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Post by Jubar Bavvet » 2010-07-18 17:58

Name: Ma’gonogon
Character Type: Mercenary
Location: Around and about the galaxy
Gender: Male (cyborg)
Height: 3.5 meters (roughly 11' 6" tall)
Weight: 700 kg. (roughly 1,540 lbs.)

Description: Ma’gonogon is a predator roaming the streets. If ever spotted, most people know that something wrong is about to happen. It isn’t uncommon to see people who used cyberware replacements for missing limbs just long enough to be able to afford a more realistic synthetic design. However, Ma’gonogon’s limbs are only really meant to move massive loads of missiles across an aircraft carrier. Ma’gonogon’s left arm is a T-894 SmartClaw and the right arm is a slightly more advanced T-998; they look almost exactly the same, and the connective shoulder mount that joins them is a Krobosi-910A Duel Turbolaser Turret Mount, designed to mount two turrets onto one rotating spindle at the end of a major assault vehicle—this gives Ma’gonogon massive recoil compensation.

His torso, along with his genitals and intestines, were removed long ago. In their place is a synthetic circulatory and respiratory system. Ma’gonogon uses a Lifesaver Inc., model called an MM3t Life-Extender, an emergency life-support used for keeping human vegetables in stasis, and the entire apparatus is housed within his innermost shell, along with his motor nerve attachments.

While Ma’gonogon has overall master control over all his body parts, all of his actions are really more of a collaborative effort from all the parts working together. Each piece has its own hardware, and its own software, and almost every individual joint and limb has a motor-brain (either an S21.c or a T42.f model, depending on the appendage) that controls the limbs’ countless functions. Even a standard cybernetic/synthetic body would require incredibly advanced platforms and several hundred terabytes, but all of Ma’gonogon’s parts conceal a weapon of some kind, along with advanced targeting tech to help him use it with very little thought, so his memory systems are at the current maximum capable in the galaxy, and because of that he requires an ongoing cleaning/sweeping period where he goes through his many systems and searches for problems, such as viruses that may have come with upgrades he downloads off of the HoloNet, or basic congruency problems between programs.

With most people moving towards more cyberware and synthware that wasn’t so obviously fake—through utilization of enhanced polymers that did not suffer as great degradation—it is rare to see a construct such as a full-blown cyborg that looks like one. For most people, convenience is the goal in cyberware, with unobtrusive limbs disguised with state-of-the-art polymers, and it helps to reroute the motor nerves that control limbs to the chest, where they can be read by the robotic arm’s equally disguised shoulder mount. Of course, rerouting motor nerves to the chest also creates necessary sensations for more awareness and interactivity with the environment—in Ma’gonogon’s case, there is no longer any chest, and all motor nerves are rerouted to the brain and spinal column; virtually all that’s left of his former human body.

Ma’gonogon has very consciously gone in that direction. With his motor nerves bundled into his innermost shell, along with the rest of what remains of him, he also has over 4,000 electrodes implanted into his motor cortex. These connections allow him to move cursors and run search programs within himself on thought alone.

Also, because he has almost nothing left of his original body, Ma’gonogon needn’t ever worry about biocompatibility—an organic body can still sometimes reject a limb replacement, so for synthetch and/or cyberware to be implemented, they must illicit no immune response from the organism, and the wares need to be able to integrate with particular cell types and tissues—so with almost no organic parts left to him, biocompatibility isn’t a problem, and Ma’gonogon can make any addition he wants to himself, as long as he works out the logistics and engineering problems first. Another benefit to having no organic body left was that it also made it less of a burden to fire a weapon, since recoil is more of a burden on biological structures than it is on cybertechtural structures.

Technical description and load out:
Ma’gonogon is covered in other advancements—indeed, he is an advancement. He sees through an Ocular-33Z, which is an ever-rotating eye that moves about his head on an axis, protected within a small case of aluminum silicate glass windows encased in transparisteel—his vision is a convoluted array of screens, one superimposed right on top of the other in a natural user interface; all screens are vision-directed. Because of U-6 D/RRTi pistons in his legs, he can run at exactly 37 kph. His SmartClaws allow him to bury the four digits on each of his “hands” into concrete walls and climb, hand over hand. His ankles are equipped with Crampon9 extensions for better climbing, as well.

