Shakedown for coins (ISIS)

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Shakedown for coins (ISIS)

Post by juni » 2014-03-11 03:28

Two hours after the events of SM Shakedown….

Juni was in one of the conference rooms on board the Observer. It was a spacious room, easily able to fit about twice as many people as were present. Those present included several members of ISIS command, and the surviving ISIS agents from that fateful mission. The mood was dour, and the drinks that had been provided was finished, and the food provided rather hastily devoured. It wasn’t exactly high class fare, but it was free. At least for the surviving agents, it was probably the first break they had, when things took a swing back towards doing stuff.

“Pardon the presentation, as this is my first time. On my way over here, I was given explicit orders by SUCOF to pass along to you. SUCOF believes that might be a mole at the top of ISIS, based on what happened during our mission on the Brimstone. I know the SCO is supposed to be a wizard or something, but the evidence speaks for itself really. What we know is that in what was perhaps the most secure ship in the navy, that a saboteur was able to get on board without raising questions, and then being able to sabotage important parts of the ship also without raising questions. The analysis by OSIRIS concurs with the SCO’s suggestion, but also provides an alternative that the mole was in the research team, as well as the possibility that the saboteur was working alone. I think there are too many theories right now, each of which seems to makes sense, but I don’t feel I’m qualified to make a judgment call on how that happened. Besides, that’s INTORG’s job.”

Juni tapped a button on a tablet, causing the screen projected next to her to flash. “The mission has been deemed a failure. While we managed to acquire a lot of data and bring the Brimstone back, the damage suffered by the Brimstone will result in a delay in the development of Lucky Chocolate. It will take a minimum of several weeks, perhaps months, before another shakedown cruise using the new drive system can even be attempted. Perhaps the EX-F can be modified for it, but that’s classified beyond my security clearance, and is beyond the scope of this briefing.” While she was speaking in a rather somber tone, various slides moved by, showing various related pictures. Not that anyone would second guess Juni’s near complete lack of artistic talent, the slides were prepared for her and/or ‘borrowed’.

“The most pressing concern at the moment is the sabotage that occurred before the confirmed surviving ISIS agents arrived on ship.” Juni pressed a button, activating a holoprojector, while the image on the screen moved to a somewhat default image of the Brimstone. The holoprojector hummed to life, bringing up a three dimensional diagram of the layout of the Brimstone. Parts of the diagram turned red, while other parts were turning orange or yellow. Nearly a fourth of the diagram was glowing one of the three colors. “The red portions correspond to where we know sabotage took place. The orange portions are where we suspect sabotage took place, and the yellow is where there was damage taken that would be consistent with sabotage but there are other likely causes. Given the scale of the sabotage, the SCO’s concerns seem justified even if overbearing. There are several obvious questions, but for now, I am more interested in finding the saboteur. Maybe knowing who he is would allow us to find the mole.” Juni paused for a moment at that.

“Altogether, there were twenty ISIS agents who have been confirmed KIA on the Brimstone. This includes ISIS agents originally placed on the ship and those who were sent as a later addition. This might not be all of the dead, but I’ll get to that in a moment. Several were murdered before the ship entered into combat, while the enemy commandos got most of them. Some we are not sure why they have died at this time.” Juni pressed the button again, causing the large screen beside her to show images of all twenty. The screen was large enough that most of their facial features could be made out. Most of them had been with her at the initial briefing, and so few came back. Juni didn’t like to think about such things, a grave feeling that matched her tone.

“The following agents have been deemed MIA. Several of these are probably dead, with their bodies having been dissolved by Hex. That said, most of them couldn’t not have been affected by that.” The wall of images were replaced with a few others. “The OSIRIS analysis suggests that the saboteur is probably one of them, and that he made his way off the ship. Having cross referenced available system logs and various security records, OSIRIS has flagged the following individuals as being likely involved. On the screen, several of the faces were removed, and a few others appeared on the screen. “The suspects listed from outside of ISIS were various technicians or scientists who had the means and opportunity to do so.”

“There are two other important matters to discuss. First, Pakal Gregory’s codes were used in the sabotage of the first sabotaged maneuvering thruster, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suggest that is the case with the second one, but any information for that was sadly lost. Pakal Gregory is dead, which might have been an accident on part of the commandos, meaning he wasn’t responsible or that they were trying to bury evidence. That appears to have been a wild goose chase, but it suggests that whoever was responsible for the sabotage had been on the ship for some time. This would narrow our candidates down further.” A few of the faces went away, leaving two faces of two ISIS agents.

