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Posted: 2011-02-04 07:33
by Zekk Constantine
Name: Kithra

Character Type: Mistryl Shadow Guard

Location: Bilbringi/Near Zekk at all times

Species: Human

Gender: Female


Height: 5’ 4”

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Hazel

Age: Unknown


Usually found wearing all black if found at all, Kithra is a member of the elite Mistryl Shadow Guards. In 11 ABY she acted as an escort with another Mistryl Shadow Guard to Mara Jade during her time as a representative from the Smuggler’s Alliance. Responding to a summons by New Imperial Federation Diplomat and Constantine Industries CEO the Mistryl Shadow Guard sent her and another member named Sileen to listen to Zekk’s offer. Originally skeptical and combative to his request, after a high tensioned debate and arguing, she agreed to be hired by Zekk Constantine to act as a personal bodyguard. She is rarely if every more than ten steps away from Zekk and even more rarely noticed by anyone around except when fear serves her purpose. Over the course of time the two have come to respect one another and are considered friends.

Kithra is extremely well trained in martial arts, melee weapons, blasters, an assortment of heavy weapons, and several exotic weapons. She is an expert in close–quarters combat; all in all she is an extremely deadly and stealthy individual. If Kithra is seen carrying two weapons, you’re not looking hard enough. She carries an assortment of weapons mostly concealable but she is always extremely well armed. Though her hair is usually seen peaking from her hood the top is in a knot, held together by four Zenjii needles that in addition to hair holders are easily used as throwing weapons. She always carries hold out blasters for emergencies. She is a master of disguise and is extremely skilled in stealth. In any situation it is down right negligent and stupid to underestimate Kithra, if personally threatened or her charge is threatened, death for the offending party is a near certainty.

Usual Weapons:
- 3 Czerka 411 Hold-out Blasters
- 1 Model 434 “Deathhammer” Blaster Pistol
- 1 Vibrodagger
- 4 Zenjii Needles
- 1 Shock Whip
- 1 Pair of Hand Claws

Visual Reference:


Owner Info:

Character Name: Zekk Constantine – Devan

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