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A Sale of Suffer(ing) [Closed and Complete]

Posted: 2012-05-10 01:09
by Demetrios Gavril
Onboard Firro Station, an impeccably dressed Naval Officer sat in front of a desk. His cold, blue eyes searched the crowd with a bored expression. Several floors above him, on a secure level, the DR-617 starship, nicknamed the Utmost Suffer, rested in a hangar. Gavril had no use for a starfighter, and thought the 2,600 credits a month necessary for upkeep could be better used elsewhere. So he had decided to sell it.

A large number of offers came in as soon as he put it up for sale, but the one offering the highest price was a human male by the name of Van Zan. As of yet, Demetrios had no qualms with the man's background, but the deeper ISIS background search had not come back at the moment. He wanted whoever he sold this highly collectible ship to to be thoroughly vetted. How horrible would it be for an officer of the Federation to be selling criminals a highly capable starfighter? He grimaced slightly. Wretched thought.

A shadow fell across him and he looked up into the face of a man with intense green eyes, and sweeping brown hair pushed back behind his ears. The man wore a set of black fatigues, leaving his nature and occupation ambiguous save for the DE-10 pistol sitting in the holster strapped to his thigh. Demetrios' cold blue eyes met the man's flickering green gaze.

"Hello," said the man. His voice was husky and dulcet and his expression looked unstable and dangerous, despite the lack of outright animosity in voice and stance. Demetrios surmised it was more of a general hostile attitude full of arrogance that made this dark, brooding man seem so deadly.

"And who might you be?" asked Gavril, his expression no longer quite so bored.

"You sent ISIS a request on a background search for Van Zan?" asked the man, his voice pleasant, and his face appearing open, even if there was something in his eyes that Demetrios did not like. "Well, I've come to return the search in person, Lieutenant Gavril."

The green-eyed man handed Gavril a folder that the Lieutenant promptly opened. Demetrios' blue eyes scanned the pages swiftly, assessing the content. "Hmm, so Van Zan is a criminal with a bounty on his head. Dead or Alive. How unfortunate. I suppose I will have to find another buyer."

"Perhaps," said the green-eyed man slowly. "Or perhaps not. I have a proposal for you. You take the deal with Van Zan, and get his five-hundred thousand credits."

"I don't quite think so," replied Gavril, sighing. "I would rather not sell dangerous war ships to criminals, especially ones who will probably use them against us."

"And I would never dream of asking you to let him keep the ship," the man's eyes glinted dangerously. "After he sells it to you, I will take him in, dead or alive, to collect the bounty."

Demetrios remained silent for a moment, he could already see where the man was going with this little scheme. "And you would get to keep the ship?"

"Naturally," replied the man.

"Who exactly are you?" asked Gavril, growing highly suspicious of this green-eyed man, whose aura of confidence and danger was frankly unsettling. The dark gravitas and charm, while no doubt conducive to others, set Gavril's mind analyzing.

"Ryan Korr," said the man simply, but turned out a collar to show the symbol of the Omega Order. Ghost like traces of a drakish smile flashed on the man's face. "I hope that is sufficient to alleviate any of your wise suspicions of me."

Gavril raised a single eyebrow a centimeter. So... a Dark Jedi, come to collect a bounty? No matter, if the Omega Order wanted to get involved with criminals it did not concern Demetrios, besides the fact that Dark Jedi were usually quite unstable and prone to... explosions. "Indeed. I have no use for the ship and as you have certain outstanding qualifications I have no qualms with you keeping the ship after I receive the money. But... the criminal can never be allowed to reach the ship." Oh, Demetrios had qualms with letting a Dark Jedi have anything, but he would not speak them out loud. One never knew how words might be misconstrued.

"Good," said Ryan Korr, and the man promptly walked away, leaving Gavril wondering just where these Dark Jedi came from. They seemed to pop up in the strangest places.

Re: A Sale of Suffer(ing)

Posted: 2012-05-10 19:08
by Ryan Korr
Van Zan strolled up the walkway toward the private hangar, his bare, tattooed arms rippling as he swung them back and forth. He whistled a simple pirate's tune, a grin on his face. He had just made the deal of a lifetime. The Utmost Suffer was his now, and for only five-hundred thousand credits. Why, he knew a few Hutts who would pay double that just to have it in their gallery. Yessiree, he was going to make a nice tidy profit off of this fine vessel.

He stopped directly in front of the ship and crossed his arms, surveying the DR-617 with pride. His smile got a bit larger. It sure looked good. All he had to do now was fly the damn thing off of Firro and nobody would be the wiser. He chuckled to himself. To think, people all around him didn't even know he had a bounty on his head. Federation security these days, what a joke.

