Every Cyborg has Their Day

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Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Luciana Endivain » 2014-02-10 18:50

"What do you mean they're canceling our contract? They're our sole suppliers for these engines!"

"After, and this is what they claim, a Federation attack against an Incom factory, the New Republic has asked StarLight Engines to fill the production gap. StarLight is more than willing to pay the penalties for breaking the terms and conditions laid down but it would seem they've got their minds set."

Luciana was furious, her hands clenched in fists strong enough to rip through durasteel. It took everything she had to not scream in outrage and put one of them through a wall or the transparisteel viewport, which, on Tralus, wouldn't be as bad as opposed to doing it in her office aboard the Port of Nkllon. Drawing in a deep breath, she turned slowly to look at the woman in her office and forced a smile though she could see the woman was looking quite afraid, probably from the scarlet colour in Luciana's right eye. "Probably a move by the New Republic to cut off pro-Federation businesses from making an honest living," she began, understanding the underlying motives. "They were probably given enough credits to handle the fees that would be levied against them for breaking the contract we had, and then some."

"That would be the likely move," the VP of purchasing nodded, "Which means we'll either have to go out for tender again or go with the second company that submitted a bid."

"As much as I hate the runner-ups' engine specifications, I cannot afford to wait on releasing these Hoplite starfighters any longer. Too many investors are already getting impatient and going out for tender again would shake their confidence that no amount of credits we'd gain from the penalties levied against StarLight will regain." It was a hard decision to make, but Luciana had to make it, knowing it was her responsibility to continue driving the success of her collection of businesses. "Contact Ion Ingines and get something drafted up."

"And if they demand more credits?" the VP gave her a skeptical look.

A sigh escaped and Luciana found her fury fast replaced with a sudden weariness, a reminder that operating with limited sleep was starting to take its toll on her. Maybe I should just stay perpetually angry all the time, she thought for a moment, before dismissing the thought as stupid and pointless. "Use your best judgement," Luciana conceded, "We need engines and we lack the production facilities to manufacture them ourselves, at least for now. Depending on the success of these Hoplites we can look at building everything in-house, but for now, we're at the mercy of our suppliers."

The VP nodded once and, after a brief conversation about personal lives and families, departed Luciana's office, leaving the woman to slump down in her chair and breath a deep sigh, venting her frustrations as best she could. What had seemed like a good idea way back when was turning out to be the most monumental undertaking she never could have envisioned. It was a lot of work which kept her squared away in an office for far too long, so seldom was it that she got to do design work, fly around or attend her mercenaries on assignments for the Federation. Heck, I don't even get to see my sister much any more, she thought sadly as she looked with a longing blue gaze at a holo on her desk that displayed a couple month old holo of her and Crystala posing, the two of them smiling. She had joked that the holo's value would be priceless since many assumed her elder sister was always serious and seldom found reason to be happy. It wasn't true of course, but maybe that was more due to their sisterly bond than anything.

Drawing in another deep breath, Luciana reached over to a desk drawer, pulling it open and revealing a small stash of candy bars she had kept stored away to snack on. Lately she was feeling a lot more peckish, but then again, who wouldn't what with the numerous contract negotiations that were being thrown at her. "Maybe I should stop taking such a personal stake in everything," Luciana thought, knowing how difficult it was to be everywhere at once. As she unwrapped the candy bar, she paused to look at her right arm as she usually did whenever the idea of robotics came up. I wonder how much a human replica droid goes for?

'One of you is more than enough in the galaxy,' a familiar voice suddenly scolded in Luciana's mind, startling her. Suddenly appearing through the wall, a trick Crystala seemed particularly fond of showing off much to her jealousy, her sister slowly approached the desk with a warm smile. "And before you ask, no, I won't have a clone of you grown either."

Luciana smiled back, already partway through the first bite of the candy. Swallowing the bite, she laughed once. "Come on sis, think of how much more of a challenge two or even three of me could give you!"

Shaking her head, Crystala looked down briefly and said in quiet confession, "You're a challenge enough and one I have yet to master." It was hard to tell how Luciana was to take that simple yet complex statement, ironic given the fact she knew how much her sister despised riddles and puzzles, which was all the more ironic given her position in Federation Intelligence. Life was full of ironies it seemed. "Plus, I don't think you could handle more of you. You'd be fighting each other over everything."

Coming around the desk, Crystala reached out and embraced her. "I haven't heard from you for a while so I figured I should check in on you, make sure you're not some disembodied brain in a jar or something." Though she meant it as a joke, Luciana could tell there was a note of serious concern that the possibility wasn't beyond the realm of impossibility. Truth be told, Luciana had heard about the B'omarr Monks who, once they achieved their "enlightenment", would have their brains placed in jars. The very idea disgusted Luciana because what good would she do anyone by being reduced to a brain half-submerged in nutrient fluid?

"Been busy," Luciana began, letting the comment slide as her sister pulled back. "Between trying to get my line of civilian and militia starfightrs to the hands of my investors, keeping Nkllon growing, expanding my mining operations elsewhere and furthering the design and development of weapons, armour and ships, I haven't found much time to come and visit." She looked away, a little ashamed to have just confessed that she couldn't make time to spend with the only family she had now.

Crystala didn't seem too bothered by it, perhaps having been busy herself as she smiled with her yellow eyes. "Don't worry about it. I can't expect you to come visit me all the time you know." It was perhaps now that Luciana was finally noticing something as she looked at her sister now that the surprise was gone, and the bemused look she had on was a little off putting. "What?"

"What in the Core are you wearing?" Truth be told, Luciana had seen her sister wear some strange outfits, the kimonos and robes she frequented were perhaps the most bizarre- though a good look- but seeing her sister in a skin tight body suit with black, knee high boots with white fir trim along with a matching leather jacket with the same fur trim on the collar, it was a very strange get up, similar to the freelance fighter jocks Luciana used to encounter, back when she too used to just be a freelance pilot. She missed those days, strangely enough.

Her eyes reddened a little and Crystala's shoulders raised up a bit. "Trying a new look?" The way she phrased that left little room for Luciana to believe the statement.

"It's a good look on you," she said, hoping Crystala would actually believe her and not think she was trying to humour her sudden brush with fashion. "Kinda remind me of those spies on those action holos." She would have said a fighter pilot, but she knew that Crystala was a far cry from being a pilot. "If it were grey, we could really look like sisters. I've got my old jumpsuit and it doesn't look too different from what you have on."

The sudden smile on Crystala's face was surprising. "Why don't you put it on and we can go for a flight together?" she asked which surprised her even more. "That is, if you have time right now." Obviously Crystala knew Luciana had time, her secretary always willing to divulge Luciana's schedule whenever she called.

"Sure," she began, sounding as unsure as she got to her feet, giving her sister a skeptical look. "But, when did you start flying?"

That's when Crystala's smile turned into a sheepish grin that seemed to confess that she actually hadn't started. "Right now. Besides, what better way to spend your birthday than to get out and actually enjoy it?"
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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2014-02-11 13:13

Luciana had completely forgotten what today was and it didn't help that, for her last birthday, she had actually been on an operating table for it and the birthday before that come to think of it. Before that she had more or less forgotten all about it, being so busy with studies and the flight academy, the loss of her family. "How, how did you know it was my birthday today?" Luciana asked as she glanced out the canopy over at the Arrow starfighter she had loaned her sister to use. Normally she'd have started with a simulator, but Crystala had the basics of piloting down so why start with something so boring?

"You probably think I had someone pull that information for me huh?" came the reply over the comm, followed by a laugh.

"Well, you are the most well informed woman in the galaxy are you not?" That got another laugh.

"Actually, to be honest, I always felt deep down that this particular day held some sort of significance for the longest time but I could never remember what it was. When we met again, I kept getting these feelings and they felt reinforced, stronger, but I still couldn't quite place it and then, three weeks ago, it hit me. I had to verify with my sources to make sure what I was feeling wasn't some other Force premonition warning me about something every year though..."

"I see..." Luciana began, unsure if she was willing to buy into that or not. "So, when's your birthday?"

More laughter filled the comm and it was worrying to hear her sister laugh so much. "We're here to celebrate your special day, not inquire about mine or anything else about me." Suddenly Crystala's fighter pitched up and then back down before leveling out. "Woah... Okay, don't laugh when flying."

Now it was Luciana's turn to laugh. This was a whole other side of her sister she was seeing, a side that was having the hardest time doing something Luciana took for granted as she eased her StarViper back in line with the Arrow fighter. "Relax sis. Just loosen your grip on the control stick and relax a little."

"You're probably enjoying this aren't you?" she asked, alredy knowing the answer.

"It's funny," Luciana admitted, "But you're not doing as poorly as I thought you would."

"Oh rest assured, there's still plenty of time for me to crash your fighter."

"Why do you think I let you fly the prototype?" They both laughed and as the lush terrain of Tralus flew past beneath them, they spent the time catching up, which was broken up every now and then by the odd flight instruction by Luciana who would run her sister through some simple flight exercises from banks and turns to pitches, rolls, yaws and even a few more complex ones like the immelmann. She caught on, mostly, though there were a couple times where she kept overcompensating but she got the hang of it, though Luciana couldn't be entirely sure if her elder sister had been using the Force to give her vessel an extra hand. Despite being in such a nimble craft, she was making the maneuvers look quite loose and clumsy but that was more due to the idea that Luciana was comparing her sister to a trained New Republic rookie pilot.

"I can see why you enjoy flying so much though," Crystala said as she pulled her craft back into a shallow climb, aiming for the clouds above. "It is relaxing in its own way." Granted, she still preferred other means of relaxation but this was a welcome distraction for once.

"It is," she agreed, easing her StarViper to follow after. "And I miss it too. The thrill of combat, weaving and darting around in space, between the various capships spitting turbolasers out all around." A gentle sigh escaped. She missed it a lot more than she was letting on, Crystala could tell.

"Sounds like both our lives had taken unexpected turns then." She paused, debating on whether or not to reveal the next part. If I don't say anything now, Moira will. The thought of the fallout from that made her shudder. "Did I tell you I'm now stuck looking after a pair of teenagers?"

The two fighters broke through the tops of the clouds, thin contrails trailing behind the wing tips of both fighters. Luciana laughed though when she spoke she nearly choked in shock. "Wait, you have kids?!?"

Crystala scowled. "By the stars, no! And after dealing with these two, I hope I never will!" There was a long story behind this and it went back to the whole crisis Kyp had talked about when his kids were kidnapped. It seemed the group responsible had also indoctrinated others, forcing them to be their agents and now that they were dealt with, the aftermath was now settling out and it seemed Crystala had been picked to look after a pair of them. She recounted the story as best she could, purposely omitting the part about where Kyp's kids had been kidnapped though Luciana was sharp enough to tie the version she had gotten from her late lover to her sister's version. "Still waiting on the foster group to come back and take them off me though I might have to start taking matters into my own hands if this keeps up."

"So I take it sheltered kids raised to be assassins now free to live a normal life are not something you're well versed in handling?" she asked mockingly.

"Just remove everything but 'kids' from that statement and you'd be right. But yes, the fact they've been raised to be assassins makes it all the more difficult because they're very adept at hiding and causing no end of trouble." Crystala shook her head and glanced out the canopy back to look at her sister's StarViprer, marveling for a moment at the design of the vessel.

"Well, if you ever need a babysitter," Luciana began, not really meaning it but figuring she owed Crystala some obligation to make the offer. Crystala saw through it but humoured her all the same.

"Thanks, though I'm sure you're busier than I am and I don't think you'd want to have to handle these two."

She laughed once. "I'm sure I could maintain control with an iron fist." The not-so-subtle symbolism wasn't lost on Crystala and she laughed as well.

The pair set a course for Rellidir and as they approached the city, Luciana requested the necessary landing clearance and, upon receiving it, thanked her sister for the wonderful time. "You'll have to practice some more sis, then maybe we could do some practice dogfighting."

Crystala smirked. "Sounds like it'd be a pretty one sided fight."

That got a smirk back in response. "Funny, that's how I feel whenever we spar."
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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Luciana Endivain » 2014-02-12 00:02

If Crystala's plan was to overexpose herself so that Luciana would want to be left alone for months, it seemed to be having the opposite effect as the two of them walked around Rellidir, peeking into various stores, Luciana pointing out some of the various attractions of her third adopted home, her second being Corellia and her first being a total mystery to the both of them as they had no idea where they were born.

As Luciana lead them to a restaurant she knew about, her mind turned to the subject of their heritage. "Do you ever wonder about that, about where we're from or about our parents?"

Crystala looked up to the slowly darkening sky, the sun creeping closer to the horizon as the bright points of Corellia and Drall shone, the half forms of Talus and Centerpoint Station in clear view now. "I do," she admitted softly, her eyes fading to a light blue, "But even from my position I cannot find a single shred of information that can help."

"This might help," Luicana unclasped the locket she wore around her neck. "Maybe you could run facial recognition on our parents faces." She offered it to Crystala who looked at it for a moment before shaking her head and pushing it back to Luciana. Puzzled, she was about to ask why when Crystala answered.

"I already tried that, I took a holo when you first showed it to me but so far my search has turned up no matches." Sensing the next thought on her sister's mind, Crystala gave her a sad, defeated look. "Our network isn't as far reaching as you might think and there's nothing in the old Imperial archives either, though if there's anything in the Emperor's Palace, we've yet to access it, for obvious reasons."

Sighing, Luciana felt torn. She didn't want to accept that as an answer, she wanted to learn about their past, what caused them to be separated, why their parents were still gone. "We can't give up," she persisted.

With deep blue eyes, Crystala said, "I haven't given up but I can't proceed without something else to go on. I don't know what that something is but it's like any investigation, if the trail goes cold, we have to shelf it until we find a new lead." She rested a hand on her sister's shoulder, providing some measure of comfort against the thoughts that troubled her. She had enough on her mind already without having to go digging back into her unknown past again.

