Deal Slang

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New members should first read the Member's Manual and then return here if you wish to ask any questions. Here you can also casually learn how to roleplay and hone your skills outside of all story lines.
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Deal Slang

Post by Simon Basai » 2012-06-14 14:47

Yeah, RPing a criminal (more or less) made me look into and there were some areas that were lacking, so I made up some new slang words and phrases. Credit goes to

Acceptable losses: what the gambler would consider the least acceptable way to do business
Achieve zero visibility: to hide

Bad idea: a risky deal, potentially ending not being profitable
Bantha fodder: when a promised deal did not come through
Big finish: unexpected violent or dramatic ending to a deal
Bilateral business: multiple deals
Black box: deal for technology of a military nature
Black hole: a deal that has gone so bad that the consequences seem to have no end
Boba-ize: to do something stupid that would ruin a deal - like falling into the Sarlacc
Boys-in-black: Imperial customs officers
Boys-in-brown: Espo troops
Boys-in-white: stormtroopers
BTAD: boring typical average deal

Cavalry: Rebel Alliance forces, later New Republic forces (Or in our case New Imperial Federation)
Chroma-Neeka: someone who was adept at slipping through the cracks in governments and large organizations
Client: paying recipient of a deal
Crash-and-bash: heist made to appear as common piracy
Cue the soundtrack: turning around completely a bad deal at the appropriate moment
Cut out/Count out: ending a deal before its completion

Deal: business transaction
Death Star: a big finish ending with a bang
Drooling Drebble: bounty hunter
Drooling Drebble with fangs: a nasty bounty hunter

Escape pod: painless way out of a bad deal

Fashionably dead: what all gamblers, swindlers and the like avoided to end up as

Good idea: an above average deal
Grand idea: an above average deal sounding too good to be true (often they were)
Great idea: a risky deal, nonetheless profitable

Hardware: a deal for weapons and military technology; roughly the same as "black box"
Head for hyperspace: opting out of a deal

Idea: average deal in its planning state
Inherit: to acquire illegally

Kessel run: turning a dangerous deal into more deals; overextending oneself to the point of it becoming dangerous

Life detection: checking for intelligence in potential clients
Landing zone: a room or flat

Mon Cals in a fish bowl: many easy big deals from less than intelligent clients

Nicely dressed: being blatantly heavily armed
NRC: not really committed (a pun on "New Republic Council")
Nuts-and-bolts: a deal for electronics, droids, or computers

Pretty all-purpose object: object purportedly of value

Scanning: fishing for new clients
Sevari sidestep: elegantly eluding the authorities
Shim: swindling one's clients
Slug breath: Hutt
Software: deal for recreation items like holos and alcohol
Stompasseur: AT-AT walker
Stylishly dressed: being discretely armed
Sweets-and-seasonings: deal for spice

Throw a hydrospanner in the works: forcing someone's business to an end
Top off the tanks: making a risky deal seem more attractive to a client
Tramp-with-a-cramp: unreliable tramp freighter or smuggler

Vaccinate: prevent a deal from falling apart

Wookinate: rendering an enemy harmless by use of excessive force

I made the following ones up, just off the top of my head, or I used some of the more obscure real world slang, if anyone has anything else, or just made some stuff up, feel free to add it.

Dressed to the nines: illegal weapons. "That guys dressed to the nines" or "I gotta shipment that's dressed to the nines"

Dressed to Impress: Used like "Dressed to the nines" and means that your weapons are legit.

Graders: Butchered form of "Disintegraters" Means disruptors

Zapped: Getting busted/whacked. Can also mean getting ambushed

"I heard Jabba got Zapped on his sail barge" or "No way am I going through Cadmimu without the Federation. You want me to get Zapped?"

Alzoc the Rock/The Rock/The Third: Alzoc III. "Feds are moving in deep on The Rock" "Which one?" "The Third."

# Deep: How many people/ships/vehicles a person has with them. "Don't mess with Red Jack, dude's fleet is 20 deep"

Cubed: Being frozen in carbonite. "You know that Draaygo accidentally Cubed himself last time he went to Bespin?" Or "Can you believe what Han said to Leia before he got Cubed? What an ass."

The Red Rock: Kessel, usually means a prison. "I heard Bludd spent some time on The Red Rock. Watta Badass." Can also be referred to as "The Rock" as well. "Fenris is from The Rock." "Alzoc?" "No. The Red One."

Vette: Short for Corvette. "I heard McFini Rammed his first DP20 Vette into an MC90."

Nicked: getting arrested. "I heard the Feds about Nicked Thrakis for the 2nd time!"

Dead Man's Run: Desperate, Nearly Suicidal Attempt to Evade Authorities "I heard Solo made a Dead Man's Run straight into an asteroid field before he got captured."

Going off the lanes: (Referring to Hyperlanes) to take a lesser traveled route to a destination, usually means you're gonna be late. "The Law's on my back, so I'm taking the shipment off the lanes."

Slam: Minimum Security Prison/Jail "The slam on The Red Rock(Kessel) aint no joke"

The Academy: Maximum Security Prison "I did a couple years in The Academy"

The Imperial Academy: Carbon Freeze Prison "I'd like to see The Knave Escape from The Imperial Academy on Yag'dul."

Stick to the Sticks: Go into hiding in the Outer Rim "Thrakis better Stick to the Sticks if he doesn't wanna get caught"

The Sticks/Styx: Outer Rim. (It's also a band) "The Feds are making it hard to get jobs in the Sticks any more"

The Fort: Primarily Bastion, but extends to any 'Fortress World' "Any job around The Fort is gonna be rough."

Vader Grader: A heavily guarded Starship, Impossible to Steal or Hijack. "The Nemeisis is a real Vader Grader" (I read this one somewhere as well. Forgot the source)

Bricks: Brix-C, a non lethal spray suppressant, "The boys just sprayed bricks in my eyes!"

(F)orgot (M)y (C)ash: Clone wars term for the Freelance Mercenary Corps, presently extends to any Freelance Mercenary "Don't tell me you're gonna be a damn FMC."

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