Droids and Spooks

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Droids and Spooks

Post by Aerith Sunrider » 2010-08-11 05:55


Name: M-3P0
Character Type: Military Protocol, Human Cyborg Relations Droid.
Location: ICE
Gender: N/A (usually referred to as a “he”)
Description: A silver protocol droid, M-3P0 (or Meep-o) has been assigned to assist Aerith in communicating effectively with the other astromech and repair droids in the hanger she has been placed in charge of maintaining. Photo

Name: R4-B7
Character Type: R4 Astromech unit.
Location: ICE
Gender: N/A (usually referred to as a “he”)
Description: A white and black astromech unit, R4-B7 (or “Rabbit”) has been assigned to the same hanger as Aerith and helps coordinate repairs between his human overseer and the other repair droids in the bay. His flat head doubly serves as a small table for drinks such as tea or stimcaf. Photo

Name: Kal Knight
Character Type: Federation ISIS IntOrg Special Agent
Location: ICE
Gender: Male
Description: Short brown hair, brown eyes. Brown stubble, usually doesn’t shave very often. Wears a loose fitting uniform, always carries a sidearm. Photo

Character Name: Aerith Sunrider
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