Ace's old friends and confidants have more or less abandoned Kane's cause. For these reasons, he has largely ignored the old members of the Omega Order and the Royal Guard and has instead created Sithspawn that combines cybernetics, necromancy, and the Dark side in an unholy fusion of beings that only exists as extensions of himself - the Blood Troopers. Their loyalty is absolute and powerful, if highly single-minded unless remotely directed by Kane and his own single-mindedness of purpose (a trait largely inherited from Ace) often causes them to ignore everything but their given task.

In addition, he created the Commissariat - a small but powerful organization dedicated solely to Kane's power. Whether they succeed or not in their task, he is content that they divert the efforts of potential enemies. Crystala has often expressed her dislike of their lack of subtlety, but this blunt diversion serves Kane's purposes just as well as stealth. The Imperial Commissariat has created a Death Star battlestation which serves as a main headquarters for them and Kane's power base, but they also have access to unique vehicles and technology created from the best of the NIF's.

The schism between Kane and Ace remains to this day, with Ace having returned to life in secrecy and building allies and power behind the scenes, plotting to return to the throne, while Kane works to secure his own powerbase and oppose all of those that he views as disloyal, which is pretty much everyone who was loyal to Ace. To further complicate matters, the NIF is now at war with the New Republic. The war remained limited for some time, but recent losses on both sides has made the conflict enter a new phase. All of this points toward an inevitable head on conflict to determine the future of the NIF, and in prolongation, the future of the galaxy.

- The Legacy -
Many things that I haven't touched upon further complicates matters, such as the fact that Ace first had a son with Syren who is now about, let's say 7 years old, then later had an affair with Mai and yet later married Ederlathh (or Ederlaath) to cement his monarchy, and Kane has fathered a child with the latter who is due to deliver in a few months. It's a positive mess of potential alliances and backstabbing. Ace's son Nicholai is born outside of marriage, but he's the firstborn and from Kane's point of view, more or less a stepson - although with their genetic similarity, it's a technical difference of who fathered whom and it comes down to who will raise the children. Ederlaath plots to have her own child inherit the throne and has since allied with Kane, while Syren plots to have her child inherit the throne. Nobody knows yet what Ace thinks of the matter, or if he's even informed that Ederlaath is expecting, while Kane has made no decision or even opinion known in the matter.

Re: The Ace/Kane Controversy

Posted: 2014-05-01 02:53
by Spyker Katarn
On the matter of the Commissariat:

As per this thread and the events of Service Evaluation, opposing Kane's Commissariat are select units of the Army and ISIS. Special Warfare Command, led by Brigadier General Wolfgang "Blitzkrieg" Dieter, was tapped to head direct operations against known and discovered IC outposts and bases, and are stinging the far larger organization for the time being. There was one major victory when a Commissariat operation was brought to a crashing halt over Copabanana (seriously, Fini? :lol: ) and an ISIS agent was recovered with some new information.

While they de jure report to the Surface Marshal, right now ISIS is issuing the orders and providing the necessary intel needed for military action. Should ISIS's loyalties shift, however, SWC and its personnel would likely remain loyal to the Marshal, barring the removal of Dieter from his position as Director or High Colonel Lyric Dettun as the Deputy Director (Operations) for the unit.

As for Spyker, he's got no personal stake in the matter, yet. All the politicking is, as they say, above his pay grade. He's fought the Blood Troopers and knows they're very dangerous, and his few interactions with Kane post-death have him somewhat apprehensive about the man on the throne. He's had no real interaction with Ace.

5/2/14: Slight edit for clarity, and to emphasize Blitz's spot as Director of SWC.

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Posted: 2014-05-02 16:21
by Kane
Thank you for that bit, Spyker. Any comment on the storyline as such? Anyone else have something to add?

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Posted: 2014-05-02 17:01
by Jubar Bavvet
For those who don't know, Jubar was brought in on the Big Secret that Ace is alive, and that Kane is a clone--and also that a secret droid-only civilization on Patch-4 is willing to throw their support behind Ace, a deal that Jubar helped broker himself--in this thread here: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=1443

To sum it up, Ace gave Jubar a red crystal that will allow him to focus his thoughts and contact Ace should he need help. Also, he gave Jubar the pass-phrase: "The Firaxan shark sleeps in the deep waters", so that if he ever heard this phrase from one of Ace's contacts, he'd know that the clone had been successfully overthrown. Jubar hasn't used the crystal yet, but he keeps it on his person at all times.

