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Name: Mako Hackett
Rank: Grand General (retired)
Species/Gender: Human Male
Age: 53
Physical Description: 5'11”, 162 lbs, brown hair, green eyes.
Location: Unknown


Mako was born in 34 BBY, a child of Coruscant. His family was middle class, both parents retired from the Republic military. In his childhood, he watched the galaxy undergo the first of several major changes, beginning with the period known as the clone wars. The Republic became the Galactic Empire when he was but fifteen years of age. Both of his parents were staunch Conservatives, and self-labeled patriots. Regardless of the name of the presiding regime, there was heavy pressure for Mako to join the military.

But Mako wasn't satisfied with enlisted service, as his parents had been, and sought an education at the newly established Imperial University first, majoring in Literature. Immediately after college, he went to the Imperial academy for boot training, immediately followed by Officer Candidacy School. At twenty three years of age, he proudly earned his commission as an Imperial Army Officer, and began his service in the budding and expanding Empire.

He began his service to the Empire in a combat role, transferring straight to the Renatasia System in a bloody conflict. Ultimately, the Empire was victorious in that same year of 12 BBY. During this time, most of the Empire's troopers were still clones, and only officers were non-clone soldiers. The ranks weren't open to regular enlistment again until several years later, much to Mako's approval.

Over the next ten years Mako serves as a capable combat officer, acting primarily on front lines in small expansionism campaigns. By the year of BBY 2, at the official creation of the Rebel Alliance, Mako was thirty two years old and had achieved the rank of Colonel. No longer a front-line soldier, he was often in conflict with his desires to lead from the front. It was during this time of his service that he became interested in special forces. Though too old to enter active service as a special forces field commander, he was able to convince his superiors to allow him to enter special forces training programs. Upon his graduation amongst men up to ten years his junior, he was reassigned to command and plan special forces operations.

It is largely due to this transfer of duties that allowed him to survive the Galactic Civil War. His duties otherwise would have likely had him serving on the first Death Star. But instead, he was stationed elsewhere in the Empire's attempts to locate the Rebel bases across the galaxy.

Colleagues of his were heavily involved with the Nemesis Project after the destruction of the first Empire. As the now famous Nemesis was nearing completion in the year of 3 ABY, Mako was enjoying a promotion thanks to his ten years of service in the Imperial army, and five years of service in Special Forces command. He was transferred to the Nemesis along with his promotion to Major-General. He was thirty seven years old at this time, and was brought aboard to help design and carry out training programs for Nemesis soldiers and special forces.

He was aboard the Nemesis on the fateful day of the fall of the second Death Star, and along with the rest of the crew of he was lost in space for nine long years. He continued in his role in training the troopers, even in the face of the possibility of never returning to see combat again. It was his firm belief that the discipline of drills would preserve morale in the troopers, and keep them fighting internally against their many struggles as lost spacers. During this time he met his future wife, and gave birth to their son.

When the Nemesis finally reemerged from it's long journey, his training drills payed off. The soldiers of the New Empire fought hard, earning them a new place in the much changed galaxy. Mako learned of his parent's deaths during his nine years away, and took a short leave of absence to mourn and set his priorities straight. The Empire had fallen, and his many years of blood and sweat seemed pointless. He thought of all of his tears over lost comrades over a period of fifteen years in which he built the Galactic Empire, one blaster shot at a time. It seemed a difficult task for his tired old body to do again, starting over from scratch. But after nine years living with the fine crew of the Nemesis, he found he could not turn his back on them. They were the only family he had left.

The rapidly expanding Federation meant a lot of fast promotions, especially for those who had survived the nine year debacle aboard the Nemesis. It didn't take Mako long to rise to the rank of Grand General, then at a ripe age of forty eight. He again took on the role of planning and coordinating special forces operations, and interacted heavily with the budding ISIS program. Soon he was considered a member of IMEXCO. But by the year of 16 ABY, he was ready to hang up his uniform and spend more time with his family. But the duties of an IMEXCO member, even in retirement, never fully cease. He was asked to observe one of the most secret organizations in the New Empire, the Shadow Hand.

His first assignment in retirement was to watch and ensure the loyalty of a young woman newly recruited as a Shadow Hand Executor. Her name was Mai Hasagaiwa. Over the next three years, he guided her and other Executors through an anonymous account known only as IMEXCO, serving as an intermediary step between the Hand and the Supreme Commander himself. His experience with special forces mixed well with his knowledge of ISIS and intelligence practices. During this time, by necessity, he grew an extensive network of contacts inside and outside of the Federation military at all levels.

But after a lifetime of service with the Empire, his protege Executor, Mai Hasagaiwa, lead the Shadow Hand down an unexpected turn. She attempted to assassinate Emperor Kane, and died during the failed attempt on the surface of Sarapin amidst a heated battle. Receiving forewarning of these events through his contacts, Mako went into hiding. Just as he was ready to turn himself into the Empire he had unwittingly betrayed, a strange outlaw known as Kieran the Dragon told him of Mai's true intentions. The Emperor was but a clone, and the original had been resurrected. It begged belief, but in grief over a chain of unfortunate events, he sought the risen Ace Roscoe to learn more.

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