Constantine Industries Board of Directors aka “The Board”

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Constantine Industries Board of Directors aka “The Board”

Post by Zekk Constantine » 2011-07-22 19:32

((OOC NOTE: You have no idea how happy I am to be finally done this XD took forever lol.))


Constantine Industries Board of Directors aka “The Board”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)\Chairman:
Name: Zekk Constantine

Executive Vice President (EVP):
Name: Evan van Drois
Age: 52
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: Evan van Drois was born on massive corporate sector world of Bonadan. He is a tall lanky man with medium length black hair. Evan is one of Zekk’s most trusted advisers and confidants. If there is an important job that needs doing and Zekk isn’t able, Evan is sent in his place. Well educated and articulate, Evan is one of the most influential men in the Corporation.
Personality: Evan speaks with great eloquence and common sense, one of his greatest attributes. He is always prepared to get what is best for the Company and further the corporate agenda.

Chief Operating Officer (COO):
Name: Roland Talbert
Age: 73
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: Born on Commenor, Roland Talbert is the muscle on the board. When Zekk isn’t around he is the voice of the company and prefers when everything runs like clockwork. His is a broad shouldered and rather athletic man for his age with grey around the sides of his head while bald on top. He is determined and utterly effective at his job.
Personality: Authoritative to the extreme, Roland is iron willed when it comes to making a final ruling on a decision. Once the board agrees he quashes all resistance without mercy.

Chief Strategic Planning Officer (CSPO):
Name: Simon Sambacto
Age: 93
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: Is a short, portly man with parted white hair and a large white mustache. Born during the years before the waning of the Galactic Republic, Simon has seen it all. He assists the CEO in planning the Corporations next moves. His decades of experience when it comes to knowledge of how companies operate and act have been invaluable to Zekk Constantine, his father, and his grandfather. Simon Sambacto has served three generations of the Constantine family and such his position is unquestionable, his respect is invaluable, and his mind is priceless. He is by far the oldest person on the Board of Directors.
Personality: Simon is more of a father figure to everyone on the board and a valuable member of the team. His is kind considerate and always treated Zekk like one of his own eleven grand children.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):
Name: Gabriella Cord
Age: 42
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Bio: Gabriella Cord is a small, nerdy little woman born on the former Imperial Remnant Capital of Bastion. She is 4’ 10” tall, skinny, has shoulder length light brown hair in a braided ponytail, with black rimmed round glasses. With a PhD in Mathematics and another in Finance Gabriella is extremely qualified for the job and brings no agenda of her own to the table.
Personality: Usually quiet and withdrawn, Gabriella rarely speaks at Board meetings and is more than not silent the whole time. She only speaks when matters directly relating to her come up such as payment and monies.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO):
Name: Vizan Lyno
Age: 63
Species: Mirialan
Gender: Male
Bio: Vizan was born on his species home world just before the Clone Wars. His family moved to Carratos shortly after the foundation of the Empire. Vizan stands at 5’ 10” with black hair contrasting his rare orange eyes and his yellow-green skin. His face and hands are covered with tribal geometric tattoos representing his skills and achievements, and he has many. Vizan has been the Chief Administrative Officer for Constantine Industries come on thirty years.
Personality: Vizan is a cool calculating individual who is exceeding good at his job as a paper pushed. Many administrative issues are resolved by him long before they reach Zekk’s desk.

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)\General Counsel:
Name: Janet Blackwood
Age: 45
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Bio: Born on Coruscant, she is an utterly brilliant lawyer who graduated from Coruscant University with Dual Doctorates in Business Law and Imperial Law. She is a gorgeous woman with long blond hair usually worn in a pony tail. Joining Constantine Industries through a friend of the family after graduation she shot her way though the ranks of the Legal side of the corporation coming to the attention of Zekk when he assisted his father in business dealings. On his advice, his father made her General Counsel and never regretted it.
Personality: She is a kind and lovable woman who considers Zekk a good friend.

Chief Communications Officer (CCO):
Name: Max Wilmanco
Age: 68
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: Born on Yaga Minor Max Wilmanco is a jovial fat man with what seems like far more chins than a Hutt. His white hair is medium length and he has a wild beard and mustache combo that he allows to grow long enough to touch the middle of his chest. His eccentricities are tolerated because no one else can keep the masses so entertained and informed at the same time. He keeps the stockholders happy and keeps the media laughing at him instead of bothering the Board of Directors. He is the well liked and relaxed face of the company.
Personality: Max is a jovial, funny, and laid back man that has a natural talent for speaking to people and keeping everyone happy. He usually likes to act as the comic relief during board meetings, but is extremely helpful when articulating a message to the public.

