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[WIP] Jayse Drykin

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This is a work-in-progress. Once it is finished, the WIP tag will be removed. For now this is posted in Freelancers until I've written the events that lead up to Jayse (and his sister, Serena), enlisting with the NIF military.

Name: Jayse Drykin

In Game Relations:

Mother: Zaira Araine Drykin, Alderaanian
Father: Garret Drykin, Kuati
Sibling: Serena Drkyin, Alderaanian

Age: 29
Race/Racial Characteristics: Human, Alderaanian/Kuati
Affiliation: Imperial supporter
Character Avatar: Jared Padalecki

Occupation: Professional Shockball Player
Team Name: Quent Assassins
League: Royal Imperial Shockball League

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Build: Thin, muscular


• Jayse was raised on a strict set of morals and family values that were instilled by his father from a very young age. Jayse has always been extremely protective of his sister, Serena, as well as toward the rest of his family. As a youngling, Jayse was the typical rough and tumble boy who enjoyed getting his hands (and clothes) dirty, participating in the toughest sports invented, and teasing his sister every chance he had.

• Graced with his mother's good looks, Jayse has a charming personality and an infectious smile. Well before being thrown into the limelight, Jayse had the reputation of being a real ladies man; though to this day, he truly can't figure out just how or why he has that reputation. Even at the age of twenty-nine, Jayse isn't ready to settle down nor is he particularly concerned with long-term relationships, and does not have or want a steady girlfriend. His focus is on his sporting career and enjoying his life to the fullest; much to the dismay of his parents.

• He is even-tempered, has had his fair share of fights and took a fair share of beatings throughout his school years, usually in coming to the defenses of the weaker kid facing the school bully. Still, he was never the one who threw the first punch; but that's not to say he didn't manipulate the bully into striking first. Because of his love for sports, Jayse has been consciously aware of his health and physique throughout most of his life. He works out routinely, eats right, and only indulges in fresh baked cookies or spirits on rare occasions.

• Though he is a public figure and a well-known name in sports, Jayse shy's away from the media every chance he gets. His private life remains private and he guards that fiercely. He's had to learn to ignore most of the rumors published about him in the tabloids and other news sources. Aside from the occasional stalker or derranged fan, Jayse has been strongly supported and highly praised by Shockball fans everywhere. He's appreciative of their support and enjoys reading the letters they send, especially those sent by the younger fan base, of which he strives to be a positive role model for.


Being raised by a father who was once an Imperial officer, a mother who was a pediatrician, and having a grandfather who was a well-respected former Senator, was not easy. Though the family was among the prestigious social class of Alderaanian society and the two children (Jayse and Evangeline) were well provided for, Garret and Zaira did not want to raise them as spoiled brats. Garret instilled a sense of honor and value into the children, and showed Jayse daily the values and rewards of working hard to earn one's way in the world.

When he was just seven years of age, he waved good-bye to his father. Jayse was told that he would be back soon, it was just a trip.

"But I want to go too!" Jayse protested to his mother when she hoisted him up on her hip to stop the child from running after his father.

"But I would miss you terribly if you went with him. How about you stay here with me and Serena until daddy returns? Come, we'll go inside and I'll bake you some of your favorite cookies," Zaira had said as she carried Jayse back toward the house. He waved good-bye to his father until the hovercab was no longer in sight. Eventually, Garret returned, but he wasn't the same. Far too young to understand exactly what his father had endured, serving on the front lines for the Empire, Jayse developed a sense of distrust that was directed toward his father. Zaira tried to explain but the young boy didn't understand. It would be many more years before he'd get it.

When Jayse was nine years old, his father left. Again. "Your father needs to make a special trip, Jayse," his mother had told him as she dabbed tears from the corners of her eyes. "And youm Serena and I are going to take our own little trip. Run along and pack a few things. We'll send for the rest later." Nothing more was said on the matter.

Zaira took Jayse and his younger sister to Kuat, where the Moru family (friends of Garret's and Zaira's) helped the two to settle in. Zaira, Serena and Jayse now had to learn to go on living without Garret. The siblings of the Moru's, Rafe and his twin sister Aria, helped acclimate Jayse and Serena to Kuat and made settling into a 'normal' routine a little bit easier. During Garret's absence, Jayse turned his attentions to sports. The tougher the sport, the better, as it kept his mind off of his sister and father. Grav-ball, bolo-ball, shockball, arena shockball, shockboxing. He loved it all. Of course, Zaira constantly fawned over the boy with each injury he came home with.

"If you're not careful, you're going to wind up in the hospital with a serious injury, Jayse. I wish you wouldn't play such rough sports." Zaira said as she cleaned up the abrasions on his elbows and knees and tended to the black eye that had swollen to the point of nearly closing it.

