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Pandemic Containment

Posted: 2014-03-09 21:06
by jacenwesiri
I know the SM was waiting on me to close, but anyways, last night I cleaned up my posts some to get something of a finish on my end, and went ahead and closed the thread. Now, with it over, I feel it's appropriate to talk about it here. : ;)

First off, Jubar, thank you for the thread. It was very enjoyable, and you even got Laurel to make more than one post in it, which has to speak for something. :D I would have loved to see more of what you had planned for it.

Fini, you had a lot of nice energy with regards to posting in the thread early on. I liked the posts.

And Bliz and Vik, thanks for finding us a treatment for it. Now we just need to calculate how much chinese takeout will be required to end the epidemic.

Re: Pandemic Containment

Posted: 2014-03-09 21:26
by Blitzkrieg
By the time you get to that, you'll have burned through the inventory of every last place in both corners of this damned galaxy. You order from menu, dammit, you order a la carte.

Re: Pandemic Containment

Posted: 2014-03-09 21:28
by jacenwesiri
You mean the lunch special isn't sufficient?


Oh my. :lol:

Re: Pandemic Containment

Posted: 2014-03-11 13:09
by Tavish McFini
I still think the cure should have been liberal application of the Intimidator to the spleen! :lol:

Re: Pandemic Containment

Posted: 2014-03-11 18:58
by jacenwesiri
Please Fine, we're not trying to kill moderately inconvenience them. They're people, right?

Except for the bothans. Go ahead with them. :D

Re: Pandemic Containment

Posted: 2015-03-09 10:21
by Jericho Winters
I've read this and liked it. If I may suggest something, Amber acted a lot like the hydra virus of The legends universe and there were other viral agents in the emperor's storehouse, or the entire life expunging one which took out the firrereo with that mo ok from the empire reborn. I'd like to see this in the future work its way back to an early rediscovery of the emperor's storehouse and placed in Kane's hands if possible. :)