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Thrakis Gregory
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Post by Thrakis Gregory » 2010-07-21 22:57

Name: Pariah
Character Type: Artificial Intelligence
Location: On board the Centurion-class cruiser Pariah
Gender: N/A (male humanoid voice)
Description: Pariah is an artificial intelligence commissioned by Thrakis Gregory and created by a small team of outlaw techs. Pariah is installed in the computer core of Thrakis's personal cruiser, and oversees the operations of the ship through a small army of labor droids. It has a platoon of combat droids as well as numerous internal defensive systems available to provide for the ship's defenses. Pariah was coded with only three directives which are, in order:

1. Obey the commands of Thrakis Gregory, or, in his absence, any trusted colleague of Thrakis Gregory's.

2. Preserve the life of Thrakis Gregory and his colleagues, so long as this does not interfere with the primary directive.

3. Preserve its own existence, so long as this does not interfere with either the primary or secondary directives.

Pariah is still young, as far as AIs go, and so has not yet had much time to develop emotions or personality.

Character Name: Thrakis Gregory

(Yes, I blatantly stole Asimov's three laws, but switched up the order and modified them a bit).

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