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Weir Martin
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Important Companions/NPCs - Weir

Post by Weir Martin » 2012-06-21 21:35

Character Name: Weir Martin
E-mail Address:

"Aurek" HK Series Droid
Name: "Aurek"
Character Type HK Series Droid - Assassin/Bodyguard/Protocol
Location: At Weir's side
Gender: N/A, Droid
Description: Rusty-Red. Aurek came into Weir's possession when he was a young teenager, back in the days when he tinkered with droids more than he ate. Aurek has only killed womp rats and other wild animals that threatened Weir's life. His cynical - almost psychopathic - personality was what usually got Weir into trouble, but has recently began to heed his words more. A loyal, trustworthy, and humorous companion of Weir's.
Dranok Lussk, Platoon Sergeant & Squad Leader (Army Days)
Name: Dranok Lussk
Character Type Jester Platoon Sergeant & Squad Leader, Sergeant Major
Location: Jester Platoon Barracks
Gender: Male, Human
Description: The aged and scarred NIF veteran is Weir's newly assigned platoon sergeant. The grizzled old dog is highly respected by the entire company. He is a quiet man and speaks only when needed, he hates it when people state the obvious.
Jegora Fal, Squad Leader (Army Days)
Name: Jegora Fal
Character Type Squad Leader, Sergeant
Location: Jester Platoon Barracks
Gender: Male, Human
Description: Tall and physically imposing, Jegora is the ideal specimen for the Stormtrooper. Standing three inches over six feet and weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds of solid muscle Jegora is a verifiable mountain of a man. He stands erect at all times, a soldier to the core, and always appears to be tense. He has often been described as a coiled snake by those who meet him, and an angry bear to those that have to fight him in melee combat.
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