Fighter Pilot Lingo/Slang

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Fighter Pilot Lingo/Slang

Post by Aquila Slyphs » 2012-06-11 02:36

I know there exists a comprehensive list in Wookieepedia of slang and swear words but sometimes, sorting through it all can be daunting. That, combined with the fact I just bought the Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare (very nice book I might add, lots of random tidbits of information that I'm sure will crop up on Wookieepedia soon if it hasn't already) and I wanted to take the section from that book on Fighter Pilot Slang and put it up here for everyone on the board to see. I know we don't have a lot of pilot characters and I haven't used this sort of stuff anywhere near as much as I wanted to so I'm sure the sudden inclusion of these terms (from nothing to heaps of it in posts to come) will probably be obvious, it's just one of those small (minor :lol: ) details that I do enjoy :D

I'm sure a lot of this could even be used for other branches like the navy or army too.

So, without further adieu, here goes!

Also, I included some that aren't in the book (either pulled up from Wookieepedia or memory... or even Ace Combat...) This list also isn't meant to be completely comprehensive nor definitive, there are vehicles and vessels that probably don't yet have official designations to them which is where I'm going to encourage other people to come up with ideas we could use!

For example, TIE Opressors, while seldom used, don't have a slag designation (unless they fall into the general category of Ugly but that's besides the point) so yeah, feel free to come up with more ideas to add to this list! It might really add to the flavour of future posts, especially with pilot characters :D

Imperial Fighter/Bomber Designations:
  • Eyeball: A basic TIE Fighter.
  • Squint: A TIE Interceptor.
  • Bright: A TIE/Advanced Fighter or TIE Avenger.
  • Dupe: A TIE Bomber.
  • Trip: A TIE Defender.
  • Peeper: A TIE used for reconnaissance, or a TIE Scout.
  • Clutch: A squadron of TIE Fighters or just TIEs in general.
New Republic Fighter/Bomber Designations:
  • Pointer: An X-Wing fighter.
  • Wishbone: A Y-Wing bomber.
  • Edge: An A-Wing fighter.
  • Spinner: A B-Wing fighter. Also known as a Cross.
Other Fighter/Bomber Designations:
  • Skull: A Z-95 Headhunter fighter.
  • Ugly: A general designation for any fighter cobbled together from parts once belonging to other starfighters such as the Y-TIE, or the X-ceptor.
Imperial Capital Ship Designations:
  • Dragship: An interdictor cruiser.
  • Impstar: An Imperial Star Destroyer.
  • SD Vic: A Victory-class Star Destroyer.
New Republic Capital Ship Designations:
  • None at this time.
Positional-esque Lingo:
  • Klick: A kilometer.
  • 3-9 Line: A line across a fighters' wings, based on imaginary clock in which 12 is ahead of the fighter and 6 is behind. The goal of dogfighting is to keep bandits in front of one's 3-9 line.
  • Big-L: Lightspeed.
  • Bingo: Havaing enough fuel for a safe return.
  • Blue milk run: An easy hop.
  • Dirtside: On a planet's surface.
  • Gain angles: Maneuver for a better shot in a dogfight.
  • Get lines: Disengage and jump to hyperspace.
  • Go black: Head from a planet's atmosphere into space.
  • Go blue: Head from space into a planet's atmosphere.
  • Goo: A planet's atmosphere.
  • Latch: Get into position to destroy an enemy fighter or bomber.
  • Roof: A carrier's flight deck (recalling that TIEs dock with the roof of a carrier and not on the floor ;) )
  • Zero angle: The position behind the stern of a bandit (or yourself).
General Combat Lingo:
  • Bogey: An unidentified fighter or starship, or, more commonly, an enemy fighter or starship.
  • ACM: Aerial Combat Maneuvering, aka: dogfighting.
  • Bumping: Engaging in ACM.
  • Check your six: "Be careful, watch out behind you."
  • Furball: A hectic dogfight.
  • Goes away: What an enemy fighter (usually) does when you hit it.
  • Judy: Comm call indicating you are intercepting a bandit.
  • Loud handle: The level that triggers a fighter's ejection seat (recall TIEs do have ejections seats too ;) )
  • SA: Situational Awareness.
  • The Show: ACM; dogfighting. (My personal fav of all these by far!)
  • Splash: Shoot down or destroy target.
  • Scratch: Shoot down or destroy target.
  • Shocker: Not to be confused with shock, a "shocker" is an ion cannon.
  • Torp: A proton torpedo.
  • Trashed: Wasted, usually said in reference to warheads that miss their intended targets.
Status Indications:
  • Bluelined: Disabled by an ion cannon blast.
  • Cold nose: Operating with sensors down.
  • Full DSW: Having enough power for drive, shields and weapons.
  • Gripe: A mechanical problem. An up gripe is a problem that allows continuing operations; a down gripe does not.
  • Painted: Scanned by sensors.
  • Shock: To hit a bandit with a blast from an ion cannon.
Pilot "Honorifics" or Sayings:
  • Centurion: A pilot with one hundred landings on a carrier or fighter base.
  • Clear skies: "Be well," a traditional spacer's farewell.
  • Dirt flier: An atmospheric fighter pilot.
  • Drift factor: A measure of a pilot's flakiness or inability to follow orders.
  • Fangs out: Eager for a dogfight.
  • Flat-hatting: Showing off or engaging in dangerous maneuvers.
  • Hangar queen: A fighter that's often unable to fly because it needs repairs, and thus is raided for parts.
  • KM: "Kriffing Magic," a pilot's all purpose explanation for how technology works.
  • Wizard: An exclamation for how cool, awesome or nifty something is.
  • LTS: "Likely To Survive," indicating approval of a pilot's skills.
  • No decor: "Speak freely," without worrying about rank.
  • Senth Herf: An admiring assessment of another pilot's abilities.
  • Suicide sled: A starfighter, particularly one with weak shields.
  • Vapebait: A poorly skilled fighter pilot.
Other Lingo:
  • Easy chair: Pilot's seat in a fighter or bomber.
  • Flying the same vector: Thinking along the same lines.
  • Hawk circle: A formation of fighters waiting to land.
  • Hop: A mission.
  • HUD: Heads-up Display.
Other Sayings:
  • Felinx-and-rodus: The Star Wars take on the real world expression of "cat-and-mouse".

    Works Cited: Just to do my due diligence.
    Fry, Jason, and Paul Urquhart. Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare. New York: Del Rey/Lucas, 2012. Print.
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Re: Fighter Pilot Lingo/Slang

Post by Spyker Katarn » 2012-06-11 15:10

Here's a helpful link for some more generic terms: ... tspeak.htm
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