Chief Personnel Resource Officer (CPRO):
Name: Alaksha Teyko
Age: 35
Species: Togruta
Gender: Female
Bio: Alaksha is the youngest member of the Board of Directors aside from Constantine himself. Born on her home planet of Shili she left the planet to obtain an more wide spread education and to see the galaxy. After graduating at the top of her class from the University of Corellia she traveled back to her side of the Galaxy where she moved to Bilbringi. Facing a strong bout of depression being away from her people she met Roger Constantine, Zekk’s father. Impressed with her people skills and intelligence her hired her to his company. Over the years Alaksha slew up the ranks in the company until she found herself on the Board of Directors.
Personality: Alaksha is a kind and charming woman, friendly to everyone she meets and very protective of her friends. She is the gentler side of Constantine Industries.

Chief Security Officer (CSO):
Name: Ando Zur
Age: 62
Species: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Bio: Ando Zur has worked his way from the bottom of the corporate food chain all the way to the top. Starting in the company as a security guard, his skill, wisdom, and foresight have assisted his assent to the top of his profession. In his forty four years with Constantine Industries he has saved the company millions and in his past ten on the Board of Directors there has been zero successful breaches of security, most have failed before they even got off the ground.
Personality: Ando is cool, collected, and utterly paranoid about almost everyone. The only people he sees as above any possible corruption is Zekk himself and Simon Sambacto.

Chief Engineering & Technology Officer (CETO):
Name: Tiu Kodo
Age: 56
Species: Omwati
Gender: Male
Bio: Like some famous Omwati his mind is utterly brilliant. Tiu is a revolutionary and a genius. Trained by Imperial mentors, Tiu is someone who can accomplish almost anything he puts his mind to. Formerly he was the Assistant Chief Engineering & Technology Officer of Constantine Industries, but the untimely demise of his predecessor has thrust him onto the board of Directors and away from the job he wants.
Personality: Tiu is notoriously quiet except when asked direct questions and he usually gives simple factual answers. Tiu prefers to be hands on, and misses his previous position where he could devote all of his time to Research & Development.

Chief Information Officer (CIO):
Name: Howard Nelson
Age: 59
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: Born on Coruscant, Howard Nelson is a software guru. Able to solve problems with little or no effort, as a result he has a massive ego. Lanky, tall, and bright he has a shaved head and square golden glasses. Howard enjoys bumping heads with pretty much everyone else on the board. The only reason he is still kept around is the fact that he is too skilled to get rid off. Howard and Roger Kline have been friends since they were kids on Coruscant.
Personality: Arrogant, Egotistical, and Pompous, Howard is the show off of the group. Any plan besides his own he does his level best to stop in its tracks if he doesn’t like even a little bit of it.

Chief Audit Executive (CAE):
Name: Abigail Spring
Age: 77
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Bio: Abigail Spring acts as an entity usually outside the control of the Board. Her job is highly independent and as a result she reports to Zekk and Zekk alone. She is asked to Audit all aspects of Constantine Industries, top to bottom, with special attention paid to the top. As a result she is disliked, even hated by most of the people on the Board. She takes this in stride. She is a medium height woman with grandmotherly looks and square glasses. He hair is usually worn in a bun.
Personality: Do not be deceived by he grandmotherly looks. Abigail Spring is one of the meanest, orneriest, nastiest old ladies you will ever meet. Like a Nun from the horror stories of youth, she is strict, direct, and gets things done through shear force of will.

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO):
Name: William Bentley
Age: 85
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: William Bentley joined the Board of Directors during a merger with the company, a merger that Zekk negotiated when he was younger. Formerly CEO of his own company he has taken the new job in stride actually enjoying the free time it gives him compared to being CEO. He is married with two children and five grand children. William is short, and slightly pudgy man with wiry white hair combed over his balding head.
Personality: William is an easy man to get along with and he usually does. This is easily one of the Boards favorite members. He is liked by everyone on the board and disliked by no one. He is friendly, kind, and enjoys telling lame jokes that for some reason still seem funny coming from him.

Chief Data Officer (CDO):
Name: Roger Kline
Age: 58
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: Roger Kline, born on Coruscant, is Howard Nelson’s partner in crime so to speak. Constantly working together on their related tasks they are good friends and both pains for the Board on Directors. Roger has salt and pepper hair combed back and silver, thin, and rectangular glasses. Like his friend he is also indispensably good at what he does. He keeps everything in his sphere of responsibility ship shape. Roger and Howard Nelson have been friends since they were kids on Coruscant.
Personality: Also an Arrogant, Egotistical, and Pompous SOB. He usually backs any play made by Howard, which means trying to derail plans he doesn’t like.
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