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Deirdre Hackett

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Name: Deirdre Hackett

Species: Human

Profession: Private ship captain

Physical Appearance: She has olive skin and jet black hair, usually worn short. Her eyes are light brown with a hint of green. She's 5'4', and weighs 127 pounds; giving her a small frame. She's slightly underweight for her height, but that's likely due to her vegetarian diet. Her facial features are soft, rounded, and inviting. Deirdre is left handed.

Age: 25

Preferred Weapon: Sorosuub fast shot, for it's ambidextrous design.

ghtroc 720 light freighter, Merle
BARC speeder


“All right fine, but I'm warning you, it's a boring story.” Deirdre lifted her glass of Corellian wine to her lips, but hesitated before taking a drink. Her eyes glanced out of the corners of her eyelids, to the left and slightly upwards. Finally she took her sip, as if to stall for a another few seconds.

“Okay,” she began, “so Daddy served in the Imperial military all his life. I mean the old Empire. He's really old. In his fifties? Okay, so that's that's not really that old, I guess. Anyway, at the apex of the civil war, Daddy just disappeared. They didn't tell us anything. We heard something about a second huge space station being blown up by the rebels, on the news, but the Empire wouldn't comment. They were too busy trying to pick up the pieces. They said the Emperor was dead, and everything started falling apart. I was only ten at the time, but I grew up on Coruscant so I remember all the parties and rallies. Everyone seemed so happy, but I didn't get why at the time. My Daddy was gone, and so were a lot of my friend's fathers.

“Mom tried really hard to get Daddy's pension, but with the Empire falling apart no one wanted to pay out to the widows. The newly formed Republic had no money either, and there was a pretty big stigma with being an Imperial family at the time. So a lot of people just went quiet. My uncle Jidoor let me and Mom move in with his family. He tried to raise me tough, he said my Daddy would have wanted that. We went camping a lot, with my cousins. We did a lot of hunting and shooting, and he even made us help clean the animals. Bleh! I didn't like that.”

“For a little while I wanted to join the military. I even did rotc in high school. I guess I wanted to feel like Daddy would be proud. I won a few marmsmanship competitions. But Mom and my uncle didn't want that for me. They wanted me to go through school. So I did. But to everyone's surprise, during my freshmen year Daddy suddenly turned back up. I know! We didn't know what to say or do. He told us his ship had gotten lost in space after an emergency jump. They only just found their way back. It had been nine years! We had tell him about the Republic and the fall of the Empire. He took all that pretty hard.”

“He told us that the crew of his ship wanted to make another go at it, to try and bring everything back. We were pretty skeptical, and just wanted him to come home. We all had a lot of arguments. I was nineteen, and told him I was dropping out of college to come home and be with him. Oooh he was so mad! He drove me all the way back to the university that night and made me go back to my dorm. We had a long talk that night though. He told me that he needed the nine years he was lost in space to mean something. He told me to make sure the family stayed neutral to all this, because he didn't know how any of it would turn out.”

“None of us would have guessed that his crew would become the big bad New Imperial Federation. I mean, here we are, right? He became a really high ranking general really fast, and suddenly we had a lot of money as a family. Mom moved back into her own place, but on Bilbringi in Federation space. I finished out my degree on Corsucant before moving back to Imperial space. Most of my extended family came too, including uncle Jidoor and his family. One of my cousins stayed on Coruscant though, but that's his business. It had more to do with his budding career than politics.”

“I got bored pretty quick though. Daddy was really trying to make up for lost time, but he was helping manage some team of special forces like in the old days. He wouldn't tell any of us much about it, and it took a lot of his time. I tried working an office job for a while, in an insurance company's sales department. I nearly went insane! Plus I had a relationship go really sour. I needed to get away from my stalker and my family. So I took what little money I had earned for myself and bought my baby. A ghtroc-720. I named her Merle, loaded up the speeder bike Daddy bought me as a graduation present, and hit the stars!”

“It's not an easy way to earn a living though. I have to do pretty much whatever I can to make ends meet. I ferry passengers, haul cargo, and run the occasional star tour. I even have my own little holosite for it! You should check it out, it's pretty cute I think. But those kinds of jobs aren't as common as I'd like. So I got certified to be a bail bondsman, and started doing a little bounty hunting on the side. Ha! I know, it makes me sound super tough doesn't it. I've not done anything super amazing. I mostly just track down dead beat dads and court skippers. You know, the kind of people who think they're being really clever by hiding in their old high school bud's basement.”

“Okay, look, don't tell anyone but I smuggle too. I know a few people, dealers, you know? Sometimes they need supply moved discreetly. They pay pretty well, and so long as you're careful they're pretty good people to know. They can really get some things done sometimes. I know, I know what you're thinking. I'm an awful person, and what would Daddy think? He knows, actually. I never could get a lie past him anyways. One day he called me up to ask about my day, and pegged my guilty voice instantly. Pretty damn good for missing my entire teenage life, eh? We argued for hours and hours over that one. He told me that the family had tons of money, and that if I needed help he'd forward me the credits. I guess I'm more like him than he thought though, because I turned him down, and called him a bunch of names too.”

“He eventually put me in contact with an ISIS agent, and told me that if I'm going to break the law for money; then I damn well better work off my debt to society and help out the good guys. That works for me. Now, when I see something big going down, the Federation pays me to inform.”

“Well, Daddy got into trouble again. I don't know anything about it. All I know is that he's dropped off the grid. I know he's still alive, but the Federation is looking for him. Oh wow they worked me over. Some really stiff assholes with rods stuffed up their bums stuffed me into an all white airspeeder and worked me over for information for a whole week. When they were finally convinced that I didn't know a damn thing, they dropped me off on some random street with out so much as a thank you. I was a five hour flight from my ship! I was so mad. I still don't know what's happened to Daddy. I want to find him, but I know I'm being watched by the Federation. If he doesn't want to be found by them, then I'd only be hurting him by seeking him out. He taught me well enough to know that. I know it's tearing him up inside not being able to contact me. I mean, I'm pretty sure he got Mom into hiding before everything went down. That was right around that big Sarapin battle. But I was in Republic space at the time. I don't know what to do about it. I'm pretty scared, but all I can think to do is just keep my nose down and keep doing what I'm doing. So long as I keep informing for the Federation, I think they'll trust me. I hope so.”

“Uuugh,” Deirdre sipped her wine again. “I'm sorry, I've been rambling. How did we get on this topic again? I've probably said waaaay to much. So, what about you? What kind of crazy adventures have you gotten into?”

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Other Characters: Mai!

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