"Aww, ma! I'm fine. 'Sides, it doesn't hurt." Jayse would reply, hopping down from the counter. "Can I go back to the field? Me 'n the guys are gonna play some more!" He never awaited an answer. Jayse would just grab his shockgloves (or any other piece of equipment he was using at the time) and race out the door.

Two years passed and Jayse (now eleven) had settled into a new life with his mother and sister fairly well. Then his father returned. Though Zaira had never said anything to lead the boy to such an assumption, Jayse had presumed his father to be dead. Obviously, Zaira nearly fainted when she saw the man walking up to the house, overjoyed and quite happy to see that her husband had returned. Jayse, on the other hand, didn't know how to react. Of course he was thrilled to see his father, but he felt angry the moment he saw Garret. Purposely, Jayse walked right past his father without batting an eye at the man and took off for several hours.

The adjustment period for Garret to re-acclimate himself with Zaira, Serena and Jayse was difficult, moreso than it had been before. Days passed into weeks that Garret barely spoke more than two words on any given day. He moped around the house, as if in a daydream or walking nightmare that he couldn't wake himself up from. When he wasn't busy staring through the window, he spent his time working on The Scion.

The next few years went on with father and son either avoiding each other or getting into heated arguments over the smallest issues. Jayse used his anger, confusion, and pain to excel in sports and his studies, vowing to make his own way through life without any sort of assistance from his father. During his second year of secondary education, talent scouts began showing up at the local Shockball games to watch a few of the 'star' players. It was after the homecoming game that Jayse was approached by one of the talent scouts, working for the Royal Imperial Shockball League (not related to or part of the Imperial Empire). They spoke with Jayse at length and left him papers and information about the league, the team, and an offer for a sports scholarship.

Excited, Jayse raced home. He was later for dinner, thanks to getting pulled over by an Kuati Patrol Officer for speeding, but his exciting news outshined that little incident. Of course, Zaira was thrilled for her son, and smothered him with hugs and kisses. Garret, however, wasn't so pleased. He stood from the dinner table and retreated to another room.

"He really is proud of you, Jayse." She tried to assure her son softly.

"Right." Jayse said. He dropped the packet onto the table and went out for a while. He returned hours later and that is when Garret and Jayse had it out. The two argued for hours on end. By the time dawn arrived, they were worn out and tired of fighting. However, it also helped the two begin to bridge the distance that had grown between them many years earlier. After each had showered, eaten, and gotten some sleep, Garret signed the papers for Jayse.

Watched by talent scouts throughout the remaining two years of his schooling, Jayse was awarded both academic and sports scholarships to attend University. There, his career in Shockball took off and upon graduation, he was recruited and signed on with the Quent Assassins, the number one Shockball team in the Royal Imperial Shockball League. Suddenly he was thrust into the limelight and hasn't been left alone by the media ever since. Chrono Cover Recently he was named the Royal Imperial Shockball League's Player of the Year and has won the coveted position of head quarterback in the Imperial Bowl Tournament, the final game that closes out the Shockball year.

Personal Belongings:

*Sporting Blaster - Jayse carries a MerSonn "Quick 6" sporting blaster just about everywhere he goes. Since rising to the status of stardom through his Shockball career, he's had his fair share of 'crazed fans' and stalkers. Because of it low-power blasts, the weapon is legal on worlds with otherwise stringent weapons control laws. The MerSonn "Quick 6" is is nonlethal and is only meant for self-defense, rendering an attacker dazed and confused for a limited time; just long enough to allow the sports star to escape.

*Defender Sporting Blaster - This blaster was given to him by his manager after a chilling experience with an especially deranged fan. Unlike the MerSonn "Quick 6", the Defender is lethal. It uses a minimum of blaster gas, instead relying on its small power pack to supply energy for each blast. The blaster bolt produces very little destructive energy, and only a direct hit is capable of killing a human. A simple sight replaces the sophisticated electronic targeting scope found on most larger blasters.

The weapon has an optimal range of 30 meters, with a maximun range of 60 meters. [size=small]Source: Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology

Personal Vehicles -

*Cloakshape Fighter -

Though the CloakShape Fighter was originally intended for atmospheric combat and short-range space travel, Jayse made several upgrade modifications so the ship would suit his personal travel needs. A rear-mounted maneuvering fin to increase turning radius and improve handling. A self-powered hyperdrive sled, an advanced sensor suite, upgraded targeting computer, and converted the cockpit to also serve as an escape pod in the event of an emergency, a more robust power supply, a redesigned engine and a deflector shield generator.

*Flash Speeder - Personal landspeeder used to get around Alderaan

*Custom - Built Big Wing - Personal craft used for longer travel, mainly used for attending Shockball games and tournaments around the galaxy

Source: Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels

Residence: Penthouse on Alderaan

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