Reaching the restaurant, Luciana stepped in first, picking herself back up as she smiled cheerfully at the server who greeted her. "Hello Miss Endivain. Your usual table?"

"Please. And for two. My sister's in town." She gestured to Crystala.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Endivain," the serving droid gave a slight bow before straightening back up and grabbing to menu pads. "If you'd come this way."

It was a rustic looking place, wooden booths lined the walls while the middle of the room had round tables with cushioned chairs dotted about. The tables were all laqured to a high glossy finish and the lighting, while not dim, wasn't particularly bright either as lamps with stained glass covers hung above each table and booth. The dark wall panels only made the place look even darker than it was. In all, it was a nice place and Crystala found herself liking it a lot already. Sliding onto the booth bench across from her sister, she glanced at the menu pad briefly.

"Drinks for either of you?"

"A bottle of San Grassino," Luciana replied, implying she intended to share it. The droid bowed and left. "Hope you don't mind wine," she said as though just remembering Crystala was there.

"I don't know what's good here so I'll trust your judgement."

Picking up the menu pad, Luciana started pointing out the various entrees and meals that she had tried so far. It was evident by the way she went into detail about each one that she had eaten here quite often. Unfortunately, when it turned out she liked most everything on the menu, it became difficult for Crystala to figure out what to get since it all sounded good. In the end, she went with an imported seafood dish while Luciana went with the stuffed mushroom appetizer and herb roasted speckleduck.

"The other nice thing here is that they serve fairly generous portions," she added happily, "Though I doubt you run into that problem where you work."

It was true, portion size wasn't really an issue aboard an NIF warship, but it wasn't all seafood, fillet bantha and other delicacies that she could hardly even fathom. "Sure, if you don't mind nutrient paste." Seeing Luciana blanch at that thought was funny. Life aboard a warship was quite different as they discussed at length the contrast between civilian life and military life.

"Though it sounds like what your workers eat is pretty comparable then," Crystala mused before taking a sip of wine. It was a good wine, she had to admit, though she was more partial to red wine than white.

"The only difference is that nutrient paste is only found in survival kits and in the lunch kits of the criminally insane," Luciana countered, not wanting to necessarily compare the chefs working for her to the ones in the NIF since she liked to think hers cost a great deal more. Before she could add more to that, the stuffed mushrooms arrived, the tops of a grey mushroom stuffed with some sort of cheese and vegetable blend that smelled about good as it looked, which was to say not very though Luciana seemed excited. "Here, try one," she urged.

Crystala looked at it and could almost feel her appetite vanish. The smell alone was making her stomach twist itself in ways that not even the stench of decay and death could. Hesitating, she took another sip of wine, wishing she hadn't used the Force to neutralize the alcohol all this time. Her sister persisted, perhaps more driven by her unease at the idea of eating it. Slowly picking it up, she took a quick bite, half expecting to throw up and spit the stuff out. To her surprise, it actually tasted amazing, the fowl smell vanishing altogether it seemed.

Laughing, Luciana said happily, "Tastes better than it smells, I know." Eating into another one, she savored the complex flavors for a long while. The mushrooms were barely finished when the main course arrived and Crystala could see that her sister wasn't kidding about portion sizes as a massive plate easily the same diameter as an R2 astromech's head was placed down heaping with all manner of seafoods from around the galaxy. In front of Luciana, a dish the same size was loaded with a combination of rice, vegetables and several speckleduck breasts covered in a combination of herbs. "I think you'll have to visit more often," Luciana added half-jokingly just before digging in.

"I have no idea how I'm going to finish all this," Crystala sighed under her breath as she tried to figure out the best approach to this gargantuan task ahead of her. She decided to try a bit of everything first and quickly marveled at the various different types of seafood served. They were all so flavorful and tasty that it became a real effort to stop when her stomach started threatening to burst from it all. She was still left with almost half a plate worth in the end while Luciana was making steady progress. "You got a molecular furnace in there or something?" she quipped teasingly.

Swallowing her current bite, Luciana glared back in return. "You just won't give that a rest will you?" Looks like a nerve was struck again, forcing Crystala to backtrack.

"I mean it's good to see you with a healthy appetite, but I'm probably going to be working this off for the next week." She let out a breath, already imagining a couple extended fitness routines and hoping she could bug Master Wesiri for a sparring session since that always gave her a decent workout. "How do you find time to stay in shape?"

Luciana paused suddenly. "Um..." she began, looking unsure of the answer herself. "Aside from practicing my swordplay and some late evening walks. I guess I get most my workout while traveling and working. Plus, I end up eating pretty lightly most days anyways. This is actually the first real meal I've had in weeks that isn't instant freeze dried or nutrient paste."

With a disproving look, Crystala quietly scolded her younger sibling. "That's not very healthy."

"I know. I just don't find the time any more to actually make something decent." Eating a little more slowly now, it almost seemed like she lost her appetite. "There's just so much going on right now, nevermind the stuff with my company, and after hearing Kane's speech, I feel as though I need to try even harder for the Federation."

"Of all people," Crystala began, rolling her eyes, "I'd have thought you'd have at least been able to see that you're not exactly the person he had targeted his speech towards." Though she said that, Crystala also knew that Kane was addressing every single person in the Federation which seemed to have a desired effect overall. Still, surely Luciana had to realize she was contributing far more to the Federation's success than any average civilian. Perhaps her hatred of the New Republic was more deeply rooted than Crystala had first imagined, and why not, they were the reason behind her injuries. With a gentle smile, she said, "I'm sure if the Emperor were here, he'd consider you a model citizen."

Luciana's eye reddened a little along with her cheeks, not having expected such praise. The rest of the meal was passed and, with a clean plate on Luciana's end, an empty bottle of wine and two slices of rich chocolate cake- which Crystala struggled, and subsequently regretted the eating of her share- the bill was quickly snatched up by the blue haired woman despite Luciana looking ready to pounce on it as she spied the server droid approach. "Sis, you needn't treat me just because it's my birthday."

"What sort of sister would I be if I had the birthday girl pay for both her own and my meal?" Fishing out a credstick, she handed it to the droid. "Keep the change," she added. It nodded and bid them to enjoy the rest of the evening. "Sounds like good advice, don't you think?"

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Re: FanService Post!

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2014-02-12 13:09

Walking down the various streets, Luciana toured Crystala around the city of Rellidir, or at least a very small part of it around the spaceport which was immense in of itself. Numerous stores and boutiques lined the area though, much to Crystala's surprise, Luciana was content with window shopping. The evening air was warm, the late spring weather nice and mild, the fresh air a nice change from the constant recirculated and scrubbed air she was more used to on the Observer. Now she understood why the doctors always advised to take shore leave whenever the chance came up.

"Oh, we should stop in here," Luciana suddenly stopped and gestured to a particular shop. Looking over, Crystala frowned.

"Why would you want to stop in there? I thought you were self-conscious about your cybernetics?" In the windows, several holomodels were striking various alluring poses of swimwear and just beyond the flashy holos were racks upon racks of bathing suits that ran the whole range of styles, from simple beach attire all the way to thin straps that looked like they belonged more in the red light district than a beach.

"Not for me, silly, for you." Tugging playfully on her sisters arm, Luciana's strength easily gave Crystala a good struggle to resist. "Come on, I know a beach we have to travel to one of these days, it'd be fun!"

Remaining reluctant, Crystala continued to resist her sister's pull though she could tell she was losing ground. Relenting, mostly to avoid causing a scene, she allowed herself to follow her eager sister into the swimwear boutique. Luciana disappeared quickly into the store, her keen eyes having already spotted something while Crystala stood at the entrance way, her eyes bombarded by the sheer magnitude of choice she was confronted with, the colours, patterns and designs, it was enough to blind most people.

Walking in, rubbing her right arm uncomfortably, she quickly found Luciana who was mulling over a blue floral pattern bikini as though appraising it like a master artisan. "You've been hanging out with that Zeltron woman a fair bit haven't you?" Crystala asked when she overheard Luciana muttering to herself which colour would look best.

"Diri?" She turned to face her sister, holding the hanger with the bikini top up against Crystala's chest. "Not as often as we once did." Tilting her head, she nodded approvingly, perusing the hanger closer against Crystala who took hold of it as though it were a snapping eel. "I guess I picked up her sense of shopping."

Breathing out a sigh, Crystala added, "And her taste in fashion it would seem." Luciana was either too preoccupied with looking for another swimsuit or purposely ignored the remark. "You can't honestly expect me to wear this?"

"What's wrong with showing some skin?" she countered, rummaging through another rack.

"There's a difference between 'some' and 'nearly all'."

Luciana looked back at her sister with a wide grin, a very bright yellow colour in her eye as she said teasingly, "And if Diri were here, she'd say 'you're still covering too much if you're still only nearly there'."

Because they often spent so much time apart and the times they did see one another was usually spent talking about work or on training, Crystala had little clue about most of the people Luciana associated with or called friend. She knew a thing or two about Zeltrons, and clearly the one she associated with on probably a more regular basis than with Crystala was being a bad influence on her. Unfortunately, she was about a decade too late to play the role of big sis. Still, she seems to be enjoying herself... Sighing, she only hoped Luciana still retained her sense of restraint and didn't try having her try on every single thing.

As luck would have it, there were only a handful of swimsuits Luciana picked out, most of them blue, "Because they compliment your hair."

Walking out of the change room in the first bikini Luciana had picked, Crystala couldn't have felt any more uneasy if she had just strode down the halls of the Nemesis in it. Oddly enough, it was a lot easier to do this when not in the presence of family, friends or fellow military personnel since she had dressed up once before on a mission and felt a lot less reserved about it than she did now. Maybe because it was Luciana's scrutinizing gaze that made her feel so uncomfortable, nevermind the appraising look from the shopkeep who, of all the luck, happened to be a pink skinned Zeltron. This is not going to end well.

"I looks quite good on her," the shopkeep smiled cheerfully. "But I must say, I absolutely love the blue hair! What sort of dye do you use?" Her own hair was a bright shade of aqua, almost neon in colour which seemed to glow in the light so why the alien would be so interested in "dulling" her hair down to a more darker shade of blue was a complete mystery to Crystala who folded her arms across her chest and waited for Luciana's take.

"I agree though," a slight mischievous grin started to appear. "I think you need to sell it more sis."

Closing her eyes in an effort to restrain her anger at the remark, Crystala hissed, "I think I'm selling it enough, don't you?"

As though struck by a thought, the shopkeep darted off quickly before returning a moment later with a large orange flower. "Here we go!" she began, approaching Crystala and affixing the fake flower in her hair. "Need a contrasting colour and... Perfect!"

"So we're good then? I can change back?" Perhaps she sounded a little overeager but whatever the case, Luciana wasn't about to let her off the hook that easily.

"I think you should try the others too, just so we can be sure." She laughed when Crystala scowled.

Looking over at the rack, Crystala saw a simple red bikini and grabbed it, thrusting it in Luciana's direction suddenly. "Then I think you should try this one on." There was a saying, 'misery loves company' and right now, Crystala wasn't going to be the only one trying on these outrageous outfits. Granted, the shopkeep was already walking around in a one-piece swimsuit that was a shade of pink that almost matched her skin colour but she didn't really count.

As though coming to Luciana's rescue, the storekeep shook her head. "No, red doesn't really speak to her. Actually, that one might look good on you!" The two women giggled as Crystala groaned at her backfiring plan. "But, I think I have something else you'd be interested in," she began, turning towards Luciana. "You'd actually be perfect for it because it seems to be the latest fashion too."

"Oh?" Luciana began, looking a little intrigued and clearly not above trying on something herself, which was mildly reassuring to Crystala that they hadn't come here just to embarrass her.

"Yep. Some big underworld fashion movement. Cybernetics are becoming all the rage, don't understand it myself, why would you blemish you're perfectly good look so willingly?" Clearly she had the same off-track mind as the rest of her kind, Crystala noted. "But you might like this. Come with me."

They disappeared, leaving Crystala to think she had gotten away without having to try any more on but Luciana reappeared a moment later, asking her to try on another. I'm going to wipe her mind of this ever happening, Crystala thought, seeing that Luciana was having way too much fun now.

Having tried on a couple more, having found some confidence since Luciana and the shopkeep where no where to watch, Crystala reemerged, wondering what was taking the two of them so long. She could still feel their presence in the Force and she didn't detect any danger so her first thought that they had just walked into a trap was tossed out. A shame too because she'd love nothing more than to destroy this place in a furious battle and firestorm. "Okay, what are you doing, trying on the whole store?" she asked as she followed the path Luciana had taken.

"No, just... not sure if I want you to see this one," Luciana said from the other side of a change room door. The shopkeep was also outside, coaxing Luciana to come out too. Crystala smiled at the irony.

"Oh, so you have no problem making me flaunt around but you won't?"

"It's... not that." Her tone had changed completely to what it had been. "I... just don't think you'd want to see this."

"You forced me into this so this seems only fair. Come on out."

Luciana seemed determined to not come out, despite knowing that Crystala could probably just use the Force to see past the solid door that divided them. Of course, the shopkeep wanted to see too and Crystala was more than willing to oblige her as she focused on the door handle and lock, the Force unlocking and then unlatching the door before a quick shove threw it wide open. Luciana squealed in horror, rage and fury.

She wasn't nude, that much Crystala was sure of, but now she understood her reluctance. "That's the latest fashion trend?" she asked the storekeep with a distasteful look. "Metal bikinis?"

The Zeltron beamed. "Yeah, isn't it wizard? It really matches her arm don't you think?"

"It is a very... baroque," Crystala nodded, adding, "If I didn't know any better, I'd have said she designed it herself." It had an uncanny similarity to her arm and, oddly enough, it actually looked good on her, though Crystala could imagine it'd look good on anyone with a similar figure, so long as they didn't mind the strange metalmer fabric used. "It makes her look even more like a cyborg though."

