Ten Went In, Only One Came Out...

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Ten Went In, Only One Came Out...

Post by Lynine Skycken » 2011-10-11 19:07

Refferrer's Name: Sergeant Luis
Patient's Name: Lynine Skycken
Species: Zelosian
Gender: Female
Affiliation: New Imperial Federation
Health Status/Injury: Stable. 1st and 2nd degree burns, broken ribs, internal bleeding, numerous lacerations, mild concussion.
Reason of Hospitalization: Started on one of the moons of Bogden during C1M32, after the Divergent used its superlaser on another moon, chaos erupted as pieces of it rained down. Later, aboard the aforementioned ship, after a lengthy interrogation process, a mutiny broke out against Jen'Vey and the patient apparently was in a portion of the ship that was struck by a volley of proton torpedoes.

There was little better in the galaxy than bacta, able to cure just about anything from the common cold to someone who was literally on death's door, there wasn't any injury, no wound it couldn't heal. If there was one problem with the bacta treatment, it was that, for most of the time a person was submerged in a tank, breathing mask fitted over their nose and mouth, the person was usually conscious and more or less helpless in that state, alone with naught but their thoughts for company.

And for Lynine, being left alone with only her thoughts was a frightening thing.

The past couple days had become a blur for her as she continued to slip in and out of consciousness, the pain that had become so unbearable only days ago she thought she had died was finally dulled down to a numb tingle as the bacta worked its way through her system, absorbing through her partially burned skin to accelerate the healing process, knitting bones back together, healing the organs that had become so damaged by the concussive forces behind the detonation of a couple proton torpedoes. The fluid was warm, comforting even, and if not for the constant mental flashbacks of the mission, the pain, loss and suffering, Lynine might have actually enjoyed being in the tank.

It's over, she thought, praising the stars that the mission was finally through. Sadly, it felt like a very shallow victory, the only one out of the team that found themselves aboard the Divergent to make it out alive though she probably wouldn't have if not for Smokey's brave sacrifice back on the battleship. She didn't really know any of the agents she was with, but Lynine knew they were all more experienced than she was so for the novice of the group to make it out and no one else to, it made her feel ill. Ill to the point she felt nauseous. Thankfully her stomach was completely empty of contents, an IV filling her with nutrients so all that came up was a foam that a small vacuum tube in the breathing mask quickly sucked away with just enough negative pressure to draw it in without completely cutting off her air supply.

It was over, in more ways than one. Reflecting back, she surprised herself once again, having survived depressurization, the sky crashing down and a torpedo attack. Was it luck or just a strong desire to live? Whatever the case, Lynine pushed all those thoughts aside, trying to force herself to relax and enjoy these quiet moments because she was sure as hell they wouldn't last very long and at the time, she had no inkling of how right she was.

"So, you let him live..." the raven haired woman muttered as she stood glaring at Lynine, looking not at all impressed at that fact. "Your orders were to kill him."

I'm fine thanks, Lynine thought as she stood before the small debriefing panel in front of her, having just been discharged from the medical facility only to be met by a couple agents and brought back to the Sonar for what was dubbed "a long overdue debrief". Flanking the raven haired woman were two men she didn't recognize, one wearing a black uniform the other a white but both sporting the ISIS dagger logo on their sleeves. "I guess I did," Lynine admitted after seeing the transcripts from the debriefed scout troopers who had recovered both her and the knocked out Jen'Vey whom she apparently unmasked- Lynine had no recollection of that but she was in considerable pain at the time too.

"So, why did you go against your orders?" the woman demanded, scowling in fury over something Lynine could only begin to guess at.

"I wasn't going to shoot someone disguised as a TIE pilot in the presence of stormtroopers."

"Scout troopers," the man in the black uniform corrected, pointing up with a finger, as though there was a huge difference between the two.

Lynine wanted to roll her eyes. "Right, scout troopers. They were approaching and I'm sure even having a gun pointed at him was making them want to drop me." She had thought about shooting Jen'Vey at the time, mostly to avenge Smokey and his quest for vengeance about his brother but she couldn't bring herself to switch the blaster to kill at the time, maybe because she feared she too was so close to death as well.

"So, instead, you reveal he's Jen'Vey to the army, take a nap and let them parade him around as though they went through the effort to capture him. Now there's going to be a trial where, at best, he'll get the death penalty and at worst, someone will break him out of jail."

The white uniformed man glanced over at the raven haired woman who had tucked a few strands of hair back behind her ear, the red streaks making her look all the more menacing to Lynine who remained motionless before them. "It's doubtful that anyone is going to be able to break Jen'Vey out Ruin. They would first have to find the block of carbonite he's encased in, assuming they can even get aboard the ship itself."

Mr. Black uniform nodded in agreement. "Give Admiral Fenris credit, he did everything possible to minimize the chances insiders will even want to break anyone off that fleet."

The woman, apparently called "Ruin" which Lynine figured was a codename- not at all surprising- shook her head. "The fact remains, Jen'Vey was supposed to die and he's not dead. Because of her failure, the ISIS, by proxy, also failed." Her cold gaze bore into Lynine's green eyes, freezing the just recovered commando to the core and making her wish she too had died back on Bogden. "The purpose of this debriefing is to answer the question why." Letting that reverberate through the room for a moment, Ruin continued cooly, "You said you didn't want to shoot someone disguised as a TIE pilot, yet you knew it was Jen'Vey did you not?"

Lynine had wrestled with that thought already, her training having taught her much about the sorts of people who might go through the level of effort involved to fake their own death. "I had a suspicion, but no concrete proof..."

"So you knew the person you were tracking was an imposter, yet, instead of killing them as you approached, you let him live."

"I was under the impression people were more valuable alive to the agency than dead." It was the most plausible thing she could think of and it avoided the real subject Lynine hoped to avoid entirely. "Plus, if the scouts saw me shoot the pilot dead, I feared they might kill me in retaliation."

Mister White uniform shook his head thoughtfully. "Given the state of your health at the time, they would have, at worst, stunned you as well and had you detained for treason and the murder of a fellow Imperial which, after recovering the body you shot, we would have been able to clear you of all wrong doing."

Lynine bit her tongue, biting back a curse at the same time. It was all so horribly stacked against her now and that one fact set the tone for things to come as the debriefing continued a few hours longer and, as could be expected from expert interrogators, it didn't take long before Lynine was forced into a corner and confess that she couldn't bring herself to shoot a completely defenseless person who was of no threat at all.

"Well," Ruin began at the conclusion of the debriefing, a dark smile appearing on her face, "It seems there's a lot for us to work on. Agent Skycken, I want you to report to the training center tomorrow morning, oh-seven-hundred hours sharp. It seems we need to instill a few things into you still."
"I'd better come with you. Just give me a minute to get ready."
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