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Kenshi Tokugawa

Post by Kenshi » 2014-01-14 01:27

Name: Kenshi Tokugawa
Species: Kyokin
Caste: Tenno
Sex: Female
>Height: ~1.5 meters
>Weight: 150 pounds
>Eyes: Brown
>Hair: Black
>Body type: Powerfully Athletic
>Skin: tan
Attributes: Kyokin physiology and genetics.
Age: 18 years

Kenshi was born in the beautiful and picturesque Heimatar Region, Lustrevik System. Her name though normally an ancient male's name proved apt for her, a tomboy. She was born to two talented parents. Her mother was part of the Tokugawa Clan's covert ops. Her father on the other hand was a member of an assault team that piloted prized Jotunn platforms. Her early childhood was uneventful being born into one of the strongest clans.

At the age of six, Kenshi was approached by her mother and enrolled in the Tokugawa Academy. Kenshi started the academy where she learned a wide variety of subjects. Tenno children were expected to perfect their martial prowess at an early age. In addition to that they were expected to excel in academics. Kenshi luckily for her was talented at both. A few children were found wanting and promptly removed from the tenno academy and resigned. An occurrence that was shameful to their families.

Her years at the Tokugawa Clan Academy were brutal. She spent countless hours in classes or training alone after normal hours. It paid off with her graduating by the time she was twelve. Upon graduating she immediately was selected for advanced education. In the advanced education she studied military tactics and doctrines. In addition to the scientific and technology requirements that were made. She finished her time in the academy by age sixteen. At this age she was considered a young adult by the clan and assigned to a division. She spent the last two years as part of a kill-team tasked with high-risk missions. As a result she gained experience fighting the best of the Hanran Theocracy and rival tenno clans.

When Kenshi was sixteen an older human male stopped her on the street. She was on her way home from school. The man suddenly forced her into a dark alley. Suddenly he threw her down and tried to assault her. Instinctively she reacted and before she knew it she had crushed the man's throat and broke his neck. She watched as the man died and but not without mutilating him. The clan watch reported he had tried to rape her. The truth was she secretly baited him just to see what it felt like to kill. In part due to the lack of any real consequences for a Kyokin to kill a baseline human.

Kenshi from that point on was a changed young woman. In that moment she had discovered the monster inside her. She had loved the feel of ripping that man's life away. She had loved watching him gasp his last breath. She had awakened that carnal and primal instincts. As a result this experience prepared her well for the brutality of training in the Tokugawa Clan's kill-team school.

The Tokugawa clan had a specialized and secretive kill-team division. These individuals were the best of the best in terms of killing or eliminating problems. Shortly afterward she became the youngest woman to be admitted to the program. Despite the expectations she out-performed her male counterparts across the board. In the final test she and her classmates would fight augmented baseline humans for graduation rankings.

Kenshi walked into the arena. There were also four guys. This test was designed to test the applicant's ability to perform in the worst possible position. The guys were barely clothed and sported only basic privacy. The reason was to allow for the most freedom in movement. She eyed the boys and knew that they would try and take her down together.

Kenshi smiled at the four men and smirked. The match started and immediately she closed in. She quickly used their numbers against them. Her superior flexibility and speed combined with the terrain gave her the edge. The first to fall was a more powerfully built and aggressive male. Her elbow strike broke his neck and crushed the windpipe. She then shin-kicked another in the side of the knee. He crumpled screaming in agony from his broken leg. She found herself lifted off the ground in a headlock. The other guy moved in to punch her death from the front.

Kenshi used her toned abs to hit the front attacker in the head and neck in a scissor kick. The man dropped with a elating thud of from his snapped neck. Kenshi reach up and used her sharpened but short nails to gouge through the last male's eyes. At the same time she heel-kicked his balls with all her strength. The man dropped her. She hit and rolled away. The man surprisingly recovered his senses and control within a couple seconds. Despite having blood running down his face from his destroyed eyes, he fought. She used the terrain to get above him and then shattered his skull with an elbow strike.

Kenshi stood above the bodies covered in her and the opponent's blood. Her once well fitted crop top and boy-short bottoms were tattered. She could of cared less about her less than modest appearance. She smeared some of the grim and blood on her arms then walked to the door. She had passed the test.

Following the test she and the others went and got cleaned up in the communal showers. She noticed that two of the boys were missing. A glance from one of the others told her what happened. Apparently they weren't up to standard and had been reassigned or were dead. They all knew from a young age that failure wasn't acceptable. Especially, when it came to issues of the individual responsibility. It reminded her of when she was six and her first day in the academy. Her teacher had made an example of a boy who was slack. In the process the teacher explained that his behavior would of endangered his classmates on the battlefield. He then asked his teammates what should be done with him. In the end, the boy was beaten so badly by his teammate that it took almost four days to recover in medbay.

At graduation, she ended up with the highest overall marks. Kenshi was assigned to the kill team for two years where she served. With the start of the first stage, Operation Castor. She was offered as part of the Tokugawa Clan's contribution to phase one. She got to spend some quality time with family for a couple months. After which she reported to Operation Castor.

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