Feeling comfortable that she didn't receive the outrage she had been fearing, Luciana relaxed a little. "That's what I was afraid of," she confessed.

Crystala smiled warmly. "But there's a difference between an outfit and actual cybernetics." If Luciana liked the look, or cared about keeping up with fashion trends- which seemed unlikely, but then again she doubted she knew everything about her sister to begin with- than why deny her that? She smiled, relieved that her fears of further rejection by her sister hadn't come to pass. "Anyways... Please tell me we're about done here."

Luciana's playful grin returned. "Not until we settle which one we should get you." Winking at the storekeep, she added, "I think I need to see her in the first one again."

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day (CLOSED)

Post by Luciana Endivain » 2014-02-12 13:12

"We really need to do this more often," Luciana said, leaning against Crystala affectionately. "Feels like the first time we've actually just been able to hang out and just do..."

"Nothing?" Crystala finished with a grin.

"No, not 'nothing'. I mean, we didn't do much of anything, save a bit of shopping since dinner, and a lot of walking- you think you've walked that seafood off yet?"

"I hope so." If nothing else, Crystala's stomach didn't feel like it wanted to explode like the first Death Star did. The pair approached the spaceport and walked towards the doors they had parked their vessels past. Crystala suddenly tugged on Luciana and started to lead her to a set of doors off to another platform.

"Cryssie, you drunk or something? You had it right the first time."

Crystala ignored the remark and instead said, "Trust me, I know where I'm going. Anyways, it's been a long while since I've given you a gift. I wish I could remember the presents I gave you when we were younger but I suppose you could say I owe you for all the lost time."

Shaking her head, Luciana said, "Oh stop. You don't owe me anything. Just to know that I have a sister is enough for me."

"Yeah, but I think that was your present last year. This year I wanted to get you something a little more tangible." Leading her out onto the platform, she gestured to the B-Wing she had purchased earlier sitting on the platform. "I heard you like New Republic fighters, and you also have a knack for tinkering with things so I figured..." She trailed off as she looked at Luciana's expression change to one overwhelmed with joy as the tears started to form.

"I..." she began, at a complete loss for words as her eyes scanned over the snubfighter sitting there. "Sis, I... It's..." Closing the gap, she threw her arms around Crystala and hugged her tightly.

A little too tightly. "Lucie. You're crushing my back." The grip loosened enough for her to breathe again and return the gesture without worrying about needing a medevac back to the Observer, Luciana sometimes not knowing the limits of her artificially enhanced strength. "Sorry about the damage. It's a bit used but-"

"It's perfect!" Luciana said, looking up at it from over her Crystala's shoulder. "How did you know? Where did you get it?"

Shrugging like it was no big deal, she answered, "Firro station. And you remember that sparring session where you went on at length about it, how you wanted to buy one for yourself to tinker with? Well, this saves you the step of buying it."

"That it does. Oh Sis, thank-you so much!" She tightened her grip just a little but Crystala endured it this time.

Smiling with yellow eyes, she squeezed back as hard as she could, which paled in comparison to how she felt like she was being hugged by a Wampa. "You're very wel-" She stopped suddenly as a flash of darkness washed through her mind. Crystala released her grip suddenly, Luciana doing likewise as she looked at Crystala, fearful of something though having failed to sense any impending danger herself.

"What is it?" Luciana asked, looking around, her cybernetic eye scanning the sky and outlying areas around the spaceport. "What's going on?"

Crystala tried to get a sense of where the danger was coming from. Unfortunately, just as sudden as the sensation appeared, it had vanished, leaving her preplexed and cautious. "I... I'm not sure." She closed her eyes and stretched her senses out with the Force. All she felt was the normal lives of people at the space port, from passengers boarding a shuttle bound for Corellia to dock hands loading luggage. Nothing seemed amiss and it now seemed as though the Force had freaked out for a moment, like a glitch in a computer program. She knew it was hardly the case, that the Force was trying to tell her something, but whatever that something was, she was either too slow or inexperienced to pick up on the message. Whatever it was, it had been watching them, scanning them with the Force if she were to guess because the sensation was akin to that like the feeling when someone was watching you. "Someone was watching us. You didn't feel anything?"

Hanging her head down, ashamed because she felt so useless being unable to help, Luciana said, "No. Nothing. Not even that feeling I get when danger is imminent."

Whoever was behind it seemed to be well and truly gone now, any presence they had completely masked but, searching herself, she tried to focus on what the Force had tried to tell her. She was right about the being watched part, but she couldn't tell from where or by whom, she only got the feeling of surprise and astonishment. Something had startled the person observing them, but what? Looking around, she doubted the B-Wing would much frighten anyone. No, something else about the three of them had surprised their unseen observer.


Slowly turning her head to look back at Luciana, Crystala focused her senses on her sister. "By the stars," she gasped. There, within her sister resonated the distinct presence of life. "How long were you going to keep this a secret?" Crystala asked, her eyes a red starburst in a blue sea.

Luciana looked around and then back at her sister, dazed and baffled. "Keep what a secret? What? What's going on?" Searching Luciana's feelings revealed she really was confused and had no idea to what Crystala was referring to, her concerns more on the first problem, which Crystala hadn't forgotten about but instead put it as a higher risk now in light of what she felt from within Luciana.

Blinking once, she gaze her sister a puzzled look, wondering why she hadn't been told of this sooner. "Luciana, are you... pregnant?"

"What?" she asked, sounding both astonished and hurt at the accusation. Everything was happening at once and so quickly, she struggled to comprehend everything flooding into her head, especially as her feelings started to come into the mix, memories of Kyp further compounding everything. "I..." She never got the chance to finish before she blacked out, her body caught by a fast acting sister who was now feeling just as confused as her.

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day (CLOSED)

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2014-02-12 13:16

"She going to be okay doctor?"

In the small medical bay at the space port, Crystala stood on one side of the examining table while a twi'leki doctor stood opposite while a medical droid finished its scans and was sending the results to a datapad. He looked it over and nodded slowly. "She's just exhausted. Not getting enough sleep from what I can tell." He shook his head, adding, "People who install cybernetic implants really need to warn people that they need to make sure they get proper rest. They're not meant to allow them to work longer, quite the contrary, it takes more energy to maintain a healthy energy level."

Crystala let out a breath, both relieved and wishing her sister were awake to hear that. "I've tried, believe me."

"Well try harder then." His lekku twitched once in annoyance, his sour expression showing a distinct lack of knowledge as to whom he was conversing with. "Especially now. She's about three months in and if she doesn't start taking better care of herself, she'll put her child at serious rosk." Glancing at the sleeping woman, he raised his shoulders. "Anyways, she's not in any immediate danger now. Let her get some rest and she should be fine."

Nodding, she left the room along with the doctor and the medical droid and immediately got to wondering who. The answer took all of an instant to process and Crystala found herself wondering what the appropriate reaction should be in this case. I bet he'd be giving me that same lopsided smile if he were standing here right now, she sighed, remembering her former student and his usual reaction to difficult situations. One thing was certain, it was a hell of a way to end a birthday as Crystala sat down on a chair and stared out a window at the night sky above the city, seeing the crescent shape of Talus in the distance and Corellia shining brightly.

Taking a deep breath, she leaned back on the chair and gathered her thoughts. Her sister was now pregnant a shocker to be sure- more so because she wasn't even aware of the fact- but that fact now took a backseat to the more pressing concern: the sensation she though the Force moments before the discovery. Who or what was watching them? Crystala had a ton of enemies sure, and Luciana likewise, but Crystala thought she was the only one Luke Skywalker's Jedi would personally hold a grudge against. If they were targeting her sister in order to get to her, either Luke was getting desperate or a faction within his order was acting of their own volition.

Unlikely at best, Crystala thought, knowing that they'd sooner go after her in attempt to retrieve the Solo children, not that Crystala had all that much to do with it any more. Not that they'd necessarily know that. Still, it didn't fell like the usual Jedi modus operendai, they spied sure, but the sense she got, it felt dark, like that of a Sith.

Ryan's far too inexperienced. Syren then? No, she's got bigger things at stake than to waste time on Luciana and I. Master Wesiri wouldn't stoop to such a level and would sooner use his own agents to get him information. Same with Emperor Kane. Going down the list, there were only a couple of possibilities left but they too were quickly ruled out. Thrakis would believe he could safely approach and wouldn't need to resort to spying on me from a distance. Thessalia... She paused on that name. The motive was there, potentially, given the reaction she felt, but it didn't make sense. Pulling out her secure comlink, she connected to the one group who would know.

"Hello ma'am, how can I help you?" the voice of Inquisitor Vahl began with all the calm repose expected of someone in her position.

"Need a location check on Tetra." Every Dark Jedi in the Omega Order was assigned a designation in the hands of the Inquisition.

"Hmm... Please hold one moment." There was a pause as Vahl placed another call elsewhere. "Sorry about the wait. Tetra is with Serria at the first flagpole currently."

First fleet is a long way from Corellia, far too soon for them have returned if that was her. On the one hand, it meant she could rule out that possibility, but on the other hand, it meant her list of suspects was now crossing back into unknown territories. "Thank-you." Closing the comm, she thought about the next possibility.

The Commissariat. While likely, Crystala was almost certain that they did not have any Force users in their number. They once had the Emperor's protection, but now they seemed to be disowned by the Emperor, at least so far as she could tell. They were still fighting and operating which meant the Emperor was perhaps still silently supporting them while not telling her nor the army to stop their operations against the shadowy group. Whatever his game was in that regard, Crystala had yet to figure out but that wasn't her concern right now.

If not anyone from the above groups, that left her looking outside the norm. If there was a powerful Dark Jedi or Sith roaming the galaxy not affiliated with the Omega Order or Luke's Jedi, he or she had yet to show up on anyone's sensors. Resting her arms on her lap, she hung her head down and opened herself up to the Force. 'Show yourself.' Her mental projection didn't get a response, no even so much as a taunting whisper. She felt for Luciana's presence and could tell she was well and truly out, in a deep sleep now that her body and mind forced her to.

Then Crystala felt it, a slight shift somewhere not far away like a rustling of leaves by the wind, only there wasn't supposed to be any wind. 'Got you!' she thought, focusing on where she felt the presence. It had come from somewhere outside. Darting to her feet, she spang out the door of the medical bay and, as though carried by some unseen wind, flew through the spaceport and out the main doors in a matter of seconds. A robed figure stood across the road, a hooded head looking across at her, it's face hidden beneath the shadow cast by the hood it wore. "Who are you and what do you want?" Crystala demanded, raising her hands expecting the answer to be a fight.

Instead, she figure shook its head, perhaps indicating it wasn't here to start something. Instead, it pointed at her, and then to the spaceport behind her. Then, in a soft hiss, it said, "Protect."

Glancing back at the spaceport, Crystala narrowed her red eyes. "Protect? Protect the spaceport? From what?" Looking back over at the robed figure, she saw it pointing up into the sky high above. Looking up, she saw the night sky, the shape of Talus little more than a thin sliver of a crescent while Corellia still appeared bright in the night sky, as did Centerpoint station and Drall. "Centerpoint? Corellia?" She looked back down, confused. Why did people insist on speaking in riddles? Was it so hard to just say what? Suddenly the area began to redden, like someone had turned on a giant red spotlight. Looking up, she saw the planets in the Corellian system still aligned but now they were starting to take on the distinct appearance of a face, the crescent shape of Talus growing black fangs as the other, more whole worlds developed dark slits like the pupils of a cat. Everything was glowing red and Crystala could feel the bizarre face staring right down at her. A deep rumbling sound started to reverberate through the air.

"What the hell is that?" she yelled, looking back where the robed figure was standing. It now had its other hand up and was starting to wave strange patterns in the air, the same voice hissing in a bizarre tongue that sounded familiar but she couldn't quite place her finger on. Looking back up, she saw that the eerie face was now descending upon them, the fanged mouth opening wide as though it intended to swallow Tralus whole. Down it came, Crystala feeling no other option but to run and try to make good on the words the cloaked figure beckoned earlier, though her mind struggled to fathom how she could possibly protect anyone from a massive maw the size of a planet that was about to crash down on them. "Lucie!" she yelled.

Sitting up straight, Crystala looked around frantically, her eyes bone while, her skin pale, her pulse racing along with her breath. The bright lights of the medical room greeted her with their daylight white glow as the doctor poked his head out of his office, a scowl on his face. "Is everything alright miss or would you like me to suggest a therapist to you?"

Seeing no crazy demonic face in the night sky beyond the window, Crystala regained as much of her composure as she could, looking at the twi'lek, unable to put on a stern face given that she had just yelled her sister's name. "I'm fine," she said, "Nightmare was all."

"Well, if you're going to have more, I would request you find a hotel for the night. I'd rather do without another heart attack."

Nodding, Crystala mulled over the idea of giving him a real attack on his heart but instead decided to let him be and apologized once, letting him disappear back to his office before getting to her feet and walking back into the examination room to check on Luciana. What was it she had just seen? Who, or more accurately, what was that strange monster in the sky? She couldn't tell for sure, but she did know that it was targeting her and Luciana, the malice she had felt from it. This definitely wasn't the work of the Jedi, Omega Order or anyone in the Commissariat. No, this is someone I have no clue about at all...

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day (CLOSED)

Post by Luciana Endivain » 2014-02-12 18:48

Yawning, Luciana stretched her arms up and out, feeling refreshed and better than ever. That was easily the best night's sleep she had gotten in a long while. As she reached over to grab a datapad she habitually left next to her bed, she realized something was off. Opening her eyes, she saw she was in a clean medical room, the stocked shelves filled with all manner of medical supplies, the bright lights drowned out by the bright light coming from outside. Trying to get her bearings, she tried to recall the events of the previous night. Seeing the familiar figure of her sister sleeping in a chair by the bed, things started to come back to her bit by bit. The surprise visit, the flying around, the evening spent, the surprise gift. The other surprise gift...