The name of the droid city is Source, and if you want to catch up on that, it's here: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=923

Re: The Ace/Kane Controversy

Posted: 2014-11-09 17:23
by John Smith
So, this is a very interesting story which Jubar and I have talked a bit about and I thought I'd come back for a bit and do some fun things with the Droids on Source. Here's a bit of what I had in mind:

As Jubar pointed out, the Droids of Patch-4 made a deal with Ace that, if they support his return to power, they will be granted rights of a sovereign nation and recognized as sapient beings. To be honest, I'm not really sure where things stand at the moment on Ace's conflict with the clone emperor, but Jubar and I wanted to stir things up a bit, so the droids have begun something of an aggressive expansion in the Cademimu sector, beginning with the invasion of the Phaeda system and ultimately the Annexation of Phaeda. Their intention is to ultimately draw the Clone Emperor's attention. To what end? I have no idea, but I figured it might lead to some interesting places story wise.

In the same thread Jubar mentioned, John Smith, the apparent ambassador of the Patch-4 civilization was also in talks with representatives from the Republic, including a Jedi Master who ultimately delivered a message to Jubar from Luke Skywalker during his meeting with John. The droids don't really care who's side they end up on in the galactic conflict, they simply want to survive and expand. I'm going to write a bit of a backstory for them to give some context to their own goals, but that's for later.

The thought is, unseating Kane is in the best interest of both the Republic and Ace. So the droids forged a tenuous agreement with a small faction of the Republic's military to achieve this goal. Ostensibly, they shouldn't have the resources to rapidly challenge the NIF, but even with some limited backing from the Republic, they've grown much more rapidly than they would have otherwise.

The droids use clever exploitation of technology to gain advantages in battle, and in all stages of material production. For example, the exclusion zone they've created around Patch-4. No one really contested me on what it was or how the droids were doing it, but I figured it was very simple, though I made some assumptions about how navsystems and hyperdrives work. Basically, I assumed that a ship making any jump, anywhere, needed to have constantly updated astronomical data from both its intended destination and everywhere along its flight path. So a likely source of that data would be some sort of bouy or station, either in realspace or hyperspace that was broadcasting that data to ship's, and there are probably at least one of these in every explored system. So then the droid's exclusion zone is simply a virus uploaded to nav computers when they enter the Patch system that grants them the ability to turn the ship around and reactivate its hyperdrive.

Perhaps this is a bit of a stretch, but it illustrates how I intend to use the droids, focusing more on tactics and (at least for me) unexplored possibilities with Star Wars technology, which was what these droids were for anyway.

So, my plan at this point is to invade Phaeda, and have the droids begin colonizing moons and other celestial bodies in the system in order to set up production facilities, ship yards, and resource gathering centers. They're going to extend the exclusion zone from Patch-4 to Phaeda, though not be so exclusive this time as it's mostly populated by organics and they don't really want to disrupt trade permanently. The ultimate goal is to give themselves, and their allies in the Republic a toe-hold in the system, even if it's a small one, with the express purpose of drawing Kane's attention to them.

Anyway, feel free to comment on my plan or ideas. I have limited knowledge of how Star Wars technology works, but I tend to just use what I know and wing it from there.

Re: The Ace/Kane Controversy

Posted: 2015-03-10 02:57
by jacenwesiri
Anyways, I was originally planning on waiting on Kane to respond to the invasion of Phaeda thing, but I feel some response is warranted, even if it's not Kane who seems to be the intended target for that. Kane, Fini, and Viktor would probably have faster response times than Jacen, but I don't want to necessarily leave that hanging.

As far as invading Phaeda goes, I don't see the point of it. In the thread, it was stated that the invading ships probably couldn't stand up against the best of the NIF, and invading like that seems like it would bring in that fight, which they couldn't necessarily win. It seems more psychological in nature than anything else, or a trap of some kind.