The cyborg stays connected to his ship, the Renovator, a YT-2000, by two-way open transmission.

The cyborg has a veritable arsenal of both small and heavy arms; the heavy arms rarely ever get used, but they are there just in case. For instance, inside the Hunchback-P12 greater casing on his back, an internal heavy weapons bay housed a modified SSM-65 firing AMRAAM missiles. For constant combat suppression fire there was the NAMAN-S10, a twin barrel rotary cannon which can rapidly fire turbolaser rounds, an improvement over the standardized SuroSuub GAU-661/Y “Demonizer.” For pinpoint accuracy on a heavily armored target, his Hunchback also houses a .50 caliber P3S-88 anti-tank sniper cannon, with a range of accuracy up to 2,000 meters. For simple cutting and saving on ammo, he has a Scimitar-220q, a five-foot arched vibroblade that shoots out from the top of his left wrist, is as sharp as is currently possible, and which he rubs down every day with bright red oil. The Hunchback (along with all its weapons and ammunition) is contained within his outermost shell, and constitutes just under half of his weight.

Targeting takes control and precedence over all else, and from the inside Ma’gonogon takes more of an administrative role than anything else. The cybernetic body’s various parts work in coordination with Cohesion-1 software, which enable every piece to communicate to the others instantaneously, and the “mind” made of imtech (implant technology) neural links and what was left of his original organic brain. Ma’gonogon merely needs to think it, and the machine network around him does the rest.

Ma’gonogon’s weapons are all covered in an integrated netting up to UUA specs, a high-tensile fiber-weave tempered under heavy ultraviolent light. It keeps the weapon cool, making it difficult to see with infrared scanning while also holding certain parts together.

Ma’gonogon has three shells (primary/innermost, the secondary/middle shell, and the tertiary/outermost shell), and each one was made of Dura-Titan titanium mixed-weave cobalt alloy. To further armor himself, the cyborg has a rapidly-oscillating kinetic grid (ROK), which is a high-energy shielding coursing throughout the entire outermost shell at nearly the speed of light, creating a distortion against concussion shots for maximum stopping power.

The three shells can be broken down like this: The innermost shell protects all his life support, including his brain, two eyes, and what remained of his spinal column; the sum of his remaining original organic matter. All of that organic material is hooked up to Sys7.31 NeuroBond interfacing fibers and is suspended in a nutrient soup that requires regular nutrient wash injections to continue “feeding” the organic parts. The secondary shell is a buffer between the outer shell and the inner shell, and it is filled with Security Foam, made of advanced shear-thickening liquid, as well as Rotator-10 shock absorbers, all of it protected by the shell’s interlocking ceramic plates, which are encased within a proprietary tungsten alloy weave. Some minor motor functions are grounded here, but for the most part motor skills are governed by the response between the neural fiber-tendril lacing (which connects the outer shell, that being the bulk of the Ma’gonogon’s cyberware) and the brain and spine in the innermost shell.

Ma’gonogon has three modes: stealth, low-ready, and assault. What stealth mode does for the cyborg is power his systems down a bit and quiet his various joints and limbs, while also emanating an EMP that temporarily turns off power systems within a hundred meters. A certain degree of camouflage is activated in stealth mode, as well. A certain degree of camouflage comes from the Camoleon-3 system and materials woven into his armor composed of microscopic polymer magnetochromatic microspheres. The structural stability allows for instant changes in color with no change in the structure or intrinsic properties of the microspheres themselves—small voltage currents sent through the structure alters color and patterns. It isn’t much for a steel beast of his size, but it helps when the lights go out from his EMP.

For Ma’gonogon, sound comes in waves, and is communicated to the remainder of his cochlea, auditory nerves, stapes, incus, and vestibular nerves through echo-transmitting technology, developed by the Enhancing Health Co. to help deaf people. Sounds are enhanced by the audio receptors just beneath the inch-thick steel plating on his outer shell, and the reverberations off of the plates created the necessary echo to orient himself.