Putting her hand gently against her belly, she felt the same wash of emotions hit her as the ones that caused her to pass out. Shock, joy, fear, sadness, all of them resurfaced in her head but now she was in a better state to deal with everything than she had been before. She hadn't foreseen this at all, though work had kept her too busy to notice the subtle changes that had taken place recently.

"Oh, awake at last?" Crystala stirred back to consciousness rather quickly. Maybe she was just resting her eyes? "How are you feeling?"

"I..." she began, unsure of where to start. "I'm not sure. I mean, I feel good, but, it's just, everything that happened yesterday."

Crystala looked somewhat disapprovingly at her but nodded. She got to her feet and said, "Good. Get yourself ready, we need to go and have a talk." Walking out of the room, she left Luciana to suddenly become very afraid, the stern tone she heard unnerving her.

She met her sister out by the B-Wing that was left as a birthday present. Crystala smiled and motioned for her to climb aboard. "I sorta feel like you were robbed of the test flight last night so you might as well get the chance now right? You're already missing today anyways." Luciana didn't need to be reminded of that and she'd later find out that Crystala pretty much told her secretary that she wasn't going to be showing up today but the backlog of messages she would have would probably be astronomical and a nightmare in of itself. Still, despite the concerns of her work load, Luciana was able to put all that aside as her eyes fell back on the snubfighter sitting on the landing pad.

"You got the E-model?" Luciana asked as she climbed into the forward seat in the cockpit, both surprised and glad. "Does this mean you want to leave your job and be my co-pilot?" The E-model differed from the standard B-Wing only because of the slightly longer cockpit. Pilots of the earlier models complained that there were far too many weapons and systems for them all to handle at once, so the designers, including Admiral Ackbar, went back to the drawing board and determined that adding an additional pilot to act as a gunner would solve that problem. It was a questionable move and one that honestly surprised Luciana, having figured the designers would have instead used the space to house an astromech droid like the various other New Republic snubs.

"Well, let's just say I'm trying to think ahead." The way Crystala said that, it made Luciana curious but she didn't press for details as she strapped herself in and looked over the controls. They were pretty much the same as she remembered, the co-pilot being completely optional, which was good since Luciana thought any B-Wing pilot who couldn't handle the systems all by themselves were amateurs anyways.

Running through the powerup sequence, she couldn't believe she still knew where all the controls of the craft were by heart. "Wow, it's very roomy in here. Alright, you ready?" Hearing the confirmation from her sister, Luciana threw some power into the repulsors and let the ship rise up before accelerating forwards. The quiet humm of the ship's reactor and whine of the repulsors filled the cockpit with their relaxing sound as they traveled away from the spaceport. They were perhaps a few dozen clicks away when Crystala started to explain what had happened the night previous, the feeling she got, Luciana blacking out, the strange dream with the robed figure and the sky morphing into a demonic face that was the size of several planets.

"Made up of several planets," Crystala corrected.

"Right, my bad." She didn't get those sorts of dreams very often. There were times she had very vivid ones though, and they usually related to something that was about to happen in her life but Luciana lacked the vision to really discern their deeper meaning. "So, what does it mean?"

Crystala shook her head. "I'm not entirely sure, but if I take my literal interpretation of it, someone or something is looking for us and someone else is warning us. Who, what or why I don't know, but I could feel the malice of whatever that strange face exuded."

"It wants us dead?" Luciana asked, barking a laugh. "Tell it to get in line." There were no shortage of those people in their lives.

There was a long pause before Crystala disagreed. "I don't think it wants us dead actually. I got the feeling it more wants to watch us suffer, like we had done something to it in the past and now it's out for revenge. I just didn't get the feeling of death. Spite would be a better word. It wishes us ill."

That didn't spell much of a difference in Luciana's mind. "Still a pretty long line Sis."

"Yeah, I know." She sighed. It wasn't often Luciana got to see her sister look so troubled and as she tested out the gryo on the B-Wing that allowed the cockpit to remain in position but rotate the wing, she offered another possibility.

"Maybe Thessalia?" It wasn't surprising to Crystala that particular name was tossed out but she had already taken the steps to check if there was any connection and while she couldn't definitively say there wasn't, the likelihood was more remote than the New Republic initiating the construction of a Death Star of their own.

"She's less than impressed, but it's mostly towards herself than it is to you." A comforting statement, to be sure, but the feeling was quickly cast aside by the next question. "So, when were you planning on telling me anyways?"

Luciana took in a quick breath. "I know you won't believe me, but I swear to you, I didn't know until you said something to me. Honest." She wondered how long it would have been until she would have found out too, maybe she would have picked up on it when she started getting a bulge? Or would she have dismissed that to her poor eating habits as of late? "Though... I guess I should have realized something was up. I've been eating a lot lately, and been really tired. Last night was the best sleep I've had in quite some time."

"So I gathered." She paused, wondering what to say next as she stared out the canopy, looking at the bright sky above as though expecting it to contort into another face at any moment. The white clouds were wispy today, a flock of birds migrating far off in the distance, disappearing from view as the B-Wing raced by. Traffic was light too, only a YT-series freighter visible in the distance. "I guess I should say congratulations."

Feeling herself flush, Luciana grinned. "Thanks," she beamed, adding cheerfully, "I got two of the best presents from the two people I love."

"It's not healthy to keep loving a dead man," Crystala breathed, failing to understand how she could remain so firmly attached to him despite everything. Maybe she just didn't have the same level of connection Kyp as Luciana, which was true in a sense, being a mentor and teacher was a vastly different bond than the one shared between lovers. An afterthought stuck her. "How do you even know it's his?"

Scowling, Luciana replied with a biting tone, "I know." She paused, her mind trying to figure out how to explain how she knew without going into too much detail. Truth be told, Crystala wasn't paying too much attention at this point as the freighter from before had gotten closer, close enough for Crystala to reliably see that it was one of the YT transports that had the cockpit in the middle of the saucer shape rather than offset to one side. She frowned as she watched it, feeling the skin on the back of her neck suddenly start to crawl.

The Force was warning her about something, but the sensation wasn't coming from the transport itself, no, it was coming from-

"What the hell?" Luciana began, looking up and to her right. "Hang on!" Her warning came just as the Force alerted Crystala of incoming danger which was moments before a flurry of laser cannon fire flew at them from above, Luciana punching the engines to maximum throttle and maneuvering the B-Wing to a steep left turn. Looking up, a trio of Headhunters buzzed down from overhead. "Who the frack are these guys?" she hissed, glancing back at the small snubfighters as they broke formation and split away in different directions.

"I haven't the slightest idea," Crystala replied, straining to look behind here at where the transport ship had gone. "You see where that transport went?"

"Yeah, it's a fair distance away but it's on a completely different course. Plus, it's not the one shooting at us!" She shrugged, suddenly turning her craft hard to the right, Crystala just able to avoid being slammed into the side from the inertia. "I'd rather not get him involved in this... Besides, they're only suicide sleds. I can take them." She reached down and activated her weapon systems. Normally, flying around in a system with weapons powered was akin to walking around on public streets with your blaster drawn and firmly in hand, so the various weapon systems hadn't been powered up yet. Luciana didn't sound too bothered though as she focused all the available weapons energy straight to the autoblasters. "Let's see how they like this!" More lasers flew past, a few striking the shields which absorbed the shots easily. Twisting the B-Wing about, she brought it in line with one of the Headhunters and fired off a very rapid burst of blaster fire. The shots splashed against the Headhunter, its pilot quickly taking evasive action. "Darn, still not even at optimal charge. I'm really gonna have to give this thing a good tune up!"

Feeling about as useful as a mynock right now, Crystala closed her eyes and opened herself up to the Force, letting it flow through her. She could feel the ebb and flow of the various ships around them, the Headhunters working as a well coordinated team as one would bait Luciana into attacking it while the other two maneuvered themselves into position to rain more laser fire into the heavy assault fighter. Let's even up the odds, she thought with a smirk, extending her consciousness to one of the trailing pilots. What the-? She encountered resistance, an abnormal amount of it as she tried to dive into the pilot's mind. Most humans were easy to peer into and from there it was only marginally harder to wrest control away from them. Force sensitives were a bit harder but not impossible. Jedi were difficult but were usually keenly aware of the attempt and would give indication they detected the intrusion. What she felt was different entirely, the person wasn't resisting but someone else on their behalf. The freighter... she realized.

"Wow, I haven't seen such a well coordinated bunch," Luciana marveled, impressed at the challenge they were giving her though she stopped short of actually stating such since they seemed pretty determined to see her dead.

"That's because they've got help." Crystala could feel the currents in the Force around the three pilots attacking them. Someone was helping them, using the Force to guide their actions and coordinate them into a cohesive group. "I can't affect them either."

Frowning, Luciana weighed her options quickly. "Alright then, hold tight. We'll do this the old fashioned way." Crystala didn't have to ask what that way was, she was so in tune with the Force and her sister's thoughts that she could already tell what was about to happen and could only clutch onto the console in front of her as Luciana sent the B-Wing into a death spiral. "Let's see them chase after this."

You're mad, Crystala thought with white eyes for a brief moment before she sensed that, in fact, her sister was actually still quite lucid and very much in control at the moment. Knowing that the other pilots couldn't be affected, she instead connected her senses to Luciana, helping extend her sense of awareness. She hadn't expected it and was surprised for a moment before Crystala helped her snap back into focus. The ground rapidly approached the B-Wing, the hilly terrain fast approaching. Luciana maneuvered the main wing to the port side of the cockpit, the Headhunters still hot on her tail, trying to pour laser fire at her. She had kept the S-foils closed which helped reduce the profile of the vessel making her a harder target to hit.

As the ground below filled the entire view from the canopy, Luciana waited another few moments before swinging the craft into a tight turn to the left, the gryoscope straining from the counter intuitive maneuver as it brought the main wing up and around to the starboard side. Because the wing traveled over the cockpit, they were able to get even closer to the ground than most sane pilots would even dare attempt. A flash from behind them hinted that one of the Headhunter pilots hadn't been so lucky pulling himself out of that same maneuver, the other two broke away early and in different vectors to what Luciana traveled along, gaining her some much needed breathing space. She remained close to the ground however as she twisted the B-Wing about, her right hand adjusting dials and switches, adjusting settings to maintain optimal performance. Crystala could only partially watch her work, the bulk of her focus on maintaining the Force currents that flowed through the two of them as she served as a conduit to help empower her sister in the Force, allowing it to help guide her and provide insight to the dangers that approached.

The B-Wing's ion cannons were now charged and, approaching one of the Headhunters flying straight at them now, Luciana opened up with the autoblasters. The pilot of the other craft adjusted his shields to full forward while returning fire. Luciana didn't bother adjusting her own shields as she waited. The autoblasters, though able to spit out a withering amount of blaster bolts, were very weak in power so few pilots ever felt the concern to actually break, though many rookies did out of habit just because they were being shot at. The true professionals knew when to break. But Luciana still had an ace up her sleeve and, now that the shields of her target were being constantly pelted by a steady stream of blaster bolts, the flickering blue field obscured the pilot's view. That's when she triggered the ion cannons, sending the blue bolts streaking towards the enemy craft. The bolts tore through the shields rapidly allowing the weaker blaster bolts to start biting into the hull. Even with their unseen ally helping them via the Force, Luciana's tactic proved successful as the bolts ate away at the fighter, eventually causing it to erupt into a fireball that crashed into the ground below, thick black smoke billowing up into the sky.

"Scratch another bogey!" Luciana cheered happily.

Crystala found herself smiling. "Nice shooting Lucie." Their celebration was cut short as the sensors beeped a warning and the Force hinted the incoming presence of more.

"Was there a discount on suicide sleds or something?" Luciana moaned, seeing another four of them dive in from above, their laser cannons firing down at her craft. Their shields held but she knew it was only a matter of time before they'd fail altogether. Glancing out the canopy quickly as though looking for something, she spotted it and, without warning, banked the B-Wing towards a mountain in the distance, adjusting her shields full aft. "Hey sis, you have your eyes closed, right?"

"Why do I not like where this is going?" She could sense Luciana's intentions and already had severe reservations about it.

"Because I will be flying this thing at breakneck speed into an active mine?"

Crystala swallowed, every sane voice in her head yelling for her to convince her sister that her plan was even more suicidal than the sleds chasing them. She stayed her concern however, knowing full well that Luciana was, and would always be, a much better pilot than she could ever hope to become and she trusted in her skill implicitly. "I thought so," she managed with a weary smile, "I take it you've done this before...?"

There was a long pause before Luciana replied with a smile, "Only once. During a weekend when the mine wasn't active, in a Y-Wing that wasn't even going at half the speed we are now."

Even though she wasn't a Dark Jedi, Luciana could already feel the dread bleeding off her sister in the back.

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day (CLOSED)

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2014-02-12 19:17

There was a distinct difference viewing the world through the Force versus through her normal vision. For starters, she didn't really see the terrain all that well, which was just as well for the B-Wing flew right into the large mineshaft, darting between a pair of heavy freighters hauling out ore. Crystala could sense the surprise and horror the pilots and crew felt at the crazy maneuver as well as the grit and determination from the pilots chasing them, many taking the safer, albeit longer, path around the ships. Her knuckles were turning white as she clenched the console in front of her, willing herself to stay focused and not think about the high-g turns her sister was pulling in the confined space within the mountain, the close brushes with solid stone, the lasers peppering their aft shields.

I'd sooner fight Luke Skywalker than ever do this again, she thought, knowing at least she would have control over her fate better than she did right now. However, she wasn't entirely useless as she sensed a repulsor cart being loaded with ore somewhere ahead, the driver having gotten off to talk with a fellow miner. Extending her senses through the Force, she mentally gripped the cart and, grasping it with an invisible hand, hurled it up and into the path of their pursuers.