As far as the exclusion zone goes, I don't think your explanation is good, but there are other workable solutions. Your understanding of hyperdrives is actually fairly close to how things worked in tales of the jedi. At the current point in the timeline, Navcomputers handle most of the calculations and other features that the beacons used to serve, and on major space routes, they are kept clear of obstructions. Up to date information is necessary when in a more chaotic part of space, like the deep core. Perhaps the droids set up an interdiction field of sorts? Or perhaps they started moving lots of asteroids and such, to create navigational hazards? Perhaps it would be better to not go into details unless absolutely necessary? Like when Fini tries to pursue the ships back to patch-4. Anyways, I doubt the virus method would be workable from the perspective of real world technology, must less futuristic star wars technology. Why? Antivirus software. Again, there's plenty of other things that can setup that type of exclusion zone. Perhaps I'm channeling an inner Mai, but I don't see any reason why guesstimates about the optimal technological method should get in the way of a story. After thinking about it some, aside from some obvious examples, there were several easily adapted examples of similar things. The Hapan model for an exclusion zone had an isolationist empire surrounded by a buffer zone that they periodically patrolled and destroyed anything they'd find there. So, say a seemingly insignificant area where ships disappear from time to time? The NIF and the NR are probably too busy with each other to figure out what's going on there and to deal with it. Perhaps if they do send say a star destroyer, it's easy enough for them to avoid it, and the star destroyer would tend to leave before delving too deeply? After thinking about it, I'm admittedly partial to that.

That said, I think the idea of colonizing the moons and such doesn't seem sufficiently machine like. Perhaps it's just me, but I wouldn't think machines would start building assets for reasons stated above. I'd imagine that every possible suitable astronomical object within a certain radius of patch-4 would have been surveyed, and many of them used for that purpose. Not everyone, or even most, as that would mean that if one would check a possible location, that one would probably find something. More like facilities hidden in obscure desolate locations, with an added probabilistic protection. Then again, that might be more of my opinion about how some AI constructs would act. :D

Anyways, to Jacen. Jacen knows enough to know that Ace or an Ace clone lives. He probably knows or at least guesses a lot of what is going on. Beyond that, Jacen and McFini had a conspiracy setup, ready to go for a while. Eri was being recruited for it as well. Jacen's intentions right now are to make Eri or Fini Emperor, and to more or less disappear afterwards. Jacen likes something about Eri, though McFini is more aligned with what Jacen would consider ideologically appropriate for the role. Jacen is less amenable to restoring Ace to the throne, for various reasons. Deep down, Jacen might even prefer Kane to Ace.

Anyways, I was thinking about having Jacen try to force things with it. Namely, I was thinking that Jacen more or less approaching Ace, maybe intentionally allowing some of Kane's agents to know, and then to make sure Kane could see, at least through the eyes of a holoprojector. Maybe Ciara as well. I'm thinking that revealing Ace directly to Kane would be a show of loyalty of sorts, all the while taunting him in the background. Kane can't reveal it to anyone else, because Ace's existence directly undermines him. I'm thinking Jacen would claim something along the lines of it being unsporting for him to get in between them, and that it wouldn't be right for him to deprive Kane of the satisfaction. All that, of course, would probably be essential for Ace to be involved, or at least his approval. I think it'd be fun to see how that would go.

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Posted: 2015-12-28 23:54
by Tavish McFini
jacenwesiri wrote:...though McFini is more aligned with what Jacen would consider ideologically appropriate for the role.
Um... Thanks? But you don't want Fini as Emperor. Dunno if anyone read the Star Wars Legacy comics but I vaguely recall it not ending well for Emperor Fel.

Anyways, better late than never I suppose. Thanks for the synopsis, it helps get things clearer in my head, even after all this time. It's pretty involved and fairly epic from where I'm sitting and it helps to confirm things in my head since I also have a tendency to either misinterpret or just outright miss things.

