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Rynuusuke Hanshin

Post by Rynuusuke Hanshin » 2011-12-21 01:03

Name: Rynuusuke Hanshin
Species: Human
Bloodline: Khanid
Affiliations: Phoenix Empire, Khanid Kingdom
Physical Appearance:
>Height: 1.9 meters
>Weight: ~80 kg
>Eyes: Red
>Hair: Black
>Skin: Tan
Age: 23 standard years

Battle Weapons:
Preferred Weapon:
Secondary Weapons:

Covert Weapons:
Preferred Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:

Body Armor:

Vehicles of choice:

Rynuusuke was born to a prominent Khanid noble. His father had wished him to follow in his footsteps, into politics. The Khanid Kingdom being a split off from the Amarr Empire had many similarities. Yet the Khanid Kingdom wasn't as heavily reliant on slave labor.

Rynuusuke instead opted to go to pilot school. He was one of the best students in his class. However, only his mother supported that decision. Sadly, the boy was coerced to go into business and politics. Yet that action by his father would have a far greater effect than expected. It was through his exposure to politics and business that Rynuusuke became aware of the 'hand behind the curtain'.

His curiosity was peeked and he began to subtly investigate. Yet, after about a month, he got home after work to find someone waiting for him. The strange man, named Smith, explained to him that he was poking into very dangerous things. Yet, his intelligence had also gotten the attention of Smith's employers. As such, he was invited to work for them on the condition that he do so exclusively.

Rynuusuke accepted the offer. A week later he was abducted and brought to a station in an unknown area of space. There he found that he had become a capsuleer. That he was expected to learn an extensive array of subjects and do as told. For the first five years he was Mr. Smith's business partner.

During that time their missions were sometimes bizarre. They often had dealings with the a privately-employed capsuleer captain of the shipClear Skies. After five years, Rynuusuke became an independently operating Jovian agent. It was this time that he spent that helped him train for just about any of the four other empire's ships. Which was a necessity in order to blend in.

With the coming of Operation Castor, Rynuusuke was tasked with keeping tabs on things covertly for the Jovian Directorate...
"Ada utade nobe ni wa kuchiji ware wa mata natabi umarete hoko wo toramuzo" -Dova's poem

"Foe unvanquished, I won't perish in the field; I'll be born again, to take up the halberd seven more times." -Translation

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