The lead Headhunter collided with the cart, it's shields unable to withstand the hit and its fragile hull crumpling before exploding suddenly. "Well, that'll get their attention for sure," Luciana mused, already picking up additional signals incoming, this time of the security forces protecting the mines. The Corellian light fighters scrambled and already the comms were crackling with orders for everyone to power their weapons down and submit themselves to the authorities. Luciana knew there wasn't much of a hope in hell that their attackers were going to comply so she didn't either, her weapons already powered down anyways.

The shield indicator flickered once, causing her to curse. "Sis, you didn't happen to check to make sure this thing was fitted with stock shields before you bought it..."

Frowning, Crystala bit her lower lip for a moment. She hadn't actually checked the parts, not having much of a clue about starships and now, suddenly, it seemed she was paying for her ignorance. "No..."

Luciana nodded once. "Okay, just checking. I think the outfit you bought it from tossed in a lighter shield generator." She laughed when she heard Crystala curse loudly. "Don't worry about it. Things are about to get a lot more twisty anyways."

That didn't sound good and it turned out to be less of an exaggeration than Crystala thought it was going to be as the cave started to open up into various caverns, tunnels and paths that twisted around one another, narrowing and widening. The B-Wing buzzed through a narrow gap, it's slim profile allowing it to slip by, Luciana handling it with expert precision that bordered on the supernatural, her spatial awareness a lot keener than Crystala could have possibly imagined. She was able to wave and dart the assault fighter and rotate the wing about with a serene grace, staying calm despite the occasional flash of laser fire that flew past or into their shields.

The number of Headhunters had been reduced to four, but they were matching her moves, much to their surprise. "Maybe when we emerge in Deepwell City we can lose them." Ahead, the lights of one of the many subterranean cities on Tralus loomed. Adjusting the comm frequency as she flew, Luciana spoke, "This is Luciana, patch me though to Viper."

"Boss? That you?" a woman's voice crackled, "Emperor's black bones, where the hell are you? We've got a situation here!"

Luciana frowned, banking her fighter as it emerged in Deepwell, the towering buildings reaching up to the impossibly high cavern ceiling. "What? What's going on there?"

"Dunno, bunch of sucidie sleds approached HQ airspace with weapons charged. We told them off but they decided to attack anyways. Buggers are pretty well trained though, I'm thinking some sort of Rogue Squadron group, we've probably pissed the Rebs off enough for them to send a group." She laughed.

"I don't think they're New Republic," Crystala shook her head, unconvinced.

"Who else is there?"

"Oh, right. That's my sister, Crystala. Cryssie, meet Viper, one of my best pilots."

"Second only to the Boss here." Viper sounded quite proud of that fact which, after what Crystala had witnessed so far, meant there was some considerable skill. "Anyways, yeah, we're chasing the womprat bastards but they don't seem too interested in a fight, well, save for nearly downing Viper Three."

"Where are you?" Luciana asked, cutting to the chase as she weaved her B-Wing around several buildings. Her shields finally failed, but she just managed to duck around the side of a tall glass construct before any other bolts could strike the hull plating.

"Probably a few hundred clicks from HQ. I left Vipers six through twelve back to make sure this wasn't a feint."

Crystala shook her head. "It was a feint, but your base wasn't the target, it's us."

"Yeah? Where are you two?"


"Lemme guess, need a bailout?" There was a pause before Viper added with a mocking voice, "Again."

Luciana snorted. "Just don't want to take away all your fun, that's all."

"Yeah, I'll send Eleven and Twelve your way. That be enough?"

"Plenty. Tell them to meet up with me at the chute."

"Roger-dodger. We'll handle the rest of the rabble. Nice meeting you Cryssie."

Crystala bristled but remained polite as she responded, "And you as well." The line was cut just as Luciana managed to buzz over one of the local planetary defense force starbases, their fighters already in the process of scrambling, the light fighters moving to intercept the whole lot of them as, once again, orders were issued. "Sounds like you've got an eye for talent," Crystala mused as she looked down at the spaceport, seeing a bunch of pilots scrambling to their fighters as others were already airborne.

"Viper's a stellar pilot, probably better than me really. She just looks up to me for some odd reason but really, I only bested her in one duel and she's since gotten the upper hand on numerous occasions." Shaking her head, Luciana tried to fathom the logic behind it all. "I just don't get it."

"You don't always have to be better than someone for them to look up to you," Crystala pointed out sagely, speaking as she did to any of her students. "Plus, there could be other reasons behind it too."

"I guess." She didn't sound entirely convinced, but it was hard to focus much on the words when one's life was at stake. Soaring towards the far wall where a giant hole lead through a much wider tunnel back up to the surface, Luciana quickly weaved herself into the air lanes of traffic. Laser fire continued to fly past her, and without the cover of buildings, she was stuck relying on the smaller traffic for cover which was now already scattering save for the large bulk freighters and transport ships which didn't have the ability to maneuver much in such close confines. That was Luciana's real goal as she ducked around the larger vessels. Despite her best efforts though, one of the lasers found a mark, a warning siren going off suddenly. "Crap, they got number two engine!"

The engine cluster had four engines and one was now trailing thick smoke. Holding on once again for dear life, Crystala watched as they spiraled around a bulk freighter. Suddenly, however, the cockpit seized and the pair found themselves flying upside down. Luciana, though not having expected it, seemed to handle the sudden failure of the gryoscopic mechanism with ease, seeing it as no more trifling than a single cloud in an otherwise blue sky. "I was going to look at that anyways. Actually, all things considered, I'm impressed it lasted this long given the state of the rest of the craft."

A twinge of guilt formed in Crystala's stomach. She should have brought an expert with her at the time she bought the ship but instead had figured the quick primer on starfighters would suffice. As though sensing her sister's guilt, Luciana laughed it off and said with a genuine happiness, "Don't worry about it, I was going to tear it, and most of this craft, apart anyways. I'm gonna rebuild this thing, show those designers how they should have built this thing from the start!" She was excited for it had been a while since she actually got to bury herself in the mechanics of vehicle repair and modification.

"You're a woman of many talents," Crystala mused as daylight appeared in front of them. The remark seemed to surprise Luciana who glanced back for a moment, her grey eye unsure how to take it. "It's a compliment from someone who hardly has the same number of skills as you do," Crystala clarified from behind a bright smile.

Emerging from the underground tunnel, the B-Wing soared out into the sky and, to their surprise, only two Headhunters emerged with them. Luciana and Crystala couldn't be sure what had happened to the other two, they had been forced to break off from the various security forces that had been summoned but whether or not they had been destroyed or were simply losing their pursuers, it was hard to tell at the moment. What was certain was that the B-Wing was looking a little worse for wear, the black smoke trailing behind it in a wide arc as Luciana started a descent again, this time aiming for a gully.

"That you Boss?" a new voice crackled on the comm, "Viper told us to lend you a hand though she didn't say what you'd be in, only that some zed-95s would be after you."

"Yeah, the ship trailing smoke is me."

"Nice ride."

Luciana beamed proudly. "Thanks. It's a gift from my dear sister!"

"Could we perhaps focus on dealing with these two ships before we start admiring Luciana's new ship?" Crystala smiled uneasy, wondering if it was common between all pilots to have such banter. She had heard the transcripts between various pilots within the Federation during missions during searches for moles and spies and it seemed to be quite common for pilots to shoot the breeze as well as the enemy, usually at the same time.

"You got it."

A pair of StarVipers appeared from high up in the sky, their four wings unfolded around the central cockpit, the dual heavy laser cannons out as they descended down, spitting heavy laser fire down at the two headhunters. The broke off their attack, allowing Luciana to pivot her B-Wing and shift power back to weapons to help lend some additional firepower into the mix. As she and her fellows worked on finishing them off, Crystala scanned the area for any sign of further danger as well as for a trace of the YT transport she had seen earlier. Chances were it hadn't flown into the mines, and if it did, unless it was modified, they would have outrun the thing.

Sensing nothing else, she watched with pride as Luciana worked closely with the other two fighters, baiting and switching, eventually destroying the two remaining Headhunters. "Not so haughty when it's no longer a bunch against one are they?" she mused aloud. With the sky clear of hostiles and no more danger seeming to come for them, Luciana commed her fellows. "Thanks for the save guys."

"About time something happened here. Beginning to get rusty."

Viper clearly caught that remark as her voice cut in. "Is that so? I guess I should give you double simulator time then?"

"Aw man, simulators' no replacement for actual flying!"

Laughing, Viper turned her attention back to Luciana. "You get out okay Boss?"

"Yeah. How about you?"

"Pfft, cowards didn't have much fight in them. Put on a good show but ultimately they just caved when I decided to stop toying with them. Wasn't able to learn a thing about them, they didn't even talk, at least, not on any of the normal channels though we all scanned the frequencies. No signals from them at all..."

Crystala nodded thoughtfully. She had an inkling what it meant but she figured Master Wesiri would be able to confirm for sure just what it meant or what technique was used since there was an undeniable Force connection that she felt there. However, she kept those thoughts to herself, knowing that a lot of the people on the channel would probably only have the basics of the Force down, possibly viewing Jedi and Sith as ancient religions that were all but dead by now.

"Well," Luciana sighed as she plotted a course back to SIN HQ, closing the comms as she spoke, "I didn't imagine I'd have this much fun."

Forcing a smile, Crystala wouldn't have exactly called this "fun", though, she also felt as though she hadn't really done much of anything, instead leaving the hard part to Luciana out of fear she might screw something up and get them both killed. "Well, thanks for seeing saving my life as fun," she said half-jokingly, "I don't imagine things would have gone very well if I were on my own." It was a true satement, Crystala was positive she would have been destroyed had they not taken the B-Wing out for a spin.

Luciana flushed a little. "Y-you're welcome." To hear such a compliment, it had stuck something deep down within her. But she recovered quickly, saying, "But that's all the more reason for us to get you flying. I'll teach you how to be an ace pilot yet."

With warm yellow eyes, Crystala leaned back in her chair and said with a grin, "I look forward to it, Master."

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2014-02-13 04:27

Moira and Mikka had spent all the day's morning on the Observer searching for the good Director, only to finally be told she was heading to Tralus in the Corellian system. The blonde had quickly noted it was the mythical place in the cosmos where the rare and reclusive "Aunty" worked. That much she knew from the public holonet, and S.I.N's personal holosites.

Their corporate offices was there. So they had gone off to gather some intelligence of why the good director was there, ending up with her secretary droid's logs noting that it was Ms. Luciana's birthday in her ISIS dossier. Even family of the director were kept under close scrutiny.

Somehow that made it seem as if their own circumstances of being watched seemed a little better. At least until panic mode struck in. The sister of their current legal guardian was having a birthday and the pair hadn't sent a holocard or done anything special on a present at all!

With a bit of babbling confusing the teens went from mere interest in how long it would take to send a gift via the next courier, or if it would be best to send thing from a local shop, to wondering if they could hop a shuttle to tattoine in time to go krayt dragon hunting for a pearl for Luciana.

Finally, they settled on a few time constraints and figured the best option would be to bake a marvelous home made chocolate cake under the care and tutelage of the one agent on the Observer they listened to more then the Director herself.

The chef of the galley named Marley who had overseen their various punishments of peeling tubers, to washing dishes, and who personally had to sign off on the meals prepared for the brass when the odd nutrient paste wasn't sent up to them. A tall, dark skinned man by the name of Marley Bakers who could turn a small bit of plain ingredients into a fine and dandy meal capable of serving those aboard the vessel's needs for something not squeezed out of a tube.

Mikka also remembered he baked crystala a few chocolate cakes before when the Director had a bit of a sweet tooth at times.

So off they went dashing through the halls, until they found Marley and began their tutelage in the art of pastry making. It was odd, but Moira had the more baking and cooking experience amongst the pair of teens. For she had been forced at times in her past to make things from scratch using various implements at her disposal. From trench cakes brought to a proper temperature by a low burning pilot light of a flamethrow, to her times in an actual kitchen with an old wood burning stove making breadrounds, and cinnamon sticks for her myriad number of cousin's birthdays when they had first taken her in so long ago.

The echani sighed a moment as she realized, at least half of them were now dead under mysterious circumstances, and another twenty - five percent of her agegroup of echani had disappeared. The remaining twenty five she found on records as kia's during bounty hunting or enlisted into the small planetary defense force of Eshan after their own parents died. For now any of the older generations of her clan, she could find mention of being alive was a Colonel of 25 years in the New Republic Forces who had defected from Eshan to Thyferran citizenship, and a crusty old Uncle who was the prior head general of Eshan's Planetary Defense Force before he had been made comatose during an unexplained attack.

So in a way she was very grateful to Crystala to taking her and Mikka in, almost viewing her upon the level of an Echani Matriarch. A head of various clans that kept families together and charted the course of the future, In the old republic that had not been just for the Echani, but for others as well. Especially during the Mandalorian Wars. Though for the past several hundred years since the fall of the Mother's Council there had been no confirmed matriarchs, even though Moira had known her Mother, with her father had been some of the closest to reviving the Echani's government. At one point almost uniting their world with a sixty percent approval from all the families and clans behind her.

Somehow though, Moira didn't think Crystala had made the connection to her calling her "Mum" yet to truly understand how much Crystala had gleaned of her abilities. To place someone to the equal of a Matriarch, even if it was in her own mind was comparable to swearing an oath of a warrior to follow that person.

But to the echani, Matriarchs were best known for spreading their wisdom to new generations. Normally by having a large brood of daughters themselves. Though , to be honest, Moira thought her teasing of late had been a little harsh on the woman. She decided as Chef Marley took out all the ingredients they'd need to bake a chocolate frosted cake with homemade icing that she would have to sit Crystala down and apologize for a few things.

Though, she didn't know how the woman would take that. Perhaps it was better to show by action?

Moira had to take the lead in front of Chef Marley who watched their progress like a hawk. The mixing of the batter had to be up to his specifications before he would allow it in the oven. He even measured the ingredients to help ensure none of their usual bad luck didn't rise up and soon everything was perfectly baking at a crisp temperature as the cake browned to perfection.