It's little secret that I tend to just go with the flow, never really planning long term. Heck, that I've even made it as far as I have is something I never really seriously envisioned back in 2003 when I first joined. Sure, I thought it'd be cool to be an Admiral and throw ships around, but instigating major plots and schemes? That's not really my style. Our Grand Admiral is more in it to maintain peace and order under the Federation's banner- and if I can be meta for a moment, just drive around in a Star Destroyer going "WOOOO!" Actually, I guess I lied, my plan from day 1 was to command an allegiance-class but I somehow surpassed that... :P McFini's only stake in all this is the idea that there's another superweapon of mass destruction out there and its existence serves to completely undermine everything the NIF has strived for through countless campaigns! Well, that and Kane is abducting his friends... and that Third Fleet is getting ever more battered by the day... and there's never enough Blue Wave on the Nemesis... Seriously, what's up with that?!? I'm going to build a shell of an ESD with engines, fill it entirely with Blue Wave and then connect thousands of hoses between the two ships to rectify that problem! The great Blue Wave flood!

... that idea is so absurd, I might just want to try it! See, this is why you don't ask for my plans, they invariably involve something silly and/or outrageous and should never be given the light of day!

Aaaanyways... Moving along!

Eri is, being Eri. Sorta stuck in a crossroads with her life and not entirely sure where to go. On the one hand, staying in charge of the army is something she knows she cannot stick with for long but she knows she has to at least stick it out until Kane is disposed of and someone a little more... amicable is crowned Emperor. Sadly, though she has all the patience in the world when it comes to sniping, the same cannot be said for politics and waiting for events that can't be solved with a single bolt to the brain to pass so she may end up getting frustrated and either stepping down back to... what did she leave off at? *checks DB*...

... Um... Why does the promotions log only go back to as far as C1M31: Consequences and Repercussions?

Well, regardless, she'd step back down to General and let some other oaf lead the army if it means she could go back to not having the entire weight of the army on her shoulders. These past few campaigns haven't really gone easy on her either, hahaha. Her struggle is the same sort of byproduct of my approach to RPGing, roll the dice, pick the path and see where it lands the character. It just so happens that McFini enjoys positions of command more than Eri does- though it may help to point out the fact that, at the time, Eri was on the old rank system which didn't distinguish between commissioned and non-commissioned personnel and by the time that system was implemented, I took the easier path and stuck with the commissioned rank of Major or whatever it happened to be at the time. Would I change my choice if given the option? Not at all because I still had fun getting here.

Anyways, on the other hand, there's going back to the field and doing what she was- forcibly- raised to be. There's always option C which I've toyed with, but that would pretty much mean retiring the character and I'm not sure if I'm prepared to do that.

As for Crystala, well, you all know my secret by now so there really is no grand plan in the same vein as Kane or Jacen. Dealing with the Commissariat is obviously objective number 1- or 2 since 1 is dealing with the NR- because they represent a threat both to the NIF itself and, by extension, the Intelligence group and herself. She knows what they're capable of, what resources they have and, if left unchecked, could just as easily replace everyone in the NIF with souless beings who only mindlessly obey. It's sorta ironic since she sorta desires that from people but at the same time, it's the individuality from people that allows things to happen, for someone to pick up what another missed. So, for now, since Kane hasn't really told her to stop her efforts to undermine/destroy the Commissariat, she sees no reason to hold any punches. It could be that she sees this as a sort of test with the victor being the one that maintains its station within the NIF while the defeated are disposed of as according to the victor.

There's also the fact that Kane revealed the threats the NIF were up against- or will one day be up against- to Crystala and that's brought to conflict the idea of a moral high ground versus doing whatever needs to be done in order to ensure survival. Being a survivor, she understands the notion of doing things that people don't like or won't accept if it means getting to stick around tomorrow. By the same token, being with others, she also holds their friendship as something of value and knows that she could be alienated like Kane if she so willingly takes his side. In her mind, it's a sort of damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario which will probably come to a head at some point.

That pretty much summarizes the plans- or lack thereof- of those three. The rest pretty much have zero stake in all of this, either because they're not directly affected or, as Spyk says, it's beyond their pay grade.

EDIT - Oh, and I forgot to mention a tiny detail that may or may not affect things but the Grand Admiral did leak all the collected information he had regarding the Death Star to the New Republic. Whether or not they believe him or not, I leave that to others to plan out but know that, like the X-Files, the truth is out there!