When Life or Death Knocks, It Knocks Hard!

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When Life or Death Knocks, It Knocks Hard!

Post by Bruno Winters » 2008-11-15 01:28

Bruno was sitting in the medical centre, he had just been debrief and his leg was destroyed from slamming it through what was left of a durasteel door. He still abused and improperly healed leg was going to cause him issues, even the bacta wasn't going to cut it from the abuse he put it through immediately after breaking it. He was in for a cybernetic deluxe leg emplacement that was covered by the military for deforming it in battle, but he was shelling out some extra cash o make sure it lasted him. He filled out his paperwork detailing the incident, well the non classified portions of it. He finished and limped over to hand it to the receptionist. The he hobbled over to return to his seat and wait.

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