Though the cook had allowed enough ingredients to help bake four cupcakes in addition to the main course. Mikka thought it was nice of him. Especially, since the main course would be a chocolate covered marble cake with nice raspberry flavored spread in between the two layers.

After the cake layers were pulled out of the ovens pulled out, Moira could feel herself salivating as they used a butter knife to start smearing the chocolate icing over the delicious smelling layers after spooning and spreading a delicious raspberry creme filling they had mixed up with crushed berries, fluffy cream, milk , and a dash of sugar.

Everything had to be measured and applied perfectly under Chef Marley's watchful eye, and the chocolate icing was the best and last part. A few bits of the 'scratch made' icing ended up on Mikka's fingers as she made rather delightful sounds after enough was used to coat the cake.

Moira had almost hit her companion then for acting piggish, but declined under Chef's watchful glare. Besides, there were three cupcakes to enjoy, and enjoy the three did.

The chef had remarked that it was sinfully delicious. But very well done as they finished.

The last cupcake was placed in a sealed box and sent up to the Director's desk to await her return, with a nice card saying they sent her sister a cake for her birthday, and if she hadn't been there to share it, they wanted her to be sure to have a piece of the same.

Chef Marley signed off on the cupcake's note saying he had taken lead to make them just how the Director liked them. Though the icing job was a little sloppy, it was put together quite well and was delicious.

Mikka and Moira were thrilled at their accomplishment and had wanted to go celebrate by taking a turn at some of the flight simulators the Observer had, with one of their modified programs that allowed one to learn on an old headhunter.

But they were quickly dragged back by their collars as Marley frankly ordered them help him assist in making the lunch rush meal for the Observer's crew and serving it as well with smiles for those that came in. Most likely to keep them out of trouble. All in all, it was a lot better solution then having them peel tubers, or do dishes. So they happily complied.

They did the job so well, Marley even sent them a note saying how they stayed and helped till 17:00 hours and added it to their file. The first actual citation of a sorts for their behavior since they had come aboard the Observer, and in the care of Crystala.

All this occurred while Marley took care of the main cake. The main cake was sent by an outgoing ISIS courier who was already detailed for entering the Corellia system to take some data packages to the Corsec Units on some communications codes, though they stopped briefly on Tralus to hand the cake over to another ISIS delivery boy who went to S.I.N Industries and had Madame Luciana's secretary sign for it.

On top of the boxed up cake itself was a small card saying, "Happy Birthday Aunty Luciana."
With a small poem.+
On your special day,
we just sent this to say.
Don't be sad and glum,
On a day you should have such fun.
Family is important,
So be good to your sister dear,
And truly have no fear.
For blessed fortune is wished to you.
On this day you were birthed true.

Moira and Mikka

P.S. Tell our legal guardian of Crystala that she should tell us when birthdays are in advance so we can show our appreciation a little better. We had to figure it out ourselves. If you ever figure out hers, let us know : D. But you two have fun today on your special day and enjoy the cake.
P.P.S. We made this cake under Chef Marley's watchful eye so don't worry, it's up to Miss Crystala's usual chocolate cravings standards. Did you know Chef Marley makes a chocolate cake at least once a month?
P.P.P.S Happy Birthday!
What was left unsaid, but implied was that crystala had at least one of those chocolate cakes per month. The secretary wondered if that was the case how such a gorgeous woman kept her figure.

Luciana's secretary, checked a few things about the senders and noted the routing numbers on the package, confirming it had come from a Federation ship and had been kept out of unwanted hands that could have tampered with it. Just in case she had one of S.I.N's techs scan it to verify it was safe. Which they did, and that they wanted to try a piece of chocolatey goodness.

However, Luciana's secretary was puzzled when a second mysterious package arrived in the morning just before Luciana was due back at the officer from the other attacks. This one wasn't as see through as a boxed cake tin, with a plastic lid covered in federation's shipping seals.

No, this one was in a solid box, with no name on the outside addressed to the CEO of S.I.N. Industries with no other identifying marks. It wasn't even delivered via a courier. Only set in front of the building by a peculiar flying droid. The same security protocols went into place, and the box was scanned. Then found not to contain any explosives, and was opened.

It was odd, but there was only a strange note upon it that made no sense to the secretary at all. Along with a chrono counting down on a timer. A timer that had barely six hours and thirty minutes on it, ticking down to something, but not to anything she knew.

The Security team wondered what it was too, and as a precaution called in all the S.I.N Units as the secretary tried to make sense of the note involved.
"Two sisters fly high amidst the clouds of Tralus. Unknowing or caring what lurks below. Then they've come to the ground, unaware of that which is keeping itself at bay.

Perhaps they should be wary of the predators in the shadows.

Just remind the good CEO to tell her sister. We are always watching, we know her fear, the fear of being helpless and unable to stop what is coming.

Some may call us terrorists, like the Federation has tried to do. We consider ourselves teachers.

Lesson Number One:
When a predator hibernates, it doesn't mean they lose their teeth and claws. Eventually, it will return to hunt in the pale mooon's light, tear its claws into bloodied flesh and burn it's prey in the sun.

Lesson Number Two:
Heroes. There is no such thing.

You don't know who we are, and you will never see us coming. Just remember, Miss Endivain, both of you. Today is the first day of what's left of your lives. We are going to offer a choice to both of you. Do you want an empty life? Or a meaningful death? Either way, you don't have much time left to decide."
It made the secretary uneasy, wondering if the threat was actually against SIN or just a random message some hacks tried to get through them to the ISIS. Reaching over to a remote she switched one of the lobby's holoscreen's over to the local Tralus' news, another to the Federation's news source, and a third to the main Corellian news channels.

The local was categorizing the mysterious attack on SIN industries CEO , with the headhunters, whilst speculating if it was a good idea for SIN offices to remain within the city, as they were so Pro-Federation than many of Corellia's other corporations. Until such speculation was shrugged off and switched to telling the weather with the newscasters saying they would keep the public apprised.

She didn't know why she did what she did, but it seemed the local was only in the midst of the weather forecast. The secretary had to admit she was also scared to relay this message to Luciana on her night out. But figured she would have to. As she reached for her comunit to call the CEO of SIN industries she heard the tone for a picked up line before static suddenly blared back at her.

At the same time, around the city of the holonet terminals began to shut down automatically, one by one as various displayed advertisements flickered into darkness. To many it was just a passing observance, to others it was nothing more then some technical difficulty they wrote off and went back to their day on the town.

She breathed a sigh of relief when her boss returned and she directed her and her sister's attention to the second mysterious package after informing Crystala that her two charges had baked and sent a cake for her sister's birthday. One she might like a piece of since it looked good enough to eat.

Amidst the city of Rellidir two recovering party goer's from the night before were having a good time as they left a restaurant towards one of the byways, when one pulled the other back to the sidewalk as she was almost run over by a large cargo hauler landtrailer with the name "BESITHDER INDUSTRIES" written in large letters speeding through an intersection before turning a corner. Speeding another three kilometers to stop long enough to pull into the loading dock of one of the myriad number of tall buildings of the city.[/b].

On it's bumper was a "How's my driving?" Sticker with a holonet address to call #9996665U-B3Y07CH3S.

"Fething bastard almost ran someone over. Did anyone get that cad's liscence plate?" a bystander with his girlfriend noted with a raised middle figure towards the receding vehicle.

There were many such airtrucks like this going throughout the city, hundreds even, all were full. Some laden with a specific type of cargo, others laden with other specific cargo types. Who knew what they all might contain? One thing was for certain, though they obeyed local bylaws for traffic,

But in this one, it was delivering a much different cargo then usual. Certain red and black B2 battledroids, that had only been encountered once before, deep in the heart of a dead facility filled with nightmares beyond imagining.

A place where two children had once been taken.

The droids inside marched up the stairwells of the buildings without notice and began to take positions upon their roofs. Plex missiles and sniper rifles in hand as they waited for a silent signal to begin.

The chronometer was counting down ten hours and twenty minutes... aside from what the locals thought was a brief lapse in the holonet as they went about their day. Treating it just like any other.

"Stupidity is, by far, the greatest destructive force in the history of mankind."

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

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Running through the power down sequence of her newest toy, Luciana popped open the canopy, sensing Crystala wanted to get back onto solid ground as quick as possible where she could become the master of her own destiny again. Glancing back, she realized that Crystala had already taken the liberty to leave through less conventional means, her ability to pass through solid matter making Luciana envious once again of her skill and mastery of the Force. Still, she was still touched from the comment before about saving her sister's life, though her own life hung in the balance as well so Luciana wasn't entirely sure it counted and she was deserving of such gratitude.

"Guess you'll have your work cut out for you fixing this thing up," Crystala called up at her.

Sitting up some, Luciana looked across the long wing and noted the damage. The smoking engine was being doused in a fire suppressant foam by a team of fire fighting droids but the other laser scoring across the wing and the hole punched near the bottom weapons meant Luciana was going to have a fair bit of work ahead of her. "Looks like I'll be having a lot of fun fixing your gift up." As she said that, another part of her mind reminded her that she still had a lot of work to do as well and it was only going to get exponentially worse as soon as she became a Mom.

"Ah, Miss Endivain, you're back." Walking into the hanger, a twi'lek woman in a plain blouse and skirt approached, "I've gotten several calls from the local authorities inquiring about you and entering private airspace."

Luciana grimaced. "Yeah, I figured they'd be calling. I'll get right on that."

Nodding, the woman also added, "You've also got a couple packages that arrived for you." She paused as though unsure of the next part. "The first is a cake from 'Moira' and 'Mikka'."

Crystala shifted her weight, muttering something under her breath that Luciana failed to catch. The secretary handed Luciana the note that came with it and she read it over, a warm smile appearing at the poem and post-script messages left. "That's sure sweet of them," she began, hoping to soothe over whatever feelings the gesture had left in her sister's mind as she seemed less than impressed right now.

"So what's the second package?" Crystala inquired a little too quickly, as though ignoring the first one. Luciana shot her a quick glare when her sister's thoughts appeared in her head. 'Something is bothering her, and it has to do with this second delivery.' She stepped forward and asked for the other note. The secretary took a glance in Luciana's direction, reluctant to let the other woman have it first but promptly handed it over when Luciana nodded once.

Seeing her sister's eyes redden, Luciana stepped forward. "What is it?"

"A warning," she replied, handing the note over.

Reading it, Luciana gasped in shock. Looking up at her sister, she saw a calm expression, in quiet contemplation. "What is this?" she demanded quickly, "Who sent it? How did they know what we were doing?" A thought hit her and she asked suddenly, "Was it the same people who attacked us just now?"

Crystala shook her head. "I doubt it." Seeing the puzzled look on her face, she elaborated. "The note talked about a threat on the ground. If the starfighters that attacked us were part of this group, they would have hinted as such."

"Sounds like you have a fair deal of experience with this group then," Luciana observed sourly.

"You could say that. Remember the whole fiasco with Kyp, his kids and me telling you about Moira and Mikka? They're the same people behind that very note and whatever they have planned."

Luciana recoiled in horror. "But, you said you defeated that group."

Exhaling a sigh, Crystala's sullen face showed that she had perhaps stretched the truth a little too far. "The group behind those activities. It would seem they've got strength enough still to harass us. I had hoped we took them off at the head but I expected the survivors were driven underground." Seeing her sister's eye redden, she quickly justified herself, "I didn't want you to have to constantly look over your shoulder, not when you have so much else to think about, especially now."

Putting a hand to her face, Luciana wasn't sure how to take this revelation. Her analytical mind started piecing other things together though, and she wasn't sure if she should be more concerned or less that the suicide sleds that hat attacked earlier were believed to be part of a different group. "We've got a lot of enemies..." she breathed in awe at last.

Crystala nodded slowly. That was something of an understatement in her mind, but true nonetheless. Between the New Republic, the rogue elements of the NIF like Thrakis, the Commissariat and the so-called Directive- she still didn't know their true name- and now someone or something else that wished them ill, she needed to start focusing her efforts to root some of these groups out and reduce the threats. "Anything else with that second package?" she asked.

"Just this," she offered a small alarm chrono that was counting down. It had less than a day remaining on it and a quick time check from the computer implant Luciana had showed the timer would expire in the evening just after sundown. "What does it mean?"

"Something's going to happen at that time." It was a pretty obvious answer but it was clear Crystala was struggling to figure out what was going to happen.

The secretary seemed to offer something useful though. "If that's the case, then they're off by about half a day." Seeing the two sisters shoot her quizzical looks, she pulled out a small imagecaster which was linked with the various holochannels in the Corellian sector. She enjoyed watching the holodramas when the workload was light and for once Luciana was glad she never came down too hard on her since it saved them time. "The power has gone down all over Tralus. Even we lost power and communications for a moment."

Luciana looked surprised and then relieved. "Good thing I invested in those backup generator units." Even with them however, the base was still under powered, which explained why Viper had to deploy enmasse to handle the Headhunters that attacked, the base defenses would have been reduced in number as she only had enough backup power for half of them."[/color] Shaking her head, she looked back at her sister who was looking even more troubled. She could already tell what was going through her head but before she could open her mouth to offer to stay with her and help, Crystala turned in her direction and spoke first.

"You better stay here. You have a company to manage and protect." The firm stance and deep crimson in her eyes told Luciana that she was expecting a great deal of trouble but didn't want Luciana to expose herself, and the gentle brushing sensation she felt against her midsection hinted that there was another, more pertinent reason Crystala wanted Luciana to say at her headquarters.

"Then at least let me offer you a ride back to Rellidir. I have a Raptor and a few mercs I could put at your disposal." Crystala was about to decline the offer when Luciana added "Plus, I need to retrieve my two other ships so you might as well sis."

Crystala nodded and moved to get herself ready, Luciana getting the necessary arrangements done up to ensure her sister made it there in one piece. Unforutnately, time was of the essence so she wouldn't be able to have any of the cake that was so lovingly baked but in the face of yet another looming crisis, who could even begin to think about eating cake at a time like this?

