Sensor and ISIS Blanks (ICE)

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Iaex Larek
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Sensor and ISIS Blanks (ICE)

Post by Iaex Larek » 2010-10-07 10:30

Name: Jason Liau
Character Type: NIF Navy Sensor Operator
Rank: O-3 Lieutenant
Location: Intergalactic Campaign Expedition
Gender: Male
Description: Jason is a Navy sensor operator with particular experience in operating the CGT sensor systems onboard the Nemesis. He served for a short time as an instructor's assistant at the Federation Naval Academy in order to teach sensor operators the proper usage of the CGT system, and due to these specific skills he was transferred to ICE.

Name: Victor Peer
Character Type: ISIS Sensor Analyst & Linguist
Rank: O-3 Special Agent
Location: Intergalactic Campaign Expedition
Gender: Male
Description: Victor is a brilliant and talented agent with the ISIS Analysis Bureau who was assigned to the ICE under Commander Larek's command. Entering the intelligence service later in life he is in his mid-30s and possesses multiple doctoral degrees from institutions spread throughout Federation and Republic space. His loyalty is without question, and his skill is without equal, especially in the field of linguistics where he has experience in the field working with a mining corporation's negotiation teams on the edges of known space when contact is made with new races.

Name: Walter Gibson
Character Type: ISIS Station Chief, ICE
Rank: O-11 Director
Location: Intergalactic Campaign Expedition
Gender: Male
Description: Director Gibson is a career intelligence officer whose history goes back to service in the Old Republic. He has a long and distinguished career in Imperial Intelligence, eventually joining the NIF in the chaotic aftermath of the Yevethan Crisis. His continued and loyal service have left him at the rank of Director, and due to a combination of seniority, a personal request, and the preferences of the planning commission, he was appointed as the ISIS Station Chief for the Intergalactic Campaign Expedition. While older than most personnel in all branches of the New Imperial Federation military and intelligence forces, he is in good physical condition and has a habit of running 2 miles every morning to clear his mind and prepare for the day.

Character Name: Iaex Larek

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