Tapani Nobles

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Tapani Nobles

Post by Leo Godric » 2011-03-24 19:31

Name: Sasevi Saiyan
Character Type: Federation Diplomat
Location: Pelagon
Gender: Mrlssi Male
Sasevi graduated from the Mrlsst academy with a major in political science and a minor in philosophy. He soon found work as a Federation diplomat to House Pelagia. He resides on the recovering world of Pelagon, whose seas are regaining their splendor due to immense clean up efforts. Brian Godric, a lesser Pelagian noble, serves as his aide and confidant in the ever changing world of House Politics.

Name: Addi Hnuue
Character Type: Entrepreneur
Location: Pelagon
Gender: Herglic Male
Addi is an easy-going Herglic who came to Pelagon sensing the need to cleanse her waters. Not only does his eco-cleaning business help the environment, but it also provides a tidy sum. Addi is generally kind and friendly, though sometimes he can be aggravated when having to move through the too-small houses on Pelagon. He is self-conscious about his size.

Name: Carol of Lastelle
Character Type: Mecetti Noble
Location: Obulette
Gender: Tapani Human Male
A brutal being, Carol is an advisor to Bode Leobund XI. As head of the Mecetti House Guard, Carol is second only to Lady Estalle Balis.

Name: Krav Vistor
Character Type: Reena Noble
Location: Nyriaan
Gender: Tapani Human Male
A crafty man, Krav is out only for profits. His position as head of Reena Mining Corporation gives him significant status among the House. His position towards the other houses is unknown. Although, he is thought to be one of those behind the crafting of a potential alliance with House Melantha.

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