Puts a whole new meaning to not being able to have my cake and eat it too.

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2014-02-13 14:06

Sitting in the passenger compartment of the Raptor transport, Crystala read over the message over and over. There was little doubt in her mind that this was the work of the same group that was responsible for Moira and Mikka as well as kidnapping Kyp's children and otherwise causing all manner of unholy hell within the Federation. They struck hard and fast back then, but the wide net they had cast proved to be their undoing as everyone affected went gunning for them. Crystala glared at the note as though it were an actual person, barely contained fury at wanting to tear the note to pieces. She restrained herself however as she got on the comm, first to section chief that oversaw the Corellian Sector intelligence activities.

"Yeah, planet wide power outage. The grid is starting to come back up online bit by bit though, mostly the more remote areas. Rellidir is going to be dark for a while yet I'm afraid. They hit the actual transmission and distribution grid."

"Any evidence who hit it?" Crystala asked, knowing it would be a stretch to believe that they had suspects yet.

The man on the other end sounded a little nervous with his response. "No, not yet ma'am. I've allocated extra resources to investigate but we've not got many clues and so far no one has stepped up to claim responsibility."

Crystala nodded. "Inform me as soon as you have anything."

"Yes ma'am."

She thought for a long while, the ship bumping once from turbulence. She looked up and met the gaze of one of the mercs Luciana had provided her, a thick set man whos shoulders were so bulked up with muscle that his neck seemed to disappear. Luciana had introduced him as "No-Neck" which was a fairly apt nickname. He grinned back.

"So you're the sister the Boss goes on and on about," he mused, the color change of her eyes going from red to a much lighter shade not escaping his notice. "Yep, no doubt about it."

"You'll have to tell me what she says about me some time," Crystala said in return, curious to know what sort of stories Luciana made up about her and her exploits. "Maybe when this is over."

"You bet!"

Changing the comm channels, Crystala got herself onto a secure relay that was seldom used and heavily encrypted. First she uploaded a holographic copy of the note to a secure server on the Observer, an inbox of sorts that was isolated from the rest of the ship in case there was some sort of secret script that activated when holos were snapped. Cyber security was stepped up and Crystala had to give Raine a tremendous deal of credit. Sure, the woman was a total klutz, but when she did do her job, it was done beyond anyone's' expectations. "Observer, could you patch me through to Moira?" She couldn't believe she was doing this, but if anyone had the knowledge about the group, it would be those kids and she wasn't above asking for their help. When Moira came on the line, Crystala explained quickly the situation. "I need you to go to the analysis branch and tell them to load up a holo I snapped of a note your former organization sent my sister. If you're able to divine any information from it such as who specifically sent it or if you were aware of any possible operations that were planned for Tralus, it'd be nice to know."

Seeing No-Neck give her a quizzical look, Crystala covered the mic and asked, "What?"

He chuckled. "You sure recruit young huh?"

Sighing deeply, Crystala shook her head. "It's a long story." She hoped Moira would have some sort of knowledge but was already suspecting something of a stretch, mostly because it seemed the various cells had remained isolated from one another. That didn't completely exclude the possibility that passing information might have been swapped, but, if nothing else, it would at least give the girl something to do and not cause any more mischif, especially if she sincerely believed it would help Crystala out. That was one of the take away messages from a quick babysitting holotutorial she had watched when it was revealed she would be looking after them for a time.

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Luciana Endivain » 2014-02-17 17:12

Her arms folded across her chest, Luciana had watched the Raptor transport carrying her sister fly until it disappeared past the horizon where not even her cybernetic eye could see it. She was disappointed that she wasn't on board, but Crystala didn't want to take the risk of the two of them traveling together again and she was right, Luciana had to worry about her company now that they had suffered an attack. It left her conflicted but she also knew Crystala would be back in her element, on the ground fighting rather than in the passenger seat. Guess it's her turn to protect me.

The communications blackout meant she was no longer able to raise any of the local authorities though, for what that was worth, they probably had bigger problems brewing right now. Walking away from the landing pad, Luciana looked over at the open hanger where her B-Wing was sitting and smiled at it, already planning her weekend around tinkering with it. Her comlink buzzed and Luciana quickly picked up, hoping it was her sister saying she changed her mind and needed help. She was disappointed when it was her secretary saying Moff Hawthorne was on the other end wishing to speak with her. Only then did she do a double-take and check the date again.

Damnit, today I was supposed to have the plans and drawings ready for him to build that AMG on his ship and that station... Luciana had turned off all reminders when she had left to celebrate her birthday with Crystala and had since forgotten to turn them back on. Activating the comm, she spoke with a forced calmness. "Endivain here."

"Ah, Miss Endivain," Moff Hawthorne began in a delighted voice, "I trust things are well down there?"

"About as well as can be, why?" Luciana wasn't sure if she should give the impression that something was wrong but she should have known the Moff would have been made aware of the worldwide power outage affecting Tralus.

"Seems there's something of a power issue down on Tralus. Know anything about this?"

Luciana shrugged as she reentered the main office building. "Just that my backup generators seem to have been a worthwhile investment." She wasn't sure how much of this she should divulge to the man, mostly because she seldom knew what bits of information Crystala told her were to be considered classified versus general knowledge so she erred on the side of caution and just treated it all as hush-hush. "If you could give me ten minutes, I'll have the documentation and plans ready to hand to you, I just need to get to fetch the datachip."

"Please, don't rush on my account. I'm sure Tralus needs your help." He paused for a moment before adding, "Is there any way I may be able to provide assistance?"

"I'm not sure," she confessed, "I'm not entirely sure what the situation is myself. I know my sister went to investigate something over at Rellidir but she hasn't yet reported back."

"Director Endivain is there too?" He sounded both intrigued and puzzled.

"Yes, we were celebrating my birthday and then-" she cut herself off, sighing at how long a story it would probably end up being. "Well, suffice to say, things keep happening."

"Ah, well happy belated then," Hawthorne's voice said with an air of shame as though he had forgotten something so important. "I will get in touch with the Director, unless you could provide some assistance as to what the nature of the emergency is exactly?"

"I'm afraid I don't know entirely, but Crystala seems to think whatever it's involving is at Rellidir. She also mentioned something about the group that had targeted the Federation not long ago and the similarities to their messages." There was a long pause that followed and Luciana bit her lower lip after a good five seconds passed, wondering if perhaps the channel went dead or something. She was about to confirm her suspicions when Hawthorne's voice reappeared, this time with a grave tone to it.

"You received a message I take it?" Hearing her confirm it, Hawthorne continued. "I will get in touch with the Director and provide assistance. I take it you're still at your headquarters?"

"I am," she confirmed.

"Good. Remain where you are. I'll send a shuttle down to collect you and whatever you need for the modifications needed."

Luciana shook her head as she pushed the door open to her office and walked in. "I hope you'll forgive me when I say I'd rather stick around here until this situation is resolved."

"Of course. You cannot stand the thought of abandoning your people or Tralus until the safe resolution of the situation at hand. I understand fully and hope you'll accept my apologies for being so presumptuous." Hearing her accept, he concluded their discussion. "I'll stay in touch. Stay safe Miss Endivain."

"And you and yours as well Moff." Closing the channel, Luciana slipped behind her desk and, failing to hear any updates yet from her sister, got to work pulling up the modified drawings and diagrams of a particular section of a Titan-class Star Destroyer. It was such an immense vessel and one that Luciana could barely fathom ever being able to preside over. It had more people aboard it than she had employed and on contract working for SIN combined. Part of her imagined it would make a pretty good mobile office though, though owning such a vessel would be almost impossible, the cost of one alone was reserved for giant military organizations such as the Federation. Still, a girl can dream right?

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Moira Drakengard » 2014-03-03 07:22

Moira was woken by the sudden wrapping of arms around her neck, and she opened his eyes sleepily to see someone's face being pressed against her neck. She still had sleep in her eyes and her mouth tasted dry. She slowly opened her eyes to glance up at the ceiling of their room.

Recognizing the "someone" mentioned above as her friend and sister of sorts Mikka Thellis, she wound her own arms round the other girls shoulders and whispered to her, "Are you awake?"
Her response was some sort of mid sleep whimper; indeed Thellis was half awake. Not fully, but somewhere she was being conflicted by her own past demons. It was at this point, Moira noticed a bit of her hair was damp and her shoulder was covered in dampness, and probably more then a bit of drool and tears.

Sighing deeply, Moira tried to shake her friend into being fully awake. "Are you alright...? Did you have some kind of bad dream?" Moira questioned curiously as she drug her fingers through the other’s girl hair in a soothing matter.
There was no reply.
Moira somehow drew a yes from Mikka's silence. She knew how it felt to be afraid at night; to have nightmares of things she half remembered and wished to forget, she knew it well, too well even. As a child she had often shot into her bed with her mother from fear: she had perhaps thought she had seen a ghost, or he had heard a noise and couldn't identify its maker. Many a time she had been having flashbacks to earlier times she had tagged along with her family’s life as a mercenary; afraid of the things that went bump in the night. On Eshan she had rushed to her cousin's room; huddling close against her chest whilst the older girl sung her to sleep gently or told her stories about great princes and fair princesses and happily-ever-afters.

Now it was her turn to comfort another, she supposed. She pulled the distraught blonde to her chest; realizing Mikka was actually shaking, and silently sobbing to boot. She must have dreamed something awful.

She couldn't sing as gently as her mother, and the only stories she knew were about explosives and crashing storms of battle. The only thing she could do for Mikka in this situation was protect her from whatever evil had tormented him whilst she slept, making her feel safe enough as she woke.

She guarded her friend's shaking body with her own and buried one hand in her thick blond hair, running her fingers gently through it as she slowly began to use her voice to bring Mikka to a state of being awake.

Since they had been ‘guests’ aboard the Observer Moira had soothed her friend’s nightmares like she was a child with her voice; always promising that things would get better in time, that the dreams would fade.
Even if she knew it was all a lie.
Though she knew Mikka would have to talk about things to someone else, she didn’t feel she was adequate enough to help her friend through the harrowing process of trying to piece together the shattered bits of her life. How could she when she was having such a difficulty with doing the same for her own.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t try.

Two blue eyes opened, shadowed by exhaustion to blink up at Moira.
The echani played it off like she didn’t notice, and kissed Thells on her forehead before she whispered to her friend twenty - two short words.
"Everything will be okay. It will because you are loved. You have a family now. No one will hurt you. I promise.”
The eyes blinked again as her friend tried to huddle down deeper to share some warmth.
Moira wasn't going to have any of that. “Good, now that you’re awake I want to tell you something. Are you listening Thells?”
“Yes.” Came a quiet reply followed by a large yawn.
“Good. Now get the hell up and get ready for your appointment today.”
Today was the first day Mikka had an appointment with a mind doctor to go over certain aspects of what had been done to her. Especially how Mikka had sometimes been… used, degraded, and twisted as some kind of play thing for her old captors. Thellis was a shattered soul desperately grasping at any facade of love of which was really a thin veiled illusion. Really a pair of shackles of someone else having power over her. Over her mind and body. The kind of thing that Moira had no clue how to deal with so she made a play for a bit of humor.

She knew she’d have to kick Mikka in the shrink’s direction if that’s what it took for the girl to start having some closure about their old lives. “Yes, and also Stop Chewing My Hair in your sleep too! I don’t mind if you have a nightmare and crawl up for some warmth. But do you know how disgusting it is to wake up with slobbery hair?"

Against her chest, Moira felt a smile grace Mikka’s lips and smiled herself. Her work was done.
”Oh come on, just five more minutes sleep Muri Bruri?”
‘Then again…’
In as deadpan tone as possible the echani spoke the word, “No” before shoving her sister of sorts off the her bed with a slight noise from Mikka being uttered when she hit the floor.

It would have been a brilliant tactical move if only the other girl had not taken the rest of the covers with her. To add further insult to injury the blonde haired girl began to start making snoring noises while wrapped up on the floor. That didn't surprise her at all, the floor was better then the far cry of trenches and sewers they had slept in when they were younger in a war zone.

Reaching down the echani gave the covers a heavy tug and pulled them back to her, spinning Mikka to blink stupidly on the floor. It wasn't long before Moira could hear a few curses the blonde came to her knees in nothing but a set of lower undergarments and a large shirt. They both favored such an ensemble when they slept, as bras tended to get rather itchy during the night.

Pointing to the refresher, Moira stopped a snicker from escaping and marshaled her expression into as a blase one as possible. Though a smirk did rise to her features, the echani did her best to forestall the other woman’s exclamations of distress as she pointed to the small private refresher station with the sonic shower. The teens had been given a small room on the Observer close by Crystala’s quarters, in fact just down the hall while they remained ‘guests’ of the Federation. “Enough stalling Mikka, you’re going to be lat-“
The chime sounded to note an incoming holocall, which made Moira side, “Go get a shower, later on when Miss Crysta returns we can ask how Miss Luciana’s birthday was and if they enjoyed the cake.” Muttering various threats about pranks, and breakfast wraps with Chef under her breath, Mikka stormed off into the refresher. The threats only made Moira pitch her voice a little louder as the sonics came on. “I’ll deal with the call. It’s probably just a reminder for Dr Clark.”

While Ms. Raine had denied her request to send Mikka to a civilian shrink, she was told ISIS employed several certified specialists that could help Thellis in order to maintain some secrecy about their circumstances. Aside from Crystala herself, Ms. Raine was one of the two others on the Observer that knew their circumstances.

Those words about the call being a reminder would come back later to haunt her as the pair were dragged back towards the darkness of their former lives. Almost as if past circumstances would keep them enslaved, like chains on their memories.