Ma’gonogon no longer eats, instead he takes protein injections through a tube directed from his outer shell to his inner shell—the only direct line from the outside to his inside world—and it is distributed through his synthetic system. Waste is generated and routed through plastic tubes, and he dumps out his colostomy bag twice a week.

None of his standard living arrangements are “standard” for any other organic creature. All other matters of human need has either gone away or changed dramatically. He no longer feels hot or cold, sick or even hungry. He can never taste again, at least not without a serious synthetic overhaul that would be too expensive for him to ever afford. The cyborg can never experience touch the way humans do ever again, instead he experiences pressured resistance the pistons gave him whenever he touches an object, and, like adjusting for his balance, Ma’gonogon adjusts for the pounds per square inch he forces onto the object with just a thought.

Ma’gonogon is meant for death.

The world has faded away. His past no longer seems to have happened to him. All that is left is his forward momentum.

Other Weapons:
Ma’gonogon has other weapons besides those in his Hunchback-P12. He keeps a E-M105/r splitter gun in the palm of his hand, when the four fingers of his right SmartClaw peel back, the palm becomes a barrel, which fires 28-gram slugs containing energized hishon-boson condensate capsules with hyper-liquid nitrogen cores at a force of 765 newtons, snap-freezing targeted objects upon impact to ensure their total obliteration from the resultant force; this makes the weapon highly effective against even the most armored vehicles. In a compartment in his right arm, he holds a retractable BlasTech rifle with a spreader lens, accurate up to thirty yards and augmented to auto-aim and auto-fire at enemy combatants.

The cyborg’s most favored weapon, and rarely ever used, is his "precious," a Tukon 90X. This is a singular weapon of stupendous power, and the only being capable of firing it and handling its recoil is Ma’gonogon. The Tukon was originally designed for an 180S-1 Assault VanSpeeder for the old Galactic Empire, but ergonomically the whole military project wasn’t sound, so most of it was scrapped. But enough pieces of the Tukon survived in various prototypes to make a single working model out of those parts.

Ma’gonogon has a black market weapons dealer named Janski who was able to design the Tukon and bring it to fruition. Janksi’s ingenuity had been put to use everywhere, mainly in weapons manufacture, but also in bridge-building, energy alternatives, and astronomy; he had helped develop the greatest lens yet for the strongest telescope that had seen deepest into the Unknown Regions. Alone in his illegal weapons development installation, he had gotten a lot done in his downtime. He’d combined the parts from the two versions of the Tukon, using the barrel of one and the integral pressure reserve drum of the other, for instance, and applied parts from a K22SR-5 turret’s FLIR thermal imaging sights and a LaxtonFire F-20’s torsional spring.

Over time, the revitalized Tukon 90X started to take shape. With a recoil compensator housing near the back, it appears to be a massive battering ram in reverse. Every single part had been polished and repolished to a shine, meticulously crafted and cut to precisely the right angle and curve necessary.

The ammunition had to be experimented with in different cannons, because when/if the firing went wrong, the explosions would have destroyed the weapon altogether. He’d used some of his time at military test bases to see which would best suit his Tukon, and he had come to realize that he would need shells with enhanced glazeboard discs, and heavy beeswax compensation. At the height of his career, Janski had started to zero in on the kind of shell needed. The "missile" or shell that got propelled had intricate guidance systems, along with a fuzing and a three-stage interlocking system, should it be needed to drop from high altitudes rather than fired from ground level.

An experimental and beautiful weapon, with experimental and destructive ammunition.

Ma’gonogon has gone by many other names in the past. He commonly destroys old connections, “burns bridges” so to speak, and starts anew, laundering the dirty money he’s made working for criminal syndicates and using it to create a brand new career. It is believed that he once held a lofty military position within the Federation, but all attempts to have that information declassified have come to no avail. It is said that most of his information has been erased by his own doing, and by his past associations with expert slicers.

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