A Chariot Awaits...

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A Chariot Awaits...

Post by Dravius Stari » 2008-12-06 04:41

Dravius sat in the office of the executive vice-president of the SoroSuub corporation reviewing a datapad with the following information on it.
1x PLY3000 Luxury Yacht



1x Retractable Ion Cannon
1x Backup Shield Generator
1x Shield generator enhancement package
3x Retractable dual laser cannons
1x Improved Power Core
1x Engine Enhancement Package

Ship statistics (With upgrades)

Name/Type: PLY 3000 Luxury Yacht
Designer/Manufacturer: Sorosuub Corp.
Combat Role: Passenger Transport
Crew: 1
Length: 45 Meters
Speed: 80 MGLT
Acceleration: 8 MGLT/s (est.)
Maneuverability: 50 DPF (est.)
Hyperdrive: x1.5
Shield Rating: 300 SBD + 300 SBD Backup
Hull Rating: 50 RU
Weapons: 1x Retractable Ion Cannon, 3x Retractable Dual Laser Cannons
Passengers: 10.
Cargo Space: 100 Metric Tons.

Total Costings:

Ship = 250 000 credits
Upgrades = 100 000 credits
Custom fittings = 5000 credits

Nodding slowly he handed the datapad back to the man who looked slightly nervous. Not only was Dravius appearance somewhat unsettling, but he had the weight of the federation behind him. Since they were in control, the corporation always dealt carefully with its representatives. When one of them decided for a personal purchase, they were doubly careful. Nobody wanted the corporation blamed if an officer died while on one of their ships. This was also a customer you couldn't rip off. Dravius spoke in his neutral tone

"This is acceptable. Lead me down to the ship and we shall complete the transfer of funds."

The man grinned and got up fast, anxious to get rid of Dravius, and anxious not to offend him, as well as anxious to get the sale sorted out. Anxiety was written all over his face, although perhaps he thought he was fooling the masked man with all that smiling.

"Excellent! This way sir, this way!"

They were ushered to a section of the facility Dravius had not seen before, although this was his first visit. The matrix began carefully tracking and recording these details. There would be more upgrades, services, and perhaps other purchases. They could also be trying to hide something. These micro details were all filed as he was ushered onto a viewing platform.

"There she is!" The executive made a grand gesture with his hand, a flourish as if revealing some hidden jewel. It stood on the platform on three strong legs, gleaming and waiting for its new owner. The pilot, while interested, was not one to go weak at the knees. Slowly he moved out towards the platform so he could take in the full view...

He nodded slowly as he gestured to the executive "This is indeed acceptable. I shall transfer funds immediately. Your cooperation and efficiency in this matter has been noted and is appreciated."

The executive grinned and handed the datapad over as they both stood looking at the ship. As Dravius transferred the money, the ship stood there almost like its new owner. Having nearly chosen a blue colour scheme, but instead opting for black Dravius decided that this was a better choice. The paintwork concealed and hid, which was what its owner wanted. The glossy black finish gave a look of a fast, sleek, efficient ship. It was not massively fast, or manuverable. But it fit his needs, and that was the primary requirement. It would protect him and serve him well, of this he had no doubt.

As he handed the datapad back, the executive smiled as he saw the funds transfer successfully and said

"Well sir, what are you going to name it?"

"The Shogun. Goodbye."

The executive's face had confusion written all over it and Dravius began heading towards the ship. His ship.

I have waited too long...to own my first ship...

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