"Something funny?" said a dulcet, melodious voice from the shadows.

Van Zan turned toward the shadow, scowling. "Hey, beat it man. Doesn't have anything to do with you, whoever you are."

"Oh, but I think it does." The man emerged from the shadows, clad in black fatigues with a DE-10 strapped to his thigh. The man's green eyes flickered dangerously with a paralyzing stare.

"Who the hell are you?"

The green-eyed man smiled slightly, a patronizing, I-know-something-you-don't smile that made Van Zan's face flush purple and red and his insides bunch up in a tight, angry knot. "Forgive me, I find your type quite amusing."

"My.... type?" Van Zan bit out. "And what... is my type?"

"Why, the type with a bounty on their head of course," replied the green-eyed man in a jovial tone.

Van Zan's eyes widened and his hand went for the blaster tucked behind his shirt. A sharp, jolting pain filled him, and his muscles shuddered and twitched. He couldn't move. The green-eyed man loomed over Van Zan's immobilized form, twirling his DE-10 and stuffing it back into his holster. Van Zan hadn't even seen the man draw.

"Now, the question is.... do I let the Federation incarcerate you? Or do I exact my own justice?" The green-eyed man stroked his chin as if pondering a deep thought. "I think I'll let the Federation have you. You're just dangerous enough that they'll probably put you in carbonite. I hear the brain doesn't do well in carbonite. Does something to the mind, all the nightmares." Ryan's mouth twitched in a half-smile, more of a smirk.

He picked up Van Zan, stun-cuffed him, and began walked him over to the bounty office on Firro. A few minutes later and Ryan Korr was two thousand credits richer. The brooding Dark Jedi returned to the Utmost Suffer, where he found the Lieutenant Gavril watching him with those cold, blue eyes. They were emotionless, those eyes. The flat eyes of someone who saw people as weapons and tools, but not exactly friends. The eyes of a commander who was willing to make the hard choices. Ryan snorted. Even if he cared to, this one had little emotions to toy with, except perhaps his honor. But then... Ryan had no idea what this man Gavril held highest in life. His sabacc face was impervious. Perhaps that was why he'd won the Corsucant Open in the first place.

"Hello again," said Ryan.

"Mmm, yes, I suppose you want the real access codes?"

"I held up my end of the bargain, now... it's your turn," Ryan's eyes flickered dangerously.

"As per the agreement," said Gavril simply, and handed Ryan the access codes.

"Excellent," Ryan moved toward the fighter. He would have to check for ISIS tracking equipment installed in the vessel. Anything examined by them had to have at least one, Ryan was sure. Without even so much as a goodbye to the Lieutenant, Ryan settled himself down in the internal cockpit of the DR-617 and powered up the repulsorlifts. His skill in piloting went so far as to tell him from the smooth handling of the ship that it was an unparalleled vessel. Korr glanced at the camera feeds surrounding his Heads Up Display and saw a virtually three-hundred and sixty degree view, as well as below and above him. He pushed the ship to full power and leapt into the sky, quickly exiting atmosphere and engaging the hyperdrive, disappearing into the depths of space.

Re: A Sale of Suffer(ing) [Closed and Complete]

Posted: 2012-05-10 19:24
by Demetrios Gavril
Gavril watched the ship go with a certain unease. These Dark Jedi, one never could trust them fully. But then, who could one trust fully? Demetrios stared at the credits in his hand. Five-hundred thousand credits. He supposed he should deposit in his bank account immediately. Slowly, the Naval Officer turned from the hangar and went to seek out the nearest Imperial bank. His feet carried him toward the bank and he thought as he walked. What would he do with the money? He had no desire to build a house, or own his own private ship. Something to advance the purposes of the Empire. He would find a use for it, eventually. Plans took time to reach fruition. And he had a great number of plans, but first came the Federation's battles.

He deposited the money in his account, watching the bank teller raise an eyebrow at the amount of credits. Demetrios had made sure the credits were real before allow Van Zan to simply waltz off. Otherwise the whole thing would've been pointless. Five-hundred thousand credits richer, but at the cost of the Utmost Suffer. No real loss. The ship had a bad history, and though Demetrios was not a superstitious man he believed others were. And those others would continue to act on their superstitions, making the curse seem real if only because they kept it alive through their actions. Demetrios wondered if this Ryan Korr fellow would survive long, owning a ship that attracted murders and death like none other. Still, Korr was a Dark Jedi and they weren't exactly common. Only time could tell.