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Post by Tavish McFini » 2010-07-12 03:19

At the front of the Firro Gigaplex Theater, a massive, 150 theater center for all the latest holovids and holomovies from notable production studios across the galaxy, a sign played over, on continuous loop, a trailer for the latest sci-fi movie blockbuster of the year.

Sunportal SP-1

The holo started blank before slowly fading in to reveal a massive triangular structure, a thick, silver frame with bizarre emblems embossed all over, standing upright on a metal platform. Inset in the frame was a myriad of shifting colours, hypnotic to the eyes. Slowly, four fully armed and armored Stormtroopers approached the gate while a dramatic voice over started speaking.

"Imagine a gate that could take you to another galaxy! Imagine if that gate was connected to millions of others in distant parts of the universe..."

The screen faded to black again.

The voice suddenly became a lot darker and more menacing. "Imagine if someone else also knew of those gates and came here..."

Suddenly a tall black humanoid with six long, spindly limbs and bright white orbs for eyes appeared through the gate and lunged at the Stormtroopers who immediately started firing at it.

"The New Imperial Federation has set its sights on new places despite it's ongoing war within the galaxy. This year presents, the most thrilling tale of exploration this side of the Unknown Regions!"

Another image showed the same, or maybe four different Stormtroopers standing away from a similar gate, only this one was on the surface of some world not unlike Tatooine with swirling sands, five bright suns in the hazy orange sky. One of the Stormtroopers glanced over at his fellows and shook his head. "I have a bad feeling about this..." he began as the camera paned around to reveal a massive valley filled with millions of the dark beings, all their glowing eyes looking up at the four men with malicious intent.

"Starring Gavin Lighter as Sergeant Briggs," the voice announced as a close up of a helmet-less stormtrooper appeared, his face haggered and unshaven for days.

"And Jake Jakeson as Private Remone Hayworth." Another stormtrooper appeared of a blonde haired man with a smirk on his face as the dark background behind him lit up with each pull of the trigger of his E-11 carbine.

The scene shifted again, showing a side profile of the Sunportal and off the platform to one side stood Emperor Kane, lightsaber in hand, ready to face off against whatever was about to come spewing forth. "And, galactic academy award winning actor Tom Crusecontrol as the New Imperial Federation Emperor Kane!" the voice announced, not afraid to show off the starpower this movie possessed. The screen faded to black just as something lunged out the gate with the Emperor stepping forward to meet his foe. "Sunportal SG-1, rated R! Out now!"

((OOC: Okay, so, the idea behind this was 2 fold. 1) What would sci-fi be in the Star Wars universe? 2) What is there for entertainment in the galaxy? ;) So yeah, free drinks to the person who can guess the name of this movie to me in chat!

Also, feel free to contribute to this thread, either by making your own movie trailers or by having your character actually sit through a movie. It doesn't necessarily have to be the one listed, it could be one you make up but yeah, have fun with it!!!/OOC))
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