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Post by Jubar Bavvet » 2010-07-13 04:56

Name: Ruse; AKA Ruse88761(g.r)
Character Type: Slicer
Location: The HoloNet
Gender: N/A — believed at this time to be a “rogue program”

Description of a Rogue Program: Any advanced virus, malware, software, or other program that has been left alone for long enough that it has begun to develop a “personality.” These programs can emerge from cyberterrorists, or simply from advanced proto-AI software meant to keep cyber criminals out—if the programs go “adrift” (either because their creator or moderator dies or goes to prison or has to leave it alone for other reasons), then the habit of collecting data to automatically upgrade themselves can speed up at an alarming rate. Typically, cyber crime specialists seek to destroy these programs as soon as they are discovered, to prevent them from reflexively attacking other programs and systems. They are sometimes referred to as a “nautical cell,” a theorized entity that can emerge from the “sea” of information.

Recent studies on rogue programs have shown that these “masterless programs” sometimes exhibit more sentient capability than attempts at artificial intelligence; a consequence of having neural connectors via natural user interfaces on the HoloNet, which sometimes utilize thoughts of imtech (implant technology) users. In some cases these imtech interfaces even count on pseudo mood changes in order to interact with the data on the HoloNet. It is theorized by some that these programs take their personalities from users themselves, having obtained the "gist" of emotion, and can adapt and evolve in the sea of information, even gaining the “ambition” to survive. These rogue programs are purely hypothetical, but if they do exist, then they are the ghosts in the machine.

Description of Ruse: Believed to be a rogue program with intelligence and behaviors approaching sentience. Is capable of carrying on conversations, learning from its interactions with sentient creatures, and adapting to the flow of the HoloNet, which it refers to as the “Bleed.”

Countersurveillance specialists have claimed to have had “first contact” with Ruse, formerly known by its online moniker “Ruse88761(g.r)”. Most believe him to be just a well connected slicer/hacker somewhere in the galaxy maneuvering masterfully through the ether, but increasing data suggests that he/she/it is much more than that, as its maneuvers suggest a mind much quicker than any sentience recorded, and even faster than any slicer droid's on record. It has been claimed that Ruse can get anything he/she/it wants to know, that Ruse can beat 4096-bit encryption (the highest known), that he is capable of circumventing quantum cryptography like it is practically child’s play, that he is solely responsible for GoraCorp.’s HGPi mainframe collapse, and that he can demolish any firewall.

Ruse’s current whereabouts are unknown. Rogue program or not, this entity still exhibits criminal functionality. He/she/it is responsible for the destruction of thousands of mainframes and the heist of millions of credits from around the galaxy. Inquire at N.I.F. Bounty Office for specifics. ADVANCED SLICERS ARE NEEDED TO END HIM/HER/IT!

Affiliations: Currently, it appears that the slicer is a free agent. As a freelance slicer, he/she/it has performed worked for the various Hutt Cartels, the Bando Gora crime syndicate, the now-defunct Render Outfit, and a host of other heist masterminds and consortiums. Activity and reports suggest that Ruse has been around and doing this work for at least fifty years. It is unclear if he/she/it has any other vices other than a desire for profit. Although, what good profit can do for a rogue program is up for conjecture—it may only be attributable to the rogue’s survival mechanism. It needs to remain elusive amid the HoloNet, so it can travel freely throughout the S-threads. This makes it exceedingly difficult, and some say impossible, to pin Ruse down.

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