Fenrir & Medusa Squadron

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Fenrir & Medusa Squadron

Post by Aquila Slyphs » 2008-12-04 17:30

Squadron Number: 8493
Squadron Title: Fenrir Squadron

Commanding Officer: Deputy Flight Director Jack Wren
Location: Main Station: Vengeance-class Star Battlecruiser Eris , 1st Fleet, but will relocate wherever needed.

Craft used: TIE Interceptor Mk I (pilots are allowed to choose their own upgrades for their starfighters)

First Flight
Fenrir 1: Jack Wren
Fenrir 2: Windsly Norris
Fenrir 3: Jillian Myrishi
Fenrir 4: Pollix Fenn

Second Flight
Fenrir 5: Mayli Laurent
Fenrir 6: Mel Tymon
Fenrir 7: Aquila Slyphs
Fenrir 8: Alath Links

Third Flight
Fenrir 9: Taza Moonrunner
Fenrir 10: Corsair Cabaril
Fenrir 11: Krom Voltman
Fenrir 12: Rogmi Callipso

Honored Squadmates: Cerone Hebsley, Breagg Orion, Mardos Orion.

Squadron Honors: Medal of Unity.

Notable Achievements: Credited with the destruction of one Corvette (while flying TIE Interceptor Mk I's)


Squadron Number: 12042
Squadron Title: Medusa Squadron

Commanding Officer: Tanal'la Kreen
Location: Main Station: Vengeance-class Star Battlecruiser Eris , 1st Fleet. Wherever Fenrir Squadron goes.

Craft used: TIE Bomber with one TIE Electronic Warfare.

First Flight
Medusa 1: Tanal'la Kreen
Medusa 2: Vrei Cardan
Medusa 3: Keldo Ardvold
Medusa 4: Kelen Nabkin

Second Flight
Medusa 5: Lly Nelayen
Medusa 6: Dex Odai
Medusa 7: Ayva Hunt
Medusa 8: Leoni Beshenal

Third Flight
Medusa 9: Tyr Kymeri
Medusa 10: Archlonus Chinelo
Medusa 11: Dash Nooram
Medusa 12 (TIE EW): Rast Werjua
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