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Zeta "Zet" Bournell

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Name: Zeta Bournell
Nick Name: Zet
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Nationality: Imperial
Planet of Birth:Dubrillion
Date of Birth: 32/7/9 BBY
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9

Profession: Executive Protection Specialist
Assignment: Empress Ederlaath Miriel Pallopides dy Palpatine
Preferred Weapon: "Razor" series MX, and Q-2s5 MOA Holdout Blaster Pistol
Location: ESD Nemesis First Fleet
Credits: 10,000



Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree - 13 ABY, earned at Kessel University in New Driegin, Dubrillion.
NDPD Certificate – 13 ABY, earned at New Driegin Police academy.
NDPD STRIKE Certificate – 15 ABY, earned at New Driegin STRIKE training facility.
Executive Protection Associate Certificate – 17 ABY, earned at Executive Protection Association.

Work History:

19 ABY - {classified}

18 ABY – 19 ABY: Executive Protection Specialist – Jenna Piara
Served as protection exclusively for Jenna Piara, famous actress, as a private contractor for one year, securing her home and vacation suites, designing security protocol, and providing personal protection.

17 ABY – 18 ABY: Executive Protection Specialist – G. Tellos Protection agency
After completion of several training seminars in the field of Executive Protection, G. Tellos offered contracts for a variety of details, mostly covering business executives and large events.

15 ABY – 17 ABY: STRIKE Officer - New Driegin Police Department
Received STRIKE team training, and transferred to active STRIKE team duty for two years.

13 ABY – 15 ABY: Police Officer - New Driegin Police Department
Worked for two years as a uniformed police officer on patrol in New Driegin, Dubrillion.

9 ABY – 13 ABY: Instructor – Vejakki Zero-G Dance Academy
Part time work teaching evening classes on the subject of Zero Gravity Dancing while attending University.

ISIS Background Check Summary:

Zeta's childhood was pretty unremarkable, even with the thorough records dating back to her birth. Her parents divorved when she was in elementary school, and that impacted her grades and behaviors. But by High School Zeta was functioning above average. Particularly as a Zero Gravity Dancer, of which she won five team medals and two solo medals. She payed her way through college in large part by working as a dance instructor, showing incredible initiative to thrive beyond her peers.

She graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, with the intent to become a detective. She signed up with the city police force straight out of college, and worked a beat for two years. In her psych profile she indicated a change of heart, and instead received training in a STRIKE team, New Driegin's aggressive force on force response team. She said she wanted to get away from the paper work.

She ended her career in law enforcement two years later, after an incident Dubrillion intelligence referred to as the Hilder Incident. Reporting on the incident is thorough, so in brief several AWOL Imperial soldiers had fled to New Driegin. They were running under ground campaigns, offering aide to other run away soldiers from the Imperial Remnant military. The Hilder Faction claimed loyalty to the Emperor, and spoke out against the leaderless direction the Remnant had taken. Military intelligence discovered this operation, located in a compound known as Hilder. The Remnant military raided the compound in violation of Dubrillion laws, but found the Hilder faction ready to defend themselves.

New Driegin's STRIKE team was called in help secure the peace. The Remnant assault team refused to stand down. Over several hours, tensions rose until the Remnant soldiers were finally pushed into open combat against both the Hilder Faction and New Driegin's STRIKE teams. Zeta was amongst the teams sent to the compound, and found herself in a three way fight in which she took two Remnant lives, and one Hilder life. She lost two comrades in the incident.

The next day she tendered her resignation to the NDPD. Her psych eval indicates that she hadn't signed up to kill good Imperial soldiers. When asked whether she agreed with the Remnant's raid on the Hilder compound, she responded by claiming to see no distinction between the two groups. Even in the faltering Remnant military, the AWOL soldiers were still soldiers. She said they should have seen a court martial for their actions, and felt regret for her part in the deaths of both the Remnant soldiers and the Hilder Faction equally. She held her STRIKE team commanders responsible for goading the Remnant military into open combat, and no longer felt as though she was a servant to the Empire. When asked her opinion about the Hilder team's support for leadership under an Emperor, she said “I'm not a politician, I don't know. I suppose they had a point. I got into police work to uphold the rule of law. I left it because it was fuzzier than I thought. Maybe an Emperor would change that.”

So she sought employment in the private sector, easily transitioning into work in the Executive protection field. At first she worked as a contractor for an agency known as G. Tellos. After a year, she gained private employment under the actress Jenna Piara. During her year of work for the young actress, she discovered a plot by a lone stalker to kidnap her client. Zeta notified the police of the possible threat, but they didn't act. The stalker eventually attempted the kidnapping. Zeta caught him waiting for Piara in a night club. When the stalker moved towards the young actress Zeta diffused the situation quietly and peacefully, disarming the culprit's weapon and having him barred from the club.

The incident became publicized two days later when the stalker tried to accuse Jenna Piara of stealing from him, and filed a lawsuit. The suit was laughed out of civil court, and Jenna Piara's estate countered sued for defamation. The media sensationalized the incident for a week, during which time several reporters pieced together Zeta's involvement from eye-witnesses. Zeta offered no comments or interviews, but her name received fifteen seconds of fame.

It was because of this incident that the Empress had Zeta checked and approached for service in her private security detail. Zeta is clear for clearance identification on Imperial warships, and permitted to carry and use a firearm only on duty to the Empress.

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