Better Than Being Stabbed In The Back

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Better Than Being Stabbed In The Back

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2009-03-19 23:35

Refferrer's Name: Crystala Endivain
Patient's Name: Crystala Endivain
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Dark Jedi, Omega Order, New Imperial Federation, Imperial Security and Intel Service.
Health Status/Injury: Shot in back with slug thrower, wounds in right arm. Status: Pissed off but otherwise stable.
Reason of Hospitalization: Wounded in separate lightsaber and lightwhip duels as well as in fights against clowns, mimes and jugglers.


Crystala hated the taste of bacta. More so she hated being immersed in the healing fluid but the wounds would take a while to heal themselves and she really didn't have much control over the course of events that lead up to today. Well, no control after the doctors jabbed her with the needle.

It felt good to not be in so much pain and have energy to spare as her eyes slowly opened. The bubbles that escaped the breathing mask obscured her view of the room that lay beyond the confines of the tank. Slowly she felt herself being lifted out of the tank. Her first reaction as soon as she was sitting on the ledge of the tank was to shove the droid off the platform via the Force, her red eyes further expressing her anger at herself. It was probably a good thing it was a droid smashing against the floor and not a doctor since the height was pretty significant and the damage would be a bit more than superficial.

Removing the breath mask, she looked over as the door to the room hissed open. A doctor carefully walked in, her eyes looking at the Director with a great deal of fear behind them. The droid sparked and buzzed but was otherwise rendered useless.

"Just dock my pay," Crystala muttered coldly. She knew it was a crime to damage NIF property like that but she had the credits to replace it, and really, what doctor was going to make a fuss?

"Sure..." the doctor replied, coming out from behind the datapad she tried hiding behind, flinching at every single movement Crystala made. "Your personal items are over there on the table." She gestured to a table in the far corner of the room.

There wasn't much, just a few lightsabers, a couple cred sticks and a lightwhip. "That's not mine," Crystala pointed to the lightwhip and the extra lightsabers.

"The Stormtroopers who cleared the area recovered a few things and decided to hand them over to you as you see fit." The doctor checked the datapad again. "You're all good to go ma'am so... unless there's anything else-"

"I'm good, you can leave." Crystala dismissed the doctor, sensing the fear that came off her like the sweat that poured off her forehead. The doctor bid a hasty retreat and left Crystala alone to wonder how much time passed and, more importantly, where Kyp was. Slowly the memories of the carnival reappeared and the image of Kyp's missing hand was also reappearing. Looking down at the floor, she reflected quietly, finally being awake and conscious enough to do that.
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