Feeling cold with bare legs, Moira would wrap herself in the previously purloined blanket about herself. Glancing at chrono at her bunkside’s desk which read that it was just past the eight hour of the day, she finally shook the final vestiges of sleep from her mind and got up to walk barefoot over the cold deck plating to answer the holocall. She expected only a reminder of Mikka’s therapy visit today, and instead came with a vocal communication with Crystala on the other end of the line.
Listening intently, Moria’s blood ran cold before she answered a per functionary acknowledgement of the Director’s instructions. She had no doubt that they were orders, and she practically leapt for the dresser to pull on a white pair of slacks, socks, shoes, an over shirt and her data pad which regulated their access privileges where they were allowed to walk in the Observer’s halls during the day.

Swallowing deeply to fight off the onset of panic, Moira let out a few huttese curses about their luck. Knowing what a trying time ahead was to come, Moira turned as Mikka came out of the refresher wrapped in a towel to start pulling on a new set of clothes. “Uhm, Mikka. I’m sorry but we’re going to have to put off seeing Dr. Clark today. Crystala called and something’s come up with them?”
“Oh, you mean like the doctor needing to cancel or somethi-?”
“No Mikka, I mean it’s about … them
For a moment, Moira could see a surge of panic in the other girl’s eyes before her training hardened her emotions to a point of being a block of ice. Neither one wanted to admit that facing their past would be as harrowing as two field mice staring down the snout of a rabid kath hound seeking it’s next meal.

Turning from the other girl, Moira spoke crisply, focused on the task at hand. “Ms. Raine expects us in ten minutes. So get ready. No weapons yet, unless we hitch a ride to go where Ms. Crysta is.”

Ten minutest later, the pair walked into the Observer's analysis room, two child trained assassins as twitchy as could be as they settled down to look over the written message. For just over another fifty minutes the teens nervously began to relate what they could think of regarding any possible plans of their former employers for the Corellia system; all ranging from a series of crashing trade ships into planetary centers, taking commando raids against Centerpoint Station, blowing up several powerstations and communications buoys to disrupt traffic around the planet, to moving and destroying asteroids in hyperlane paths.

As their old employers had followed a lot of old inquisitorial doctrine there were numerous amounts of planned possibilities and the resources to carry them out. The only thing, Mikka and Moira could agree on with the Director, was that it was going to be trouble and they were wanting to get to where ever she was as fast as possible.

Exactly eleven hours on the countdown, one hour after Tralus' power grid had gone dark, Talus was hit as well. The analysis room of the observer was abuzz with activity as one Another message was delivered to the federation's embassy at that same time.
A simple note.+
To dear Luciana Endivain, and her delightful moff she's talking with.
Beware what lurks below may take wing to the sky,
rending metal and flesh far more deadly then any predator on wing.
Come let us enjoy the morning breeze without the fetid air of the worst kind of pollution:
that of sentient life.
To dear Crystala Endivain.Soon a testing will be at hand, both for you, and all your family. But not yet. Will you be strong enough in your purpose? We shall see, for now sit down and listen to my lesson.
Understand yourselves: humanity and other sentient beings are like parasites, parasites afraid of darkness;
unsettled by any disruption in their status quo. The masses unable to see the signs of what approaches them. Unable to smell the danger.
Unlike the beasts of the wild, that hunger, like kath hounds for fresh meat.
A predator in the wild tends to be more deadly then a man without tools to aid them, who is too distraught to think.
This is the third lesson. One all should learn. There is no peace, there is power.
Fear is powerful. For some, Fear leads to hate. Hate is the power of the Dark Side. For others, fear makes them sheep. We wonder, what are you and your sister: sheep, or predators? Our next message is within the wilds, where we watched you play like children with your aggressors. It will require both of you to find it. Just a bit of blood, will let you open it. Inside that message lies a closed box, filled with the hope you might avert what is coming. That would be only sporting, though do beware of bears. Good luck.
Another report came in that a possible new republic planet had gone dark as well. A clearly disturbed portent of the looming countdown, though there was nothing right now but speculation.
Cursing as Ms. Raine related things to Ms. Crysta, including the entirety of the message involved, Moira made a motion to Mikka to go get their supplies and armor ready from their day packs. They'd have to sign them out from the armory, but Moira wanted to be there to help.

But she knew she couldn't do it alone. Asking one of the technicians to open a holocommunication line on a secure channel she called one of the few people she thought might be able to help send some troops to assist Crystala in the corellian system. Or perhaps contact her himself. She figured it was her best chance of trying to get things rolling to assist the ISIS Director, as it seemed she was going to need a bit of help.

An officer named Rancor, answered the com to get a brief summary on things before transferring the message to his Commanding officer, a man she had once gone out for ice cream with alongside Crystala. The two seemed to have hit it off. The kind man had once said he would do her a favor if he could, probably dismissing it as nothing more then a pleasantry of conversation. But she would grasp at straws if it would help Miss Endivain. Dismissing those thoughts, as the man's visage came upon the screen Moira gave him a simplified explanation of things, all starting out with, "Hello there Captain Ruunniik, I apologize for the call as I know you're a busy man, but may I be able to borrow a shuttle or two? I think Miss Crysta could use some support right now with a developing situation on Tralus, and Talus in the Corellian system. I'm cautious about things there and think the Director may be underestimating the danger that she's in. In fact, ll probably will go link up with her soon as well. At this time, I'd ask you to contact her with an offer to help, but please don't tell her it was me who pointed this out to you..."

She lapsed into silence after that; crossing her fingers, hoping against hope the man would listen to her plea.
"Stupidity is, by far, the greatest destructive force in the history of mankind."

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by DraaygoRiinuuk » 2014-03-04 00:55

Draaygo had gotten up early so he could get a head start on the day. He had a lot of paperwork ahead of him and he wanted it done as soon as possible. Fourth fleet had recently received a lot of new ships and he had to work on getting them up to speed. Finally finishing up on incorporating the new ships into patrol routes, he looked around his temporary office. It had only been a little over a week since he was forced from the Apocalypse, due to repairs, and taken up residence aboard the Hammer. He still wasn't entirely used to the bigger ship, it was almost twice the size of the Apocalypse, and he doubt he ever would be. Then again, it wasn't about to be his permanent home either, so it didn't entirely matter.

Just as he was about to move on to his next batch of paperwork, his comm went off. “Captain, a Miss Drakengard wishes to speak with you,” came the voice of his Executive Officer, Lieutenant Abraxes Rancor. He recognized the name to be the young lady under Crystala's guardianship. Wondering what it could be about, he set aside his work once again.

“Alright, patch her through, Lietenant. Thanks,” he said, then was greeted by the image of the young woman he had met not to long ago. He listened intently as she relayed her plight and asked for assistance. He quickly checked to see if he had any assets in the area and was pleased to find some. One of his Magnates, Dagger was around Altawar with a few smaller ships in response to a large pirate group in the area. Altawar wasn't far from Corellia and could be there in a moments notice.

“Hey, don't worry about contacting me, I'm never to busy for a friend. As for helping you, I actually have some ships in the area that I could call in if need by. Although considering the situation, and Crystala's involvement, I'd rather not call them in just yet and cause a scene unless absolutely necessary. However, what I can do is come and pick you up in my own personal ship, Wirrwarr. It's been highly modified and faster than anything I have available to me. I can bring you to her in a jiffy. Much faster then anything else I could give you, anyway. But it's not very big, it'll have enough room for you and a couple of passengers, but not a whole squad of Intel commandos,” he said, as he started sending a few messages to get things rolling along. His ship was being prepared and the Dagger group was on alert in case he called on it. Knowing she was probably busy at the moment dealing with the situation, he sent a quick message to Crystala rather than calling her directly and interrupt her.
Hello, Crystala. I've heard you may have come into some trouble on Tralus. Possibly involving that enemy you talked about earlier. I have some assets in the area and once again offer my assistance. You don't have to take everything on alone. There are people who worry about you and would like to help if you let them. I can be there in no time if you want.
With that sent, the only thing left was to wait. Wait on Moira's response to giving her a lift, and Crystala's answer to his offer to help. He hoped she allowed him to. He felt she tried to take to much on her own and not allow others to share in her responsibility.
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That I'm not perfect,
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These new demons are changing me inside,
Changing me inside.
- I See Stars "New Demons"

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2014-03-04 23:19

"I'm really getting sick of their games," Crystala hissed as she read over the message that the embassy had forwarded to her. She tossed it to the mercenary who had glanced at the datapad, curious as to its contents. They were approaching the capital and getting ready for touchdown and the merc had just finished reading the message and snorted in disgust.

"Person who wrote it is probably one of those windbags who likes the sound of their own voice." He chuckled once. "I suppose you get to see a lot of strange people in your line of work."

Crystala looked back with red eyes that hinted he was more right than he'd ever begin to imagine. "What I don't get is how they're able to operate on such a scale that multiple worlds can be affected at the same time." She didn't even want to begin wondering what sort of planning and coordination was involved to pull this off, but it couldn't have been something that happened overnight or in the four or so months it had been since their last encounter. On the other hand, if each group operated as a cell, it was possible that they had been planning this for a much longer time. Which just goes to show how willing they are to squander resources in an attempt to get the attention of a single person, or small group of people. She was suddenly reminded of an old bedtime story about a man who so loved someone that he literally moved mountains and oceans to get her attention. It had something of a bittersweet ending but that went beyond the point.

Just as the shuttle touched down, she received yet another message. Thinking it was news of another world going dark because she wasn't playing right into this group's hands, she glared at the datapad as it was handed back to her. Instead it was a more welcome message, an offer of assistance. Part of her wanted to decline it, if only because events from the previous time were fairly vivid, the number of people who were affected. But, knowing them, they'll drag whomever they want into their little game regardless of whether or not I invite them. As the ramp lowered, Crystala keyed in a quick response.
I suppose a distaster of this magnitude would fall into Fourth's realm of responsibility. Just be sure to button down your ship's security. I fear that you and your crews will become targets for getting involved. Contact me at the main Federation embassy on Tralus when you're in system.
Disembarking from the transport, Crystala was greeted with a very bizarre sight. There were no lights on anywhere, save for the odd building that had backup generators. It was a partially cloudy day so the lack of light didn't matter a whole lot but it was still an eerie feeling as they had to manually open doors to get through the spaceport. No-Neck made it look easy as he slid them open with one hand, his other hand holding a large rotory cannon that probably weighed more than an astromech. "Where to Boss?" he asked, gesturing to a trio of mercs to stay behind and guard the shuttle.

"Embassy. They'll have power and comms. I need to first establish a link with the group aboard my ship and see what intelligence we have- if any- about what's going on. From there, I suppose I'll have to make good on their bait."

"Couldn't we have just landed there to begin with?" another one of the mercs pointed out, frowning.

Crystala shook her head. "Under normal circumstances, yes, but with the power out, they'd be under hightened alert so rather than go through the paces of ID verification, it'd be faster to walk there." Looking back at the datapad, knowing it would give her an opportunity to think it over as she skimmed the contents of the note again which, while cryptic as almost all of them were to the woman, was a little less so this time. However what it lacked in complexity it more than made up for through its implications. The aggressors she and Luciana had "played" with had attacked them over an incredibly wide area which also spanned a mine and underground city. Though I don't think any of the 'bears' here dwell beneath the surface. Still, that's a lot of ground to cover.

The group approached the embassy, a walled off compound with a medium sized building within it that housed diplomats and officers of the NIF as well as a small garrison of Stormtroopers, six of which were already stationed at the gatehouse, carbines in hand. Crystala approached and the lead soldier gestured to the mercs in two behind her. "They with you ma'am?"

Crystala nodded once. "I trust that won't be an issue?"

"No ma'am." He waved them to pass through the gate, which they did. As soon as they were on the other side, Crystala contacted her sister. If anyone was going to be able to retrace the flight path they had taken, it would be her.

"Do you have a flight plan handy of earlier this morning when you took your B-Wing for a spin?" She skipped over the pleasantries, the urgency in her voice helping make it sound like there really was no time for it.

"I do... Why?" Transmitting the message to Luciana from the datapad, Crystala let the words speak for itself. Luciana's tone went flat. "Oh... Yeah, I think I have it handy. You want it?"

"Actually," Crystala began as she stepped inside the embassy, "I was hoping you could find the spot indicated from the air for us. Then, I'll drop in, grab whatever trinket was left and we can call it a day." She made it sound easy but the reality was that it was going to be anything but, however this plan would allow both of them to play to their relative strengths when things did happen. "Think you can find anything out of place from the air?"

A little bit of pride filled Luciana's tone as she answered. "I think so, yes. I'll depart in a moment then, let me get ready."

Nodding, Crystala bid her, "Happy hunting. I'll try to rendezvous with you in the area soon. I just need to check up on something first." She closed the comm just in time as a protocol droid stepped up to greet her.

"Welcome Director-General, to the Federation Embassy on Tralus. Is there anything you require?"

"Just access to the ISIS wing is all." The droid stepped aside, gesturing to the lift that would take her and her rag tag band up to the third floor where the ISIS station office was located. She would have access to a communicator there too that would be capable of subspace communications and allow her to talk with the Captain and whatever assets he had available.

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Re: Every Cyborg has Their Day

Post by The Directive » 2014-05-10 19:17

While the Echani girl graciously took Draaygo up on his offer, elsewhere a small clearing was noted in the woods. Side by side two camoflauged AHAT-AA Heavy All Terrain Anti Air Units sat a podium. Upon that podium was a datapad,

Upon that datapad was a message, waiting for those to come and find it as test of sorts was readied. To the Directive, these tests were not a game... but a sign of tempering those individuals they took an interest in. Hopefully to open their eyes to various ways of the past so that they might be ready for the future. Just as they had been formed from the old prophets under Palpatine, so to must they help the formation of the next generation of Sith. Or else, they feared the extinction they had foreseen would come to pass.

In other cities on the planet, various people went about their lives unknowing of what was beginning to come out of the wordwork like swarms of ants. Droids following various preprogrammed trails to various martialed positions all simply waiting for the end of a signal to let the opening chorus begin.

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