Fritz "Manfred" Richthofen

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Fritz "Manfred" Richthofen

Post by Manfred » 2009-08-09 06:30 ... skarin.gif
Manfred training in antique weapons

Name: Fritz Manfred Richthofen
Nickname: Fritz
Gender: Male
Species: Ragithian Human
Age: 35
Physical Description: 2.13 m tall, 110 kg, extremely muscular build, blonde hair, blue eyes.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian Protector and Mercenary
Affiliation: Mandalore Protectors, Kurge

Homeworld: Mandalore
Location: NIF, Unknown

Hand to hand: customized Electro-Vibrowhip , two Custom Vibrohawks and two daggers
Long guns: DC-15A Blaster Rifle
Pistols: 2 modified M44 blaster Pistols (scopes and 1/3/5 shot Burst-Fire selector)

Other Equipment:
[Mistress Thread] Other Equipment: 1 SC Blaster Rifles + compatible DC-17m ICWS attachments , MM9 Missile Launcher + Dur 24 wrist blaster in the one gauntlet and Conner APNG3 + Tangler Elite 1 in other gauntlet , Neural Inhibitor Rifle + pistol pair , Electromesh Suit , Model 210 Personal Armor w/ Shock Gloves.
Heirlooms: Family's beskar vibro-sword (custom design)


Manfred Richthofen was born on Mandalore. He learned to fight from his father. He grew exceptionally skilled and was later apprenticed to a Journeyman Protector. He was made a Journeyman Protector at age 17. Whereupon Manfred worked as a Protector for the next two years. Then, Manfred left with permission of his then Commanding Officer. He worked as a mercenary to improve his skills and knowledge of the galaxy.

Before he left his father gave him his blessing and what advice he could offer: "Never ever trust anyone not even yourself! Especially, those who are not Mando'a! We have been betrayed as a people many times to many."

His first job was with an alien named Kurge. Kurge earned the young adult's trust after saving his life in a gunfight. Fritz, as he became called by his best friend and mentor, learned and grew in his skills. After half a decade of working together they split company to pursue different goals.

From twenty-four onward Manfred would work for himself and build a staggering reputation as a fighter. Never did he confirm or deny the rumors that he had been taught by Kurge. To do so would make him many unneeded enemies. Particularly the Bounty Hunter's Guild hostility! As that organization had a long standing feud with Kurge. Especially, the bounty hunter 'Bossk'.

As time passed, Manfred always kept up his friendship with Kurge. It became almost like an older-younger brother interaction. This was partially due to the age difference between them. As a result, there were numerous times when Kurge came to his rescue and vice versa.

After attaining the remarkable age of thirty-five Fritz, decided to settle down. He has a lovely wife named Maggie. They were secretly married. This was because his and her professions made them several enemies. Maggie is an Echani bounty hunter. However, she fell in love with Manfred when they fought as competitors. In fact, it was during one of those beat out the competition type jobs. Manfred instead of letting her fall to her death, caught her arm and pulled her up. After running into each other a few more times, the two started working together and eventually got married.

They have two sons, a daughter and plans for another child. Their name's are Robert, Richard and Joanna. Robert is 14, Richard is 12 and Joanna is 16 years old. Joanna helps her mother at home on Mandalore for the most part. In addition, she trains in martial skills. She is a very smart girl! Richard is apprenticed to the local armor-smith, Nordri, and training to be a Protector. Robert is two years into his apprenticeship to the local weapon-smith, Brokkr. Robert is also two years ahead of his brother in his military training as well.

As men and humans go, Manfred or "Fritz" is a very decent and likable guy. He is very loyal to his family and to his best friend. He very much regretted not being able to tell Kurge for a long time about his marriage. This was due to Kurge having disappeared off the grid. Which was somewhat regular occurrence for several years. However, Fritz's best quality is probably believing that Kurge wasn't bad at the core. Manfred would always be to some degree the young man that always tried to find the good in someone else...

He would help people when he could. Sometimes this would lead him into all types of trouble with criminal types. Yet, this didn't stop him! His duty was to his family, friends, planet and Mandalore!

All things considered, Fritz was imperialistic in his views. He wanted to see the return of the traditional Mandalorian way of life. A part of that was his support for the imperial system, manifested by the NIF. His wife however, was more in favor of power back to the senate, like the NR. Yet, despite their differences they truly loved and cared for each other. She would stand by him when he came home as he stood by her. In every way, Manfred and Maggie were truly a couple striving for the good of the other. Most importantly, the good of their children was very dear to their hearts!

Out of Character Info:
Main Character: Kurge, Maximus
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Re: Manfred 'Fritz' Richthofen

Post by Manfred » 2009-08-09 06:39

Fritz's Family Heirloom Sword (Displayed): ... sSword.jpg ... rohawk.jpg

Name/Type: VibroHawk
Designer/Manufacturer: Mandalorian, Manfred
Designation: Vibro enhanced 'axe'
Size: ~50 cm (10 cm cutting edge)
Mass: ~0.68 kg
Effective Range: ~0.5 m (~10 m thrown)
Fire Modes: N/A
Damage Rating: ~5-15
Magazine: N/A
Ammunition: Powercell
Standard Price: 100 Cr

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Re: "Fritz" Manfred Richthofen

Post by Manfred » 2011-01-20 05:05

Name: Mandalore's Pride
Designer/Manufacturer: Nova-Drive
Model: 3-Z Light Freighter
Combat Role: Light Freighter
Crew: 1
Length: 28 Meters
Speed: 75 MGLT, 800 Kph
Acceleration: 15 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 70 DPF
Hyperdrive: x2 and x12 backup
Shield Rating: 150 SBD
Hull Rating: 100 RU
Weapons: (2) AG-2G Quad Laser Cannons side mounted.
Passengers: 8
Cargo Space: 150 Metric Tons.
Countermeasures: 29L Electromagnetic countermeasures

The Bloodwing 1 was bought/traded from Kurge, was his "Bloodwing 1".

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