“The next issue involves a certain Thrakis Gregory. The examination of the security footage by OSIRIS revealed a few interesting images.” The screen scrolled through a few images of Thrakis. Most of the those present giggled, with most of the gals blushing at one of him walking around apparently without pants, without anyone around him seemingly noticing. Crystala seemed to be reminiscing, apparently of some fond memories of Thrakis as far as Juni could tell. Juni was trained for a lot of things, and none of her specialties included reading people by watching them. “It appears that he was on the Brimstone for a few days before the start of the shakedown cruise. Apparently, he has been on the ISIS payroll for over a year now, even after his attempt to assassinate the Emperor on Sarapin.” Juni wasn’t there, and probably shouldn’t have known about that. But a few things did slip from what she was told by SUCOF, things that perhaps weren’t common knowledge. “We don’t know how he got onto the Brimstone, or what all he did on the ship, but OSIRIS suggested he is probably the one responsible for the sudden disappearance of the enemy Bravo team. We do know how he left the Brimstone. “ the screen now flashed to when the prisoners were being evacuated and fresh crew ferried in. Juni hadn’t encountered him before, and hadn’t recognized him then, much less with whatever witchcraft he was using at the time. “Thrakis can be seen here, escorting a prisoner back to Yag’dhul. The prisoner is unaccounted for, and a Lambda Shuttle at the same base vanished under mysterious circumstances not long after. I don’t know what SUCOF’s deal with Thrakis is, but they seem very interested in him. How did Thrakis know about the mission? How did he manage to get on board? What does he know? Is he involved with the enemy? That’s about all I have. Thank you for your time.”

Juni turned and sat down at one of the couches that were setup in a pattern that suggested at an intended purpose of facilitating discussions without appearing overly formal. Juni had gotten another Ruby Biel and some fruit, and happily munched away. This particular one seemed to be one of the couches that would eat things. Knowing she was the lowest ranking person present, she listened, as a few others discussed things.
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Re: Shakedown for coins (ISIS)

Post by Loki Mortist » 2014-05-10 19:40

Loran Mortist sat back in a rather comfy chair, taking measures to not wince or show weakness from his wounds as his hands rested upon a pimp like cane with a gold skull. He had procured it from ISIS stores as soon as he could ditch the crutches from his time spent in Medical.

He had listened to the other ISIS agent's synopsis of events with a bit of trepidation, as he connected the name of Thrakis Gregory to the high priority list of names which had been issued to IntOrg months ago. Upon that list were known affiliates of certain treasonous characters upon which Gregory had been listed as one. It was a damn shame they had missed him on this operation, though it could have been a blessing as well.

Since the inception of ISIS, IntOrg had only one rational option if a high priority member of treason was spotted upon an existing mission that was considered highly dangerous. .. As Gregory was certainly noted to be. In fact, standing orders were to shut down a mission entirely to preserve assets survival and relay back to ISIS command elements that such had been spotted regardless of which area of command insisted upon continuance of said mission. Since it's inception IntOrg had only considered six individuals capable of countermanding those standing orders.

The Vice Director of IntOrg, the Director of IntOrg, The Vice Director of the ISIS, The Director General of the ISIS, who he presumed would be at least listening in today, the Supreme Commanding Officer, and the Emperor himself.

Only those six would have any say to countermand such matters if such an individual was spotted.

It wouldn't matter who else tried to, whether they were a general in IMEXCO, IMHARCO, or any other interested Department head or director. It. Wouldn't. Matter. Without an override from one of those six, the protocol stood. Especially since the protocol had been put in place well before department "0451" had been generated as an idea. Mortist only was briefed on the generalities of that department for the repatriation orders for any of those 'kites' they found. Even if those kites had their own 'card' so to speak, Int Org's was much older. It was a b**** and a half for any IntOrg officer to consider closing down a mission, but the protocol had been in place since ISIS' inception. Lord only knew if Gregory's presence had been known, and there was no way to contact the above six what type of sh**storm would have been generated.

For himself, he was just glad he hadn't come across the traitor. He probably would have been killed.

He waited his turn to raise a hand, painfully levering himself to his feet before reading from his datapad. "As you know, Int Org is currently tracking down the processing orders for the vectors the Infiltrators used to sneak in. Mainly the routes several suspicious containers took. So far, they've been physically linked as passing through bases on Eriadu, meaning the interrogators there are working overtime to find out how those stations were compromised, but we don't expect any viable intel to be turned up aside from what burnable assets the NRI may have used. Hopefully though, we net a few that can point us in the direction of other enemy agents where we can track the chain in the 'spider's web' as it's sometimes called by. It's too soon to tell and I don't expect any valid intel for weeks. That's all I can add to this debriefing at this time."

Loran sat back down again, waiting for the next to take their turn.

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